The Good Old Days of Hunting and Gathering By Brian Simpson

     All of the miserable stuff I report, mainly dealing with technocracy and its destructive effects upon the human being and spirit makes one wonder if civilisation has been worth a candle. Seriously, that is a real question:

“Switching from hunting to farming made life 50 per cent more difficult for humans, a study by Cambridge University suggests. The move to agriculture, dubbed the Neolithic revolution, began around 11,000 years ago in the Middle East and had spread to Britain by around 4,000BC. But although farming allowed previously nomadic communities to stay put and grow, a new study of hunter gatherer communities in the Philippines suggests it came at a huge cost. Anthropologist Dr Mark Dyble, lived with 10 Agta groups and found that those who still hunted and foraged their food spent around 20 hours working in the week to live, but those who had switched to farming needed to work 30 hours for the same amount...    

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Good News, Good News: The Triumph of Le Pen et al. By Richard Miller

     This news is getting a bit dated now, but it is still good enough for we nationalists to gloat over, that Le Pen has crushed globalist mass immigrationist Macron in the EU election exit poll:

“Populist leader Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National (National Rally, or RN) have triumphed over sitting French president Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament elections, according to exit polls. Ms Le Pen declared victory following exit polls showing the RN winning around 24 per cent of the vote, compared to Macron’s La Republique En Marche! (LREM) who, according to projections, has come in second with 22.5 percent of the vote, French newspaper Le Figaro reports. Declaring victory, the RN leader said, “The trust we have been given by the French in designating us as the first party in France but especially as that of the future alternation is an immense honour.” She went on to call for Macron to dissolve the French parliament, saying “it is up to the President of the Republic to draw the consequences” and calling for fresh elections, stating that Macron put his own presidency on the line in the vote.”

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Why Do They see Abortion as Sacred? By Mrs Vera West

     Hollywood is big on abortions. Why I am surprised that they have not released a movie entitled: The Abortion Movie? Why not? After all, segments of the creature from the lost lagoon are willing to boycott entire states, incredibly:

“WarnerMedia, the parent company of CNN, HBO, and TNT, among many other television networks, released a statement Thursday threatening to “reconsider Georgia as the home to any new productions” if the state’s new law restricting abortions is held up in court. “We operate and produce work in many states and within several countries at any given time and while that doesn’t mean we agree with every position taken by a state or a country and their leaders, we do respect due process,” WarnerMedia said in a statement. “We will watch the situation closely and if the new law holds we will reconsider Georgia as the home to any new productions. As is always the case, we will work closely with our production partners and talent to determine how and where to shoot any given project.”

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Trump on Immigration: Did He Read My Letter? By Charles Taylor

     Many a letter I have written saying that the US border crisis can be solved by Mexico actually doing something, and that economic sanctions need to be slapped on them. Trump is threatening this now, it sounds good, but whether this will happen or not remains to be seen.

“President Donald Trump made good on a promised immigration announcement Thursday night, proclaiming he will increase tariffs on Mexico. “On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP,” President Trump wrote in a Thursday night tweet.

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World In Flames; War Everywhere! By James reed

     If I had a backyard I probably would be digging a fox hole just like I did as a kid during the Cuban missile crisis. According to Trump’s boy Pence, soon war is going to be everywhere, and America is going to get down and show its usual apocalyptic dance moves and grooves:

“Vice President Mike Pence warned West Point graduates on Saturday to expect combat at some point during their service in a “dangerous” world. In a commencement speech, he said grads might have to fight against forces aligned with North Korea or China, or in Afghanistan or Iraq, as well as possibly face an unidentified foe in “this hemisphere.” “It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life. You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen,” Pence said. “Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of you will join the fight on the Korean Peninsula and in the Indo-Pacific where North Korea continues to threaten the peace, and an increasingly militarized China challenges our presence in the region.” He warned: “Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere ... When that day comes, I know you will move to the sound of the guns.”

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Holes in Trump’s Wall and His Head By Charles Taylor

     As a former Trump supporter, one of the first to get off the Trump train and write about Trump’s treason, I have paid attention to so-called progress on the magical Great Wall of America. Trump’s regime has built 1.7 miles of his fence in two years, while others working on raising money from chook raffles and the like have done almost as much and at the end of the day, will probably get more before civil war tears everything apart:

“A group that raised millions of dollars in a GoFundMe campaign says it has broken ground on a project to build its own stretch of border wall on private property. We Build the Wall, a group founded by a triple amputee Air Force veteran, said in a series of social media posts Monday it had started construction on private property in New Mexico. The announcement comes months after the group began its GoFundMe campaign to raise private donations for a border wall, and days after a federal judge blocked President Donald Trump from tapping into billions in Defense Department funds for his administration's wall construction efforts.

