Whoa! The Global Genocide Agenda Again! By James Reed

See, this is why my community centre banned Natural News.com as “Extremist,” advocating some kind of global genocide conspiracy. Me, I have only pushed for the white genocide hypothesis, but global genocide trumps that I think, especially with biofascism thrown into the cauldron too. Obviously, I in no way support any scepticism towards any vaccines, which are clearly sacred chemicals, saving us all from certain death by the killer bugs, which are everywhere, even in our beer.


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My Pillow for President! By Chris Knight

The MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, has put his career on the line to fight the stolen election, and he continues to fight, more than obese Trump is doing, who no doubt is relaxing at his tropic lagoon golf course, dining on burgers and chips. Now it looks like he is going to take Dominion on. 


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Americans Now More Afraid of Illegal Immigration than Covid Bugs By Charles Taylor

Could this be a sign of the sheeple waking up? Is it even possible at this late stage of the game?


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mRNA Vaccines and Possible DNA Alteration By Brian Simpson

Here is more on the question of whether mRNA vaccines could permanently alter DNA. Personally, I am looking forward to becoming a mutant super-hero, maybe like Wolverine, but without the psychosis, and all of the hair. But, given my luck, I will probably turn out to be an uglier version of She-Hulk!


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The Legality of Compulsory Vaccinations By Richard Miller (London)

The European Court may well be setting a precedent with its judgment that governments can make vaccinations compulsory, since they are “necessary.” If this line is pursued then there will need to be by anti-vaxers a direct challenge to vaccinations per se. That would be interesting, since it is not well known that various techniques like finger prints have epistemological/methodological problems and have not been proven in courts, and have been questioned by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


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On Becoming a Genetically Modified Organism By Brian Simpson

I do not know if the following allegations are true, but if they are it is surely in the public interest to discuss and research further. Could the Covid vaccines be a threat to the viability of the human species, as in the movie I am Legend? Could this be the end of the road, especially with the crash of sperm over the world? Are the elites really doing this to eliminate the human species for say, extra-terrestrials, as I think Mike Adams proposed? No, I think we are seeing the Thanos principle at work here, a nihilistic death wish that comes from world weariness from the boredom of being Lords of the Rings for so long, as the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), suggested in another context.


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The Health Harms of Political Correctness By James Reed

We hear heaps from the establishment that racism has ill-health effects. Yes, maybe, but what about the ill-health generated by the mania of political correctness, for any mania can cause harm.


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Covid Ankle Bracelets? No, Go for Complete Neck Yokes, for Good Slaves! By Brian Simpson

Well, now Covid tyranny moves to full prison mode with the Employment Minister not ruling out the use of ankle bracelets for Covid home quarantine. Whatever happened to good old concentration camps, and yokes around the neck? Isn’t this totalitarian on the cheap? No, it is just an exaggeration, and over-reaction, by a Right-wing fringe dweller to proposals that are done for our welfare, whether we know it or not. Our masters have decided that we are not yet ready for freedom; maybe after another million years of evolution.


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Destroy Grading ? Yeah Baby! By James Reed

From America, of course, but you can bet your pet gold fish that our crazy universities will be soon doing the same to catch up in the theatre of the absurd stakes. Yes, grading is racist. Everything is racist, including the very idea of the university, so close them down, after defunding.


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Richard Dawkins, DeHumanismised ! By Brian Simpson

The sociobiologist Richard Dawkins has been cancelled from his 1996 Humanist of the Year Award by the American Humanist Association for politically incorrect tweets, which in reality were very mild, compared to mine, so it looks like I won’t be getting any humanist awards again this year. It is enough to make a man cry into his flat beer. Yes, spilling it all in one’s Covid nappy.


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The Grand Conspiracy of Vaccine Passports! By James Reed

According to the article below, the European elites had been planning on vaccine passports at least 20 months before the Covid-1984 plandemic. So, how can this be mere coincidence? I would like to have been a fly on the wall, among other insects, in the meetings of the elites when all of this was plotted. I would tell the sheeple, who would do big things in opposing it. Naturally, as always. And, I am not supplying medical advice, or anything really.


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Red Alert! Reed Alert! Zombie Parasite in Aussie Meat! Run for the Hills! Panic! Buy Heaps of Toilet Paper! Even Cook Your Meat! By James Reed

I did not believe this when I saw it on Natural News.com. That site has been banned by my community centre for being “Extremist,” so I have to go to an internet cafe, where young guys do gaming and watch hard core porn, I think. I take hand sanitizer with me, a litre bottle, but I digress. I may have panicked, which is unusual for me, being so calm, since this problem might only apply to undercooked meat, maybe. I fear for the cats of Australia.


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The Case Against Covid Lockdowns By Mrs Vera West

This is interesting; the statistics show that more people in the US died in states that were locked down than those that did not.


