Letter to The Editor - They deserve to lose

To The Australian        Although I support Brexit 100%, I'm not sure it is accurate of Jennifer Oriel to state that "no one can deny that Brexit represents the will of the British people" ("Born-to-rule Remainers ignoring will of the people", 9/9). It certainly represents a majority in the 2016 referendum and may represent a majority of Britons today; but a large number of UK voters were and are against it. Thus we have the tragedy of a nation deeply divided on a very great constitutional issue. However, the first responsibility for the present chaotic situation undoubtedly rests with elements in the Remain camp including various powerful elites, through their failure to accept a majority preference. They deserve to lose. Let us hope they do, and without violence.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Socialist fanatics and most of the Establishment

To The Age        Nicole Hemmer is wrong to stigmatise current UK politics as "a bigger farce" ("Fiascos part of a wider unravelling", 9/9). It is much more serious than that and looks like an impending tragedy, with neither side (Leave and Remain) willing to accept defeat, and the nation split almost fifty-fifty on which option should win. The blame for this, however, lies plainly with the Remain lobby, which contains starry-eyed idealists, socialist fanatics and most of the Establishment. In failing to accept the result of the 2016 referendum, these people have trashed both democracy and fair play.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Send in the Troops to Crush “False News’! By Charles Taylor

     If this is happening under Trump’s watch as commander in chief, guess what is going to happen when the Democrats get into full swing in the now open program of White Replacement:

“Fake news and social media posts are such a threat to U.S. security that the Defense Department is launching a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” as the top Republican in Congress blocks efforts to protect the integrity of elections. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants custom software that can unearth fakes hidden among more than 500,000 stories, photos, videos and audio clips. If successful, the system after four years of trials may expand to detect malicious intent and prevent viral fake news from polarizing society. “A decade ago, today’s state of the art would have registered as sci-fi — that’s how fast the improvements have come,” said Andrew Grotto at the Center for International Security at Stanford University. “There is no reason to think the pace of innovation will slow any time soon.” U.S. officials have been working on plans to prevent outside hackers from flooding social channels with false information ahead of the 2020 election. The drive has been hindered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to consider election security legislation. Critics have labeled him #MoscowMitch, saying he left the U.S. vulnerable to meddling by Russia, prompting his retort of “modern-day McCarthyism.”

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A Liberal on Civil War II By Chris Knight

     Someone, I think Jimmy Reed, did a review of The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt – no, I should have checked, it is not up yet, but may be when you read this. Anyway, the book is the usual liberal stuff, the common theme being that even though it is bad that dumbing down is occurring, still the baked goods can be pulled from the fire, with much preserved. Nevertheless, there is some hint that all may not be well in liberal town, as we find John Derbyshire over at American Renaissance, the place where East Asian IQ rules the waves, and we are but a poor second best, observing:

“I am now very pessimistic. I think there is a very good chance American democracy will fail, that in the next 30 years we will have a catastrophic failure of our democracy. The current political civil war is between two groups of educated white people with radically different views about what the country is, what morality is and what we need to do to move forward. Most Americans are non-political, but in the age of social media they have become like dark matter. The modern civil war is being fought by the extremes … We just don't know what a democracy looks like when you drain all the trust out of the system.”

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Now Italy Falls Too By Chris Knight

     Expect Italy to now be flooded extra fast by migrants as payback for daring to resist for only a little while, before hubris led to the one man who tried to stop the flood, falling on his own political, sword:

“What's the Italian word for 'hubris'? Somebody should ask League leader Matteo Salvini. In a report published Friday, Bloomberg examines the circumstances surrounding Salvini's failed political gambit, which the Interior Minister and Deputy PM had hoped would install him as prime minister of Italy, but instead resulted in his political rivals joining forces to outmaneuver him. Less than a month ago, Salvini was out partying at Papeete Beach. At one point, he stepped up to the decks during a music festival, where the man who was until very recently the most powerful politician in Italy was surrounded by dancing bikini-clad women. This was Salvini at the height of his power. But little did he realize that, while he was partying, his rivals were busy plotting his downfall, and within weeks, his hopes of taking over as prime minister would be crushed. The public didn't know yet, but he had finally acquiesced to his party's demands to withdraw his support for the coalition government that had seen his League govern with the Five Star Movement (M5S) for more than a year. Salvini believed that by forcing an election, he could capitalize on his popularity and return with a new conservative coalition that would more readily support his party's platform of anti-immigrant measures combined with tax cuts that antagonized Brussels. And instead of serving as co-deputy PM, he would be prime minister.

