February, 2021
Putin on the Coming Collapse of Civilisation By James Reed
Texit Now! By Chris Knight (Florida)
Bob Anderson’s Stretching: Stretching My Limits By Brian Simpson
Philosophical Meditations on My Knee By Brian Simpson
Meditations on Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings By John Steele
Enjoy the Decline? Not Likely, More Like, Survive By James Reed
Bear Grylls: Celebrity Survivalism By John Steele
The Plant-Based Health Myth By Mrs Vera West
Trump Theology and Apologetics By Charles Taylor
America has Died By Chris Knight
Australia Day Violence By James Reed
Yesterday, Two Masks, Today Three, Tomorrow … Mrs Vera West
The Magical End to Lockdowns By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Edward Dutton: Making Sense of Race By Brian Simpson
Race and Face By Brian Simpson
Why is public debate on the ‘Indigenous Voice’ proposal being blocked by its supporters? NIGEL JACKSON
Ashli Babbitt is the Face of the Case Against Traitor Trump By Charles Taylor (Florida)
A Diet of Worms By Mrs Vera West
The Psyops of QAnon By Charles Taylor
Yes! Break Up Australia! Ozexit Now! By James Reed