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Planes Falling from the Skies By Brian Simpson

     Here is a problem for the high IQ people to get to work and solve before we all die; planes falling from the sky:

“The crashes of two Boeing Co. 737 Max jets in five months have focused attention on a little-known device that malfunctioned, starting a chain reaction that sent the planes into deadly dives. Pilots have for decades relied on the weather-vane-like “angle of attack” sensors to warn them when they near a dangerous aerodynamic stall. But investigators are probing Boeing’s decision to enable the sensors on the Max model to go beyond warning pilots and automatically force the plane’s nose down. A review of public databases by Bloomberg News reveals the potential hazards of relying on the devices, which are mounted on the fuselage near the plane’s nose and are vulnerable to damage. There are at least 140 instances since the early 1990s of sensors on U.S. planes being damaged by jetways and other equipment on the ground, or striking birds in flight. In at least 25 cases in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the damage triggered cockpit alerts or emergencies. On April 1, 2012, a United Airlines 767-300 was taking off from San Francisco when it struck a flock of western sandpipers, according to a Federal Aviation Administration database. The birds damaged the left sensor, scrambling the speed readings and auto throttle. The plane returned to the airport.

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Letter to The Editor - We now need the Prime Minister to admit that his support for constitutional change in this context has been an error

To The Australian        Janet Albrechtsen has delivered a powerful blow to the movement for Aboriginal separatism ("Shouted down by the crusading voice of division", 5/6). She has assembled most of the substantial arguments against any kind of constitutionally entrenched "indigenous" recognition and given a welcome serve to the "corporate virtue-signallers" who have hitched the prestige of their economic power to the dream of folly, as well as falsely claiming in recent full-page advertisements that they are supporting a movement of the whole Australian people. We now need the Prime Minister to admit that his support for constitutional change in this context has been an error. Best to do this now and quickly before the monster grows!
  Nigel Jackson,

Letter to The Editor - Sportspersons who claim that "Advance Australia Fair" does not "represent their people" are failing to grasp

To The Age        Thoughtful Australians support reasonable policies designed to contribute to Aboriginal welfare, but deplore current activism that embodies a philosophy of Aboriginal separatism. In this context national unity is paramount for the wellbeing of all of us. Calls to have the national anthem sung in an Aboriginal dialect before major sporting events should be resisted ("Call for Indigenous anthem update", 5/6). So should other symbolisms that favour separatism, such as the showing of the "Aboriginal flag". Sportspersons who claim that "Advance Australia Fair" does not "represent their people" are failing to grasp that it represents all Australians without exception and thus does represent them too. Nor should anyone take exception to the line "for we are young and free", for the nation of Australia is indisputably young compared with many other nations.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Hiding Migrant Crimes By Richard Miller

     With all the rhetoric about the need for Europeans to import billions of rocket scientists to pay for boomer pensions, this comes as a shock:

“The Dutch immigration minister has stepped down following outcry over a government migrant crime report which hid serious migrant crimes including rape and murder under the category of “other”. Resigning from his position on Tuesday, Mark Harbers stressed that no “deliberate concealment” of the figures had taken place, but said he took “full responsibility” for having “misinformed” the Dutch Parliament with regards to the report. The Ministry of Justice document, which recorded crimes in which asylum seekers were the suspects, listed the number of various misdemeanours, such as shoplifting and pickpocketing while failing to identify much more serious offences like murder, child abuse, and rape as these were simply lumped together under the heading “other.”

