Letter to The Editor - Virtually no-one from the cultural and political Right?

To Weekend Australian Magazine        Why is it that among the "30 influential Australians" whom you invited to "reflect on the past three decades and their hopes for the future" ("30 years", Sep 15-16) there is virtually no-one from the cultural and political Right? Such an imbalance means, for example, that we have three commentators advocating indigenous constitutional recognition (Noel Pearson, Cathy Freeman and Richard Flanagan) but no-one on the other side. You could have chosen, for example, John Howard, Keith Windschuttle, Wilson Tuckey, Les Murray and John Stone. Maybe you could now, instead, publish an article on 'What the Right hopes for".  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Migrants All Strike the Lottery By Bruce Bennett

     Who would not want to be an illegal migrant, going to Canada, which is having a giant fire sale … no, fantastic give away of the country …  just to be the ultimate in cuckiness:   https://gellerreport.com/2018/09/trudeau-migrants-canadians.html/    https://www.therebel.media/treat-canadian-soldiers-better

“The "non-partisan" ministerial bureaucrats working for Justin Trudeau's Liberals are actively hiding from Canadians the details surrounding the cost of the "refugee" settlement program. In a memo obtained by The Rebel through the Freedom of Information Act, bureaucrats discussed how to handle a media inquiry about the yearly cash support that Canada provides Trudeau's Syrians. “ Thanks Nancy, we have a table approved in past responses with breakdowns. Can we try to dig that up and include it here? I think the reporter is looking for numbers. We know that 50k is the new start-up cost but we haven't used that yet. If we do can we get MINO approval? Earlier this week we opted to go with the individual cost response for the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers , but in this instance the reporter is talking about families so it may be okay to use”

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Letter to The Editor - Freedom of speech as a vital principle

To The Age         It is not as hard as David Crowe thinks ("Morrison's leap of faith", 14/9) to settle the debate over religious freedom, but it will require subtle analyses and proposals from the government. For example, it is obvious that children in public primary schools should be able to put on Easter and Christmas plays, for this can be done in a way that does not unfairly treat children from non-religious families. Alternative drama opportunities in parallel time is surely the answer for them. At the present time many Christians appear justified in feeling that their religion is under unjust threat from aggressive secularists. Protections can be found that do not in turn unjustly discriminate against non-religious folk. Christian schools and charities are surely happy to employ those not of the faith, provided that such employees do not actively seek to weaken them from within, being content to campaign outside the workplace. Freedom of speech as a vital principle must be recognized as allowing "discrimination against others" in expressions of opinion; but this gives a benefit to everyone and protects us all from tyranny.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

The Great Cartoon Non Event By Mrs Vera West

     The great cartoon controversy has gone international.  A cartoon was published by The Herald Sun of tennis great Serena Williams, who had something of a meltdown following a dispute with a chair umpire in the US Open final. Personally, I am on Serena’s side on this, but I respect that most readers would disagree. The catoon was said to have “racist” overtones by depicting Serena in an unflattering light. The newspaper has stood by its cartoonist and on a recent front page partially republished the cartoon, under the headline, “Welcome to the PC World.”  https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/herald-sun-backs-mark-knights-cartoon-on-serena-williams/news-story/30c877e3937a510d64609d89ac521d9f

     The issue here relates to the cartoon, which like all cartoons uses caricatures. Cartoonists are savage by nature, and I don’t think race comes into it. Just look at how Julia Gillard was treated. You would think that all she was a backside. In general, women get a poor treatment by male cartoonists, who satirise their sexuality, but then again, everybody is fair game. It is just the price of free speech, and sometimes those on the receiving end, who are in the public eye simply have to suck it up. Let it go Serena, get back into training for next season.