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Not Called Gen Z, the Last Generation, for Nothing! By Chris Knight

     No, Generation Z or the millennials is not the most historically informed of all generations; in fact, they are even worse than the boomers, which is saying something:

“For conservative commentators, upstart socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the gift that keeps on giving. The New York Democrat’s social media feed offers up a constant stream of clueless left-wing commentary that’s ripe for debunking. The latest instance is a recent Instagram live video, in which she claims that “young people are more informed and dynamic than their predecessors.” The social media starlet goes on to say “this new generation is very profound ... They actually take time to read and understand our history.” This, frankly, is absurd to the point of hilarity. Nothing could be further from the truth: The millennial generation and Generation Z behind them, of which I am part, is uniquely disengaged from history and woefully uninformed. Which she went on to prove, naturally. In praising the new generation as the first "wiling to go to the streets" and protest, she appears to have forgotten about the 1960s. Oops! But she disproves her own point in more ways than one. Young people increasingly identify as socialist, which on its own shows that they are woefully ignorant of history. That ideology of failure and oppression has a very dark past of which few are aware. And only 16% of millennials are even able to define socialism in the first place. As far as broader historical literacy goes, two of three millennials, the same generation that Ocasio-Cortez deems “informed and dynamic,” do not even know what Auschwitz is. Ignorance of the Nazi death camp is bad enough, but 1 in 5 millennials aren’t even aware of the Holocaust at all. This isn’t exactly a surprise, when you look at young peoples’ habits. According to Business Insider, “Millennials spend far less time consuming news overall than older adults, and the time they do spend is concentrated on digital consumption. Millennials ages 21-37 consume only about 30% of the amount of news as adults age 38 and older.” Plus, many young people don’t read books. At all.”

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Colonisation on Steroids; Rural China Town By James Reed

     Why does every city have to have a China town? Well, keep wondering because now this concept is being applied to the Australian country side as well:

“Foreign investors have purchased hundreds of hectares of land in WA's Midwest with a view to establishing a rural Chinatown, including an English-language school. City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn revealed the bold plan by developer PIP Holdings to create the suburb in the city's eastern fringe. It includes building homes specifically for Chinese migrants and associated service industries to cater to their needs. Cr Van Styn said foreign investment could be just the ticket to revitalise the region's main city, located 400 kilometres north of Perth. But there are questions about whether the proposed development will help or hinder the region. Geraldton, a once-thriving city built on agriculture and lobster fishing, enjoyed a boom through iron ore mining and exploration but is now battling a shrinking population and rising unemployment. It was for this reason that Cr Van Styn said he believed overseas investment would be the key to revitalising the struggling region. "They're proposing anywhere up to 1,500 houses, a commercial centre, and that school in the centre," he said. "This is proposing building two years' worth of houses in one single development, so it would be a building boom unlike anything ever seen.

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Letter to The Editor - The scaremongering objections to a no-deal departure from the EU are a ploy only

To The Age        Barry Lizmore's claim (6/9) that "democracy is still healthy in Britain", thanks to the parliament's frustration of the government's Brexit plan, is the opposite of the truth. The ongoing efforts of Remainers to dishonour the clear 2016 referendum result show this beyond all doubt. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay is right ("Brexit in the hands of the Lords") to accuse the Conservative rebels and opposition of "attempting to stop Brexit altogether". The scaremongering objections to a no-deal departure from the EU are a ploy only, an attempt to hide the dishonesty involved.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - Britain is not a democracy but an oligarchy

