Looks Like Meat, No Climate Change, is Back on the Menu Boys! By Charles Taylor

After the Covid tyranny, the next Big Thing is actually the last big thing, climate change. The Biden regime is leading the charge on this, which will involve dismantling US industries. Well Trump let us down for whatever reason he had to cuck out, whatever the Deep State had on him, or just from personal cowardice and subservience to Jared his master, and America faces the apocalypse now. Curses be upon every mouthful of high cholesterol food he swallows down his fat gullet. And, may his golf balls be magically transformed into eggshells, like the egg eternally on his face!


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Let Knife Fights by Teenagers Flourish! By Charles Taylor

So, not only are the jails to be emptied, criminals not prosecuted if they are non-white, but knife fights among teenagers should just be allowed without police intervention. Ok, sounds like sound social policy. Also issue teenagers with an array of medieval weaponry, including battle axes and spears, just to add variety!


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Jury Intimidation, or What? By Chris Knight

Common sense alone would indicate bias in the Chauvin trial given the level of media propaganda, all proclaiming his guilt. But then there were threats of violence that the riots of 2020 would be intensified. That alone should indicate that no fair trial could haver been conducted. Consider as well, these comments from an alternative juror.


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How the Elites will End Bitcoin By Brian Simpson

The financial elite do not like a decentralised cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which has given people more freedom, especially the politically incorrect, who have been made financial non-persons. But the system uses heaps of energy, via mining, and that is its weak point. It will be attacked via the climate change tyranny, which is now back into full swing with the Beijing Biden regime.


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Even Murders are Victims in Woke Land! By James Reed

People of colour who murder have been considered as victims, mainly of ‘intergenerational trauma.” This, along with defunding the police, is yet another step in anarcho-tyranny where ultimately, the jails are emptied and open season declared on whites, and middle class Blacks by criminals, including the political class.


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A Green Virus is being spread by the World Climate Conference – they must be gagged for our safety. By Viv Forbes

The Biden-Boris green virus which infects most of the west has become a danger to Australia. PM Morrison has promised one billion dollars for “hydrogen, CCUS (carbon capture usage or storage), batteries and critical minerals - all to achieve “net zero”.


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Princess Greta on Vaccine Equality By James Reed

I must agree with Greta Thunberg on this one, the poor nations should not go without the Covid vaccines while the rich gobble them all up. Yes, send my vaccine to some poor African. It would be racist not to do so. Say, will Marvel be making a Greta super hero? They should you know.  


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Stop Press: The 2020 Election was Stolen, People Believe By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The majority of voters believe that cheating affected the results of the US election. Fine, but what is going to be done about it? We should be seeing protests to dwarf BLM, but nothing. The population just wants to be slaves. Really, I don’t care anymore if Vlad Putin decides to use this place as nuclear target practice! What does it matter, it will only hammer down the final nails in the coffin of America, a dead man walking.


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The Herpes Side-Effect Bonus By Brian Simpson

Here is a new side effect from the Covid vaccines, or at least a “trigger” in some patients, herpes. Gasp! What will mum think, and will she believe me when I tell her I got it from the vaccine, not the public toilet seat?!


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At Long Last, Action from the Churchmen By Richard Miller (London)

At long last, the churches are doing something about the Covid-1984 tyranny, attacking the vaccine passport idea as being the end of freedom and liberal democracy. Right they are.


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Covid Variants and Vaccines; Strawberry Fields Forever By Brian Simpson

With Covid variants coming hot off of the press, the question arises as to the effectiveness of existing vaccines against these new kids on the block. Many experts believe that present vaccines will become ineffective after a year. No worries, be happy; Big Pharma will come up with new vaccines every year, forever. Easy sleazy, as Mick Jagger would sing.