America just Explodes … Australia Next? The World? The Universe? The Multiverse? By Chris Knight

     It is hard to keep track of all the demons running wild in America, with disintegration and decay now taking on cosmic, if not metaphysical dimensions. Physically, much of the place is likely to be destroyed by Hurricane Florence. According to Charles Taylor, our US correspondent, whom I spoke to today from his bug out nuclear bunker, people have been told to evacuate, and if they stay they are on their own because there will be no support coming. Charles, being a harden Christian survivalist, has hunkered down with his family and a sack of Bibles, and AR 15 rifles. God be with them. As dangerous as nature is, the unnatural progressives, or as I call them, degenerates, as far more dangerous, having intergenerational destructive power, with no easy mop up. Thus, at the link below Mike Adams attempts to sum it all up, every crazy thing the Left are up to, the Deep State moving to impeach Trump, and rumours of a Trump assassination, presumably as a plan B:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-12-no-one-is-ready-for-whats-about-to-happen.html

     I do not think that this is paranoid, since recent revelations have shown Google’s clear prejudice against Trump at least at the time of the election:  https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/09/12/leaked-video-google-leaderships-dismayed-reaction-to-trump-election/   https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/09/12/trump-campaign-manager-calls-for-investigation-into-google-after-breitbart-video-threat-to-republic/

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The Gulags are Coming By Bruce Bennett

     The commos love the good old days when enemies of the commo state were rounded up, and put in gulags to be worked to death. The commos have not done any real work in their lives, so the thought of watching others do it, is a kind of labour porno, I suppose, pardon the French:  https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/09/12/send-those-who-question-transgenderism-gulags-student-lgbt-group/

“A leftist student group defended Stalin’s Gulag labour camps Tuesday, calling them more “compassionate” than the “western, capitalist notion of prison”. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus Society at London’s Goldsmiths University suggested people who question transgenderism are sent to such camps, for up to ten years, for “re-education”. “The ideas of [Trans exclusive radical feminists] and anti-Trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through re-education,” the student group wrote on Twitter before deleting their account. When Claire Graham, a special education needs teacher, asked if their attempts to silence a list of academics who questioned transgenderism was “a bit fascist”, the account replied: “Na, we’ll just arrange to send you to the Gulag.”

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Oh, Sweet Irony By Chris Knight

     It is not good to laugh at others’ misfortunes, we all agree. There but for the grace of God, could be us. However, appreciating irony is an entirely different matter; it is a higher intellectual activity:  https://gellerreport.com/2018/09/professor-shoots-himself-protessting-trump.html/    https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/12/professor-shoots-himself-22-pistol-protest-donald-trump/

“A sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada shot himself in the arm with a .22 pistol in protest of President Donald Trump. The professor’s wounds are not life-threatening, but he now faces multiple charges for bringing the gun onto campus to carry out the protest. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the professor, Mark J. Bird, shot himself in a bathroom on campus, then stumbled out, “bleeding, before he collapsed.” Bird taped a $100 bill to the mirror prior to shooting himself as a tip to the janitor for cleaning up the mess. Bird was hired by the college in 1993 and is currently a professor emeritus. The police report on the incident notes that “Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump.” Bird faces charges for firing a gun in a gun-free zone and also for “carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property.”

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Letter to The Editor - Live with what we have than to change to a republic

To The Age        No, the idea of monarchy has not become "outmoded" ("Popular royal visit a welcome reminder", 12/9), but nor, for that matter, has the idea of republicanism. The question is what is best for Australia now and in the coming years. It so happens that we have a particularly good compromise at the present time: we enjoy the sacred and historical glamour of royalty in a form that is constitutionally limited (thus avoiding royal tyranny) and we have a royal family that acts responsibly for the common welfare and looks likely to do so through the next two or three reigns. The downside is that we do not have a completely independent royal sovereign of our own. Better, however, to live with what we have than to change to a republic which would be dominated by foolish left-wing ideology and big business interests behind its corporate and party political support. US novelist Marilynne Robinson, a Democrat and admirer of Barack Obama, offers a noble vision of a different kind of republic in her new book of essays, What Are We Doing Here?; but there is no pressing need for Australia to go there now.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Can US Civil War and Collapse be Avoided? Probably Not By Chris Knight

