Do Blue-Eyed Humans Have a Single Common Ancestor? No! By Brian Simpson

     I will be devoting attention to material that is contrary or supportive of Nordic racial ethnic interests, because multiculturalism says I can! By “Nordic” I am referring to northern European people, a sub-race of the white Race, as viewed by Madison Grant and many others, but a literature that has been suppressed since the end of WWII.,have%20a%20single%2C%20common%20ancestor

“New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. A team at the University of Copenhagen have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.

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London Says it All By Richard Miller

     What is non-white majority London up to while America is burned, or is it now burnt down? Well, London mayor, Sadiq Khan, is establishing the new diversity regime with statues to migration, the new god.

“Two large sculptures celebrating mass migration will be unveiled in London next year, the Guardian has revealed. It was announced Monday, on the UK’s second ever ‘Windrush Day’, that works by artists Thomas J Price and Veronica Ryan will be erected in London’s Hackney borough in 2021. Windrush Day commemorates the beginning of the modern mass migration era in Britain in 1948, and was instituted in 2018 after some members of that original generation of post-war migrant arrivals were detained and deported because of government error, causing a significant scandal. The pieces, which include a sculpture of fruit and a nine-foot statue of a Hackney local are “a statement of pride” for members of the so-called Windrush generation and their descendants, according to the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville. The Labour politician said the new works would not be “an answer to the statue conversation” that has emerged with the Black Lives Matter protests, which have seen demonstrators vandalise and tear down sculptures of white figures across the UK. “But I think it’s an early down payment on righting some of that wrong, and a chance to see more diverse people represented in a public realm,” he said in remarks reported by the Guardian.

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Blacklisting Black listings By Mrs Vera West

     I like this one from Texas, which is an amusing case of wokeism and political correctness, where master bedrooms come under attack.

“White Americans trying to outcompete each other in the wokelympics have found a new word to blacklist eliminate from the public lexicon over its ties to slavery. According to TMZ, the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) - which has one black guy in a leadership position - "is no longer using the word "master" to hype bedrooms and bathrooms on its Multiple Listing Service." Going forward, they will be referred to as "primary" bedrooms and bathrooms, avoiding insensitive and awkward encounters which HAR claims has been "raised and considered for several years," according to the report. Houston area realtors are still free to use the 'offending' term, however, as HAR's newfound wokeness is just a suggestion. Given the woke mob's ability to cancel 'offensive' content, concepts and now words, we have a few questions for clarification:

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The Coming Zombie Apocalypse University! By James Reed

     This is an article which uses metaphors for the modern university that I have used in the past, that of the zombie, the walking dead, so my heart rejoices:

“As colleges attempt to recover from the pandemic and prepare for future semesters, a New York University professor estimates that the next 5-10 years will see one to two thousand schools going out of business. Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business told Hari Sreenivasan on PBS’ “Amanpour and Co.” that many colleges are likely to suffer to the point of eventual extinction as a result of the coronavirus. He sets up a selection of tier-two universities as those most likely not to walk away from the shutdown unscathed. During the pandemic, wealthy companies have not struggled to survive. Similarly, he says, “there is no luxury brand like higher education,” and the top names will emerge from coronavirus without difficulty. “Regardless of enrollments in the fall, with endowments of $4 billion or more, Brown and NYU will be fine,” Galloway wrote in a blog post. “However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of universities with a sodium pentathol cocktail of big tuition and small endowments that will begin their death march this fall.” “You’re gonna see an incredible destruction among companies that have the following factors: a tier-two brand; expensive tuition, and low endowments,” he said on “Amanpour and Co.,” because “there’s going to be demand destruction because more people are gonna take gap years, and you’re going to see increased pressure to lower costs.” Approximating that a thousand to two thousand of the country's 4,500 universities could go out of business in the next 5-10 years, Galloway concludes, “what department stores were to retail, tier-two higher tuition universities are about to become to education and that is they are soon going to become the walking dead.” Another critical issue underlying the financial difficulties families and universities both face is the possibility that the quality of higher education has decreased. Galloway argues that an education in the U.S. is observably unsatisfactory for the amount that it costs, given that if you “walk into a class, it doesn’t look, smell or feel much different than it did 40 years ago, except tuition’s up 1,400 percent,” he said during an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. And the pandemic, according to Galloway, has served to expose the quality of higher education. “Students I think across America along with their families listening in on these Zoom classes are all beginning to wonder what kind of value, or lack thereof, they’re getting for their tuition dollars,” he said.”

