February, 2019
The West is Best By Peter West
Remember Cucumbers? By Mrs Vera West
The Raping of Sweden By Richard Miller
Political Correctness in New Zealand By Bruce Bennett
Does it Get Weirder than This? By Charles Taylor
Curse Less and Dam More By Viv Forbes, with help from friends
Flying Cars? Great Caesar’s Ghost! By Brian Simpson
Abandoning the Rule of Law By Bruce Bennett
A Razor to Masculinity’s Throat; How Can we Make “Toxic” Masculinity, Over-the-Top More Toxic? By John Steele
Nordic Racial Self-Dissolution By Paul Walker
Now Even Talk of “Billionaires is “Racist” By Chris Knight
The Flight of Freedom of Speech: Just in Case You Did Not Know By Charles Taylor
The Virally Contaminated Deep State By Chris Knight
The Disintegration of Britain By Richard Miller
Old School Feminists Versus Trans-Women By Mrs Vera West
Update on the 5G Health Threat By Mrs Vera West
Real Fake News, Hot and Steaming, Warm and Wriggling By James Reed
From Abortion to Infanticide, to Open Murder By Mrs Vera West
Christians and Self-Defence By John Steele
Yes, We have No Terrorists, We have No Terrorists, Today By Peter Ewer