Ice Age Now! Ha! I Told You So! By “Jammers” Reed

     I am not a climate change denier. In fact, I am a radical climate change actionist! How so, Mr Crazy Person Reed? Well, I do not believe in global warming. I have always felt that a new ice age is approaching, or at least a period of great cold. As I type this on a freezing Melbournian day, my arthritis tells me that this is so, and that is more proof than most fanatics opposing me have. Also, the prostate … but we will not go there … it’s just too sad … imagine a rusty tap …

“Let me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out.  If what some experts are telling us is true, a global food crisis appears to be inevitable.  Even during good years, we have a really difficult time feeding everyone on the planet, and now a major climate shift appears to be happening.  Our sun has become exceedingly quiet, and many experts believe that this is a sign that a solar minimum is now upon us.  Of course, we have seen solar minimums happen quite regularly in the past, and if this is just a normal solar minimum then conditions should begin to return to normal after a couple of years.  Unfortunately, evidence continues to mount that we have entered what is known as a “grand solar minimum”.  In fact, Professor Valentina Zharkova says that what we are facing is a “super grand solar minimum”, and if that is true we are going to be facing climate chaos like we have never seen before.  During previous “grand solar minimums” the globe was gripped by devastating famines and vast numbers of people died.  Could a similar scenario potentially be in our future? Ice Age Farmer has compiled a “Grand Solar Minimum Crop Loss Map” which you can view right here, and I appreciate our friends at ANP for pointing it out to us.  Ice Age Farmer’s map shows that there are literally dozens of locations all over the globe right now that are reporting significant crop losses, and this is really unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Some parts of our planet are dealing with horrific drought, but in the middle of the United States it just won’t stop raining.  In some areas of the world it is too cold, while others are experiencing record heat.  Everywhere we look we see extremes, and the behavior of our sun is the primary reason this is happening.

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Censoring Alternative Health News By Mrs Vera West

     Google has gone berserk, and after taking out conservative sites it is now targeting alternative health sites. Will its rage know no bans, so that in the end it censors itself? We are in the brave new world, far beyond 1984.  And, will the ending involve a neo-Luddite revolt of the enslaved, as occurs in any good dystopian film?

“Now, any time you enter a health-related search word into Google, such as “heart disease” or “Type 2 diabetes,” you will not find articles in the search results. The only way to locate any of my articles at this point is by searching for “ heart disease,” or “ Type 2 diabetes.” Even skipping the “.com” will minimize your search results, and oftentimes the only pages you’ll get are blogs, not my full peer-reviewed articles. Negative press by skeptics has also been upgraded, which means if you simply type in my name none of my articles will come but what you will find are a deluge of negative articles voicing critiques against me in your searches. Try entering my name in Yahoo or Bing and you will see completely different results. As explained by Telapost, a core update “is when Google makes several changes to their main (core) algorithm.” In the past, Google search results were based on crowdsource relevance. An article would ascend in rank based on the number of people who clicked on it. Traditionally, if you produced unique and high-quality content that matched what people were looking for, you were rewarded by ranking in the top of search results. You would find near the top of nearly any health search results.

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Big Sister Surveillance by Heart Beat By Brian Simpson

     It is hard to keep up on how Big Sister is working to monitor us. Have you heard of heart beat surveillance? No? Well here is what you need to know:

“As if we aren’t being tracked, recorded, and monitored enough, the Pentagon now has a laser that can identify a person by their heartbeat. Your heartbeat is going to be a lot harder to hide than your face… So, when is enough surveillance enough? Apparently, there’s no line the government can cross that will rile up the masses. We’ve got facial recognition in airports and schools, cars that can be unlocked just by looking at them, technology that can detect a person’s unique way of walking, and of course the ubiquitous fingerprint, used for everything from smartphones to event ticketing. Next on the agenda…Your heartbeat, according to an article written by Engadget. As MIT Technology Review reports, the Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify people from a distance by their heartbeat alone. The technology, known as Jetson, uses laser vibrometry to identify surface movement on the skin caused by a heartbeat, and it works from 200 meters away. Everyone’s cardiac signature is unique, and unlike faces and fingerprints, it can’t be altered in any way. As with facial recognition and other biometrics which rely on optimal conditions, though, Jetson does have a few challenges.

