November, 2023
The Significance of “Plasmidgate” By Brian Simpson
Hate Crime Against Whites in the UK Not Investigated by Woke Police By Richard Miller (London)
John Howard on Multiculturalism By James Reed
The Immigration Monster By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Undemocratic Superstate By Richard Miller (London)
The Great Failed Covid Lockdown Experiment By Chris Knight (Florida)
Cancers, the Likes of Which Have Never Been Seen By Mrs (Dr) Abigail Knight
Tucker Carlson: The Millions of Refugees that Come with Every War By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Waking Up from Woke, or Does the Nightmare Continue? By James Reed
War and the Price of Food By James Reed
Net Zero Impossible: Tony Abbott By James Reed
Is the French Language Sexist, and if So, So What? By Richard Miller (London)
The Cultural Marxist Attack Upon Language By Mrs Vera West
Confronting China: Gordon Chang By James Reed
Climate Policies Harm the Poor of the World By James Reed
Sam Altman on the Near-Term AI Threat By Brian Simpson
Elon Musk: They Absolutely Want Your Extinction By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Non-White, Non-Western Colonisers By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Great White Replacement: Views of an Indian Conservative! By Chris Knight (Florida)
One Rule for Us; Another for the Political Class By James Reed