Wear an Infinity of Masks! By Mrs Vera West

It seems that the medical establishment are moving to the wearing of two masks. Surely one would have thought that one good mask would be enough, but no, if one is good, two are better. So why not fifty masks, or simply wrap 18 rolls of duct tape across one’s face?


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Tracking, but Not Cracking, Critical Race Theory By Brian Simpson

For the record, I cover the below story about a website tracking critical race theory, you know, race does not exist, but for the purposes of punishment, and rewards, the white race must be punished, others given affirmative action, even though they are all social constructions. It is some academic version of that basic story. It has been in the universities since the 19650s in one shape or form. Simply have a look at the publications of the academics at any Australian university from sociology to psychology, and people will be amazed at the crap being shot out. James is right, we need to close these temples of doom down, but, we are the dispossessed majority, soon to be minority.


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Zombie Beijing Biden Brings ‘Em In! By Charles Taylor

For all the young democrats who voted for Biden, especially dopey glazed-eyed whites, Biden plans to bring in foreign graduates, so enjoy being with us at the bottom of the wheelie bin of history, you deluded fools, as you are replaced too: this is the white apocalypse:


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He is Not Called Beijing Biden for Nothing! By Chris Knight

If Trump had the equivalent Russian connections he would have been roasted, and in fact was over the “Russia stole the 2016 election,” even after it was proven false. Yet, there is evidence of Chinese interreference in the 2020 election, and Biden is so connected to China, his first name for us critics, is Beijing Biden.


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About Time that they Came for Old Bill By James Reed

You have to hand it to old Billy at the Gates, he has his claws into every pie around the place. I sometimes buy a pie with “dead horse” from a nice bakery around the corner, and I have to check that Bill has not been in my pie. No, he has vaccines for that, and changing the weather. Yet, some from the environmental movement are getting nervous, as they should. What took them so long?


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Those Who Live by “Sexism,” get Cancelled! By Mrs Vera West


It was even recognised in Jesus’ time, that women do talk too much. I know this as a fact, being a woman, and spending most of my time around women, talking, or as men used to say, before being bashed down by the woke, “yakking.” But, if you are a man saying this time-honoured truth,  not to say that men are saints by any means, you will be cancelled in today’s cancel culture.

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Doomsday Medicine By Mrs Vera West


Many books contemplating the collapse neglect to think about medical aspects. This became somewhat relevant to ordinary people, with the Covid freak-out in 2020, and still continuing, with restrictions on hospital services, and security checking at even the local GP, that made one stay away unless it was vital. But, what about when there is no doctor, and help is not on the way?

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Get a Yates Garden Guide! By Mrs Vera West

One very important book for Australians is the famous Yates Garden Guide. I am sure that it is still in print, and I have the 42nd edition from 2006.


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When the Mainstream Press Did Something Useful: The Old School Handyman Books By Mrs Vera West

Having started on these reviews, I had hoped to find the three pre-World War II Australian handyman books my father used to pour over on Saturday nights, while I sat next to him warming myself by the wood fire, rewarding comics. So long ago. And, alas, I cannot find those books, but they may still be with me, there is a build-up of a life time of unsorted material.

I did rescue from the silver fish, who have voracious appetites, some books that the mainstream Australian presses put out. The Complete Handyman: Home Repairs, Decorations and Construction, was published by the Advertiser in Adelaide, but there is no date listed. My guess is that it is from the late 1940s. Covered is woodwork, making things like bookshelves, dog kennels, tables, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. That shows the age of the book, as most men could not do any of this, and just go out and buy it all. Likewise, for the lengthy sections on home plumbing, fixing burst pipes and faults in water taps, cleaning pipes and drains, and repairing roofs and gutters. That reminds me of one fellow I know, an engineering student, who before going to university, worked as a metal fabricator. His father had him try to fix a  box gutter, including covering the whole surface in a special rubber sealant, and the gutter still leaks, after 7 years of patchwork. He is now saving up for a new roof.

