A Libertarian Critique of the Police Monopoly By John Steele

     We take it as granted that the police are justified with their monopoly of force in society, but an organised police force is only a relatively new thing in social development, the first European police force being in Paris in 1667, although various forms of policing have been conducted since ancient times.

     This article, written by a libertarian, those who hold to the extremes of freedom, individualism and the joys of Adam Smith style capitalism, raises many doubts about modern policing, most importantly that citizens are really on their own in terms of self-protection, for the real role of the police is to protect governments and big business:

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Paedophilia the Next Big Thing By Mr Vera West

     A psychologist writing on the Redditt network has said that paedophilia is a sexual orientation, like heterosexualism and homosexualism:

“The idea that sexual attraction to children is an “orientation” is highly controversial as it suggests that offenders cannot change.
But, writing on the Reddit networking website, the psychologist said it was possible to treat child sex abusers on “the understanding that the attraction may always remain”.

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Pathological Altruism or Just Plain Old Competition? By Brian Simpson

     One of the big problems in any resistance movement, be it alternative finance or immigration control, is the lack of ability of White people to unite. Why?
    According to Brett Stevens:
 the answer is internal competition, so that we struggle against each other without recognising our common interests.  External threats thus become secondary. Stevens thus rejects the idea of pathological altruism:

“More accurately, our problem is individualism, or people deciding that no one can say “no” to them and as a result, social order, values, standards, heritage, religion and all other systems of order above the level of the individual go out the window.  From this, people invent altruism, because it is a way to show they are “good” without having to do good except in a symbolic role.
Think of politicians kissing babies, or public donations to charities. Your older brother getting you ice cream once to make up for all the times he pounded you flat in the last few weeks. Cubicle workers showing up on the weekend to demonstrate loyalty after screwing off all month. This is symbolism, which like language can be used to manipulate, in lieu of doing the deed the symbolism refers to.

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It’s a Trans, Trans, Transgender World By Mrs Vera West

     An update on all the exciting transgender news, because if the No side loses the plebby, why, we had better get used to all this and more.

     For example, the first openly transgender person to be elected in a US statehouse, is Danica Roem of Virginia:

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Drowning in Our Own Filth By Brian Simpson

     Air quality across the world has reached toxic levels, and although much publicity is given to Beijing’s life-threatening air,  London is even worse with 197 micrograms of particulate per cubic metre, almost enough to eat it:

     The World health organisation recommends that particular matter in the air stay below 25-50 micrograms per cubic litre in a 24 hour period, but 92 percent of the world’s population live in areas where this air quality is not met:

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The Myths of the Left By Paul Walker

     A good article at: http://takimag.com/article/diversity_is_our_doom_christopher_degroot#axzz4xh5nTPvE, on the diversity myth, soundly shows why leftist intellectuals are not as street wise as ordinary folk:

“Concerned mainly with the lives of working people, the Old Left, despite its unrealistic expectations, was still fairly grounded in reality. The New Left, by contrast, is characterized by delusional beliefs, the gospel of the identity-politics zealots. New Left intellectuals therefore seem to live in a different world from the rest of us. How does this happen? In part because these persons tend to come from wealth and remain at a certain comfortable remove from the destructive consequences of their ignorance.  It is, indeed, the function of wealth to obscure what would otherwise be clear.  Wealth not only corrupts the soul; it also makes one stupid, allowing for ideas that appear plausible only because they are never put to the test of practical experience, wherein something more than the approval of fellow frauds and cowards is at stake.  Hence that curiosity of our decadent era, the intellectual who has no common sense.  He is a chattering midget on a mission to chop you down to his own puny stature.  If he has read many books and can quote many famous names, he still hasn’t the slightest understanding of the family and politics, although, in his foolish conceit, he thinks otherwise. 
Unlike the ordinary academic “political theorist,” a white person living in a London slum can see for himself that, for women, Islam is de facto sex slavery.   Observing Muslims live, he also notices no distinction between what we Westerners call church and state.  For Islam, religion is the state.  So this poor white person has no sentimental illusions about Islam’s compatibility with the West, because experience has shown him the impossibility of that project.  And since his more honest and manly way of life does not require paying lip service to genteel cant—that is, what the vulgar success-crowd class calls morality—you won’t hear any intellectual herd chatter about diversity and inclusion and the like from this hearty and straightforward character. 
“To do away with the very possibility of disagreement is one of the greatest political goods.” 
It is not so with the diversity fundamentalists.  Driven by needless guilt, petty envy, and, much less often, compassion, they have an anxious desire to believe that peoples and human nature itself are as conveniently shapable and interchangeable as the nifty gadgets affluent Westerners rely on to live lives of unprecedented ease, and correspondingly, unprecedented corruption.”