To The Australian         Henry Ergas ("Brexit reveals what Parliament thinks of the people", 6/9) cites an important statement in 1734 by John Wilkes that the whole power of electors is devolved upon MPs who must "regard only the public good in general". Parliament may indeed be sovereign constitutionally, as Ergas shows, but, once elected, MPs must seek to act honourably and righteously to defend the welfare of the nation. There is good reason to feel that many of the MPs who have voted to frustrate the Government's Brexit plan were not regarding the public good in general, but serving an unelected elite and/or furthering their own careers. As regards the incorporation of the UK in the EU, there is a long history of deception of the public by MPs and elements in the mass media. The duplicity of Remainers has indeed “shattered the complex web of make-believe" that has hidden UK political realities. It turns out that, when the chips are down, Britain is not a democracy but an oligarchy.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Globalist Threat the Queen: Are You Safe? By Richard Miller

     God save the Queen! And may He protect her from the insane globalists, who have invoked something of a historical threat:

“The EU loyalist Best for Britain group appeared to invoke the fate of the beheaded King Charles I after Queen Elizabeth II agreed to prorogue (temporarily suspend) Parliament for a few weeks before the Brexit deadline. Following news that the Queen rubber-stamped Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend the parliamentary session — the longest-running for almost 400 years — so that his government can bring forward a new legislative programme on October 14th, the George Soros-funded group tweeted that it would “make no sense for the Queen to back this deeply undemocratic, unconstitutional and fundamentally political manoeuvre from the government,” in comments later attributed to its CEO, Naomi Smith. “If the Queen is asked to help, she would do well to remember history doesn’t look too kindly on royals who aid and abet the suspension of democracy,” the anti-Brexit group added darkly, appearing to allude to the fate of the monarch’s ancestor Charles I, who tried to govern without Parliament and was in the end publicly beheaded.”

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Gasp! Racist Lion’s Heads and All That! By Charles Taylor

     Look, as traitorous and disappointing as Trump is, surely we Americans must vote for him again since what a delight it is to see how the liberal progressives just go crazy over everything he does, or does not do:

“President Donald Trump promoted a new video Wednesday that featured some of his favorite hits. Job creation, stock market growth, low unemployment rates, regulatory rollbacks, high approval rating among Republicans — all pretty obvious content. Trump himself posted the video on Twitter, with the comment “Thank you for your support as we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” But toward the end of the video, the video uses a symbol of a lion’s head, which, as writer Dustin Giebel and former Snopes managing editor Brooke Binkowski first noted on Twitter, was also used by the far-right publication VDARE. VDARE, which describes itself as “America’s Immigration Voice,” was founded by white nationalist Peter Brimelow and has regularly published the work of prominent far-right extremists, including Jared Taylor, a well-known figure in white nationalism for decades. Jason Kessler, who organized the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was also a contributor.”

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Suspending British Parliament; Why Not Forever? By Richard Miller

     Here is a summary about what is happening here in England, whatever that is now, brought to us by our furry friends at the BBC (just think like your ABC only much worse):

•    “Prime Minister Boris Johnson set in motion the process to suspend the UK Parliament - which limits the time MPs have to block a no-deal Brexit
•    The suspension - also called prorogation - will happen no earlier than 9 September and no later than 12 September
•    The new parliamentary session will begin on 14 October
•    The UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October with, or without a deal
•    Mr Johnson said suggestions the suspension was motivated by a desire to force through a no deal were "completely untrue"
•    His decision was criticised by Speaker John Bercow who said it was a "constitutional outrage"
•    Jeremy Corbyn called the move "a smash and grab" on democracy and promised to bring forward legislation "to prevent what [the PM] is doing", followed by a vote of no confidence "at some point"
•    Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said "it is not democracy, it’s dictatorship" and Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said it was "a dangerous and unacceptable course"
•    But Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg said the move was a "completely proper constitutional procedure"
•    MPs return from recess on 3 September.”