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Is NASA Sexist? By Mrs Vera West

     That is the big question:

“Women could be sent in to space with a selection of sperm ready to populate other planets, researchers say, as they test the effects of zero-gravity on semen. Frozen sperm could be transported in to space to 'open the possibility of creating a human sperm bank outside of Earth', say researchers at the Dexeus women's health centre in Barcelona. This could mean male astronauts are replaced by all-women teams in order to reproduce while in space. But further work is needed in order to fully understand the effect of space conditions and different levels of gravity. Frozen samples exposed to micro gravity conditions and those kept on the ground all seem to stay healthy, the researchers say. The study has been presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting in Vienna, Austria. It comes after NASA published a paper arguing single-sex crews are best for cohesion and women are more likely to be co-operative."

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Shake, Rattle and Roll, Merkel By Richard Miller

     First, we saw Hillary Clinton doing the shaking of the elites, head twisting like in one of those horror movies. It was due to dehydration she said. Germany’s Angela Merkel, anything but angelic, has also got the shakes; it is catching on. In the latest clip of this tired old globalist at a tired old globalist meeting, she began shaking. Some plebe handed her a big glass of water. Instead of glugging it down she turned it away, and was content to keep on shaking on, seemingly oblivious and uncaring, since the elites like having zombie paper rulers.

“Concerns for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s health grow once more as she was filmed struggling to keep her composure and visibly shaking during an official ceremony for the second time this month. The incident happened during the formal appointing of the new justice minister in Berlin’s Bellevue Palace on Thursday morning. The chancellor began shaking while standing next to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was delivering a speech. The shaking stopped and resumed several times. Merkel was visibly distraught and placed both hands on her chest, trying to control herself. Nevertheless, she continued with the ceremony, and later shook hands, smiled, and posed for photos with other officials. At one point, the chancellor was offered a glass of water. After the ceremony, Merkel’s spokesperson said the chancellor “is feeling well” and will attend the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan on June 28-29, as planned. Angela Merkel was previously spotted shaking two weeks ago when she met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Her condition looked more severe that time, as the shaking seemed more violent. She told reporters then that she was just dehydrated and recovered after drinking several glasses of water.”

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Destroying Male Fertility By Mrs Vera West

     There has been great concern, as far as that is now possible, about a study claiming that a fast food diet can irreversibility destroy the capacity of males to produce sperm, killing off sperm producing cells with things going down by the age of 18years:

     There is no link to the actual study, which apparently was a conference paper that has not yet appeared. Thus, questions such as whether obesity and fat consumption, and vitamin and mineral intake may not have been addressed, but probably the death of the sperm producing cells may have been due to the fact that junk food is ultra-poor nutrition anyway. There was material published in the previous news cycle about a junk foods diet causing shrinking of the brain:

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Plague America By Chris Knight

     We have been covering the plight of US cities such as LA and San Franny, where streets are littered with human poop. However, one of the real treats, sorry, threats, of falling back into the Dark Ages, a new Dark age, is the occurrence of the plague or Black Death. Yep, an old friend in black with the scythe is back:

“The city of Los Angeles is quickly descending into a cesspool of decay and disease.  With bubonic plague now likely present amongst residents, the city and the state of California are on the verge of becoming a third-world hellscape.  Some say that that’s already happened… Tucker Carlson had historian Victor Davis Hanson on his show just last week, where the latter said that California is on the verge of becoming the nation’s first Third World state. From trash being illegally dumped to city hall becoming a rat-infested den in the city of LA, it all points to the decay suffered when Democrats run things. Even police stations in the city are loaded with rats and according to Townhall, one was fined $5,000 over its conditions that left one officer stricken with typhoid fever. California’s descent has gotten to the point where there is a possibility that bubonic plague (the black death) may now be present in the city. This isn’t new information either. Typhus outbreaks were being reported back in February. Typhus is not transmitted person-to-person, and flea-borne typhus can spread to people from infected fleas and their feces. Typhus infection can be prevented through flea control measures on pets, using insect repellent to avoid flea bites and clearing areas that can attract wild or stray animals like cats, rats, and opossums, according to the Department of Public Health. Typhus is spread by fleas hitching a ride on rats. While the general population struggles under the weight of the government (local, state, and federal in LA’s case) and the homeless population continues to climb up, the same cannot be said for the rats that carry fleas the cause typhus. The rat population in LA is doing just fine, however, as piles of garbage dot the cityscape, making it Thanksgiving Day every day for the city’s fat, happy rodents, wrote the American Thinker. -SHTFPlan

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Letter to The Editor - There is reason to believe that the fundamental outlook and methodology of science is limited