     Mike Adams has released an emergency alert dealing with the revolution in the United States, and how Trump might be able to save America, and ultimately the West, from the Deep Staters, tools of the global financial elites, destroying the world, burning everything to a crisp. This is no exaggeration since the US Deep Staters are keen to have a war with Russia, a country which has been developing super-weapons, while the US under Obama, has been worrying about transgender bathrooms. There is no doubt in my mind that the US would lose any such war because Russia is just tougher and willing to fight to the finish. America is just a little girl now.  https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-09-emergency-alert-trump-has-only-one-path-to-save-america-from-a-deep-state-takeover.html

     This is a great video, but I doubt that Trump will move to have the arrest of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Indications are that he will be impeached by the coming wave of communist Democrats. Whether Americans have enough testosterone left to stand their ground is debatable. I would not put my money on it. The likely future is a decaying society much like Venezuela, which will be the West, everywhere, if good men continue  sit on their hands. Oh, that reminds me, who has contacted the Independents about the Indonesian free trade open borders agreement? We have our own battles for survival here.

Letter to The Editor - Maintenance of national unity against the "indigenous" separatist campaign

To The Australian        Paul Kelly underrates the importance of conservative and traditionalist ideas to any successful resurgence of the Liberal Party under Scott Morrison ("Morrison's relying on values to silence tribal drums", 12/9). Negative comment about "tribal conservatives" and the "flawed agenda" of the "populist conservative media" is not illuminating or helpful. Kelly provides no evidence to support his claim that "the conservative wing of the Liberals in recent times has become too narrow, too introspective and too out of touch with mainstream opinion". It may not be so much that Tony Abbott "failed as PM to sell his conservative convictions to the public" as that a coalition of his opponents successfully undermined him by an intense artillery of hostile comment. Morrison and the Liberals need to return to defence of the monarchy, protection of free speech and the maintenance of national unity against the "indigenous" separatist campaign.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Diversity is Our (No, Their) Strength By Chris Knight

     It is good to see some baby steps being made by more mainstream sources in thinking critically about the ideology of diversity. Here is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson beginning the questioning process:  https://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/09/08/tucker-carlson-to-dems-since-diversity-is-our-strength-is-our-new-national-motto-please-be-specific-as-you-explain-it/

“CARLSON: They’ve talked a lot about norms, called a lot of people racist, and tried to make anyone who disagrees with them shut up. And, of course, they’ve lectured us endlessly about something called diversity as if that answers some relevant question. OBAMA: Our diversity, our patchwork heritage, is not a weakness. It is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths. BERNARD SANDERS, POLITICIAN, JUNIOR UNITED STATES SENATOR, VERMONT: Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES, AMERICAN POLITICIAN AND DIPLOMAT: We know our diversity is a strength, not a weakness. CARLSON: Well they all agree on that. It’s hard to know exactly what it means though other than stop talking or else. We won’t stop talking.

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Unhinged Leftoids Making Films By Chris Knight

     It seems if one is Leftoid, making films is no problem. Choose your target; for Americans this must be the top guy Donald Trump, then just say anything you want, making sure that you drop Hitler in at some point. Don’t argue, present evidence or offer proof, just run with the sheer excitement of the hunt because the rest of the vicious pack is barking with you, in chasing the rabbit:  https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/09/05/michael-moore-film-fahrenheit-11-9-ties-trump-hitlers-rise/

“Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is back, this time with a movie titled Fahrenheit 11/9 that will tie Adolf Hitler’s rise to power to President Donald Trump’s election. In an article published in The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday profiling Moore’s upcoming movie, Gregg Kilday writes, “Fahrenheit 11/9 is at its most provocative when it veers away from Trump’s ascension to recount Adolf Hitler’s rise, with an emphasis on how the media in the 1930s, from The New York Times to the Jewish press, normalized the Fuhrer.” “Moore insists he isn’t making a direct comparison between Trump and Hitler but rather making ‘a serious point about fascism,'” the article continues. Kilday also writes that Moore thinks “the fascism of the 21st century would not be like the fascism of the 20th century. It would not come with concentration camps and swastikas, but with a TV show and a smiley face. The fascists of the 21st century will convince the people to go against their own interests by using television and branding.” Self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will also appear in the film along with far-left House hopeful Rashida Tlaib, who is running for Congress in Michigan. The THRarticle notes that Moore even did some door-knocking for Tlaib. Moore has long been a critic of President Trump and conservative causes. In February, he called the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization,” and implied it was worse than ISIS.”

