Immigration Means that Slaves Now Live with (Former) Slave Owners By Richard Miller

     Immigration, they say, bring people together, including, it seems, slaves and former slave owners:

“A former Yazidi sex slave came face-to-face with her ISIS captor after escaping captivity to flee to Germany but was told that police could do nothing because he was a refugee, it has been claimed. Ashwaq Ta’lo was kidnapped by ISIS in August 2014, aged 15, and was kept in captivity by the jihadist man for three months but escaped and made her way to Europe. Speaking in a Facebook video, she said she had seen the man, Abu Humam, in 2016 and then again earlier this year in Schwäbisch Gmünd in south-western Germany. She told police and asylum officials about the encounter and although they identified the man from CCTV they said there was nothing they could do because the man was also registered as a refugee, The Times reports.”

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The Case Against the Anti-Pope Deepens By Peter West

     I previously covered the story that the present Pope is likely to have let sexual abuse float by his window, so to speak. But, it has been noticed, and now corroborated by a former Vatican official:

“A monsignor who worked at the apostolic nunciature to the United States has corroborated an explosive report accusing Pope Francis of rehabilitating Cardinal Theodore McCarrick despite knowing of his record of homosexual abuse of priests and seminarians. Contacted by the Catholic News Agency (CNA), Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, the former first counselor at the apostolic nunciature in Washington D.C., declined to give an interview, but affirmed the veracity of the report by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. “Viganò said the truth. That’s all,” he wrote to CNA. In a written 11-page “testimony” published Saturday, the Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States said that Pope Francis had reinstating Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to a position of prominence despite direct knowledge of McCarrick’s sexual abuse.

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Making the Universities into Abortion Centres! By James Reed

     In the student elections at one Australian university, the Left candidates had a policy of establishing an abortion clinic on campus. Would men be able to have an abortion too? Maybe, in the name of equality. But, as usual, Kalifornication is ahead of us in the degeneration stakes:

“The California State Assembly passed a bill Wednesday that would require all University of California and California State University campus health centers to distribute drugs that induce abortion. SB 320, introduced by state Sen. Connie Leyva (D-Chino), requires all community colleges and public universities to provide abortifacient drugs, based on the notion that abortion is the equivalent of medical care and “is a constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care.” Planned Parenthood celebrated the vote.”

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Virginity for Sale, Like Any Other Commodity By Mrs Vera West

     It is a measure of how low our civilisation has gone down the gurgler: virginity sales! No, this is not ISIS selling off the Nordish Yazidis women to smash their blonde bloodline, smashing blonde Nordic bloodlines just being business as usual in the West:

“Mahbuba “Maria” Mammadzada - one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models currently living in Turkey, wants to make her mother “proud” by selling her virginity. The minimum bid currently stands at €250,000 ($290,612).
The winner will receive a doctor’s certification that she is indeed a virgin, and will need to take Maria’s virginity in Germany “for legal reasons,” though the buyer can choose a hotel of his choice. The highest bidder can also bring their own doctor, or visit another doctor in Germany to verify virginity one day before the “event.”

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Politically Correct Language Totally Out of Control (Reader Discretion Warning) By Mrs Vera West

     Political correctness in the form of speech codes is going for a home run, having now put a player on the health care base.  For example, it is no longer pc to speak, medically of the “vagina”:

“The website has literally announced that the term “vagina” will no longer be used in their reporting because it might offend people who were born as biological men but now “identify” as women but don’t have a female vagina. Instead, will resort to the term “front hole,” which they believe is somehow more inclusive and respectful. It doesn’t sound more respectful. “Hey, how’s your front hole?” But this is the new delusion of the Left’s language police: Now everything that has a gender-specific meaning must be utterly destroyed and replaced by crude-sounding gobbledygook in order to avoid offending people who are confused about their own gender or sexuality.”

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Who Speaks of Bias? By James Reed

     Two researchers investigated whether “people’s perceptions of the newsworthiness of events [are] biased by a tendency to rate as more important any news story that seems likely to lead others to share their own political attitudes.” The absolutely ground-shaking conclusion was reached that this was the case. Who would have thought that?

“Are people’s perceptions of the newsworthiness of events biased by a tendency to rate as more important any news story that seems likely to lead others to share their own political attitudes? To assess this, we created six pairs of hypothetical news stories, each describing an event that seemed likely to encourage people to adopt attitudes on the opposite side of a particular controversial issue (e.g. affirmative action and gay marriage). In total, 569 subjects were asked to evaluate the importance of these stories ‘to the readership of a general circulation newspaper’, disregarding how interesting they happened to find the event. Subjects later indicated their own personal attitudes to the underlying political issues. Predicted crossover interactions were confirmed for all six issues. All the interactions took the form of subjects rating stories offering ‘ammunition’ for their own side of the controversial issue as possessing greater intrinsic news importance.”

