September, 2019
How Does Africa Deal with Illegal Immigration? By James Reed
Canada Just Happy with Its Great Replacement? By Chris Knight
London is Not An English City By Richard Miller
Greenies Hoisted by their Own Petard! By James Reed
On Climate Spare Change, Hockey Sticks and Law Suits By Ian Wilson LL.B
Mathematics: Genius or Hard Work? By Brian Simpson
Precious Snowflakes are Set to Melt: The Coddling of the American Mind By James Reed
The Case for all Womyn becoming Lesbians, Immediately!!! By Mrs Vera West
Why Don’t They Murder More White People? By Chris Knight
White, “As Much as Possible” By Charles Taylor
Letter to The Editor - Even more important is the need to re-establish the full sovereignty for the British people of their Crown
Letter to The Editor - This constitutional issue is more important than all other parliamentary business
Letter to The Editor - He resorts to a ridiculous sweeping statement that our Aboriginals "have always been out in the cold."
Letter to The Editor - The essence of the Remainers, alas, is that they have been unwilling to lose gracefully
Toss a Coin, or Roll a Dice and Choose your Gender By Mrs Vera West
Lay Back and Enjoy Technocratic Anarchotyranny By James Reed
The Economic Cost of Immigration By James Reed
The End of the White World, but, Why? Why Not? By Peter West
Why Punish the Weapon? By John Steele
Death Threats by the Left; Prelude to Civil War II By Charles Taylor