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In Praise of Unruly Whites By Charles Taylor

     It is good to see White  folks voting with their feet, or rather hip pocket, against politically correct corporates, doing their pc  thing:  https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2018/09/06/huffington-post-accuses-unruly-whites-of-destructive-rage-over-nike-kaepernick-ad/

“The Huffington Post has accused “unruly” white people of flying into a “destructive rage,” in response to Nike’s latest “Just Do It” ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The article claims that social media posts made by Nike customers who are seendestroying their Nike products is an example of dangerous “destructive rage,” MRCTV reported. “Unruly whites were seen vandalizing property, damaging well-mown lawns and setting fire to running shoes that had chiefly been worn for purposes other than running,” the Huffington Post article exclaims.”

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Ban Men, and Guns! By John Steele

     I have said this before; gun banning is really a form of symbolic castration, and will ultimately lead, in the mad bad world of lunatic liberalism, to banning men, or what remains of them:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-06-liberal-activist-calls-for-banning-men-via-man-control.html

“Speaking of authoritarianism, The Mary Sue features a Leftist’s most recent plan to neuter the Second by banning the biggest user group of firearms: Men. Literally. It gets even better. The arbiter of this craziness admits she isn’t even from the United States (her after-story bio says she lives in the U.K.): While some of these men may have had mental health issues, as is often discussed in the aftermath, all of these men exemplify toxic masculinity—just think of how many of them also have a history of domestic violence. Indeed, I believe that most terror attacks are influenced in some way by it, and we are greatly underestimating the threat it still poses. If you gather from that nonsense that “all men are terrorists or at least terrorists in waiting,” you’re perceptive. That appears to be the general sentiment. It gets better, though. Not long after that passage, the writer – who is complaining about violence caused by “toxic masculinity” – writes this gem:

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Obama, Yesterday’s Man Does What Hillary Should be Doing By Chris Knight

     Why send a man, of sorts, to do a job that a woman could do better, under this regime? Obama has been getting down and dirty on President Trump. Yes,  this is from the man who continues to have a shadow over the legitimacy of his presidency, via his allegedly fake birth certificate, not as if anyone care anymore, with there being bigger fish to fry:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2018/01/11/joe-arpaio-is-back-and-brought-his-undying-obama-birther-theory-with-him/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.15520abe2d53   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFfY6_hcfxk    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2018/09/07/barack-obama-preview-midterm-elections-message-chicago-speech/1218153002/   https://www.abc15.com/news/national/joe-arpaio-obama-s-birth-certificate-is-a-phony-document

     For Obama, with all progressives, there is some existential wrong about Trump being president, and no doubt about “deplorables” voting for him, or even existing:  https://www.amren.com/commentary/2018/09/white-democrats-reap-what-theyve-sown/   https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-08/pat-buchanan-exposes-regime-change-american-style   http://buchanan.org/blog/regime-change-american-style-130043   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-lj0h6JiT8

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The Traitors from Within By Charles Taylor

     Cicero famously said :

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

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Politicians again show “Real Genius” By Viv Forbes

     Back in the chaotic dying days of the Whitlam-Cairns-Connor government, Canberra was buzzing with Rex Connor’s grand plans for a national energy grid and gas pipelines linking the NW Shelf to the capital cities, all to be funded by massive foreign loans arranged by a mysterious Pakistani named Khemlani. Malcolm Frazer staged a parliamentary revolt. The economy slumped. A British observer at the time noted “Any fool can bugger up Britain but it takes real genius to bugger up Australia.” Australian politicians are again showing real genius. Now, we have incredible tri-partisan plans to cover the continent with a spider-web of  transmission lines connecting wind/solar “farms” sending piddling amounts of intermittent power to distant consumers and to expensive battery and hydro backups - all funded by electricity consumers, tax-assisted speculators and foreign debt.