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Ecosexuals/ What the…? By James Reed

     As longish term readers will know, one of my jobs as a journalist of sorts here (not saying that I am a particularly good one though) is to report on absurdities in the universities, and I do this in the hope of gaining support for my idea of closing down the universities, and replacing them by decentralised professional and technical training centres. Hence, teach doctors in hospitals, biological tech in biology/biotech training centres, and lawyers in Law Societies, although we have a glut of them at the moment. Plenty of practice for jobs is the theme. Arts/Farts and Social Sciences will get the chop, i.e. Womyn’s Studies, Sociology and related bs. For today, consider the idea of ecosexuals? What’s that you may ask?

“A recently published academic article examines “exosexuals’ encounters with the natural environment.” In a new academic piece published in the journal Feminist Theory, Professor Lauran Whitworth of St. Mary’s College of Maryland defines the increasingly popular term “ecosexual.” “1. A person that finds nature sensual, sexy. 2. A new sexual identity. 3: Person who takes the Earth as their lover,” she wrote. In another paragraph, Whitworth explains that while some environmentalists encourage the use of environmentally-friendly sex products such as fair trade condoms and chemical-free lubricants, “ecosexuals” take it a step further by encouraging sex with “nature itself.” Breitbart News has reported on “ecosexuals” throughout their rise in popularity in feminist circles. In November 2016, Breitbart News reported that “ecosexuals” were masturbating under waterfalls and trees to save the planet. In September 2017, Breitbart News reported that a UC Santa Cruz professor was encouraging her students to have sex with the earth in order to preserve it. In April 2018, Breitbart News reported on a University of Michigan professor that wrote about the importance of “talking erotically to plants.”

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Letter to The Editor - It presents and celebrates as sacred the experience of true, romantic love

To The Age          Jewel Topsfield's otherwise comprehensive discussion of Giselle ("Truly, madly", 18/8) omits two important matters. First of these is Adolphe Adam's inspired music which unmistakably endorses the love relationship between Albrecht and Giselle. Second is the fact that Albrecht, as well as Giselle, is seen as a victim of a world insensitive to the need to honour true love. He is a hero, not a cad. Maina Gielgud is right to emphasise the holy nature of this ballet. It is not merely that it has "connotations of forgiveness and redemption" but that it presents and celebrates as sacred the experience of true, romantic love. Such love is not self-indulgence but a step towards heaven and a heightening of human nature.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Praise God for “Toxic Masculinity” By Mrs Vera West

     The left, especially the feminist wing, enjoys demonising masculinity. For many academics in the Arts, it is their career, enabling them to get tax payer funded grants, and to write papers vilifying men, again on tax payers’ money, especially the men they vilify. This is known as digging one’s own grave.

     The above video by a pretty young lass puts the case that “toxic masculinity” is not solved by eliminating masculinity, but by producing better masculinity. Aggression and competition cannot be eradicated from men, without destroying them, and the quest for egalitarianism has led to numerous social problems, such as the flight of the father from homes, with children ultimately facing increased risks of depression and unemployment. The take home message is one dear to us, that we need more and better masculinity, not less. Along the same lines, we also need women to be real women too.

Is it Time for the Man Burka? By Mrs Vera West

     Feminists and the Establishment support gender equality, and multiculturalism. Ok, then how about men wearing the burka …  is there any problem with this? A British man found out that there were problems a plenty:

“Joshua Winston – Where did the inspiration for the video come from?
Michael – I had been in a Facebook argument with some people about the niqab and faces being covered. I felt I had to make  a statement and do something about it. Either everyone gets to cover their face or no one does. It’s not just about niqabs and crash helmets. It’s about safety and security. There were also no signs outside of the bank saying that people with covered faces couldn’t enter, and yet I was tackled by the manageress.

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Hollywood Imploding? Or Just Licking its Wounds? By Chris Knight

     Hollywood has faced a challenge where some high fliers have been outed for making paedophilic jokes and remarks. That though has not disturbed the actors, who, unlike the ME Tooism hysteria, seem to have got behind the freakos that have made the remarks, demanding that said freakos be put right back in the driver’s seat:

     It is hypothesised that Hollywood will attempt to ride this one out, because the sexual exploitation of women is one thing, but the kiddy thing is just too much to deal with. Hence, soon, we will see the silence treatment, as the Dark Lords become more careful in one-line forums about their dark thoughts and fantasies. Far better to pump all of this, in various toxic forms, into film:

Meat and Masculinity By John Steele

     Ha! I just knew it; eating meat is what red-blooded hairy chested men like me do, and it makes us sexy too, which explains my ever-popularity with the masses of women who also live hermit lives in make-do tents out in the wilderness of Victoria:

