February, 2023
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Ohio Train Derailment Disaster: CCP “Global Times” is Delivering Hard Hitting Journalism, Alas, How Bad It Is By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Are Socialism and Libertarianism Two Sides of the Same Globalist Coin? By James Reed
UK Excess Deaths and the Vax By Richard Miller (London)
FBI Targets the Unvaxxed By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Politicisation of AI By Brian Simpson
The Menace of Dioxins: Toxic Chemical Transportation Dangers By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Progress on Class Action from Make Australia Healthy Again By James Reed
Vaccinated Blood Can be Contaminated with mRNA: Significance? By Brian Simpson
India Sees George Soros as “Dangerous” By James Reed
IMF Predicts World War III and the Death of Billions By James Reed
The Marburg Virus: If Not Bird Flu, Then Maybe This? By Brian Simpson
UK Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Pull the Dangerous Covid Jabs! By Richard Miller (London)
The Rise, and Rise of Pancreatic Cancer? By Brian Simpson