     We are the world’s biggest coal exporter but have not built a big coal-fired power station for 11 years. We have massive deposits of uranium but 100% of this energy is either exported, or sterilised by the Giant Rainbow Serpent, or blocked by the Green-anti’s. Australia suffers recurrent droughts but has not built a major water supply dam for about 40 years, and the average age of our hydro-electric plants is 48 years. And when the floods do come, desperate farmers watch as years of rain water rush past to irrigate distant oceans. Once, Australia was a world leader in exploration and drilling – it is now a world leader in legalism, red tape and environmental obstructionism. Once, Canberra and the states encouraged oil and gas exploration with geological mapping and research - now they restrict land access and limit exports. Once, Australia was a world leader in refining metals and petroleum - now our expensive unreliable electricity and green tape are driving these industries and their jobs overseas.

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Now, Thanks to Morrison, Millions of Indonesians Will be Here! By James Reed

     James Reed’s iron law of politics is that each Australia prime minister gets worse than the last. I thought it would be difficult for someone to top Mal, but Scotty has done just that in record time as these  articles and video make clear in no uncertain terms:  https://aviyemini.com.au/terrorism/new-prime-minister-opens-door-jihadis/    https://gellerreport.com/2018/09/australia-pm-open-doors-jihad.html/    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZwlumzR1KA

     Jewish cultural critic Avi Yemini is, as usual, on the ball with this one:

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Canada’s Idi Amin By Charles Taylor

     Freedom disappears daily in the West, now. Take Canada for example, where Trudeau is becoming, some such as Jack Engelhard say, as tyrannical as former African dictator Idi Amin (remember him?)   https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/09/trudeau-fast-becoming-canadas-idi-amin-might-have-you-arrested-if-you-depart-from-his-policies  https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/22687

“The doors were mostly closed. Now they are wide open. In Canada. Under Justin Trudeau. For Muslims. Say a word about that and Trudeau will call you a racist, as happened to a woman in Quebec. She was immediately surrounded by tall men when she asked if tax dollars going to migrants would ever be returned to Canadian citizens. Trudeau swiftly clamped her down, as bigoted, for daring to bring up an issue about his favorite people.Where did she think she was – in a free country? Trudeau, fast becoming Canada’s Idi Amin, might have you arrested if you depart from his policies. These policies include funds for Muslim rallies where imams call for the murder of all Jews. Yes, that’s in broad daylight…in Canada…run by Liberals… and kudos to Parliamentarian Candice Bergen for her courage to speak up in front of Canada’s golden boy tyrant in Ottawa.

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John McCain and the Muslim Brotherhood By Peter Ewer

     US globalist Senator John McCain has now been planted in the soil, but questions remain: hero, or traitor?  https://gellerreport.com/2018/09/mccain-muslim-brotherhood.html/    https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180903-egyptian-media-john-mccain-is-real-supreme-guide-of-the-muslim-brotherhood/

“Egyptian media has accused the late US senator and presidential nominee John McCain of being the ‘Godfather’, ‘leader’, and ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation. In remarks, he made during a talk show aired on Sada El-Balad TV, the Egyptian media personality and TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed that McCain, recognised in the US as a national war hero and longtime senator, was, in fact, the ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood. “John McCain is the real Supreme Guide of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, not Badee and not Akef,” Moussa said. “Today was John McCain’s funeral, which the leaders of the criminal Brotherhood in America have taken part in,” he continued, “ and they performed the Absentee funeral prayer for John McCain in Qatar, Turkey, USA, and Britain.” “[McCain] was the main supporter for the terrorist Brotherhood,” he added. “Senator McCain was the one who opened up the Congress to the Brotherhood. He was the one arranging the meetings and appointments and providing them with protection.”

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