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Gillette Just Keeps on Filleting By Peter Bennett

     Is Gillette broke yet? Apparently not, because after tasking the razor to toxic males like me, there is now a new marketing agenda:

“Months after releasing an ad shaming all men for being 'toxic' pigs (while curiously cutting out a scene from the original ad featuring a booty-grabbing fake rap video), Gillette wants female-to-male trans individuals to know that once those hormones kick in, they've got your shaving needs covered. Their new advertisement features the moment a loving dad teaches his transgender son, Samson Brown, how to shave for the first time, according to Gaystar News. "I’m at the point in my manhood where I’m actually happy. It’s not just myself transitioning, it’s everybody around me transitioning," says Samson." "Thank you so much Gillette," Samson commented under the ad on the company's Facebook page, adding "‘I look forward to the great things you’re going to continue doing to encourage us all to be our best selves." "Thank you for sharing your story, Samson!" responded Gillette, in what was surely a natural and unscripted exchange surrounding their new ad campaign. "We’re honored to showcase this special moment between you and your father and are proud to have you as a partner. Thank you for your courage and confidence in sharing your journey to becoming your best self!" the shaving company continued. In January, Gillette drew criticism for their short film on so-called 'toxic masculinity,' which begins with a montage of bullying and sexism - as a pack of wild, toxically masculine white boys tear around, leaving behind a wake of misery and abuse.”

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Just a Quiet Question to Our Gentle Friends on the Left By James Reed

     I saw all the signs this week comparing the incoming PM to Hitler, and that he should go to hell. I did not know that these atheists had suddenly got some faith! But, the point of my diatribe is why these champions of social justice are not out on the streets protesting the concentration camps in China, our trading partner? I mean, even the bad guys around evil orange man in the US are doing something.

“The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill Tuesday that, if enacted, would call for sanctions on the Chinese government and select individuals over the mass imprisonment of potentially millions of Muslims in concentration camps in eastern Xinjiang province. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under Xi Jinping, has building hundreds of “re-eduation centers” that it claims are “vocational training” facilities for Uighurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other minorities. Those who have survived them call them “concentration camps” – locations where they are taken by force to learn Mandarin, renouncing their Muslim faith, memorize communist propaganda songs, and engage in slave labor.”

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Letter to The Editor - Australia’s Growing Dam Crisis

“The food we eat the water we drink and the power we use for most of our endeavours,
are available only because previous generations invested their knowhow and money for the future.
It is time this generation did the same.”
Ron Pike.

     Australia is a dry continent – that is a fact of geography and global climate. However, per head of population, we have abundant fresh water resources in rivers, lakes, dams, soils and underground. But we do not conserve enough of it, and much of what is conserved is wasted by foolish policies. Politicians welcome (and sometimes subsidise) population growth, migrants, refugees and tourists but they neglect or prevent water conservation. And green schemers and globalist politicians are deliberately turning occasional water shortages into an on-going crisis. Our main problem is that enormous volumes of flood water flow into the sea during rain events while the same rivers run dry during droughts. Sensible people would moderate both floods and droughts with well-planned dams and weirs. Australia’s rainfall is not well distributed - usually there is abundant water on the coastal side of the ranges, but the vast inland is largely dryland and desert.

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Letter to the Editor - Perhaps we should regard ourselves as a "free country" in which mutual respect for "the other" is not eroded by fanaticism

To The Age        Chris Pearson asserts that Australia "is a secular country" (3/6). Well, yes and no. Our sovereign is a ruler whose authority is vested in the Christian sacred tradition. In certain respects, therefore, we are a Christian nation. Perhaps the main purpose of the republican movement is to bring that situation to an end. The suggestion that "the Coalition sees its victory as a mandate to allow hate speech" is extreme. More truly, the Coalition has promised protection for those Australians, individuals, groups and institutions, who are religious; and this was made necessary by the ferocious campaign against people of faith waged by a significant number of Australians and more or less supported by the ALP/Greens alliance. Perhaps we should regard ourselves as a "free country" in which mutual respect for "the other" is not eroded by fanaticism, whether religious or secular. At the moment that suggests that added protection is needed for the religious sector rather than the secular sector.
  Nigel Jackson,


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Letter to the Editor - Well-meaning people, insufficiently informed and lacking in wisdom, can do enormous harm to a nation

To The Australian        Denzil Bourne is right to warn (3/6) that "any attempt to enshrine in the Constitution a separate entity based on race is doomed to failure." But will people of influence in Australia follow his lead by publicly admitting that the whole campaign to achieve "indigenous constitutional recognition" has been fatally flawed from the start? A huge emotional attachment to the cause has been allowed to build up in recent decades; and admitting error will be very painful. Oscar Levy, a Jewish admirer of Friedrich Nietzsche, published a book a century ago or so entitled The Idiocy of Idealism. That's just it. Well-meaning people, insufficiently informed and lacking in wisdom, can do enormous harm to a nation with the best of intentions. Fragmenting Australia to appease feelings of guilt for past sins is exactly that kind of folly.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic


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We Need a Power-Water Czar By Viv Forbes

     The Saltbush Club today claimed that the new Australian federal ministry resembled a giant bureaucracy with 52 ministerial positions selected mainly to look politically correct on sexual ratios, state representations and party factions but with no one charged with solving Eastern Australia’s critical water and electricity needs.

