Big Money is Being Spent to Disarm America (Taylor’s Breathless Message from America) By Charles Taylor

     Here are a number of videos abut the march on Washington, by “young” people to protest ordinary Americans having guns. The agenda, or what one speakers calls the “beginning of a revolution,” is to completely disarm basically white Americans. At no point does any of these eager beavers deal with the issue of gun violence in cities such as Chicago and Baltimore. The “March of our Lives,” was politically correct event, paid for by the Deep State elites, so naturally there would be nothing that would draw attention to the real gun violence in America, where murders were happening while they spoke, even in the same city in which they were protesting. And, no criticisms of the FBI and law enforcement, who knew that the shooter was a problem, but ignored it.

     One would have thought that this should be the main issue of concern, since banning guns in America, would still leave America awash with illegal guns anyway. Add to this that some of the speakers give a communist salute, and the cat’s out of the bag. Let us hope that the message gets out loud and clear to American patriots, that this is the libtard vision of the US future. There needs to be an investigation into who funded such an event, because high school students could not have done this alone. Then there needs to be another march on Washington by gun owners to counter all of this. After that, I suppose the communists are right; there will be a “revolution,” as they say, with some from the Left already indicating that they are planning armed revolt, probably with the confiscated guns: 

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Wearing the Chinese Space Station By James Reed

     Let’s suppose that I knew something about rockets, and built one, and in my folly fired it into the sky. Suppose too, that it was a powerful rocket, that went high up into the sky, and had a trajectory over a major capital city. Then the rocket crashes into the main shopping mall killing thousands. Do you think I would get the key to the city, or a prison cell? Then again, I am not China, and things are different when you are king of the castle.

     China’s space station is about to fall to earth. The scientist say that the probability of it hitting anybody is so small that we should not worry about it. Yes, but if it was Trump’s space junk, I suppose the probability would radically alter then. Anyway, if you find any space junk, apart from it being toxic and killing you, it is illegal to touch, being property of China, and apparently our authorities will throw you in gaol, for the Chinese.

The Narcissistic Cosmopolitans By James Reed

     Pardon the French, but I hate the bloody globalists who are intent to destroy our world. I am not a “hate’ kind of guy, and I know that it is illegal, punishable by death, to hate anything except racists, but I really can’t help it. If some bully kicked sand in your lunch every day at school, and when you turned the other cheek, he smacked you in the neck, wouldn’t it be hard for man cursed with original sin, not to be a wee bit angry? Just a tiny bit?
Here is something interesting, if not tasty: 

“The globalists’ premier weekly magazine has thrown a spear into their smug claim that they represent the open-minded, open-economy, open-society future. The Economist‘s supposedly anonymous “Bagehot” columnist described progressives as “narcissistic cosmopolitans” as he wrote: ONE of the most popular interpretations of modern politics is that it is increasingly defined by the difference between open and closed rather than left and right. Openness means support for both economic openness (immigration and free trade) and cultural openness (gays and other minorities). Closedness means hostility to these things.…

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European Identity and Islam By Richard Miller

     Merkel has said words to the effect that Islam is part of Germany, no doubt the best part. But, not all establishment figures agree with her, totally: 

“A senior politician in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Union has said that Islam “makes little contribution” to the foundation of Europe and that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “holds the key” to solving the EU’s migrant problems. “Islam belongs just as little to Europe as it belongs to Germany,” Christian Social Union (CSU) of Bavaria Vice-Chairman Manfred Weber told German newspaper Die Welt. “Of course, today Muslims are part of Europe.

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Big Arnie Drinks Oil, In a Way By John Williams

     I have always disliked Big Arnie Schwarzenegger, big on ego and low on the acting scale in my opinion, and now I have good reason to despise him. Oh, that may be a sin, but isn’t this war? Sure it is, so we press on in our critique. He is recommending that rich donors starve the Republicans, because he hates Trump, and has sour grapes and all that: 

““The people that are funding the Republican Party should turn off their financial support, because that would starve the party, and I think they would then maybe come to their senses,” Schwarzenegger told a crowd at the launch event for his centrist Republican advocacy group New Way California. “You better go and lead and tell your people around you that we’ve got to change, because that’s what California demands, or there will be no more money.”

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China’s Robot Tanks On the Road to War By James Reed

     Perhaps the Chinese communist party reads all the sites tracing Western decline and has decided that the time is ripe to put the West out of its misery?

     China is preparing for war, the above articles say, making use of AI and intelligent unmanned vehicles such as tanks, which will probably be better suited to the toxic chemically and nuclear polluted battlefield just around the corner.

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A Warning Shot at Trump By Charles Taylor

     We all know that Trump was a womaniser in his time. He was, and is, no Christian saint. So, probably he did have sex with “that woman.” Hell, Bill Clinton had his share, even in the White House, literally. Consider: 

     A “warning shot”? Trump needs to man up and be what he said he was in his books, and what he falsely portrayed himself to be in the election: oblivious of political correctness. Ok, so I had sex with her. So what! Is that a crime? No? Well, liberal scum, shut up! Hey, I have plenty of dirt on the sex lives of Democrats I can reveal if you want! Maybe Trump’s doctor could give him an injection of testosterone so he can do what is needed. The man is just pathetic.

