Trump Therapy! by Chris Knight

One of the most delightful things about the US election, is having a cold beer and watching the liberal fallout. In America university campuses are having collective “cry ins,” and students are able to pat “comfort dogs” to help their stress levels. Mike Adams has said in a recent Natural article (, that these sensitive snowflakes will be eliminated by natural section in the next major existential survival event, such as a global economic collapse. Isn’t that sad, bringing a tear to one’s eye? I don’t know about you, but my box of tissues is empty.

This is a generation produced by the baby boomers, who have never had to be in contact with cold hard reality, as past generations did, who tamed a savage land, built civilisation and defended it. They are the generation of levelling and destruction, who have been spoilt rotten, and now are rotten, as seen in their temper tantrums on the streets of America, and even Australia. Only a people corrupted by affluence would behave in this way.

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The Gender War Continues by Mrs Vera West

Here are some further disturbing signs of what is to come in the gender agenda. First, a German court has ruled that a 16-year-old-girl can continue having a sexual relationship with her uncle – yes, her uncle, aged 48 – which began when she was 14. The “prohibition of love is a threat to the child’s well-being.” (, November 4, 2016) What!

Forgetting about the incest angle, the age of sexual consent in Germany is 14 so long as a person over the age of 21 does not exploit the child’s “capacity for sexual self-determination.” How could it be otherwise, for it is a child that we are talking about here. What hope have German’s got?
In Ontario, Canada, “mother” and “father” are terms set to be scrapped by the government of Kathbeen Waynne in the Children’s Law Reform Act, being replaced by “birth parent” and “parent,” respectively. Along with sexual and gender identity teachings the social engineering of the family is well underway, as it is in Australia.

More Wage Gap 'Myths' by Mrs Vera West

Here’s another gender wage gap article: “Widening Wage Gap Blamed on Bias.” (The Australian, October 28, 2016, p. 5) The article says that “Gender discrimination is increasingly contributing to the pay gap between men and women and remains the biggest reason for the difference in their wages.”

The research for this is a report by KPMG Australia, which found that the proportion of the pay gap due to gender discrimination rose from 35 percent in 2007 to 38 percent in 2014.  So, are employers breaking any law by paying women less for the same work? No!

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Marxist Safe Schools Social Engineering Targets Next Generation of Teachers by Mrs Vera West

According to The Australian ( “Gender Training for Uni Students,” teaching students at the University of Sydney have taken part in the sex and gender diversity training of the Safe Schools Coalition. After great controversy, federal government funding has been pulled, so the group wants to beef up supporters as much as possible to its politically correct approach to sex “education” for children.

The Liberal Member for Epping in NSW, Damien Tudehope, said that this encroachment on universities is consistent with its “Marxist approach” to social engineering.
I would say though that the cultural Marxism found in Safe Schools originated with the universities in the first place and that student teachers have already had their dose of cultural Marxism.

Students Obviously Need to Learn about Gay Sex, Not Mathematics! by Mrs Vera West

In terms of the theme of “the system is rigged,” how about these two items of cultural war from the gender agenda?
First, the federal government funds a website on student health and wellbeing. That sounds good. But the site “has potentially exposed young people to explicit information about anal sex, gay saunas and searching for sex online.” (The Australian, October 24, 2016, p. 3) Don’t worry, the links have now been removed. Surely no innocent students, legal minors, would have been curious and surfed the world of gay sex online? They just would have ignored the links and done extra maths work, wouldn’t they?

Not to worry, we can always direct our children to hating men, who, we have been told by another program are “globally and historically,” “the greatest threat to women.” (The Australian, October 25, 2016, p. 1) That nonsense is apparently taught in some Western Australian “top schools” by a group running a “respectful relationships education program.” The slide pushing this was shown at a “Men of Respect” workshop at a Perth high school. A student photographed the slide using his trusty mobile phone and placed it online.

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Update from Bernard Gaynor

The battle to maintain our freedom and our culture in Australia continues. In recent days we've seen the Australian Human Rights Commission commence an investigation into Bill Leak, a cartoonist for the Australian newspaper, because a small number of people were offended by his cartoon highlighting family dysfunction in some Aboriginal communities.

Meanwhile, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has commenced its 32nd investigation into me. However, it refuses to let me know exactly what it is 'investigating'. I have been given until Friday to respond...
This should not be surprising. These bodies are essentially the political police force for left-wing radicals. They were always designed as such and they are simply doing the job that they were always established to do. The solution to this intolerable situation is not to tinker with sections of legislation that are probably unconstitutional anyway. Instead, the entire apparatus of the anti-discrimination industry must be destroyed.

The Latest Victim of the Race/Cultural War by Ian Wilson LL. B.

