October, 2022
Now They Sue Alex Jones for all the Money in the Universe! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Refugees, Moral Obligation and the Good Samaritan Parable: Its Abuse by the Mass Immigration Lobby By Pastor Pete
The Latest Immigrant Shock, Horror from France By Richard Miller (London)
Leading British Cardiologist Speaks Out By Richard Miller (London)
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s Letter on the Covid Vax Quandary, Revisited By Brian Simpson
Lara Logan Gets Red-Pilled! By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)
Bad Communist Chinese “Social Credit,” Banks and YOUR Carbon Footprint By James Reed
Digging Our Own Graves By Charles Taylor (Florida)
mRNA and Dying Australian Cattle By Farmer Bob
China War … This Year! Maybe as a CCP Christmas Present By James Reed
The Era of Heart Damaged Humanity By Brian Simpson
Going Woke and Going Broke: Jacinta Price Lashes Albo’s Failed Budget By James Reed
The Great Lie Behind the Covid Vaxxes By Brian Simpson
Beware of Side Effects! By Mrs Vera West
A Serious Case of the Climate Change Potato Mash! By James Reed
More on the Dirty Bomb By James Reed
The Covid Vaxxes Never Stopped Transmission By Mrs Vera West
The Great Reset Attack Upon Farming; Be Warned! By Richard Miller (London)
Problems with Lithium Batteries, and Hence, the Religious Environmentalist Faith in Electric Cars By James Reed
Covid Vax Regrets; but the mRNA Milk is Now Spilt By James Reed