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Predictions of Western Collapse from the Mainstream Military! By Brian Simpson

A contribution to collapseology ; the military source site, Deagel is predicting a massive depopulation of the West, including America, of up to 70 percent of the population by 2025. Deagel is sourced by the defence industries, so taking on board all the conspiracies, their opinion is worth, say, more than mine. So, for your reading pleasure, here is their forecast. (Word hi-lighted every word here as a spelling error, even though none were, which says something about our tech.) Have a stiff drink, but people here are no doubt hardened to bad news. In fact, no news is good news, as the saying goes. The disappearance of 70 percent of the population by 2025 is the most radical doomsday forecast I have seen and makes the kiddies playing climate change apocalypse porn, look like school kids, which most are in fact.


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The West has Political Correctness; Russia has Hypersonics and Lasers ! By James Reed

Vlad the Lad Putin has been sabre rattling, and by that I mean Star Wars light sabres, with the warning to the West that stepping over the thin red laser line will mean a meeting with hypersonic missiles and lasers. I imagine that while the US and Europe were putting all of their energies into transgender toilets, the Russians were working away up there in the ice and vodka, making Star Wars weapons, burning the midnight nuclear oil. So, why is it that the US Deep State wants to fight Russia so bad ? Surely a death wish.


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Soap Dispensers are Racist! But, Why Not sexist and Too? By James Reed

First it was dairy products which the woke saw as racist, leading us to think that it was white things that was triggering the crazies. But, no, soap dispensers have now been viewed as racist too. Read on.


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On Appeal By Ian Wilson LL.B

It is bizarre that a jury, given alternative and thus mutually inconsistent chargers, in the Chauvin knee on the neck case, would simultaneously find the defendant guilty of both intentionally killing, and accidentally killing Floyd! Talk about a group of scared people wanting to protect themselves. But, beyond jury fear was the greater intimidation that anything less than a full conviction would lead to cities burning. Yes, repay one alleged injustice with a massive number of further injustices. Clearly the rule of law has ended. While Professor Dershowitz thinks that the defendant will win on appeal, with what we have seen with the courts not even hearing evidence of the stolen election, I would not be hopeful. This is the first time we have seen how the rule of law ends in a modern Western society, as it sinks into the chaos of lawlessness. As it is going, there will be no crimes for Black Americans, or the left, as in the way arrested antifa were released by many US states authorities. Still, if ordinary people are to work things out without state interference, maybe the libertarians will be proven right.


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Now Climate Change Migrants! By James Reed

I thought that Sweden would be cucked enough to do this first, but the US today is moving ahead so fast on the communist New World Order agenda that it is hard to keep up. It must have to do with their plant Trump, who gave the appearance of shifting the political pendulum to the Right, while doing nothing more than a few tweets, so that there can be a massive counter-attack. So, here comes the climate agenda for open borders, but China won’t be a part.


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Tyranny in Action By Charles Taylor

America in its collapse is giving a real time show of how in the final stages of empire absolute corruption rules the political class. Thus, not only are Democrats stacking the Supreme Court, but they are making Washington DC, District of Corruption, into a state. It will be the evillest of states.


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Milo Wants America Hate Again. Again? Isn’t There Enough from the Left Already? By Chris Knight

The former gay, he says, Milo Yiannopoulos, has been on a US speaking tour on the topic of “Make America Hate Again,” the title of his forthcoming book. What he wants hated are hateful things, like everything the woke crowd is doing now to tear up civilisation. But, hate has never gone away from America, or the West, and the Left pour it out by the trillion ton load every day, especial against white Christians, who have all become Derek Chauvin, like it or lump it.


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Australia Stands Up to Overlord China By James Reed

Australia has stood up to economic and military bully China, and has called them out. This is what should have been done years ago. State governments, like out Victorian socialist one needed to be reigned in, and act in the national interest rather than their beloved communist China. It is not university anymore.


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Whoa! The Global Genocide Agenda Again! By James Reed

See, this is why my community centre banned Natural News.com as “Extremist,” advocating some kind of global genocide conspiracy. Me, I have only pushed for the white genocide hypothesis, but global genocide trumps that I think, especially with biofascism thrown into the cauldron too. Obviously, I in no way support any scepticism towards any vaccines, which are clearly sacred chemicals, saving us all from certain death by the killer bugs, which are everywhere, even in our beer.


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