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Global Pandemics By Brian Simpson

     The Black Death killed off about one quarter of Europe, and that was before the high urbanisation which we have today, with people living like sardines in a tin, in the modern cesspools called cities.  Today, the probability of a pandemic of some super-disease wiping out civilisation has been rated at 50 percent:

     The last pandemic, the Spanish (actually Chinese) flu killed up to 50 million people worldwide, and society then was not as densely compact as it is today, done for the elites to get mega-bucks from immigration-fuelled population growth.

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The Threat of Deli Meats: Be Afraid, Very Afraid By Brian Simpson

     You find these sorts of meats on pizzas, fast foods and small goods; deli meats, but they are far from being health foods:

“Surely you wouldn’t put cigarettes on a sandwich and eat it, because then you’d be consuming ammonia, bleach, aluminum, formaldehyde and insecticide. But, if you eat American processed meats, you’ve just consumed all of those carcinogens anyway. Did you just pack a BLT or a ham and cheese sandwich in your child’s school lunch box? If so, you could be doing some serious damage to … their health.
The WHO has made the declaration that eating processed meats regularly is just as dangerous to your health as smoking cigarettes, when it comes to the main causes of cancer. Wonder why? Well for one, the nitrites and nitrates used to preserve meats and protect their color are precursors to N-nitroso compounds (NOCs) that induce tumors in several organs in multiple animal species.
In fact, a study published in the journal Cancer links these preserved cold cut meats to bladder cancer at a 30 percent higher risk for those who consume them. The study used over 300,000 men and women from eight U.S. states over an eight-year period.
What’s worse is that when humans consume sodium nitrite it forms some of the most highly carcinogenic chemical compounds EVER RECORDED in the nutrition world (they’re called nitrosamines). Therefore, feeding your child cold cuts regularly is just as bad as buying them a pack of cigarettes each week and saying, “smoke up!””

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The Magic of Chocolate By Mrs Vera West

     An article published in the Japanese journal, Nutrition:   
“Flavanol-rich cocoa consumption enhances exercise-induced executive function improvements in humans,” by Hayato Tsukamoto (et al.), DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nut.2017.08.017/, conducted a test of the health benefits of high-dose cocoa, versus low-dose cocoa, with exercise, and cognitive functioning tasks.

     The results were that ““The present study demonstrated that [high cocoa flavanol] consumption prior to moderate exercise could effectively enhance exercise-induced improvements in [executive function], but not in [memory function], as shown by the early improvement in [executive function] induced by [high cocoa flavanol] consumption compared with [low coca flavanol] consumption. Therefore we suggest that the combination of [high coca flavanol] consumption and aerobic exercise may be beneficial for improving cognitive function.