Cartoonist Bill Leak of The Australian is facing a section 18 C racial hatred complaint. The matter arises from a cartoon featuring three Aborigines. An Aboriginal policeman is holding a youth and confronts the lad’s father, who has a tin of beer in his hand. The officer says that the father needs to talk to his son about personal responsibility, and the father agrees and asks the officer what the lad’s name is. The cartoon was widely criticised, I think not without some justification, for its portrayal of a crisis in parenting.

The complaint alleges:

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The Politics of Domestic Violence by Mrs Vera West

There was a very good article by Jennifer Oriel (“There Can be No Reasoning with PC Bigot Rights Advocates,” The Australian, October 17, 2016, p. 12) discussing the race hatred complaint about the Bill Leak cartoon. That’s not my area of interest, but I did notice her argument that the UN’s aim of universal human rights has “been replaced by minority rights championed by socialists and Islamists.”
As well “The Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat has been replaced by the neo-Marxist dictatorship of manufactured minorities.”

She notes that the “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, recently demonised conservative politicians of eight countries for opposing his agenda. The UN has endorsed a new campaign to classify dissent from its open border policy as “xenophobia” and “intolerance.” ”

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At Long Last: Something Good to Say about Pope Francis by Mrs Vera West

We, at this site have been critical of Pope Francis for his support of liberal ideologies, especially the Islamisation of Europe. However, the Pope has fallen from grace with liberals recently for his criticism of genderism in schools, which he has referred to as “ideological colonisation.” Genderism was a “great enemy of marriage” and part of a “global war to destroy (traditional) marriage.”

In March 2016 the Pope published a letter Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), which criticised same-sex marriage, seeing it as the “legal deconstruction of the family,” and wrote that genderism was flawed because of its denial of “the difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman” and far its utopian dream of a “society without sexual differences.” The attempt to erase sexual difference is the symptom of a sick society, he proposed.

Will activists be slamming the Pope with a hate/discrimination case?

See further:

Are these students for real with these "trigger warnings"?

Andrew Bolt, Herald Su

Rita Panahi:

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Natural Selection, The Survival of the Fittest and the Coming Collapse of Western Civilisation by John Steele

Mike Adams at Natural, September 30, 2016, delivered a controversial article: “The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: The Shocking Reason Why Liberal Americans are Weak, but Islamic Soldiers are Strong.”
He makes the argument that the military attacks on Muslim populations in the Middle East are killing off the weak and leaving survivors who will become super soldiers. It is Darwin’s natural selection and the survival of the fittest at work.

In the West there is selection pressure favouring the physically weak, those who follow the agenda of political correctness. For example, not mentioned by Adams, but relevant to his argument, is speculation by a Fort Myers doctor that male voters for Hillary Clinton may have low testosterone (, October 2, 2016). It is quite possible that many Western men are being selected by unnatural selection to be beta rather than alpha males. The beta male, conforming to the system succeeds, but the physical alpha, the types who built Western civilisation, what Vera West calls the “John Wayne man,” are now no longer needed. They are more likely now to be unemployed and hence no longer contributing to the next generation, hence redundant.

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The Meaning of “Hate Speech” by Tom North

Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun, October 1, 2016) points out that “hate speech” is taking a mutated meaning. A Perth woman seeing people posting “anti-marriage equality” stickers on a sign that she was standing in front of said: “Does anyone by chance know who is responsible for this hatred? I’d love to speak to them.” Yes, it was a rhetorical question. This is a common point of view of the “Yes” approach.

The sign said “Keep Marriage Man and Woman.” This sentiment, held by the vast majority of the human race throughout time, has now been regarded by proponents of the “new morality” as hate speech. But there is no point arguing with them: call it “late for dinner,” it will be opposed. “Hate” is fast losing any emotional impact it once had.

Grim Times for Australia’s Deplorables by Paul Walker

A tremendous article by Maurice Newman (“Road to Tyranny is Paved with Leftie Assumptions,” The Australian, September 27, 2016, p. 14), deserves mention before it disappears down the memory hole.
The primarily Left Media, he says, does not publicise that in the July election almost 600,000 voters gave their first preference to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. These are the Australian version of the “deplorables,” the term used by Hillary Clinton to dismiss the white dispossessed “uneducated.”

And Newman says that the chattering class must vilify these Australians with no debate “lest too many of us waver on the virtues of bigger government, central planning, more bloated bureaucracies, higher taxes, unaffordable welfare, a “carbon-free” economy, more regulations, open borders, gender-free and values-free schools and same-sex marriage: the sort of agenda that finds favour at the UN.”

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In an Age of Political Correctness Tyranny Expect Fear by Ian Wilson LL.B.

There has been criticism of the printer of Dr David van Gend’s book, Stealing from a Child : The Injustice of “Marriage Equality” not proceeding with the printing of the book for the publisher because the book opposed same-sex marriage. This is apparently the first time in Australia that a printing firm has refused to print a book on political grounds:  It follows on the heels of a Sydney hotel cancelling the booking made by some Christian groups opposing same sex marriage after there were threats made to hotel staff. At the present time we cannot say that it was gay activists who did this, as a matter of law, because there is not strict legal proof, but most journalists criticising this do anyway.