To The Australian        Controversy over the new classroom inclusivity guidelines published by the University of New South Wales needs to take account of several factors ("Uni puts ethnicity into study of science", 2/7). One is the need for science to be "race, region and sex-blind", since "science is culture-free by definition", but this does not mean that the claim for science that it is "universal knowledge" can be supported. There is reason to believe that the fundamental outlook and methodology of science is limited, that there are other kinds of knowledge which are accessed by faculties other than the logical mind and reason on which science relies. Wollongong University archaeologist Richard Fullagar rightly points out that there is an overlap between science and indigenous knowledge, and that indigenous beliefs are often supported by scientific research. Other indigenous knowledge is more profound than that and relates to areas of experience and human faculties beyond the purview of science. One example is the "pointing the bone" ceremony and the "singing to death" of targeted individuals hundreds of miles away. Such knowledge is worthy of study, but not under the rubric of science.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

*Editors Note: The author has personally experienced the destructive power with the bone used in 'pointing the bone' ceremonies.

Cuck Trump Just Takes It, As Cucks Do! (The Guy is a Plant, But Not Russian!) By Charles Taylor

     What is Trump up to, or rather, what is he not doing regarding the immigration invasion? Well, after saying that he was going to deport some illegals, maybe two or three, he cancelled even that because, Democrat mover, the ever globalised pruned-face Pelosi told him not to. Trump wants to play the game of the art of the deal with someone who has proclaimed that being in the country illegally is not a reason for deporting! How can one make a deal with the insane with the disease of globalitis? This show if anything that Trump is mad, or just a traitor himself:

“Nancy Pelosi infamously denounced walls as "immoral" during the 2018 midterms, and refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the border crisis - dismissing it as a 'made up' emergency after Trump tried to bypass Congress and re-appropriate money to build his border wall from the Treasury and DoD budgets. Now, the Speaker of the House is taking her hysterical pro-immigration/anti-Trump rhetoric to another level of hysterical inanity by insisting that just because somebody is in the country illegally doesn't mean they should be deported. During an event in New York, Pelosi told her audience about a recent phone call with President Trump, where she discussed Democrats' desire to delay the mass roundups of illegal immigrants (a request to which Trump acquiesced). During  the call, Pelosi said she told the president that "a violation of status is not a reason for deportation," adding that there are over 10 million people who could face deportation because they are here illegally. Instead of rounding these immigrants up, Pelosi said Washington should focus on creating a path to citizenship. "I said 'a violation of status is not a reason for deportation,' that’s just not so," Pelosi said she told Trump.

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Organ Harvesting: First China, Now Canada By Chris Knight

     The idea of organ harvesting in China was once dismissed as a racist fantasy, but now has been accepted in the mainstream, and that’s that, because China just does what it wants. Well, let it; good for them. But now candy Canada is following in its harvesting footsteps, which is a bit surprising:

“Organs are being harvested from some people who have been euthanized in Canada, creating an ethical situation that some critics say amounts to a conflict of interest. On June 18, The Wall Street Journal published an article by law professor Frank Buckley revealing that “about 30 euthanasia patients in Canada have donated their organs after death since 2016.” Buckley noted that the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has issued guidelines for how the harvesting of organs from people who elect to be killed by medical practitioners should work. Despite some hand-wringing about ethics, the June 3 document allows doctors to canvas their vulnerable, suicidal patients for their organs. “The grim document describes how the organ donation and euthanasia decisions might be disentangled, but allows doctors to raise the possibility of organ donation with their vulnerable, suicidal patients,” he wrote. “It also clarifies that organ removal should not begin until the patient is medically deceased (sic) and the heart has stopped beating.”

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Keep Active to Keep Your Brain from Turning to Slush By Mrs Vera West

     Keeping active in middle age lowers your risk of dementia, and exercise is needed anyway for a multitude of health benefits. Now, what was I talking about? Where did those Big pharma pills walk to?

“Keeping physically and mentally active in middle age may be tied to a lower risk of developing dementia decades later, according to a study published in the February 20, 2019, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Mental activities included reading, playing instruments, singing in a choir, visiting concerts, gardening, doing needlework or attending religious services. “These results indicate that these activities in middle age may play a role in preventing dementia in old age and preserving cognitive health,” said study author Jenna Najar, MD, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. “It’s exciting as these are activities that people can incorporate into their lives pretty easily and without a lot of expense.” The study involved 800 Swedish women with an average age of 47 who were followed for 44 years. At the beginning of the study, participants were asked about their mental and physical activities. Mental activities included intellectual activities, such as reading and writing; artistic activities, such as going to a concert or singing in a choir; manual activities, such as needlework or gardening; club activities; and religious activity.