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White Evangelicals Will Not Save Us By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     You Aussies don’t have this problem like we do here in the states, because while you guys were formed as a vast penile, sorry, penal, colony, we were formed to take religious dissents from Europe who wanted the freedom to do what they did. So, we are led to modern Evangelical Christianity, which lives for the apocalypse and the Second Coming, which has a convenient political dimension as well. It is only natural that a universalistic, distorted view of Christianity would support all sorts of woke projects, well-illustrated by this:

“During a June 14 roundtable discussion about racism at Atlanta’s Passion City Church involving Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, Atlanta megachurch pastor Louie Giglio and black hip-hop musician Lecrae, Cathy stunningly whipped out a brush and began to shine the singer’s sneakers. “I invite folks to put some words to action here,” said Cathy before approaching Lecrae. “And if we need to find somebody that needs to have their shoes shined, we need to just go right on over, and shine their shoes, whether they got tennis shoes on or not — maybe they have sandals on — but it really doesn’t matter.” Cathy then knelt down to shine while Lecrae, appearing stunned, sat still. Although intended as an act of repentance amid the national dialogue regarding racial diversity following the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody, the 67-year-old CEO’s boneheaded move was flayed on social media. Among the appalled were African-American Republican congressional candidate Errol Webber, who voiced his revulsion on Twitter. “As a black man, I implore white people to stop the insanity,” tweeted Webber, who is opposing incumbent Karen Bass in California’s 37th congressional district.  Just treat me like a person, and I’ll do the same to you.”

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US White Demographic Crash and the Political Decline of Blacks Too By Chris Knight

     While we are concerned about the Great Replacement, there is also a way of looking at this from the perspective of Blacks, who may also face decline. Here’s how:

“Blacks are beginning to politically and socially matter less than they did 20 years ago. Saying such a thing is !HERESY! Amerika’s most bestest President evah, King Obama The Wise and Sagacious, was Black (kinda sorta’ on Election Day). Does everyone remember how much more holy and beatific Amerika became the day he was anointed into office? Fair enough, me neither. But the Census tells us Whitey is dying off. Shouldn’t the average Black be out on the town ordering a Singapore Sling? I mean they can stick it to The Man who is too old and frail to successfully manuever his walker and escape. A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows America’s population is 60.1 percent white, the lowest level ever recorded. Among those under 16 years of age, fewer than half are white, a sign that white Americans are having fewer children and doing so later in life. “The nation is becoming more diverse, especially among the young,” said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. Amerika is now more !DIVERSE! Happy Juneteenth. At least until you read the fine print. Asian Americans represented the fastest-growing segment of the population over the last decade. The number of Asian Americans in the United States grew to 22.8 million, a 29 percent increase. The number of people of Hispanic descent grew by 10 million, or 20 percent over the last decade. The median age among Hispanics is 29.8, though that number has risen two years over the last decade, a sign that fertility rates are slowing across racial and ethnic lines. Bi- and multiracial Americans are the youngest cohort, with a median age of just 21 years old.

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Whitey, Coming for Your Home! By Charles Taylor

     I have been reporting on US stories that show the future under majority non-white multicultural diversity, as the US is ahead of the same dangerous curve that Whites in Africa, especially South Africa have already embarked on. Thus, the crazed mobs in Seattle are coming out to the suburbs, with home stealing on their minds:

