The Case for Nationalism By James Reed

     I don’t have time to read books, and worse, now have no spare money to buy anything, struggling to pay the power bill, let alone get vital medicines to keep me alive. Every day I wait for a cheque to arrive in the post, but nothing comes. Which brings us to the new book on nationalism, since it is much like me, struggling to survive against globalism, while ageing and decaying all at once:

The book is Rich Lowry, The Case for Nationalism: How it Made Us Powerful, United and Free (2019). By way of summary: “Nationalism, of course, is not without its severe critics, and Lowry is at pains to debunk the widespread notion that nationalism is a “dirty word.” He thus seeks to answer various “anti-nationalists” who regard nationalism as nothing more than tribalism or equate it with white supremacy. To all such voices, Lowry says, essentially, relax, calm down, nationalism is a healthy force, synonymous with nothing other than patriotism. After answering critics, Lowry also offers a positive case that revolves around the proposition that American nationalism “in particular is not to be feared.” Whatever ills have in the past infected Europe, America is inoculated by its heritage, the Anglo-American tradition and the Scottish Enlightenment, which brought us “profound respect for the individual and the rule of law and is woven into the fabric of our country.” Far from shunning nationalism, Republicans and Democrats alike would do well to embrace it. Promoting nationalism, for Lowry, entails advancing a number of specific policies. Important among them is limiting immigration: “it is in the nation’s interest to have fewer and better-skilled immigrants coming here. Such a change would promote the economic prospects of Americans and the assimilation of immigrants, both important goals for national health.” Lowry would also step in to the educational arena to combat what he sees as the fissiparous ideology of identity politics, which not only divides Americans instead of uniting us, but also embraces “a hostility to the American nation as such, to its cultural supports, its traditions, and its history.” Above all, Lowry would advance what he calls “cultural nationalism,” which entails promoting all of the things that bring us together as one people, from the English language to our national holidays to our reverence for our Constitution and flag to our civic rites and common traditions and history.”

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House Passes 2 Hong Kong Bills in Support of Pro-Democracy Protests

     The U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 20 passed two Hong Kong bills supporting the ongoing pro-democracy protests, sending them to the White House for the president to sign or veto. The House voted 417 to 1 for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which unanimously passed the Senate a day earlier. The House unanimously passed another version of this bill earlier in October. The Act would require the State Department to review each year whether the city, which reverted to the Chinese rule in 1997, retains sufficient autonomy to justify its special economic privileges with the United States.

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President Assad on Who is Killing Whom? By Bruce Bennett

     That title was almost a lesson in grammar, what with the “who” and “whom,” and when to use what. Anyway, this is an interesting one, about who is getting killed buy whom, stated by President Assad, who is a bit more in the know that me:

“In a wide-ranging new interview with Russia’s Rossiya-24 television on Thursday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the death of White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier, who had been found dead Nov. 11 after an apparent fall from a three-story high balcony outside his Istanbul office. Le Mesurier was a former British military intelligence officer and founder of the controversial White Helmets group which Assad has previously dubbed the 'rescue force for al-Qaeda' and his reported suicide under mysterious circumstances is still subject of an ongoing Turkish investigation. In an unusual and rare conversation for a head of state, Assad compared Le Mesurier's death to the murky circumstances surrounding the deaths of Jeffry Epstein, Osama bin Laden and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Assad said what connects these men are that they "knew major secrets" and were thus "liquidated" by "intelligence services" — most likely the CIA, in the now viral interview picked up by Newsweek and other mainstream outlets. “American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was killed several weeks ago, they said he had committed suicide in jail,” Assad said during the Russian broadcaster interview. However, he was killed because he knew a lot of vital secrets connected with very important people in the British and American regimes, and possibly in other countries as well.”

