Please Pope, Stick to the Climate Change Hoax By Peter West

Just when I was getting used to the Pope telling us that we all need to become communists subjects, open to infinite immigration, to deal with the climate change crisis or whatever they call it now, he is back on the politically correct sex stuff.   

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How Everything Can Collapse By Brian Simpson

A number of writers at this site are collapsologists, seeing Western civilisation in deep trouble from numerous factors, such as centralisation of power, insane elites, ethno-racial replacement, you name it. The feeling is that all other civilisations in the past have collapsed so why should ours be any different?

          Just in case this is thought by some to be an eccentric fringe view, collapsology is now a legitimate mainstream field, as detailed in this book by Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens, How Everything Can Collapse, (Polity Press, London, 2020). This is a mainstream book, which I do not have, but from what I read, deals with areas where we are in dispute, such as climate change. But this does show the larger issue that the issue of collapse is a live one, when both Left sand Right converge to the same point, although they come from very different perspectives, obviously enough.

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The Cult of Expert Worship By Brian Simpson

For a time, science was a type of replacement for orthodox religion, delivering the goodies, and also supposedly supplying an explanation of man’s place in the universe. My guess is that the cult of the expert has now become somewhat worn-out with most normie people today, as argued here:


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The Political Correctness of Philosophy By Chris Knight

I have had a nodding interest in contemporary philosophy, which is full of all sorts of weird counter-common sense things, like minds don’t exist, all that exists are the entities of physics, and you name it. All is up for grabs, to make name for young punks seeking jobs. But this has always been done within a politically correct framework, as this little story shows:


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Get Ready for the Great Reset … All the Way to the New World Order By James Reed

The conspiracy behind the Covid-1984 agenda, is a remaking of the world, to create a totalitarian state, along the lines of Maoist communist China. We have seen people bashed by police for not having a rag around their mouths, and the lockdowns have been unprecedented in human history. Having a taste of this, what do you think the elites will do next?

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Letter of the World Doctors Alliance