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The Joy of Living in the Scrub By John Steele

     This was something people in the past would not have thought about but is a product of modern urban living - people spending time outdoors have happier lives:

“It's been established that people who spend more time in parks and other natural settings tend to report higher levels of health and happiness, but new research shows there's actually a magic number for it. According to a study published this week in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, spending 120 minutes a week strolling a tree-lined street or sitting by a lake can greatly enhance a person's overall sense of well-being. Less time didn't yield any significant benefit, the research showed. Those who got in two to three hours in nature were about 20% more likely to report high overall satisfaction with their lives than those who spent no time outdoors at all. The benefits to physical health were even greater, with those who met the outdoors benchmark being 60% more likely to report being in good health than their cooped-in counterparts. The figures were adjusted for a number of characteristics known to influence health and happiness, including socioeconomic factors, neighborhood characteristics and general demographics.

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White Suicide and National Suicide By Charles Taylor

     Could this and more, generally ethno-cultural implosion, have something to do with the rise in suicides, especially in the US? Are poor folk seeing, or intuitively sensing what lies down the track, and are checking out now? Can’t really blame them:

“Key findings
Data from the National Vital Statistics System, Mortality
•    For 2000–2016, the age-adjusted suicide rate increased 30%, from 10.4 to 13.5 per 100,000 population, increasing on average by about 1% per year from 2000 through 2006 and by 2% per year from 2006 through 2016.
•    For females aged 10–74, suicide rates in 2016 were higher than in 2000.
•    For males aged 15–74, suicide rates in 2016 were higher than in 2000.
•    In 2016, for females, suffocation accounted for a higher percentage of suicides among those under age 25, while poisoning accounted for a higher percentage among those aged 45 and over.
•    In 2016, firearms were the most common means of suicide among males aged 15 and over.
In 2016, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Although the Healthy People 2020 target is to reduce suicide rates to 10.2 per 100,000 by 2020, suicide rates have steadily increased in recent years This Data Brief uses the most recent data from the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) to update trends in suicide mortality from 2000 through 2016 and to describe differences by sex, age group, and means of suicide (e.g., suffocation, firearms, poisoning).”

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Why I Sleep in a Tent By John Steele

     Regular readers will know that as a former soldier, divorced, and a typically alienated older male, Anglo Saxon, dispossessed etc. I live, and thus sleep in a tent. But, I am not the only one doing this. Here is a great video by athlete Rich Roll who puts the case for a natural Stoic approach to life which emphasises basic natural living and food (mainly vegetables) and the need for sleep for human quality in an insanely paced world. He found that sleeping in a tent improved his sleep, wellbeing and overall efficiency. I concur, totally. I am not sure how his wife likes it. Still, when I was married I used to sleep on the floor, after doing the martial duties, so people work it out. Where there is a will,  there is a way.

What does the Australian Left Say to This? By Peter Ewer

     I saw a protest about China’s alleged organ harvesting by very nervous Chinese, many wearing masks. The masks were to protect their identity from the communist spies here in Australia, one girl told me. In fact there was one Chinese guy there openly photographing people and when I challenged him, he got aggressive, until he noticed that there was a bit of a size difference, and that kung fuey may not work:

“A nonpartisan tribunal published a report Tuesday accusing China of “crimes against humanity,” cutting organs out of Falun Gong practitioners alive to transplant into paying clients, and potentially preparing an “organ bank” using the millions of mostly Uighur Muslims believed trapped in concentration camps in western China. The China Tribunal – a panel of international legal experts led by Sir Geoffrey Nice, chief prosecutor in the case against Serbian war criminal Slobodan Miloševic – held hearings featuring victims of China’s brutal repression of Falun Gong practitioners and ethnic Uighurs as well as eyewitnesses who testified to seeing and participating in organ testing and harvesting. The tribunal repeatedly highlighted in its report that it attempted to contact the Chinese government and bring in witnesses favorable to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but China failed to cooperate. It concluded that China is currently harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and has begun extensive testing of its captive Uighur camp population that does not have any other overt utility outside of organ harvesting. It also concluded that “some Tibetan Buddhists and House Church Christians” (those who do not worship in government-run churches) have likely suffered forced organ harvesting. Perhaps most shockingly, the Tribunal noted that its investigators reached out to dozens of Chinese hospitals asking for help in finding organs for a transplant, and over a dozen of them openly stated they were currently using the organs of Falun Gong practitioners in transplants or could acquire them. Another 14 hospitals admitted they used organs illicitly harvested from prisoners, but did not specify if they were political prisoners or common convicts.