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Call for a Republic Ill-Judged

     So, Janet Albrechtsen thinks we should become a republic because a relatively minor Royal (8th in line to the throne) is in the spotlight (Australian 21/11/19). Of course, were she an American, I doubt that she would be calling for a return to the monarchy because of the various matters being revealed in the impeachment process against the president! She forgets that we have our own constitutional arrangements which are subject only to the Australian people and to no one else.  We have nothing whatsoever to do now with the British parliament and because we, not anybody else, have opted to remain under the Crown, the Governor-General, as representative of the Queen, is our executive head of state. We therefore have the best of both worlds.  We have a system that blocks politicians from absolute power, and we have the independence to decide for ourselves on whether we wish to retain our current system or move to another.  It is the people’s choice, not the Queen’s, not the politician’s and certainly not that of Janet Albrechtsen or her friends in the media. Only the people.

Philip Benwell
National Chair
Australian Monarchist League

Now Even Obama is Worried! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Things must be getting pretty crazy, when the big O himself, Obama says, “Hey fellow Globo-commos, slow down a bit, you are moving too fast, and might scare the sheeple”:

“Former President Barack Obama warned a group of leftist donors that Democrats must be cognizant of public sentiment going into the 2020 election, taking a veiled shot at far-left candidates like Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by noting that Democrats “have to be rooted in reality.” The former president spoke to a group of liberal donors in Washington, DC, on Friday and suggested that the far-left ideas articulated and pursued by some of the candidates in the Democrat primary could turn away potential voters. “Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality,” Obama said, according to the New York Times. “The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.” Obama refrained from naming a specific candidate, but he, according to the Times, “cautioned that the universe of voters that could support a Democratic candidate — Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans — are not driven by the same views reflected on ‘certain left-leaning Twitter feeds’ or ‘the activist wing of our party.’”

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Letter to The Editor - It's time this sacred cow was laid to rest

To The Australian        Reactions to remarks by British eco-warrior Roger Hallam about the Holocaust seem excessive and unjustifiable ("Holocaust not unique: eco-warrior disowned", 22/11). His point that there have been a number of large-scale killings of peoples in history and that the Holocaust is another but not, in that context, unique, is surely correct. The scale and irrationality of subsequent attacks on him are extraordinary. My goodness, a rebuke from the German government and the withdrawal of the German version of his book, and all because of a sensible if controversial comment! German Greens co-leader Robert Habeck's claim that there must be no "downplaying of the Holocaust" is contemptible in a nation that routinely jails Holocaust revisionists and thus affronts disgracefully the vital principle of intellectual freedom. It's time this sacred cow was laid to rest.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Warren’s Tax Plan: Eat the Rich! By Charles Taylor

     Democrat presidential hopeful and dopeful, Elizabeth “false news Indian” Warren, plans to tax the rich out of existence. Now I know that at first blush that might sound good, but the way the system is set up, it is likely to lead to social disaster, since the rich are rich because they are totally ruthless, so they are going to fight back, and if necessary, bring down the temple. The thought had occurred to me that it is a pity that social credit was not being proposed here, but immediately I was in horror of such a thought, for these people would finish off the movement for all time if they ever embraced it. Better to keep it up our sleaves to rebuild after the collapse.

“Potential tax rates over 100% could result from the combination of tax increases the Massachusetts senator proposes for the very top tier of investors. She wants to return the top income-tax rate to 39.6% from 37%, impose a new 14.8% tax for Social Security, add an annual tax of up to 6% on accumulated wealth and require rich investors to pay capital-gains taxes at the same rates as other income even if they don’t sell their assets.
Consider a billionaire with a $1,000 investment who earns a 6% return, or $60, received as a capital gain, dividend or interest. If all of Ms. Warren’s taxes are implemented, he could owe 58.2% of that, or $35 in federal tax. Plus, his entire investment would incur a 6% wealth tax, i.e., at least $60. The result: taxes as high as $95 on income of $60 for a combined tax rate of 158%. The rate would vary according to the investor’s circumstances, any state taxes, the profitability of his investments and as-yet-unspecified policy details, but tax rates of over 100% on investment income would be typical, especially for billionaires. Warren has promised free healthcare, childcare, housing, and education, amongst other things, and has promised to do so without raising taxes on the middle class. Her plan to pay for Medicare for All without raising taxes on the middle class can’t even be done, and that’s just one proposal. Warren’s plans to pay for all of her proposals are clearly more radical than she wants us to believe. “Under current law, investors without dividends can add their annual gains to their fortunes and pay little or no income tax,” Rubin explains. “After Ms. Warren’s one-two punch, some billionaires who generate pretax returns could pay annual taxes that would leave them with less money than they started with.”