Open letter to the UK Government, Governments of the World and the Citizens of the World We the undersigned call upon the UK government, governments of the World and the Citizens of the World, to stop all lockdown measures immediately. Introduction We were told initially that the premise for lockdown was to ‘flatten the curve’ and therefore protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. It is clear that at no point was the National Health Service (NHS) in any danger of being overwhelmed, and since May 2020 covid wards have been largely empty; and crucially the death toll from covid has remained extremely low. We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘cases’, ‘infections’ and ‘positive tests’ but hardly any sick people. Recall that four fifths (80%) of ‘infections’ are asymptomatic (1) Covid wards have been by and large empty throughout June, July, August and September 2020. Most importantly covid deaths are at an all-time low. It is clear that these ‘cases’ are in fact not ‘cases’ but rather they are normal healthy people. So-called asymptomatic cases have never in the history of respiratory disease been the driver for spread of infection. Rather it is symptomatic people who spread respiratory infections - not asymptomatic people.(2) It is also abundantly clear that the ‘pandemic’ is basically over and has been since June 2020. (3) We have reached ‘herd’ immunity and therefore have no need for a vaccine. We have safe and very effective treatments and preventative treatments for covid, we therefore call for an immediate end to all lockdown measures, social distancing, mask wearing, testing of healthy individuals, track and trace, immunity passports, the vaccination program and so on. There has been a catalogue of unscientific, non-sensical policies enacted which infringe our inalienable rights, such as - freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. These draconian totalitarian measures must never be repeated. Lockdown · Covid has proved less deadly than previous influenza seasons – There were 50,100 flu deaths from December 2017 to March 2018 in England and Wales. There were 80,000 flu deaths in 1969. To date we have circa 42,000 covid related deaths in the UK. · We have never locked down society for a respiratory virus before. · The basis for lockdown was a mathematical model by Professor Neil Ferguson. His modelling which predicted half a million deaths in the UK has been roundly condemned as being not fit for purpose. His estimated death figures were clearly wrong by a factor of 10 or 12 times. (1) · Professor Ferguson’s modelling was not even peer reviewed before being acted upon by several nations. Eminent epidemiologists such as Professor Gupta from Oxford University were ignored, they estimated the death count would be far lower in the UK. · Professor Ferguson has a long track record of woeful modelling he was entirely wrong about sars, mers, mad cow’s disease (CJD), and swine flu. Why did the world listen to him again? (2) · Countries which did not lock down Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Belarus have all done significantly better than us in terms of percentage of population deaths. They also have herd immunity and intact economies. · Lockdown did not save lives, and this has been published in the Lancet ‘….in our analysis, full lockdowns and wide-spread COVID-19 testing were not associated with reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality.’ (3) · The vast majority of deaths occurred in elderly and very elderly people · The vast majority of deaths occurred in people with preexisting serious health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes etc · Covid poses virtually zero risk to the under 45’s who have more chance of being struck by lightning than dying from covid. · Covid poses a very small risk for healthy under 60 year olds who have a greater chance of accidental drowning than dying from covid. · The entire nation was essentially placed under house arrest. We have never isolated the healthy before. · Isolating the sick and those who are immunocompromised makes sense. Isolating the healthy has hampered the establishment of herd immunity and makes no sense. · To put it into perspective we had 115,000 smoking related deaths in the UK in 2015 compared to the 42,000 deaths from covid. · We usually have around 600,000 deaths every year in the UK, roughly 1600 deaths per day. Collateral damage the cure is worse than the virus · Placing the public under virtual house arrest has caused untold damage to both physical and mental health.(1) · Ventilating patients instead of oxygenating patients proved to be a deadly policy and an unwarranted failure. Ventilation resulted in many unnecessary deaths. (2) · Sending infected people from hospitals to care homes placed the elderly and frail under unnecessary risk and resulted in many unnecessary deaths. (3) · Blanket Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were imposed on thousands of people without their consent nor the consent of their families – this is both unlawful and immoral and lead to unnecessary deaths in care homes. (4) · Hospitals became essentially ‘covid only’ centres vast numbers of patients were wilfully neglected, resulting in many thousands of unnecessary deaths. (5) · The government’s own report estimates that some two hundred thousand (200,000) people will die as a direct result of lockdown – not the virus. Hospitals being closed, suicide and poverty will result in more deaths than the virus. (6) · The cure is worse than the disease! Death certificates (1) · The majority of people who died had significant comorbidities, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. · Counting death certificates with a ‘mention’ of covid as being a death caused by covid is a gross misrepresentation of the facts and has vastly over exaggerated the death toll. · The rules for the signing of death certificates have been changed solely for covid by the Coronavirus 2020 Act. · Doctors do not even need to have physically seen the patient in order to sign death certificates. · The Act has removed the need for a confirmatory medical certificate for cremations. · Autopsies have virtually been banned, no doubt leading to misdiagnosis of the true cause of deaths; and also reducing our understanding of the disease itself. · Worse still, care home staff who largely have no medical training are able to give a statement as to the cause of death. · Covid was put on death certificates merely on the ‘suspicion’ of people having covid. This may well be unlawful, since it is a crime to falsify death certificates. · People who die within 28 days of a positive pcr test are deemed to have died from covid, even if they die in a car crash or from a heart attack; clearly over inflating the death toll (2) Economic ruin · Reports now estimate that as many as six and a half million (6,500,000) people in the UK will lose their jobs as a result of lockdown. (1) · It is well known that poverty directly adversely affects health, we can expect to see many people suffering with poor health and resulting in many premature deaths, as a direct result of lockdown. Censorship · Government have acted maliciously in censoring doctors, nurses and NHS staff. The people have the perfect right to hear what is going on in hospitals, and the medical profession have a duty to look after the public and to reassure them. (1) · The medical profession have not been allowed to let the public know that covid wards have been empty for months, nor that covid deaths have reached an all-time low for months, and this has unnecessarily added to the public’s