February, 2019
Taking Spying to a Whole New Level By James Reed
How Progressives Will Bury Themselves By Paul Walker
Trump’s Emergency Declaration is Worse than Nothing, and Dooms America, Quicker By Chris Knight
Feminism, MeTooism and Porn By Mrs Vera West
An India/Pakistan Nuclar Exchange of Diversity: Putting the “Die” Back into “Diversity” By James “Dr Strangelove” Reed
China Shows that Diversity is Not a Strength By James Reed
What is NASA Hiding about Climate Change in its Bag of Tricks? By James Reed
Parent 1, Parent 2 and Maybe Parent 10 By Mrs Vera West
Tear Down All Walls, Even in Your House! By Chris Knight
Letter to the Editor - Federal government abandoning principle in order to please a financially powerful lobby
Letter to the Editor - Our government has sacrificed the principle of free speech
Who are they Kidding? By Viv Forbes
Leftists Faking it, Not Making it By Charles Taylor
Pope of the Migration Religion By Peter West
Facebook Shows Where it Stands on Free Speech By Mrs Vera West
Suppose They had a Law, but No One Obeyed It? By John Steele
Surviving “the Worst Evaaaah” By Viv Forbes
There is No Deep State, They Say. Therefore There is a Deeper State By Chris Knight
The Land of the Long Goodbye By Charles Taylor
Peak Doublethink By Chris Knight