“An unruly group of Seattle protesters converged on a residential neighborhood earlier this week, demanding that the white people inside the homes give up their residences to people of color. The march was caught on video, which has since gone viral on the internet. What are the details? According to Twitter user Kitty Shackleford, the group — made up of about 50 demonstrators — marched down the streets of the neighborhood chanting, "Black people used to live here!" One man can be heard telling residents, "Hey guys, do you know that you are living in a historically black neighborhood right now? Do you know that before your white ass came here this was all black people? Do you know that people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from the black people less than what it was worth, kicked them out so you could live here? Do you know that? 'Cause if you don't, now you f***ing do, so do something about it." The unnamed male demonstrator added, "How do you plan to fix it because you are living on black people's land right now. ... I mean, native land, but black people lived here, too." A female leader in the group shouted, "Open your wallet!" and proceeded to demand that the residents give up their homes. "[G]ive up your house!" she insisted. "Give black people back their homes! You're sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f*** as if they didn't help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you're sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends." The male continued, "Let's not act like you just are oblivious to this s*** because you knew about it all along, and you were OK with it. But guess what, we're not, and we're bringing it to your front f***ing door so what the f*** do you plan to do about it?" "How do you plan to re-gentrify a black neighborhood that you obviously are for gentrifying because you live here now?" the male incoherently continued.

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Covid-19 Vaccines: Printing Money for Big Pharma By Mrs Vera West

     The movement is on for universal compulsory vaccination, ultimately, if they start by just high-pressure sales at first. We will see a vax campaign like nothing ever before seen, as the well-oiled machine goes into over-drive:

“By the looks of it, we are about to face one of the most aggressive vaccine campaigns ever created. According to Reuters, the U.S. government is planning to launch an "overwhelming" COVID-19 vaccine campaign come November, provided the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gives one or more vaccine candidates the green light. Considering former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb is now on Pfizer's board of directors, and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is one of the lead candidates, jaded minds might assume the FDA isn't going to put up any significant roadblocks. According to Reuters, the COVID-19 vaccine campaign "will likely be compressed into a short period of time, around four to six weeks, to eliminate any lag between when Americans are alerted to the vaccine and then they can get vaccinated." An unnamed "senior White House administration official" is quoted saying: "The fine line we are walking is getting the American people very excited about vaccines and missing expectations versus having a bunch of vaccines in the warehouse and not as many people want to get it. You may not hear a lot about promoting vaccines over the airwaves in August and September but you'll be overwhelmed by it come November." It's still unclear exactly when a vaccine will be available, but it could be as early as October, or as late as January 2021. According to the administration official, the advertising campaign for the vaccine will be tailored to specific subsets of the population, depending on the people the vaccine is likely to benefit the most. Such details are expected to be teased out during ongoing clinical trials.

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Woke White Religion: Time for the Second Coming? By Charles Taylor

     As Christianity is hosed down by the elites, as Islam is slowly being adopted as the religion of the Left, and globalists, there are other competing religious cults emerging from the Left, with Black Lives Matter as one candidate. Witness scenes a few weeks back of Whites on bended knees, worshipping Blacks. But is not just us proclaiming that BLM is a religious cult for witless whites:

“The most memorable footage of the Black Lives Matter protests, and perhaps the creepiest, doesn’t capture any acts of violence, any looting, any chanting of slogans or — so far as I can make out — any black faces. Instead, we see hundreds of mostly young people sitting in the parking lot of a public library in Bethesda, Maryland, raising both pasty-white arms in a gesture that suggests both surrender and worship. An invisible speaker is reciting a list of promises that the crowd repeats. This is what we hear:

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Against: America and the Axis of idiots By Chris Knight

     It is the typical piece we see nowadays, by the predictable types who write this stuff. Is human civilisation doomed because people are “idiots”? A good question, but the spin given to this question by writer Umair Haque is that the Anglo nations, and parts of Eastern Europe with nationalist governments are idiots, who face destruction because only globalism, cosmopolitanism, mass migration, and all the rest of the liberal bs can save humanity.

     Really? Let’s just take climate change and look at it from his Left perspective. Can the reader bear with me on this hypothetical exercise? Well, according to his world view, endorsed by the sacred IPCC, we now have ten years, no nine, to avert a climate catastrophe. He mentions that Western Europe has reduced carbon emissions, but it accepted by scientists from his side, that this mammoth effort is too little to achieve what is required, according to the Paris Accord. No country is doing what it should. So, by Haque’s own perspective, all nations are idiots, and all are pushing us rapidly towards the final apocalypse. Now we do not believe this, but he and his liberal tribe do, so it is a big problem, Mr Liberal “Smarty” pants.