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"Everyone" is Now in the Politically Correct Re-Education Camp

The following post was made today to Ted Byfield’s blog:  https://tedbyfield.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/the-real-dangers-of-its-sex-clubs-which-the-government-doesnt-discuss/comment-page-1/#comment-334

To which Wallace Klinck from Canada Responds:

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Society Now, a Vast Politically Correct Re-Education Camp By Brian Simpson

     Forget about “hate crimes,” for now, in communist Britain, mere ‘dislike,” and “unfriendliness,” are crimes, according to the police:

     Cutting to the chance, the police, in pursuing hate crimes, especially in social media, do not need to even prove hate (the burden of defence is on the people offending), and there is not even a legal definition of “hate”:

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Episode 32 – Compelled Speech – Law Society of Ontario by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

     Part 1 of this podcast is the video “A Call to Rebellion for Ontario Legal Professionals”:

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Benefits of Anger By John Steele

     In our cucked emasculated society, getting angry is frowned upon, being almost a form of thought crime.
Yet, as reported here:

     While too much anger, especially suppressed anger, can trigger ill-health such as heart attacks, anger can have benefits, simply because sometimes the extreme motivation provided by anger gets jobs done:
     In fact, the tragedy of the West is that people are not getting angry enough to change things, but remain dumb and apathetic. Anger is the spark that ignites the dry wood of change.
     So, get angry, because you have a thousand good reasons to do so.

Global Ecosystem Collapse…That Must be Bad By Brian Simpson

     A number of sites are running the headline “the global ecosystem is rapidly collapsing”:

     The decimation of much of the world’s ecology is not new, but certain peak events are now beginning to stand out, like a 75 percent decline in insect biomass in Germany over the last 27 years, as one recent scientific paper documents:

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Hey, Want to Know Why Our Students are So Behind at School? By James Reed

     The answer my friend is political correctness, that flows through the modern Australian schools like a giant floodwater, which is discussed in general by Dr Bolton in Revolution from Above:

“English students face being drilled in the politics of class, race, gender and sexuality, as an influential teacher advocacy group seeks to push social justice issues into the classroom.

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Black Death, Returns, Via Air By Brian Simpson

     This news item disturbed even me. It is one thing to contemplate economic doomsday, which always leaves the hope of rebuilding. But, a biological doomsday is different, especially if it is microbiologically caused. It hits you from within where you can’t defend yourself.

     The Black Death, which once devastated the European population, may be making a comeback, in a mutated form, which is airborne, that is spread by coughing etc. from person to person, and not just by fleas:

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Slipping Down the Euthanasia Slope By James Reed

     Victoria is Australia’s version of California, where every “progressive” idea seems to get its day in the sun, or is it, rain?

     Now we may have, depending upon the Legislative Council’s vote (subject to some last minute withdrawals: The Australia, October, 23, 2017, p. 1) euthanasia laws that will permit doctors to help the dying die, provided it is at the patient’s direct request, and the person has only 12 months or less to live. I would note, that these “months to live” predictions can be pretty unreliable, some people living for years after they were supposed to depart. But, we pass over that.

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Are Pollies Druggies or Just Mad? By Mrs Vera West

     We have often wondered whether “our” pollies are just mad, evil, and/ or on “something.” We do not have any data for Australia, but there is some American material that may shed some light on the matter:

“Mike Kim, the reserved pharmacist-turned-owner of the pharmacy, said he has gotten used to knowing the most sensitive details about some of the most famous people in Washington.
“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said, listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

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Transgender, Return to Sender By Mrs Vera West

     With all of the debate about same sex marriage and the issue of transgenders, it is relevant to note that there appears to be a rise in the requests for transgender reversal surgery:

“There has been a surge in patients wanting to reverse their transgender surgery, according to a leading doctor in Serbia, the global hub of transgender corrective surgery.
Dr Miroslav Djordjevic, a urologist in Belgrade, has been treating patients from all over the world for about 10 years.
His clinic in the capital of a country that is openly hostile to LGBT groups, became an unlikely haven for transgender patiets.  But now, Dr Djordjevic has told The Telegraph that he is seeing an increase in the number of patients seeking reversal surgery.

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Fat White Guys By John Steele

     An incredible statistic: that over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or outrightly obese:

     This state of ill-health is itself responsible for a multitude of diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as an array of cancers. It may also be responsible for the crash in testosterone and low sperm counts in the West.

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