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The Post-White World of the Left By Chris Knight

     Recently a revealing Tweet was made by the Democrat Senator Kamala Harris about Trump’s no doubt illusory claim to remove, maybe three illegals from Americas, while he of course is allowing the greatest invasion in US history to happen at the border. The Senator Tweeted in a sweet birdie voice:

“Let's call this what it is: an attempt to remake the demographics of our country by cracking down on immigrants. That this threat is coming from the President of the United States is deeply reprehensible and an affront to our values. We will fight this.”

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The Nordics of Ancient Egypt By Brian Simpson

     One of the issues never touched by nationalist groups is the survival of sub-racial groups within the white race, such as Nordics, although Alpines/Slavs and Mediterraneans are given more freedom to support their kind. This is seen to create a “division.” Yet, if races are worth preserving, then sub-races are as well and all of the arguments used to defend races can be applied to the sub-racial nihilists, seeking to create their oppressive form of homogeneity. This follows from a general critique of diversity:

     Nordics are most under attack, and in fact most of the pc bs we encounter is designed to bring down Northern European people and their descendants, who lack racial immunity to the disease of modernity. One aspect of fighting back, and tribal survival, is to re-establish historical links. Thus, it was once held that ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome had a Nordic foundation. This idea was attacked by the same group of equalitarian “intellectuals” who attacked the idea that races existed, screaming “racism.” Still, even though the politically correct now rule the institutions, some counter-elements still sometimes reach the surface:

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Honk? Honk? By Peter Ewer

     Google has now exceeded itself in censorship banning use of the word “honk”:

“Facebook removed a post which consisted simply of the word “honk,” asserting that it was a violation of their community standards. Yes, really. The use of the word stems from the ‘clown world’ meme – a nihilistic position many on the right are taking in light of a society in the grip of ‘progressive’ degeneracy run amok. Apparently, it’s now verboten to even allude to the meme on Facebook. The fact that Facebook is now ruthlessly enforcing its far-left ideology across its own platform cannot be denied. Over the weekend, the Silicon Valley giant banned Natural News, which had 2.5 million followers on the platform, just hours after leftist website the Daily Beast published a hit piece against its owner Mike Adams. Last month, Facebook banned yours truly along with a number of other conservative commentators for no specific reason whatsoever. Facebook is now clearly operating as a publisher not a platform in violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and is engaging in flagrant election meddling. Will the Trump administration do anything about it or will his base continue to be placated by meaningless tweets which aren’t followed by any real action?”

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Pig-Apocalypse Now! By Brian Simpson

     Pigs worry me, not to upset any pig farmers out there; indeed, I grew up on a Victorian piggery, and love pigs, the smell is not so bad. I have even been known to eat a meat pie with sauce while at the old-style abattoirs markets. But there are a lot of diseases that can jump from pigs to humans, especially in China. Pigs are also highly vulnerable to disease in the tight living conditions they are put in:

“We have never seen an animal disease outbreak like this before, and it is rapidly getting worse.  African Swine Fever, also referred to as “pig Ebola”, has already wiped out millions upon millions of pigs and it continues to spread to even more countries. There is no vaccine and there is no cure, and so essentially we don’t have any way to stop this disease.  At this point, the only solution is to kill all the pigs wherever the virus is found and desperately hope that it doesn’t spread anywhere else.  But that approach clearly hasn’t been working, and according to a recent Fox News report this epidemic has now become the “biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet”… “This is the biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet,” Dirk Pfeiffer, a veterinary epidemiologist at City University of Hong Kong and swine fever expert, said. “It makes the foot and mouth disease and [mad cow disease] outbreaks pale in comparison to the damage that is being done. And we have no way to stop it from spreading.”

China is the epicenter for this outbreak, and it is also home to half of all the pigs in the world. Actually, to be more accurate, I should say that it used to be home to half of all the pigs in the world. In a normal year, China slaughters approximately 700 million pigs.  But according to Rabobank, that number will be down 30 percent this year due to this outbreak… Researchers at Rabobank are estimating that this year China will suffer a 30% loss in pork production as a result of ASF. To put that into perspective, that 30% loss in production is equivalent to Europe’s entire annual pork supply, and almost 30% larger than U.S. annual pork production. So let’s do some quick math. 30 percent of 700 million is 210 million. Let that sink in for a moment.  210 million pigs will be lost in China alone in 2019, and when you throw in the rest of the world we are talking about cataclysmic losses already and the outbreak is still getting worse. One of the primary reasons why this virus is so fearsome is because it survives just about anywhere and it is incredibly hard to kill…

