November, 2021
Tumbling Towards Medical Apartheid By Brian Simpson
Ugly Face of Critical Race Theory By Chris Knight (Florida)
Seriously Considering Secession By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Life in the Victorian Gulag By Bruce Bennett
Censoring President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil on Covid Vaxxes By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Boxing Legend Mayweather Knocks Vaccine Mandates By Chris Knight (Florida)
Taming Artificial Intelligence? By James Reed
US Intelligence Agenicies Might as Well have been Made in China ! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
What Viral Dishes are the CCP Cooking Up as the Next Big Bio-Communist Thing? By James Reed
Are the Left Mentally Ill? Are We Ruled by the Criminally Insane? By James Reed
Fear the Dominance of CCP Ideology! It is Here with the Covid Mandates! By James Reed
Two Million Migrants for Australia? Why Not Everyone on the Planet, Covid and All? By James Reed
The Vaccination Experiment of Israel: Ilana Rachel By Mrs Vera West
Attacking the Woke: They have No Sense of Humour By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Great Covid Exit of Medical Staff By Chris Knight (Florida)
Space Pearl Harbor: China’s Satellite Crusher By James Reed
Save the World with Hundreds of Private Jets! By Richard Miller (London)
The Failure of the Covid Vaccines: Wayne Allyn Root By Chris Knight (Florida)
Fully Vaxxed Out Jen Psaki Gets Covid By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Climate Change Mass Migration Threat By Richard Miller (London)