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Why is Socialism on the Rise? It’s the Universities Again! By James Reed

     Socialism, if humans were rational and not subjected to unending manipulation, should have died in the 20th century, but it is making a comeback, especially with young people at universities… this is one of the reasons why we need to close down the universities and put in place new training institutions, without the Humanities and Social Sciences:

“The supporters of socialism are not simply the young, but rather, disproportionately those among the young who are college-educated. And the more college they have, the hotter for socialism they get. According to a 2015 poll , support for socialism grows from 48% among those with a high school diploma or less to 62% among college graduates to 78% among those with post-graduate degrees. Those on the left probably stop thinking hard about now and jump immediately to the conclusion that support for socialism is just a natural outgrowth of big brains and elite educations. But there is, in fact, a less obvious but ultimately far more compelling explanation that also manages to account for the general fact that more education correlates with more leftism: something — something bad — is happening at universities themselves to pull students toward the (far) left. We have already seen above that what’s not happening at universities, even elite universities, today is a whole lot of education in important subjects like history. What we are getting instead is a lot of groupthink and indoctrination. Universities have always skewed a bit left. But beginning in the early to mid 1990s (for reasons I’ve explained in some detail elsewhere ), ideological diversity began to vanish entirely, as the leftward deviation turned tidal. As documented in a 2005 paper from Stanley Rothman et al., as of 1984, 39% of university faculty were left/liberal, and 34% were right/conservative. By 1999, those numbers had undergone a seismic shift: faculty was now 72% left/liberal and 15% right/conservative. Since 1999, the imbalance has become starker still. A comprehensive National Association of Scholars report from April 2018 from Prof. Mitchell Langbert of Brooklyn College, tracking the political registrations of 8,688 tenure-track, Ph.D.-holding professors from 51 of U.S. News & World Report’s 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges for 2017, found that “78.2 percent of the academic departments in [his] sample have either zero Republicans, or so few as to make no difference.” Predictably, given the composition of the professoriate, survey data also indicates that students’ political views drift further leftward between freshman and senior year. In light of this data, it should not be a surprise to us that students who have gone to college in this age of ideological extremism have come out radicalized and … socialized.

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False Media Hysteria; Trump Impeachment Syndrome By Chris Knight

     Here are some of the latest items on the Trump impeachment saga. People on our side are basically sitting it out until Trump strikes back, or just gives up and offers his neck for execution. There does not seem to be any reason for the impeachment other than, we are the Democrats and we will not permit anything we deem undesirable to exist. It is as simple as that. How then can America survive as a unit in any form? It cannot, and should not. It is time to start divorce proceedings.

“As the media are all out to get Trump, there is no way to get any valid information about the so-called impeachment. But you don’t have to pay too much attention to notice that the Democrats and the presstitutes are constantly changing the focus. The alleged whistleblower, who only had hearsay information, if that, has dropped out of the picture, being too compromised by his affliations and prior meetings with Adam Schiff during which the “whistleblowing” was planned as an attack on Trump. The Democrats and presstitutes then shifted focus to state department types who also heard second hand from “staff” about the alleged conversation containing a quid pro quo, a claim unsupported by the transcript of the telephone call or by the President of Ukraine. So now a new alleged phone call has emerged, or been invented. The acting ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, a sleazy State Department type, today (Nov. 13) testified that a member of his staff heard Trump in another telephone call asking Sondland about the Ukraine investigation of the Bidens. This second-hand information is described by the presstitute media as a “bombshell.” God help us. It is nothing of the sort. But the presstitutes will repeat it until it is.

