Early Civil War Rumblings By Charles Taylor

     An update from the US trenches:

“The head of Major League Baseball has said the organisation is investigating a tweet from an umpire that threatened civil war if US President Donald Trump was impeached. Rob Drake's now-deleted tweet said he planned to buy an AR-15 rifle. It comes amid an impeachment inquiry in the US House of Representatives. Mr Drake, 50, has not commented and has deactivated his Twitter account. He has been a full-time major-league umpire since 2010. In the tweet, Mr Drake said he planned to buy an assault rifle "because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL (sic) WAR!!! #MAGA2020", according to a copy seen by ESPN. It reportedly followed another tweet that read: "You can't do an impeachment inquiry from the basement of Capital (sic) Hill without even a vote! What is going on in this country?" Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred told reporters before a World Series game on Wednesday that the tweet would be looked into. The president of the Major League Baseball Umpires' Association has declined to comment.”

     The fact is that most of my friends, generally Christian small business owners here in Florida, who would never think of themselves as any type or degree of white nationalist, think like this, and already have numerous (legal) AR 15s and stockpiles of ammo, just to prepare for LA style riot situations, where we saw brave Asian small business owners defend their businesses from rioters with the dreaded black rifle. So, there is nothing very startling about this news, except, that it is now being said explicitly.

     In fact, surveys indicate that most Americans see their society as so far down the toilet, that civil war may be the only plumbing solution, short of radical composting:

“Partisan political division and the resulting incivility has reached a low in America, with 67% believing that the nation is nearing civil war, according to a new national survey. “The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war. That to me is a very pessimistic place,” said Mo Elleithee, the executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. And worse, he said in announcing the results of the institute’s Battleground Poll, the political division is likely to make the upcoming 2020 presidential race the nastiest in modern history. Highlighting findings that show voters angered with compromise and growing unfavorable ratings of President Trump and most 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, he said the poll “paints a scenario, a picture of a highly negative campaign that will continue to exacerbate the incivility in our public discourse." He added, “It will be a sort of race to the bottom, or has the potential to be a race to the bottom.” The Civility Poll is an offshoot of the famous bipartisan Battleground Poll conducted by Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners and Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group.”

     And that is from The Washington Examiner, too. Chaos is inevitable:

“Violent deaths linked to price rises will "soar" around the world - including in Europe - over the next decade, warns a major new study. Researchers say the number of deaths due to conflict and rioting caused by food, water and fuel shortages is likely increase rapidly over the next 10 years. They have created a new interactive tool, called the Chaos Map, that records fatalities linked to price rises and resource shortages. Produced by Dr Davide Natalini and Professor Aled Jones of Anglia Ruskin University , the map shows that more than 1,300 deaths between 2005 and 2017 have been the result of violent unrest directly attributable to either food, water or fuel insecurity. And the academics believe the figures could soar in the next decade.”

     They have not seen anything yet.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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