distress and anxiety. · Doctors and scientists with views that differ from the government narrative have had their videos and articles removed from the internet Testing - False positives · PCR tests cannot be verified for accuracy as there is no ‘gold standard’ against which to check them. The virus has not been purified. (1) · PCR tests cannot detect viral loads and are prone to false positives. (2) · A positive PCR test does not mean that an individual is infected nor infective. (3) · In fact approximately 90% of the PCR positive ‘cases’ are false positives. We therefore have no second wave and no pandemic. (4 , 5) · The government’s report estimates a false positive rate of between 0.8 to 4.0 % using data from other viral infections – not from covid (6) · Viral fragments may remain in people’s bodies for several weeks following recovery from infection. (7) · The crisis will never end if we are waiting for zero positive tests. Everyone has probably had a cold caused by a coronavirus and will likely have a few viral fragments matching those of the cousin SARS-CoV-2 virus (8) · Testing healthy asymptomatic individuals is non-sensical, unscientific and a colossal waste of money. The governments moon shot daily testing program will cost £100 Billion roughly two thirds of the annual NHS budget. · Antibody testing is not the gold standard as many people have T-cell immunity, and antibodies may not circulate following recovery from infection. Hydroxychloroquine · The controversial drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been unfairly smeared, by the WHO, CDC, NIH and the media. · However HCQ has very firm support from, amongst others: Professor Harvey Risch epidemiologist from Yale, The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), American Frontline Doctors, the Henry Ford Health System and Professor Didier Raoult microbiologist and infectious disease specialist - to name but a few. (1) · The Lancet was even forced to retract a study on HCQ after it was revealed by the Guardian newspaper that they had been completely fabricated and written by a sci-fi writer and a porn star. Even following this astounding revelation HCQ was still banned in most countries. (2) · HCQ according to AAPS has a ninety per cent (90%) cure rate when given early and alongside zinc (3) · HCQ is safer than many over the counter drugs such as aspirin, Benadryl and Tylenol. · The AAPS also point out that there has never been a vaccine as safe as HCQ. (4) · HCQ has been licensed for over sixty years and has been safely used by billions of people worldwide. There is a very small risk of arrythmia which is easily monitored. · Why was HCQ banned then? Could it be that there are no huge profits to be made from this out-of-patent drug? · HCQ was used to great effect in the Sars1 outbreak of 2005 (5) · In short had HCQ been available then there would not have been a pandemic ! Prevention · Preventative measures such as hydroxychloroquine or vitamins D, C and zinc should have been recommended for the public. (1) · Early calcifediol (25-hydroxyvitamin D) treatment to hospitalized COVID-19 patients significantly reduced intensive care unit admissions (2) · Vit D reduces the severity of covid. (2,3) · Voluntary isolation of the frail - should they so choose; in combination with preventative measures would have been a far better strategy. The rest of society could and should have continued as normal. Vaccine · A rushed vaccine is clearly not in the public’s best interest · Indemnifying vaccine manufacturers against all liability is also clearly not in the public’s best interest Conflicts of interest · Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 worth of shares in GSK Glaxo Smith Klein. He has in recent years sold £5 million of shares in GSK which he ‘earned’ whilst chief of GSK (1) · Sir Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer UK, accepted over £30 million in funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to study malaria vaccines. (2) · It has become clear that members of SAGE, Public Health England (PHE), World Health Organisation (WHO), Centre for Disease Control (CDC), National institute for Health (NIH) etc have many conflicts of interests. They all accept very large ‘donations’ from the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry. These conflicts of interests may well have effectively corrupted their integrity. (3) · It is also clear that governments are heavily lobbied by the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine industry, again this may have compromised their integrity. (4) Cui bono? Who benefits? · Vaccine manufacturers will make trillions from this, as will track and trace manufacturers, and the pharmaceutical industry stand to make trillions from covid testing. · Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the new ‘moon shot’ testing will cost £100 Billion, approximately two thirds of the annual NHS budget. · Surely these vast sums would be far better spent on treating all of the neglected patients who have been wilfully neglected during lockdown and who now face huge waiting lists. Conclusions We have effective and safe treatments and preventative medications for covid, therefore there is no need for any lockdown restrictions and associated measures. The pandemic is essentially over as can be seen by the consistent low death rate and hospital admissions over the past four months. We demand the immediate and permanent ceasing of all lockdown measures. Lockdowns do not save lives, that is why they have never been used before. Civil liberties and fundamental freedoms have been unnecessarily removed from the public and this must never happen again. Preventative measures such as Hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc must be made readily available to the public. Isolation must be voluntary. People are perfectly capable of making their own assessment of the risks and must be free to go about their lives as they so choose. People must have the right to choose whether to isolate or not. Likewise, businesses must have the right to remain open if they so choose. We demand that doctors, nurses, scientists and healthcare professionals must be permitted free speech and never be censored again. Professor Mark Woolhouse epidemiologist and specialist in infectious diseases, Edinburgh University Member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours, that advises the Government stated that - ‘…Lockdown was a monumental disaster on a global scale. The cure was worse than the disease.’ ‘I never want to see national lockdown again. It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally, however low we drove down the number of cases,’ ‘We absolutely should never return to a position where children cannot play or go to school.’ ‘I believe the harm lockdown is doing to our education, health care access, and broader aspects of our economy and society will turn out to be at least as great as the harm done by Covid-19.’(1) The World Doctors Alliance agree fully with Prof Woolhouse’s assertions, he is right! We must never lockdown again! NB the term ‘covid’ has been used to represent Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19 References Introduction (1) (2) (3) sites/2/2020/09/COVID-19-total-announced-deaths-28- September-2020.xlsx Lockdown (1) (2) (3) 5370(20)30208-X/fulltext Collateral damage (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Death certificates (1) (2) Economic ruin (1) coronavirus-lockdown-job-losses-unemployment-recessionuniversity-essex-study-a9472966.html Censorship (1) Tests (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) https://assets.publishing