The germ is hardy, capable of remaining active in water for a month, in meat and blood at room temperature for several months and for six years in cold, dark conditions. It’s resistant to temperature extremes, and can survive a day in vinegar-strength acids. Even if we had an effective treatment, attempting to eradicate this disease would be a complete and utter nightmare. But as I stated earlier, there is no vaccine and there is no cure. All we can do is keep killing pigs. But of course global demand for pork just continues to grow as the global population increases. So with increasing demand and rapidly falling supply, it was inevitable that pork prices would begin to rise substantially…

The implications of the outbreak are already being felt beyond Asia. Global pork prices have risen by almost 40%, and long term it is likely to lead to more pork imports from Europe and America to meet demand, which will also push up global meat prices. And what we have seen so far is just the beginning.  In fact, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is now telling us that the price of pork is likely to rise 70 percent by the end of 2019. Of course if this disease continues to spread, we could be talking about an epidemic that could literally end the global pork industry as we know it today. Already, there is a tremendous amount of paranoia about the spread of this virus, and for good reason.  In fact, the virus has been found “in Chinese pork products that were confiscated by customs officials in Japan, South Korea and Australia”…

But the virus has been in Chinese pork products that were confiscated by customs officials in Japan, South Korea and Australia, suggesting that the virus has permeated the food chain in China. And could it be possible that pork products tainted with the disease were able to slip through the inspection process in various countries? We don’t know. But what we do know is that African Swine Fever has been spreading all over Asia. It has now spread to Mongolia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, North Korea and Vietnam.  In fact, it is now being projected that Vietnam will lose 10% of its pork production this year…

Rabobank is projecting that Vietnam, which in May mobilized its military in the fight against the disease, will lose 10% of its pork production. Today, pork accounts for three-quarters of all meat consumption in the nation of Vietnam.  This disease is already a major national crisis in that country, and we are still in the very early stages of this outbreak. Meanwhile, this virus is starting to pop up in Europe as well.  According to one report, the disease was just identified at a major pig farm in Poland…

A farm with more than 8,000 pigs in Poland has broke with African swine fever. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, the farm is located in Bielsk Podlaskie near the border with Belarus. And in Denmark, they have actually constructed a 43-mile border fence in order to keep out wild boar. It is a good thing that they are taking this threat so seriously, because African Swine Fever is incredibly deadly.  Up to 90 percent of the pigs that catch the virus end up dead, and once it starts spreading on a pig farm it is inevitable that all of the survivors will have to be killed as well in order to help prevent the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, most people in the western world still don’t seem to understand the seriousness of what we are facing.  Essentially, what we are dealing with is an existential threat to the entire global pork industry. And considering the fact that we really struggle to produce enough food for the entire planet in a good year, this should be a major wake up call for all of us.”

     If pig Ebola does a species jump, as happens, we will have on hand an already distributed pandemic, resulting in the arrival of the long-awaited zombie apocalypse. After all, most people today are little more than slightly sophisticated pigs, or even battery chooks, living in the pens of modernity, I am sorry to say. Humanity would die like the pigs:

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The Exciting, Vibrant, Vagina Stadium By Mrs Vera West

Look, this is relevant to the cultural decline thesis, nobody else here would write on it, since it is a bit embarrassing, but the message is clear; we really do live in the tragicomedy of the theatre of the absurd; clown world:

“A football ground in Qatar dubbed the “Vagina stadium” has finally been unveiled ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Fans ridiculed the Al Wakrah stadium, which will host matches up to the quarter-finals and contains innovative cooling technology, The Sun reports. It was designed by the late British-Iraqi architect, Dame Zaha Hadid, who reacted furiously when supporters suggested it looked like a lady’s private parts. Back in 2013, she fumed: “It’s really embarrassing they come up with nonsense stuff like this. What are they saying? Everything with a hole in it is a vagina? That’s ridiculous.” Dame Hadid’s plans were first released in 2013 and were said to have been inspired by the flowing shape of a dhow boat, a traditional Arabian pearl diving and fishing vessel. The drawings were topped with a structure resembling the sails of a dhow. Iraqi-born Hadid — whose other works included the Aquatics Centre at the 2012 London Olympics, the MAXXI Museum in Italy and the Guangzhou Opera House in China, previously said of the stadium’s criticism: “If a guy had done this project there wouldn’t have been the same level of criticism.”

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