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It is Politico-Blasphemy to Criticise China! By Paul Walker

     This time round I am going to get on the winning side, and not have the next five decades of my life wrecked by being a loser. China has won, it is done and dusted, there is no fight left in Australians, if there ever was, and we should get down on our knees and beg China for our pitiful lives, like I do every night before sleeping! There, I have said it, I repent, forgive me! Can I now have a big wad of money please? My 30 + pieces of silver too, just like all of those academics, business folks and pollies got, and get?

     Then, we have those few remaining pests, the die hards from a Bruce Willis movie, wanting the last dregs of Australia to resist the inevitableness of China, China, China:

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Letter to The Editor - A much more impartial and truth-based approach to "Aboriginal rights" is required

To The Australian        Ian Maloney's assertion (25/11) that "a constitutionally established voice to parliament" would not "diminish the parliament's authority" is unconvincing. There is already a peculiarly powerful push in many quarters in support of what is really a policy of Aboriginal separatism. How many MPs or which parties could be expected to resist this, once such a significant change to the constitution has been effected? How firmly would parliament resist unjust and selfish demands from the constitutionally entrenched "voice"? Scott Morrison and his government need to pause for reflection on this issue. They have already done damage by appointing known partisan activists to the ministry and to the new committee. A much more impartial and truth-based approach to "Aboriginal rights" is required. Justice demands it. The future security and political stability of this nation needs it.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Gerrymandering the Population By Charles Taylor

     It was done in both Britain, Australia and across the West by the Left, who have used immigration as a political weapon in their hateful war on traditional society and values, in the name of globo-commo society:

“In an impassioned interview with Fox Business' Trish Regan, 'Die Hard' actor Robert Davi accused Democrats of "gerrymandering the population" with policies that encourage and protect illegal immigrants. “Every single thing that they do,” Davi began. “The Democrats and the cabal of the GOP globalists, they’ve let down the American people for gerrymandering the population.” As The Daily Caller's Virginia Kruta notes, Davi also referenced the Immigration and Naturalization Act, passed by former President Lyndon B. Johnson and “argued by Teddy Kennedy,” saying that they had promised the law would not encourage further illegal immigration. “This is what’s happening, it’s pure and simple,” Davi continued.

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The European Union Crushes Free Speech (What Little is Left) By Richard Miller

     This shows how the law can be used to produce a one world legal system, or regulation, regardless of national boundaries:

“On October 3, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled in a judgment that Facebook can be ordered by national courts of EU member states to remove defamatory material worldwide: "EU law does not preclude a host provider such as Facebook from being ordered to remove identical and, in certain circumstances, equivalent comments previously declared to be illegal. In addition, EU law does not preclude such an injunction from producing effects worldwide, within the framework of the relevant international law which it is for Member States to take into account." The ruling came after the Austrian politician Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, chairman of Die Grünen (The Greens) party, sued Facebook Ireland in the Austrian courts. According to the Court of Justice of the European Union: "She [Glawischnig-Piesczek] is seeking an order that Facebook Ireland remove a comment published by a user on that social network harmful to her reputation, and allegations which were identical and/or of an equivalent content. "The Facebook user in question had shared on that user's personal page an article from the Austrian online news magazine entitled 'Greens: Minimum income for refugees should stay'. That had the effect of generating on that page a 'thumbnail' of the original site, containing the title and a brief summary of the article, and a photograph of Ms Glawischnig-Piesczek. That user also published, in connection with that article, a comment which the Austrian courts found to be harmful to the reputation of Ms Glawischnig-Piesczek, and which insulted and defamed her. This post could be accessed by any Facebook user."