     The Executive Director of the Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes, said PM Morrison needs to create a powerful new position with Ministerial power called “The Power and Water Czar”.

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Therefore, It is Not Ok to be White in New Zealand or Australia By Peter Ewer

     The take home message, from the article below, is that a hysterical cult now runs Western society, as this article on little old New Zealand says:

“The New Zealand Human Rights Commission says that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in the country. The ‘controversy’ began when “it’s okay to be white” t-shirts and stickers were sold on a New Zealand auction site called Trade Me. “Wear this shirt as a white person to troll your local Communists, or wear this shirt as a brown person to troll stuck-up middle-class urbanites. Either way it’s funny!” read the description to the products. The Human Rights Commission said they don’t see the funny side and that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in New Zealand because it conveys “a message of intolerance, racism and division”. To its credit, the Trade Me website refused to pull the items, saying the slogan didn’t break its rules. “While we know there is some debate about this slogan we don’t think these items cross that line,” said head of trust and safety, George Hiotakis.

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Assange Injustice Shows that this Really is a Prison Planet Now By Paul Walker

     The man who should be give a medal for exposing corruption, for showing the dirty secrets that lie behind democracy, instead will be destroyed, and Trump, the one person who owes his election to Assange is happy to burn him for the Dark Lords of the Deep State:

“And there it is. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged by the Trump administration’s Justice Department with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act, carrying a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison. Exactly as Assange and his defenders have been warning would happen for nearly a decade. The indictment, like the one which preceded it last month with Assange’s arrest, is completely fraudulent, as it charges Assange with “crimes” that are indistinguishable from conventional journalistic practices. The charges are based on the same exact evidence which was available to the Obama administration, which as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted last year declined to prosecute Assange citing fear of destroying press freedoms. Hanna Bloch-Wehba, an associate professor at Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law, has called the indictment “a worst-case, nightmare, mayday scenario for First Amendment enthusiasts.” Bloch-Wehba explains that that the indictment’s “theories for liability rest heavily on Assange’s relationship with Manning and his tendency to encourage Manning to continue to bring WikiLeaks material” in a way that “is not readily distinguishable from many reporter-source relationships cultivated over a period of time.”

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Censors have No Sense of Humour By Chris Knight

     The latest in the censorship race is that fun videos satirizing Dumocrat Nancy Pelosi, not the sharpest tool in the Democ-rat woodworking cabinet, gets “censored” by the ever-friendly lucky Zucky’s Facey Bookie:

“Facebook says it will continue to host a video of Nancy Pelosi that has been edited to give the impression that the Democratic House speaker is drunk or unwell, in the latest incident highlighting its struggle to deal with disinformation. The viral clip shows Pelosi – who has publicly angered Donald Trump in recent days – speaking at an event, but it has been slowed down to give the impression she is slurring her words. Several versions of the clip appeared to be circulating. The president’s personal lawyer, the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, was among the Trump supporters who promoted the story. He tweeted – then deleted – a link to a copy of the video on Facebook with the caption: “What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre.”

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The Magic of Testosterone By Mrs Vera West

     There is a great view of James Dabbs, Heroes, Rogues, and Lovers: Testosterone and Behavior, McGraw-Hill, reviewed by Thomas Jackson, at American Renaissance, a site which Brian is highly critical of, but me, not so much, that tells us all we need to know about the chemical that makes men, men and women, women, although the feminist will have none of this, even though those transitioning pay particular attention to biology, even though biology is a social construction. Go figure.

“One of the most destructive myths of our time is the idea that men and women are equivalent in temperament and act differently only because they are reared differently. Only fanaticism or years of indoctrination could make anyone believe something so silly, but there has been plenty of both. Of the many false egalitarian doctrines, however, this one is probably the most badly wounded. It is only a matter of time before it dies. Heroes, Rogues, and Lovers, by Georgia State University psychology professor James Dabbs, is one of many recent books to explore the science of sex differences, and it does so by concentrating on the effect of just one substance: testosterone. Although he ignores racial differences, and seems hazy about how intelligence interacts with testosterone, Prof. Dabbs has otherwise written a good, readable account of how hormones affect both men and women.

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