“Past research has highlighted links between meat consumption and masculine gender role norms such that meat consumers are generally attributed more masculine traits than their vegetable-consuming counterparts. However, the direct link between gender roles and men’s food choices has been somewhat neglected in the literature. Three studies conducted in Italy investigated this link between meat and masculinity. Studies 1 and 2 analyzed female mating preference for vegetarian and omnivorous partners, confirming that women preferred omnivorous men (Study 1 and 2), rated them as more attractive (Study 1 and 2), and felt more positive about them (Study 1) than vegetarians. Moreover Study 2 showed that the attribution of masculinity mediated this relationship, such that vegetarian men were considered less attractive because they were perceived as less masculine. Study 3 tested the relationship between the endorsement of food-related gender norms and food choices in a sample of Italian men. The results showed that men who perceived vegetarianism as feminine preferred meat-based dishes for themselves and expected their female partners to choose vegetarian dishes. Together, these findings show that gender role norms prescribing that men eat meat are actively maintained by both women and men and do in fact guide men’s food choices.”

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The Gender Agenda’s Next Big Thing By Mrs Vera West

     It is important, when one is winning to keep up the pace and keep pushing, pushing and pushing some more:

“Paedophilia is a “sexual orientation” like being straight or gay, according to a criminal psychologist. The idea that sexual attraction to children is an “orientation” is highly controversial as it suggests that offenders cannot change. But, writing on the Reddit networking website, the psychologist said it was possible to treat child sex abusers on “the understanding that the attraction may always remain”. The psychologist set up the “ask me anything” thread on Reddit. Their identity was not revealed but was verified by the website. Asked “can paedophiles actually change?”, the expert wrote: “I believe Paedophilic Disorder is a sexual orientation with individual that are attracted to child features. In other words, an individual with paedophilia has the same ingrained attraction that a heterosexual female may feel towards a male, or a homosexual feels towards their same gender. “With that being said, it needs to be said that sexuality is more of a spectrum than a finite category. We know that heterosexuals may engage in homosexual behaviour, and deny they are bisexual or homosexual. “We know that individuals with paedophilia may engage in sexual behaviour with adults. For some, they may use this as a cognitive distortion to explain away their sexualisation of prepubescent children.”

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Climate Change is Sexist, So Ban Climate! By Mrs Vera West

     Whooa … here is the latest bit of climate change nonsense. Climate change is sexist and disproportionately affects women and girls:

“Climate projections about rising sea levels and soaring temperatures increasingly dominate global headlines, but one climate story that rarely gets told is the tale of how women and girls are hit hardest by extreme weather and shocks. Yet there are myriad ways in which women and girls suffer more than men from the effects of climate change, experts said last week at a debate held by the UK-funded Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters program. Why? In parts of the world where grave gender inequality is already stark, droughts, floods and other freak weather events mean women and girls are often among the last to receive help. In Chad, researchers Virginie Le Masson and Colette Benoudji have encountered an unexpected manifestation of that dynamic. While studying how living conditions affect the ability of people to resist climate change, they found that female victims of domestic abuse were particularly vulnerable to wild weather. Victims of child marriage and female genital mutilation have less access to a long list of resources during times of climate crises: education, information and land ownership among others. "To sum up: domestic violence impedes resilience building because it prevents those who survived violence to fulfil their basic needs and interests," said Le Masson, a research associate with the Overseas Development Institute think-tank in London.”

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Trump’s Star Gone, but What about the Real Abusers of Women? By Mrs Vera West

     This story is yet another confirmation of the double standard that the progressives have. The West Hollywood City Council has  voted unanimously to remove President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, due to his “disturbing treatment of women and other actions.”

Now Bill Clinton does not have a star, but as the above article points out, this standard of politically ideology would lead to many such stars being removed:
Charlie Chaplin – statutory rape
Kevin Spacey – child molestation
Muhammad Ali – spousal abuse
Alec Baldwin – accused of numerous acts of violence and bullying
John Lennon – admitted to serial domestic abuse
Bill Murray – domestic abuse
John Barrymore – domestic abuse
Dustin Hoffman – sexual harassment
John Lasseter – unwanted touching and harassment
Arnold Schwarzenegger – groping women”

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Talk about Being Hoisted by One’s Own … Whatever By Mrs Vera West

We are seeing by the way paradoxes unfold the multiculturally diverse, gender fluid society beginning to implode. There can be no answer to such issues within the system as it exists:

“Zander Keig “was an outspoken radical feminist” prior to transitioning into a male and “spoke up often, loudly and with confidence,” the Washington Post reported. Then Keig made the transition — and life hasn’t always been easy being seen as a male. “When I speak up now, I am often given the direct or indirect message that I am ‘mansplaining,’ ‘taking up too much space’ or ‘asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,’” Keig, 52, told the paper. “Never mind that I am a first-generation Mexican American, a transsexual man, and married to the same woman I was with prior to my transition.” Keig — a Coast Guard veteran and now a licensed clinical social worker at Naval Medical Center San Diego — told the Post that workplace suggestions that angry or violent male patients were suffering from trauma or depression were often “dismissed or outright challenged. The overarching theme was ‘men are violent’ and there was ‘no excuse’ for their actions.” Keig added to the paper there has been a “significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces. It now feels as though I am on my own: No one, outside of family and close friends, is paying any attention to my well-being.”