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Hong Kong Horrors By James Reed

     The Hong Kong protests, which started as most of this “coloured revolution” globalist backed protests, began as something seemingly innocent, involving umbrellas, has now spiralled into violence, with setting things on fire being the latest strategy. Thus, an older man who disagreed with the protesters was set on fire. Another old man had his head smashed in by a brick, which could have been accidental. Lots of other things have been smashed and set on fire. So much for peaceful democratic protests, it is much like the mischief that our Left and antifa get up to here. Yes, the universities, and university students are in the thick of it, as always, and this will continue as long as these moribund institutions exist.

     There are many points to fairly criticise China on, such as its imperialism and colonialism, but, China is aided by local traitors, and I bear them no hate. For the money, Hong Kong is part of China, under China’s laws, and it is simply civil disobedience to be undertaking the actions these protestors are doing. China is no a democracy, so let’s live with that. 
Remarkable restrain has been exercised by China, but I expect its patience is growing thin.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent! By Charles Taylor

     Wow, this is pure concentred evil, and it is a disgrace that the sheeple are not out on the streets in the millions to protest this.

“House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suggested to CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on Sunday that President Donald Trump needs to prove that he is innocent in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. This is contradictory to the U.S. criminal justice system, which is based on the presumption of innocence. Pelosi, who made the remarks on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” made similar remarks last week while responding to a reporter’s question about the public believing that Democrats are “dead set” on impeaching Trump without looking at all the facts. “It’s called an inquiry,” Pelosi said on Thursday. “And if the president has something that is exculpatory, Mr. President, that means you have anything that shows your innocence, then he should make that known and that’s part of the inquiry. And so far, we haven’t seen that, but we welcome it. And that’s what an inquiry’s about.” Pelosi then repeated that sentiment on Sunday in response to Brennan asking her, “Do you think you’ll go through all of this and not vote to impeach the President?”

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Australia and Populism By Bruce Bennett

     Ok, now we know why we are such losers: poor leadership:

“The major parties have been urged to put populist parties last on their how-to-vote cards and reject the myth of a “homogenous national identity” in submissions to the Senate nationhood inquiry. Two academic experts, Glenn Kefford and Duncan McDonnell, have warned the inquiry that Australia may have avoided outbreaks of populism only because of poor leadership on the extreme right. Major universities have called for transparent and independent decision-making in government as a cure for voter disillusionment. The inquiry – spearheaded by Labor’s Kim Carr and Liberal Amanda Stoker – was criticised by the Greens for its “bizarre grab-bag of issues” after it solicited submissions on all forms of extremism – from ecofundamentalism and postmodernism on the left to conservative nationalism on the right. But despite initial misgivings that it could be hijacked by those with extremist views, the submissions published so far canvas a range of mainstream reforms including an Indigenous voice to parliament, allowing dual citizens to run for parliament and democratic reforms including term limits. Kefford and McDonnell submitted that “radical right populism” had been a “marginal force” in Australia – with One Nation absent from the commonwealth parliament between 2000 and 2016 – while radical left and rightwing parties had increasingly become parties of government in countries such as Austria, Finland, Greece and Italy. The pair noted that “the degree of dissatisfaction with mainstream parties and the functioning of democracy is similar in both Australia and major Western European nations”.

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The Power of Solitude By John Steele

     Things are beginning to slow down for the Christmas period, people are going to sleep, and the elites are working full steam now to roll civilisation while we sleep e.g. impeaching Trump while he eats a big fast food Christmas dinner, before being taken away in chains. Anyway, on relaxing, there are some good videos by Viking bushman Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, that a lot of people from the Dissent Right are quoting because these pieces hit a mark. Manhood, the craziness of the climate change hysteria, bushcraft, many things discussed, only in the snow and cold. It hits a spot with me. Here is a good one of the peace that can come from being alone in the bush, getting a fire going, having a pot of billy boiled tea, and then having the freedom to have a pee on a bush without any violations of local pollution laws!
Yes, it is a world that most blokes in their hearts miss:

     On the other hand, watching Eddie Hall, world deadlift record holder guts down masses of food in record time is enough to put me off of meat for life, and gives me severe indigestion just watching the gluttony.