The God of the Left Hemisphere : Blake, Bolte Taylor and the Myth of Creation By Roderick Tweedy

Twilight of the Psychopaths  
The title of the present chapter derives from an article in the March 2008 edition of the Idaho Observer by Keith Barrett This piece, whilst occasionally rather literalist in its interpretations, is nevertheless energetic and thought-provoking.

It was also the first time that I came across references to a book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman called On Killing. This neglected masterpiece of analysis and original research does to the subject of killing what Freud a hundred years ago did to the subject of sex. Grossman’s book is based on a remarkable piece of research conducted by the American military in the 1940s by Brigadier Gen. S L A Marshall, relating to firing rates. To their surprise they found that only fifteen to twenty per cent of World War II soldiers along the line of fire would actually use their weapons. As Grossman summarises it:

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Letter to Your Politician -Veterans PTSD

I am a local constituent. I have read of the very high suicide rates amongst returning veterans. I have witnessed PTSD with a neighbour's son-inlaw after deployment and my uncle after WW II and have this to say.
In Lt. Col. Dave Grossman book called "On Killing", shows that only 2-3 % will fire their weapons willing against an enemy without thought. 10-12% will follow suit under duress, but 85% will not naturally use their weapons against another human being.

Governments pursue policy leading to war but fail to recognise as a direct consequence of their policy the great trauma inflicted on the combatants and the enemy as well.
All wars are bankers wars, to control another's resources and balance the National debt. The war on terror was for oil resources, nothing more.
We need a royal commission to hold those responsible for initiating wars to account and equally important to respond adequately to our returning combatants.

Letter of Dissent from the Bushfire Coalition of the Fair Dinkum

MEDIA RELEASE 27 October 2020   


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to the Letters Editor of The Australian

to the Letters Editor of The Australian               27th October 2020

from NIGEL JACKSON      Belgrave, Victoria

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to the Editor of The Australian

to the Editor of The Australian                24th October 2020 

from Nigel Jackson     Belgrave, Victoria

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to the Editor of The Australian

to the Editor of The Australian                   26th October 2020 

from NIGEL JACKSON    Belgrave, Victoria

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Part 2: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

Continued from Part 1

         The bulk of Publius’s book is taken up with the documentation of the destruction of the West, and it covers most of the topics on race, immigration and political correctness discussed by journalists at our site, which I find pleasing, if that is the word for agreement about Gothic horror. The great merit of Publius is to constantly link the political evils back to the issue of economic domination. Thus, to counter the diversity crowd, who maintain that former White nations need a constant transfusion of diversity, he counters: at what cost? Thus: unemployment among young French Africans was estimated to be 32 percent; France is experiencing high unemployment and the OECD has said that migrants account for 40 percent of French youth unemployment.