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Death Threats by the Left; Prelude to Civil War II By Charles Taylor

    While Big Tech continues its advancing wave upon wave of censorship of anyone they do not like, those on the Left are free as birds to drop wherever they like, the excreta of death threats:

“As the 2020 presidential election gets closer and closer, the NeverTrump crowd of RINO journalists are increasingly sounding as loony – and dangerous – as their colleagues on the Left. In recent days during an interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” program, Washington Post ‘Republican’ columnist Jennifer Rubin used language to call for the destruction of the GOP and President Donald Trump that echoes previous Marxist revolutionaries. In calling for the shunning and shaming of all 63-plus million supporters of President Donald Trump – all of whom are American citizens, by the way – Rubin said it was all part of a grand scheme to “burn down” the Republican Party. “It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose,” she said. “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again. “They will take this as confirmation that, ‘Hey, it just pays to ride the wave – look at me, I’ve made it through.’ Up and down the ticket – federal, state and local offices – the country has to repudiate this,” she actually said. “Survivors?” “Burn down?” “Level them?” “Weather this storm?”

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Why Punish the Weapon? By John Steele

     Here is a great article by our freedom-loving, gun-carrying American friends smashing with the bullets of reason the Left notion that the weapon must be punished. I wish that I could write as well, but who cares when one can quote the magic:

“An attacker screaming “Drop dead!” and “DIE!” recently murdered 34 people and injured three dozen more in a brutal attack. This terrible tragedy occurred only a few months after another rampage in which a man attacked 17 elementary school children and two adults — leaving two dead. It followed yet another mass killing in which a deranged individual wrote a letter claiming that “all disabled should cease to exist.” He then went on to murder 19 people and wound 25 more, the youngest 19 years old and the oldest 70, at a facility for the mentally disabled. The mainstream, anti-gun bandwagon would claim that these are just three recent examples showing the need for “common-sense laws” and stricter gun control. Surely red flag laws and background checks could have played a significant part in thwarting these evil men. If assault weapons were out of the picture entirely and wait lists were enacted, these horrific attacks could have been prevented … and 55 innocent lives would have been saved.

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The End of the White World, but, Why? Why Not? By Peter West

     Just to be different, here is someone else saying the stuff we all say, but which no one listens to:

“The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler. But no one is as demonized as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites. One can understand why former British and French colonies from Africa through the Middle East to India, and Washington’s former colony in the Philippines and its Latin American puppet states would look with disfavor on white faces and use harsh language. But why do the New York Times, CNN, NPR, and white professors throughout the university system, school boards, white politicians, such as France’s Macron and the European Community’s Jean-Claude Juncker and Germany’s Merkel and a wide assortment of British and Scandinavian politicians demonize white people? In Scandinavia a blond woman who reports her rape by the latest wave of third world “migrants” invited into the country by the crazed Scandinavian politicians is dismissed as a racist. Scandinavian people have told me that it is becoming difficult to report any crime by migrants as the report borders on being a hate crime. Why is fake history created in order to support this hatred of white people? Not long ago I wrote about a white man who wrote in CounterPunch that Robert E. Lee owned 200 slaves and enjoyed abusing them. I pointed out that Lee spent his life, until Virginia’s secession, as a US Army officer fighting for the US empire against Mexico and against the native “Indians.” He never had 200 slaves or a plantation. He was a US Army officer who was so highly regarded by Washington that he was offered a Union command when the North decided to invade the South in order to preserve the Empire.