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More Evidence of False News from the Mainstream Media By Charles Taylor

     Here is a great article showing that the mainstream media is only interested in sinking its opponents, not in getting the truth:

“The media ran wild Monday with the fake news 100,000 children are currently being held in U.S. migrant detention centers. Someone named Manfred Nowak, who heads something called the U.N. Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, told a bunch of corrupt reporters, “We have more than — still more than — 100,000 children in migration-related detention in the United States of America.” Among others, the Associated Press (and by extension all those who republished the AP), the AFP and Reuters, ran with it. Here’s the real news [emphasis added throughout]: But on Tuesday, [Nowak] told The AP that [100,000] figure was drawn from a U.N. refugee agency report citing data from 2015, the latest figure his team could find. That was before U.S. President Donald Trump, whose policies on migration have drawn criticism, was elected. Tee hee. The data is from 2015, y’all… Guess who was president in 2015? But there’s more…

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Biological Realities and the Gender Agenda By Mrs Vera West

     The failure of the gender agenda is all-round us, but lies and deception continue to hold the system up. Thus, women across the West struggle to pass even a basic military fitness test, but the military still marches on with the equalism myth:

“Barack Obama hasn’t been president for going on three years, but many of his policies live on, including some he pushed on the US military. Worse, the policies are having a deleterious effect on women who are trying to serve in combat roles they aren’t suited for because of their gender, according to a new report. The Center for Military Readiness, which supports traditional gender roles for men and women in the military, notes that 84 percent of women who take the new Army combat physical fitness test do not pass it. The group says that’s merely one of the signs that Obama’s “social experiment” with the military is not effective. “In December 2015, former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter overturned policy and authorized women to serve in direct ground combat (infantry) units. These are the fighting teams that attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action – missions beyond the experience of being ‘in harm’s way,'” the report said. Mind you, Cabinet secretaries serve at the pleasure of the president and they are there to enact his policies, not their own. So this decision by Carter was not made in a vacuum; it came from the then-commander-in-chief. CMR, in its report, noted further that women “are serving with men as they always have.” However, “in two major categories — unequal physical capabilities and sexual misconduct — signs of a failing social experiment are increasingly obvious.”

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Abolish prisons? Oh, Mad Leftoids, Go Ahead! By Charles Taylor

     Talking, no arguing, with my Democrat neighbour (substitute Labor or Green party for Australia), I was taken back by his absolute confidence that he was right about every controversial social policy, even crime control. Prisons are racist, because they are full of persons of color. Cops are racists who target colored people, even the Black cops, who are soaking up white privilege. Where did all of this bs come from? His university education, made him a bloody moron:

“Students at Brown University gathered in November to teach their peers about the merits of doing away with the U.S. prison system. A student group by the name of RailRoad held the event titled "Prison Abolition 101" on Nov. 8. The group seeks to ensure that the American prison system is "destroyed" and believes that incarceration is inherently unjust and unproductive. RailRoad member Grace Austin stated during the event that “the end goal is to not have prisons as any form of incarceration," and that "punishment at any stage doesn’t guarantee any kind of growth," according to a report by The Brown Daily Herald. The student group's stated mission is to create a "world where the Prison Industrial Complex in all of its forms has been destroyed and built in its place are systems of accountability that allow for healing and growth." "Prisons were founded in the ideas of punishing the poor, punishing people of color,” presenter Aida Sherif said, adding “I don’t see it as an institution that can ever fully break away from those foundations.” “Our society is constructed in a way that would have us believe prisons are absolutely necessary,” Sherif said. “People perceive it as crazy, unreasonable, dangerous, too radical. Abolition is not anarchy.” The event reportedly did not present concrete plans or a timeline to achieve this "abolition," but rather emphasized that the complete dismantling of the U.S. prison system was a realistic long-term goal. In October, Railroad presented a proposal calling upon the university to cease the consideration of criminal aspects such as conviction history in its hiring processes, and even to implement a quota of "formerly incarcerated community members."

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