October, 2022
The Death of Doctors By Chris Knight (Florida)
Australia’s CCP Inspired Digital ID System By James Reed
Covid Vaxxes and Children; The Tragedy Unfolds By Mrs Vera West
The Fabian Principle with Drugs; Oppose This! By Mrs Vera West
The Covid Death Toll By Chris Knight (Florida)
Sheer Heart Attack: The Vax Until Proven Otherwise By Brian Simpson
Food and Mouth Disease; mRNA Biotech vs Traditional African and Indian Agricultural Wisdom By Farmer Bob
Just a Spoon for a Sugar Makes the Medicine … Eh Varroa Mite Go Down! By Farmer Bob
Manacles for Mankind By James Reed
Robert Balzola: The Battle for the Intellectual Commons By Professor X
Dirty Bomb False Flag? By James Reed
Pfizer Shows Us the True Meaning of Inflation! By Chris Knight (Florida)
New Evidence for the Lab Origin of Covid-19 By Brian Simpson
Labor’s Climate Change Manic Attack Upon the Aussie Cattle Industry By Farmer Bob
The US VAERS is Vastly Under-Reporting Covid Vax Adverse Events By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Tyranny of the Rule of Xi Jinping By James Reed
Tyson Illingworth on the Covid Vax Damaged in Australia By Mrs Vera West
Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche Sees the Vaxxes as Producing a New Wave of More Virulent Covid By Brian Simpson
Abandoned by Family and Friends; The Wages of Regime Resistance By Brian Simpson
What the Embalmers are Seeing By Chris Knight (Florida)