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The Economic Cost of Immigration By James Reed

     This article deals with Canada, which is a similar “swamp” to Australia, so it should be relevant:

“In a recent campaign speech, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, cited the results of one of our studies, which showed that recent immigrants are imposing a heavy fiscal burden on Canadians. He used this information to justify his plan to reduce future levels of immigration. The CBC had journalist Jonathon Gatehouse do a “fact check” of Bernier’s claim about the fiscal burden. In a publication sponsored by the CBC, he concludes that this claim is “false.” Since this verdict implies that our study also reached false conclusions, we feel compelled to do our own fact check of the analysis produced by Gatehouse. The author makes much of the well-known fact that immigrants have a positive effect on aggregate national income (GDP), which says nothing about the fiscal burden. He also fails to note that recent immigrants have lowered Canada’s per capita income since, according to official statistics, they have lower average incomes than other Canadians. He also cites a number of published studies and data he considers relevant. They involve well-known facts and again tell us nothing about the fiscal burden. For example, he notes that the gap in the unemployment rate between recent immigrants and native-born Canadian males has narrowed, but neglects to mention that this always happens when an economic boom creates increased demand for labour and leads to the hiring of previously unemployable workers.

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Letter to The Editor - The essence of the Remainers, alas, is that they have been unwilling to lose gracefully

To The Age        You claim in your latest editorial ("Johnson should heed Whitlam-era lessons", 30/8) that UK prime minister Boris Johnson is "using his executive power to stymie the will of Parliament", but the more important truth is that he is using it to faithfully represent the will of the people as unequivocally established in the 2016 referendum. In the modern world parliaments on certain issues are not truly representative of their peoples and appear to have fallen hostage to financially powerful interest groups and elites. On Brexit that is what has happened in Britain. Johnson is on the brink of becoming a great British hero. If he succeeds in detaching the UK from the EU, watch how he then leads the Conservatives to a massive electoral victory afterwards. The essence of the Remainers, alas, is that they have been unwilling to lose gracefully.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - He resorts to a ridiculous sweeping statement that our Aboriginals "have always been out in the cold."

To The Australian         Danny Gilbert claims ("For too long constitutionally invisible, indigenous Australians need their voice", 30/8) that Aboriginal constitutional recognition and our Aboriginals being heard "cannot be separated". That is patently untrue. Aboriginals have been heard and are being heard in all sorts of ways with powerful interests supporting them and massive government funding being provided. All this despite no mention in the Constitution, a document which happily treats all Australians today on an equal footing. Gilbert ignores the major objections to recognition of Aboriginals constitutionally - that it is fundamentally inequitable, divisive and dangerous to our security and stability as a nation. Instead he resorts to a ridiculous sweeping statement that our Aboriginals "have always been out in the cold." On the contrary, throughout our history there have been many fruitful interactions between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and many Aboriginals have led most rewarding lives.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - This constitutional issue is more important than all other parliamentary business

To The Age    Paola Totaro quotes a British legal expert on Brexit as noting of the Queen's willingness to have the UK parliament prorogued that "it would have been undemocratic to have consented and undemocratic not to assent" ("PM's move "boxed in" Queen", 31/8). The question then is which choice is more democratic than the other. In your editorial ("Johnson should heed Whitlam-era lessons", 30/8) you argue that UK prime minister Boris Johnson is "using his executive power to stymie the will of Parliament", but the more important truth is that he is using it to faithfully represent the will of the people as unequivocally established in the 2016 referendum. On the issue of Brexit that referendum decision must take ethical precedence over the personal views of MPs in parliament. This constitutional issue is more important than all other parliamentary business. Not to honour the referendum would be a disgraceful refusal to play the game and fundamentally corrupt the UK political process.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - Even more important is the need to re-establish the full sovereignty for the British people of their Crown

To The Australian    On Brexit, Tony Abbott is right ("Exit Brexit at your peril, Brits", 3/9) that for Britain "deciding to leave the EU but failing to carry it through" will be "defeat on an epic scale" and "a national humiliation to echo down the ages". He is also correct to remind us that in the past "the high priests of Europe have always found ways to subvert every outbreak of independence or of national feeling" in peoples they intend to rule. Thus, Britain has become a torch-bearer for world freedom, not just British freedom. There are bigger issues involved than those matters of economics and trade on which Abbott comments. There is the need to escape the proto-totalitarian fetters of the European Court of Human Rights and EU bureaucratic tyranny. Even more important is the need to re-establish the full sovereignty for the British people of their Crown and its royal house. That monarchical independence is vital to the soul of Britain.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic