October, 2022
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Kiddies Eating Insects: Indigestive Child Abuse? By Mrs Vera West
Are Nuclear Bombs Really that Bad? By James Reed
The Geoengineering Agenda is Now Out in the Open By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Diversity and Multiculturalism in Spain By Richard Miller (London)
Politics and Testosterone By Mrs Vera West
The Unjabbed Superheroes By Richard Miller (London)
If the Nuclear Bombs Go Off, Above All, Don’t Panic! By Richard Miller (London)
Medicare Meltdown a Coming; the Solution is Easy: Prosecute! By James Reed
Breaking Point: The Legacy of the Covid Mandates By James Reed
Playing Nuclear Chicken … Getting One’s Head Nuked! By James Reed
Why the CCP is the Enemy: Dr Robert Malone By James Reed
Beijing Has Been Operating Police Station in Australia for Almost 4 Years By James Reed
What is the Age-Stratified risk of Covid Death? By Brian Simpson
When Do the Spike Proteins Stop Spiking? By Brian Simpson
Gain-of-Function Research to Make a Covid Virus with Teeth? Maybe Not By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Legal Significance of the Alex Jones Trial: The Dangers of Litigation By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Human Mouse Dystopia: Societal Collapse Brings Forth Extinction By James Reed
The UN Owns the Climate Science! By James Reed
Time to Shut Down Google! By Charles Taylor (Florida)