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Proofs that 2 +2 = 5 By Brian Simpson

     I covered the idea that the woke politically correct were rejecting mathematical objectivity, in arithmetic truths such as 2 + 2 = 4, that 2+ 2 could equal 5. Here are some more thoughts on this, with two bogus, but delightful “proofs” and the re-definition idea that I discussed.

Mayur Goswami
Answered August 8, 2019

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The Insane Society By Chris Knight

     I received this email, author unknown, but I am sure he would want you to read it, so go for it:

“We appear to have become a nation that has lost its collective mind! 

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Free Advice for Channel 10 By James Reed

     Hard Coviddy times are upon us. Channel 10 is feeling the pinch and is letting go of super-fantastic Kerri-Anne Kennerley, whom I have had a crush on for about 70 years, if that is legal.

     And they do this to this shining example of health and fitness for ageing women:

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The UK, and Australia, Imports a New Over-Class By Richard Miller

     The Hong Kong exodus will lead to the West importing a new overclass, to further compete for jobs at the upper levels. Since our local elites support mass migration, this is an example of being hoisted by their own petard.

“British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that Hong Kongers eligible for a British National (Overseas) [BNO] passport—i.e. anyone born before 1997, when China took over Hong Kong—will soon be able to enter Britain without a visa if China officially implements its recently-passed Hong Kong security Law. They will have the right to live and work in the U.K. for five years, despite the current six-month limit, and apply for U.K. citizenship 12 months after that [UK extends immigration rights for 3M eligible Hong Kongers, by Sylvia Hui, AP, July 1, 2020]. In other words, Britons already afflicted by “Asian” grooming gangs and other Third World immigrants must now prepare for the possibility that millions of Hong Kongers will rush in. There is a word for what Johnson is doing: treason. Changing the terms on which BNO holders are allowed into the UK would require legislation. But it’s wildly improbable that Parliament would block such a change. Johnson has a large majority, and the opposition parties would never vote against Electing A New People. Johnson’s rash vow has met with precious little condemnation from the British Main Stream Media and politicians, which tells you how strong a grip Political Correctness has on British elites.

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At last! The VC for Teddy! By John Steele

     At long last, a posthumous VC for Teddy Sheean, a 19-year-old sailor who went down with the ship fighting dramatic last stand:

“Edward "Teddy" Sheean (28 December 1923-1 December 1942) was a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War. Born in Tasmania, Sheean was employed as a farm labourer when he enlisted in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve in April 1941. Following training at HMAS Derwent and the Flinders Naval Depot, he was posted to Sydney, where he joined the newly commissioned corvette HMAS Armidale in June 1942. Sheean served aboard Armidale as she initially took part in escort duties along the eastern Australian coast and in New Guinea waters, before he transferred with the ship to Darwin in October, where Armidale was given the task of assisting Australian operations in Timor. On 29 November 1942, Armidale set out for an operation to Betano, Timor, along with HMAS Castlemaine. The two ships were attacked by Japanese aircraft along the way, and were subsequently late in arriving at their destination, missing a planned rendezvous with HMAS Kuru. While returning to Darwin, the pair encountered Kuru south of Betano and it was decided by Castlemaine's commanding officer—as the senior officer—that Armidale and Kuru should make for Betano. The two ships took different routes to Betano, during which both vessels came under aerial assault. During a subsequent confrontation with thirteen Japanese aircraft on 1 December, Armidale was struck by two torpedoes and a bomb, and began to sink; the order to abandon ship was given. After helping to free a life-raft, Sheean was wounded by two bullets. He made his way to the aft Oerlikon 20 mm cannon and began to fire on the Japanese aircraft to protect those in the water. Sheean managed to shoot down one of the Japanese bombers, but was killed when Armidale sank. Many of the survivors credited their lives to Sheean and he was posthumously mentioned in despatches. In 1999, the submarine HMAS Sheean was named in his honour, and efforts have been made to have Sheean awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia. On 10 August 2020, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison recommended to the Queen that Sheean posthumously be awarded the Victoria Cross.”

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Microchips, Nanobots and the New World Order By Mrs Vera West

     Welcome to the brave new world of vaccinations, or is it the biochemical invasion of the person? Will there be high tech nanobots in the vaccine turning us into quasi-zombies? I do not know, but do not want to find out the hard way. Here are some videos to make you anxious too:

     Is termination, as Mike Adams always argues, on the agenda? Certainly, liberal freedoms have been abolished due to the “bug,” and it happened quickly, with little protests compared to a Black man dying of a drug over-dose.