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Homesteading: Back to Basics By Mrs Vera West


Here are two excellent back to basics books put together by a woman on homesteading: Abigail Gehring, The Homesteading Handbook, (Skyhorse, 2011), and her edited work, Back to Basics, (Skyhorse, 2014).  The beauty of these books, unlike many others in the genre, is that it does not presuppose that one necessarily has a rural property to retreat to, for many things can be done in one’s quarter acre block, if one is still lucky enough to have this. Thus, The Homesteading Handbook plunges right in to establishing a home garden, even if it is just plants in pots, but ideally there should be more space. Covered are basic plant requirements, what makes suitable soil, soil quality indicators, and how such soil quality can be improved, especially by composting and organic fertilisers, which are easy enough to get going. Vermicomposting uses worms to compost, and can be done even in one’s garage, or basement.

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The Australian Self-Sufficiency Handbook By John Steele


The Australian Self-Sufficiency Handbook, (Viking, 1992), edited by Keith and Irene Smith and Allan Gray, is getting old enough now to start to have yellowing pages, just like me. My copy was given to me, and my ex-wife, by her parents. The inside cover reads: “Merry Christmas John and Sue. What’s more “self-sufficient” than your very own copy?” I think the meaning here is that I was always borrowing their copy, so they got me one. But, soon after that the magic of divorce, the loss of my business, and I began the path of self-discovery that I am now on.

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Go Country! Go! By John Steele


I have been reviewing largely American self-reliance and survivalist books, which mostly presuppose some sort of disaster scenario. But, most Australian books in the back to the land and alternative living scene, are more concerned with getting out of the rat race and getting some good old-fashioned country living back in lungs that have been inundated with city pollution, both physio-chemical, and spiritual.

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Beijing Biden’s Coming War with Russia By Charles Taylor

The insane Us political regime are back to the narrative established by Hillary Clinton, of Russia the enemy that must be fought, presumably so both the US and Russia destroy each other leading their master communist China to rule the universe. Too bad if the world becomes a radioactive waste dump. They deserve it, and more.


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Facebook’s Undermining of Democracy; Trump did Nothing By Chris Knight (Florida)

Well, this was certainly a short-term victory for the reptiles.


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Free Speech, Gone! By Chris Knight

We tend to define communism in economic terms, but while this is valid, there is a moral and racial dimension as well, being concerned with attacking freedoms and destroying the White race. Today, the Left is best characterised by its advocation of the Great Replacement and every anti-white ideology under the sun.


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Covid Freak-Out Continues By Brian Simpson

Yes, we are well into 2021, and the Covid freak-out continues. Scobozo has issued a zombie apocalypse warning as such of dark disease storm clouds coming our way. Oh, and an international study has shown that lockdowns have no clear benefit, so guess what this was all about? Well, at least Covid got rid of Trump, and pesky things like democracy,  delivering China’s Beijing Biden to pull the US and West  down. What is there not to like?


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Dying After the Covid-19 Vaccine, But Better Than Dying of the Disease! By Mrs Vera West

Yes, people have died after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, but is dying a good reason for apprehension, compared to the dreaded effects of getting the disease, that may or may not kill you?! Makes as much sense as anything else today in Covid-world, the reality of the new World Order virus.


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Not Vaccines, but Gene Therapy By Mrs Vera West

This is an interesting post by Dr Mercola, arguing that the Covid-19 vaccine is strictly speaking not a vaccine but gene therapy. That would technically make people being vaccinated into genetically modified organism, if he is right. What do the Greenies have to say about his, or are they too busy banning plastic lunch spoons? Anyway, I am not qualified in genetics to comment on the article, but it is worthy of further study, so hence the disclaimer that this is not medical advice but for informatic purposes only.


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The Thirty Tyrants? By James Reed

Only thirty tyrants? Surely, the whole system is now tyrannical, suffocating. The elites abandoned democracy during the Obama era and are now full-on communist, with the typical riches all flowing to them.


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The Madness of the Left, Really By Chris Knight

I have been following Lance Welton’ take on the madness of the Left. Here is more:


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