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What!!! Now a Second Biden Laptop!!! By Charles Taylor

         We are in the fascinating position of being able to see in real time the unfolding of pure evil in the political scene; it has always been there, but with the Biden laptop we get to see how corruption and rottenness go right to the top of the decaying tree:


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Hunter Biden; Paedophile By Charles Taylor

         Many have noted how old man Joe Biden likes to do creepy things with young girls, making them mighty uncomfortable. It is all on film. And, the apple has not fallen too far from the tree with his son, Hunter, and his infamous laptops.

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Twitter Now Silencing World Top Scientist By Brian Simpson

         Big Tech is totally out of control and must be reigned in by legislation. Now a top scientist has been censored:

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China Now World’s Largest Economy By James Reed

         Who says that Covid-1984 was not a Chinese conspiracy, as while the economies of the West have been crashed, China has surged ahead, with a 4.9 percent growth, making it now the world’s largest economy, way ahead of the anticipated moment.

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Part 1: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

         John Q. Publius, a pen/protection name of presumably an American academic, has published The God that Failed: Liberalism and the Destruction of the West, (Black House Publishing, 2020). The book has already gone through two editions; the first in May and the second in September, 2020. This is in itself good to see, as a number of Right-wing presses, including Arktos and Counter-Currents, and Black House as well, have had titles knocked off by the usual censoring e-publishers.

         The God that Failed offers an analysis of the philosophical basis of globalism in its present form: neo-liberalism, which is an ideology usually characterised by its economic parameters, such as so-called “free markets,” the mass movement of people through unending migration, creating a reserve army of the unemployed, or casual workers at a subsistence level, and deregulation of the economy, for the West at least. All of this is supposedly supported by a libertarian philosophy which makes “liberty” and “freedom” core values. While this sounds good on paper, and is quite intellectually seductive to our side of politics, neo-liberalism, based upon libertarian economic philosophy, is a sham view of freedom, for it is only concerned with the freedom and liberty of big business and international corporate finance. George Monbiot, quoted by Publius, gives his insightful outline of the origin of neo-liberalism:

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The Ancestor Effect By Brian Simpson

         Going through my files I came across a remarkable paper that I intended to discuss years ago, but postponed it until it was forgotten, until now. Perhaps I should think of my ancestors more. I now explain.

         The paper in question is by P. Fischer (et al.), “The Ancestor Effect: Thinking about Our Genetic Origin Enhances Intellectual Performance,” European Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 41, 2011, pp. 11-16. The hypothesis is a remarkable one for a mainstream journal: thinking about one’s genetic origin, ancestors, increases intellectual performance by providing a “positive psychological resource.” This is the reason why people search for information about their ancestors and while most of us have photographs of our ancestors, used to navigate our identity. Our ancestors typically lived through tough times and exhibited resilience and resourcefulness. And “because we are the success of our ancestors and thus their genetic heritage, we tend to attribute successful problem-solving of our ancestors to our problem-solving abilities.” (p. 12)

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The Biden Family Corruption: Down the Email Rabbit Hole By Chris Knight

         Dr Steve Turley has done a great job explaining the Biden email controversy, which is unfolding as we read. Each day brings a new revelation of evil and corruption, so terrible that it is difficult for seasoned veterans to grasp, let alone the general public. It seems that Joe Biden is implicated in receiving a payout as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm, which shows, if true, that he has been completely bought by the Chinese, with links, as with all such businesses, to the Chinese Communist Party. Now if Biden was running for president of China, that might not be such a problem. The rest of the mainstream media is blaming Russia for releasing the emails, but they have not discredited the emails, and the director of National Intelligence, Ratcliffe, has denied that the Hunter Biden laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

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