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Fauci, Emperor of All Men By Brian Simpson

How can one unelected health official be so influential, now even giving opinions about gun issues? Where does this authority come from? I imagine it is all part of the move to technocracy, where science and technology, especially medicine, become ruling ideologies of the age, much as religion did in the past, not saying that that was necessarily a bad thing, about religion, I mean. But, I have a great fear of the technocrats, who have control of the new black magic of the age, with the potential to make medieval witch trials and the Inquisition, look mild. Witness the Covid-1984 freak-out, and what is coming fast with the Great Reset.

Say, will the technocrats be genetically blending Fauci and Bill Gates in the future to make a race of cloned super-technocrats, or are they happy with what they have got?

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The Mud Might Stick on the Expression “Social Credit.’ What are We to Do? By James Reed

I am naturally a social creditor, but do not claim to be competent enough to write about it in detail, dealing only with the basics. We have others here who are experts.  But I am worried about damage to our movement due to use of the phrase “social credit” to describe the Chinese communist system of social control, a terrible tyranny. This has the effect of discrediting the hard work being done by the Douglas social credit movement in the West, by poison by association. Below are examples from China. If this gets worse, and moves further into the West, may I respectfully suggest a name change, perhaps “society’s credit”? This would be harder to pollute by the tyrannical elites, being so generic. It would be unfortunate, but we live in a cultural war, and there will be casualties.


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Maxine Waters’ Incitement By Charles Taylor (Florida)

US Democrat Maxine Waters may have supplied grounds for an appeal in the Chauvin conviction, with her inflammatory remarks that have been interpreted as urging on radical Left violent protests. It is amazing that Trump was burnt for anything he did that even remotely would stir up the pathetic deplorables, but here we have open advocacy. And the Democrats did not condemn her, as Trump so quickly did to his supporters throwing them under the proverbial bus, but have said, nothing wrong here, Pelosi being but one example. I hope there is an appeal, and America gets to cop this again, and again. Forever.


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Getting Up to Date on the US/UK Crime Epidemics By Chris Knight (Florida)

For the sake of balance, for Australian readers, most of you, who may not be getting much realistic information about what is going on with the race crime war in the US, which the MSM seems to be portraying as just White supremacists shooting up the place, I will be bringing updates from sites with an alternative perspective.


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The Searchers: A Film for These Troubled Times By John Steele

The John Ford/John Wayne classic movie, The Searchers (1956) is one of my all –time favourites, up there with Lord of the Rings, and is much loved by a range of Rightist folk from conservatives to race realists. It is politically incorrect by today’s standards, where all Westerns now are about white guilt rather than the manifest destiny that John Wayne promoted. As well, the view of the natives was a stark realism, as expressed in book like Scalp Dance, rather than the romantic primitivism of the modern university, which has the ideological purpose of discrediting the predominantly Anglo-Saxon settlers, right across the Anglo-sphere. Here is an insightful review from Counter-Currents.com, better than I could do to capture the gist of the movie before it is cancelled. In fact, it would be a good idea to get the DVD of this while you still can.

There are some great moments in the movie, that filter through my mind from time to time. I like the scene where the small band of pursuers, led by John Wayne’s character Ethan Edwards, is caught at a river by the band of Indians who had just massacred Ethan’s relatives. Ethan eschews cover, and defiantly stands by a fallen tree, still exposed, opening fire with a Winchester rifle, hammering them. No white guilt on the part of Ethan Edwards.  As well, Ethan is pretty much anti-establishment and politically incorrect even for the day, with a hint that this Confederate warrior had continued the battle against the North even after the war had ended, as he is Confederate, wearing a Union uniform.

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Suppressing the Science on the Uselessness of Covid Face Masks By Brian Simpson

Big Tech has moved to suppress those quoting a mainstream peer-reviewed study that found that standard face masks are ineffective at preventing transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The paper also noted the adverse health effects of such masks. That flies in the face of the present mask fetish, so no wonder the only response was suppression. Just look at Biden, Harris and Pelosi, how masks, when in public, and when the cameras are out, are part of their face furniture. It is the new fashion of totalitarianism.  


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Chauvin Guilty, But will Riots Continue? Will They Ever Stop? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Former US cop Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of all three charges, including intentionally ad negligently killing Floyd, which many legal authorities have viewed as inconsistent. Second degree murder requires killing while performing another felony. Anyway, that is our legal system where if you are white you can still be guilty of mutually exclusive accounts. It shows that the jury just convicted due to fear of riots and media bias.  Congress woman Maxine Waters inflamed the situation by saying that “as far as I am concerned, it’s first degree murder.” She wanted more confrontation.

It is possible that there could be an appeal based upon Waters remarks, as the trial judge has recognised. But let’s be realistic, this is a land where elections get stolen in broad daylight, so it does not matter, Chauvin was a sacrifice to the new regime. Even the knee on the neck was shown by a police training video to be part of departmental policy, if it occurred at all (perspective bias), and the police then under cross examination denied this. It is inconceivable to suppose that the jury could be impartial given that the political and media class had decided that Chauvin was guilty, at the time of Floyd’s death. What point was there even having a trial at all? And the city had paid the Floyd family compensation before the trial, indicating that it was in the bag. Our courts really are kangaroo courts, as argued here:

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