Brendon O’Neil, “Straight-Out Hate in Politics of Identity,The Weekend Australian, September 24-25, 2016, p. 19, sums up accurately the new identity politics which LGBTIism is a part of:

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Manhood Rising! A Feminist Defence of Masculine Virtues by Mrs Vera West

Do I understand your question, man, is it hopeless and forlorn?
“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm.” Bob Dylan, “Shelter from the Storm,” (1975).

If my memory serves me well, John Carroll in “Paranoid and Remissive: The Treason of the Upper Middle Class,” (in R. Manne (ed.), The New Conservatism in Australia (1982)), argued that the Left typically had families with weak fathers and strong mothers. Presumably this led to some sort of mental imbalance. But today it is more likely that the family has no father at all. Or a “new” family of two women.

In this scheme of things, there is no place at all for the traditional “John Wayne” man. Feminists, in general, see this version of traditional masculinity, based on the warrior model of man, tried and proven over all of human history, as flawed in their opinion. Effeminate conservatives probably do too, also falling into this model, having weak male role models, and dominant mothers.

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Here Comes the Gay Marriage Vote by Mrs Vera West

Three days before St. Valentine’s Day, February 11, 2017, we may have the same sex marriage plebiscite: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” The vote will be compulsory and determined by an overall national majority. Well, the plebiscite will go ahead if Labor supports it, but they are still making up their little minds on that one. They wouldn’t want the “No” side to win.

There is no guarantee of free speech for the “No” case and supporters may violate oppressive state-based anti-discrimination laws. The federal government confirmed to Family First that it will not override state suppression laws.
Of course not; such laws are in place just for moments like this, to be used as a political weapon if necessary.
What we really need is a referendum putting a robust right to free speech into the constitution so that all of these laws can be knocked down in one swoop.

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The Faith of the Gender Agenda by Mrs Vera West

In a paper entitled “The Controversy Over the Safe Schools Program – Finding the Sensible Centre,” Professor Patrick Parkison of Sydney University, has criticised the teaching of radical gender theory in Australian classrooms, comparing it to “odd and unscientific” beliefs of groups such as Scientology. (The Australian, September 19, 2016, p. 1)

The Safe Schools programme, he claims, has “exaggerate statistics” on the numbers of transgender and intersex people, done to support the ideology that gender is a social construction.
He argues that the ideology behind Safe Schools is now widespread in the West, and comes not from science departments, but philosophy (and cultural studies) departments. It is not scientific and evidence-based.

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Proud to be…Politically Incorrect Men! Here Comes Fight Club by John Steele

As would be expected, as a backlash to our anti-male, crippling politically correct culture, various groups are now in open revolt, such as the Alt Right, comprising IT savvy young men who have had enough. And then there are the Proud Boys.
I had never heard of the Proud Boys until reading a piece by Gavin McInnes, “Introducing: The Proud Boys,” at Taki, September 15, 2016.

This group of primarily young men, of all races, are “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” They yearn for the good old days when “women were women, and men were men.” At present they meet in groups across the world, so they are truly multicultural and multiracial. But, they attack social justice warrior culture and defend the West and traditional manhood. And they have a good time developing tribal mateship.

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Blowing America Apart by Chris Knight

Mike Adams over at Natural, previously said that regardless of whoever wins the 2016 presidential election, the US will be rocked by violence. In his article of September 18, 2016 he says that this has started already: “The Bombings Begin… Risk of Massive False Flag Event Skyrockets as Desperate Establishment Plots to Derail Trump, Halt the Election or Change the Narrative.” That’s certainly a chunky pot of conspiracy in one title.

There was a bombing in New York that injured 29 people, and another bomb only blocks away. Yes, the bombers don’t like travelling much. Another pipe bomb exploded in New Jersey.
These bombings, according to Adams, were by a member of the LGBT community, who is quoted from the New York Post as saying that “This is not the end. This is just the beginning… I will eliminate my targets before it is too late.”

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It is Time for Anglo-Saxons, and Nordics to Embrace Identity Politics and Tribalism! by Peter West

Two trends: the first, Anglo-Saxon people in Australia, the United States and Britain are fast becoming minorities, and in the US Anglos, by contrast to broadly “whites,” already are.
Native Germans, for another example, will be a minority in one generation. In other words, Nordics, people of Northern European descend, will become only a minority tribe.

Second, as Peter Baldwin points out, “Regressive Left Puts Bigotry on a Pedestal,” The Weekend Australian, September 17-18, 2016, p. 19, the Enlightenment ideal of a universal human nature based on reason has been rejected in favour of identity politics and culture.

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