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They Took Advantage of Their … Liberal Naivety By Richard Miller (European Correspondent)

     Here is a little sad saga, about some good people in Greece who believed the myths of migration and came to regret it, seeing the illegals as abusing their good hearts. Yes, no good deed goes unpunished:

“Women in Lesvos protested against the NGO’s and illegal immigrants that have significantly changed life on the island since 2015. “We are here for our children and for our homes,” said women who gathered on Monday afternoon at the Petra-Molyvos-Anaxos intersection to protest illegal immigration and its effects on the region. The women of the area drafted a protest resolution in which they expressed their opposition to the existence of NGO’s who profit off the flow of illegal migration into Greece at the expense of locals on the island, who suffer from astronomically increased criminality on the island. “They took advantage of our humanity and tolerance,” said a protester, remembering that the people of Lesvos were once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their role in assisting illegal immigrants since 2015. At the same time, it was stressed that this whole issue had a direct impact on the work of locals, which has been irreparably affected. During the peaceful protest, mothers explained that their children are emigrating from the island because they say they no longer have a future in this place. Many have seen their homes, farms and churches completely destroyed by the thousands of illegal immigrants roaming freely. Although the illegal immigrants are at fault, many of the locals blame the actions of the NGOs, which exploit instead of helping. The locals who protested, demanded the removal of the NGOs from the island and for the state to take over the management of the issue.”

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Of Course, 2 + 2 Can Equal 5! By Brian Simpson

     Mathematics, beyond the counting dollars level, is a game with symbols, so it is possible to refer to different number systems where 2 + 2 does equal 5. But “5” is redefined and is not what you would expect. Indeed, infinity can be added to the real numbers, in the extended real number system, which is a no-no for high school maths, but is used in measurement theory and advanced Lebesque integration. But, Leftist do not go to this level; instead:

“Some professors and activists argue 2+2 can sometimes equal 5, a controversial claim recently brought to light in a series of tweets that has sparked a robust debate among education watchdogs and others. The Twitter account Wokal Distance on Aug. 3 highlighted several screenshots amassed on the subject, noting: “This is a screenshot of people saying 2+2=5 … Among them are teachers, educators, and professors who plan on teaching this stuff to your children. So, let’s talk about what’s going on here, why they’re doing this, and how we can stop it.” In a message to The College Fix, the person running the Wokal Distance account declined to provide their identity or weigh in further on their thread, saying they would like their Twitter feed and profile to speak for itself. But the account clarifies that what the scholars are arguing is not that 2+2 does not equal 4, but rather “2+2 can sometimes equal 5.” The fundamental basis of the argument is that there is no universal answer to the math problem 2+2 that is true in all cases; they are not falsifying 2+2=4, they are deconstructing it, Wokal Distance argues. The Wokal Distance account goes on to explain that this deconstruction is effectively a destabilization of meaning. Under this so-called woke math, “2+2=5” because when a meaning is not fixed, lucid, and defined, that meaning can be redefined and warped. With this distortion, people can supposedly jump to any conclusion they desire.”    

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Not the Nine O’Clock News is Here By James Reed

     This is a good video, which says all we have said, but by leading British comedian Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), defending free speech. What is interesting is that this was said in 2012, but it is as if it was said yesterday, or tomorrow. He did a comedy sketch years ago mentioned in the title, which was a satire of speech suppression, and now what was comedy is reality.

Socialism: Home of the Ignorant By James Reed

     The young are turning to socialism in droves. It is a problem if they do not come out of this dementia quick.

“According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, nearly 50% of young adults have a positive view of Socialism. This contrasts with 34% of Generation Xers and less than 30% of baby boomers. Maybe older Americans know something that younger Americans simply do not know. The poll also found that while 50% of young adults view Capitalism favorably, that figure is down from 66% in 2010. What happened in the last decade to sway the youth? It appears that the combination of a stagnant economy and ignorance of basic principles are what led the youth to view socialism more favourably and capitalism less favourably. Older and wiser Americans know more about the workings of Capitalism and its overall positive outcomes in the real world.”

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