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Fleeing the Socialist Paradise By James Reed

     The Left in the West are going through a rebirth period, reviving classical Marxism. I am working away on my lap top at my old university here in dusty old Melbourne, and outside this room posters about Karl Marx are everywhere. Who financed that, George? And, what would old Karl have thought about gender fluidity? Anyway, that is the world in the day care centre of the university. In the real world, socialist places like Venezuela have a much grimmer outlook:

“The democratic socialist nation of Venezuela’s collapse is showing just how far people will go in order to escape the horrors of big government. In fact, the situation in Venezuela has gotten so bad that women are willing to risk being sexually abused in human trafficking rings in order to escape the horrors of socialism. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of government is bearing down on real people and making life incredibly miserable for those stuck in Venezuela.  It’s also no walk in the park for those who have managed to escape.  The Washington Post detailed one woman’s plight, and it’s a disturbing an harrowing tale:

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Does Jesus Support Abortion? US Professor Sure Thinks So! By Mrs Vera West

     For our readers, this will be an incredible story so let us go straight to the source:

“It is time for Christians to challenge the inadequacy, intolerance and misogyny of this paradigm of abortion. As my deeply Christian mother taught me, “You shouldn’t have a baby because you are pregnant. You should have a baby because you want to be a mother, because you want to have a family.” The moral wisdom of this Christian perspective recognizes that parenting is a profoundly moral act. To choose to have a child is to make a significant moral commitment to that child to raise it or to place it for adoption. Given the fact that only 1 percent of women place their children for adoption, the overwhelming majority of women who continue unplanned pregnancies are making the choice to mother that child. Creating healthy families requires more than ensuring that babies are born. It recognizes that creating healthy families and raising children is a deeply spiritual and moral task requiring commitment, desire, and love on the part of the parent(s).

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In the End, it is Patriarchy or Bust! By Mrs Vera West

     A convincing case for the inevitability of patriarchy was made by Steven Goldberg in his book, Why Men Rule: A Theory of Male Dominance, (Open Court, 1999), which argued that ultimately, male physiology, such as higher testosterone levels, let to greater male dominance, and hence to men ruling most areas of life. I am quite happy with this, so long as men strive to be men, and not cucked wimps. On this topic, I notice this:

“If a theory recently presented by two female researchers from Britain is correct, then patriarchy only evolved because of the male need to give women what they wanted, females are literally evolved to like and accept the patriarchal system, and, by implication, we’d have no civilization if it hadn’t developed. Zoologist Dr Rachel Grant, of the University of Northampton, and biologist Dr Tamara Montrose, of University Centre, Hartpury, presented their explosive findings in the Spring 2018 issue of the “racist” and “sexist” journal Mankind Quarterly. In their study, entitled It’s a Man’s World: Mate Guarding and the Evolution of Patriarchy, they argue that there is fundamental conflict of interest between men and women. Men have nothing to lose from a sexual encounter, so they want to have sex with as many good-looking (and thus genetically healthy) and young (and thus fertile) women as possible. But women have a great deal to lose from a sexual encounter, because they can get pregnant and they produce a far smaller number of gametes than men. They and their offspring are more likely to survive if they get a man who will invest in them and look after them.

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Latham’s Law: Universities Should Lose Public Funding By James Reed

     Age and alcohol must be effecting my memory, since I thought that I wrote on the following topic, and have a déjà vu sense about it, but the Google search engine did not turn up anything, so given that is from an IT giant, it must be the truth, I guess … Anyway, here is a good article slamming the universities and suggesting that they be stripped of public funding:

“Higher education has deteriorated so badly, so quickly we are now involved in a civilisational struggle to bring it back into the mainstream of society. This is critical work, requiring a new approach to university funding and staffing. Institutions that abandon the Australian values of freedom, pluralism and meritocracy can no longer expect to be funded by the Australian taxpayer. To earn the gift of public money they need to serve the public interest. The evidence suggests universities now serve themselves, having been colonised by mutant strains of left-wing activism. How can the scale of the takeover be measured? Fortunately there’s a ready reckoner: the essays published daily on the Conversation website, billed by Australia’s university sector as ‘unlocking the knowledge of researchers and academics to (solve) society’s biggest problems.’ I’ve read this material for the first three weeks of July, a total of 122 items, reflecting the priorities of the nation’s scholars. What type of issues are they interested in? By far the largest category is environmental advocacy, with 27 articles or one-quarter of the total.

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