The Way of Bardot By John Steele

     She, in my opinion was once one of the most beautiful women in the world, but in recent times, she has become one of the bravest, constantly speaking out about what she sees as the planned destruction of her beloved France. 

“French actress Brigitte Bardot has spoken out against the state of her country, saying that Islamists are “practically everywhere” and that France should not resemble Algeria. Speaking to the French weekly Valeurs Actuelles, Bardot said that France is not what it once was. “I have been brought up in honor, patriotism, love and respect for my country, and when I see what it has become, I feel desperate,” she said. The 83-year-old also said that it is “unacceptable” to see burqas become commonplace in France, and Islamists are “practically everywhere.”

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Trump has Killed America By Charles Taylor

     Most traditionalist Americans voted for Trump realising it was the last chance to democratically solve the problem of America’s decline. Trump has been a spectacular failure, which is not surprising given his background as a 1 percenter. The future, as Ann Coulter says, is grim: 

“New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the United States will, “in one generation,” become South Africa after President Trump signed off on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill that does not include a single provision from the president’s 70-point list of pro-American immigration reforms. In an interview with Fox News Radio’s Tom Shillue, Coulter slammed Trump, saying he has “betrayed” his base of supporters by signing the omnibus without it including any border wall funding, increasing the “Catch and Release” program, and not adding any new deportation agents to help deport illegal aliens living in the interior of the country. “I can’t imagine how it could be any worse,” Coulter said. “There’s zero funding for the wall, and in fact, he’s prevented from putting up even one little inch from those prototypes. No, all he can do is build a little pedestrian fence. Nothing that he’s been looking at. None of the prototypes, totally banned.”

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The Breakup of America Etc. By Chris Knight

     All of this reporting on political correctness sure gives one a big thirst, which is why I now have a jug of lemon-flavoured water with me while I drag my feet through the great desert on the internet. Item: 

“Democrats are transforming into the party of the diverse, educated, cosmopolitan class. Meanwhile, the Republican Party attracts all who reject this multi-culti bugman ethos. A line has been drawn between the traditional family and the childless urbanite, whose values and interests are diametrically opposed. On one side is the heartland voter who values cohesive community, security, and individual responsibility, and relishes hard work and overcoming challenges. He feels a connection to his hometown and his people, and he exists to create a better future for his children. On the other side is the urban-dwelling voter who is hyper-focused on deracinated popular culture, atomized individualism, indulgent hedonism, getting rich, and avoidance of conflict and controversy. He feels no allegiance to his community; he exists solely to consume.”

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Time for a Woman President: Ann Coulter By Mrs Vera West

     While JFK and Clinton were sex maniacs in the White House, Trump is being roasted by the desperate Dumocrats for having an encounter with a porno actress. Yes, we know he did, but that is just what powerful men with heaps of money, and time on their hands, do for entertainment. And, he has never pretended to be a Christian. It is all disgusting, but politics and big business is disgusting too, and that sort of stuff goes on while we speak. Just look at Hollywood, and that is by the Left: 

     Nevertheless, it may be time for a female president, and I have long admired firebrand journalist/lawyer, Ann Coulter. She is stronger than the Trump that went into the election, she has written best-selling books about all the issues that concern us, and she is far smarter than Trump. There will be no porno scandals with her. Also, she will not back down. She constantly destroys liberals in debates. Yes, Ann Coulter for president 2020. And, here is her latest lashing out at Trump: 

Hypersonics By James Reed

     Russia and China are both busy in their build up to World War IV, or will be V by now, if we count the Cold War, and War on Terrorism? The battlefields will see hypersonic weapons which are apparently unstoppable:  

“During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last week, Gen. John Hyten, the head of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), suggested current ballistic missile defense systems employed by America are unable to stop such weapons, known as hypersonic, which refers to missiles that can fly more than five times the speed of sound. To prevent a hypersonic missile strike, the U.S. would have to rely on nuclear deterrence, or the threat of a retaliatory U.S. strike, reports The Hill. Gen. Hyten told lawmakers: We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a [hypersonic] weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat.…

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Who Benefits from the Fall of Europe? By Paul Walker

     A good test of finding out who is attempting to destroy you is to ask: who benefits? This issue was recently addressed by Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky who had some insights to share: 

“Western nations need the current conflict with Russia to consolidate the region in the face of the migrant crisis and looming collapse of the European Union, the leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party has said. “The European Union is falling apart. How can they prevent this without an external threat? They need some fear factor,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky wrote in his Telegram messenger on Tuesday.

“They are no longer afraid of the Islamic world, there are millions of refugees from Arab nations and Africa living in Europe anyway. China is too far. Russia is all that they are left with,” he explained. “Besides, the USA benefits from this whole situation. If Europe remains unstable, funds from the whole world would pour into the United States. A similar effect was recorded in the time of World War II, which was mostly waged on European territory,” the Russian politician noted.

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Letter to The Editor - The Wanton Worship of Woody Weeds

     Greens worship woody weeds. Their proposed tree-clearing bans in Queensland are the latest salvo in a long war favouring trees and damaging grasslands and pastoralists.

     For millennia Australia’s open forests and treeless plains have supported our national emblems – the kangaroo and the emu, which in turn sustained aborigines, eagles and dingos. Australian grasslands also nurtured now-endangered species such as bustards, quail, pigeons, finches and grass parrots.

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The Coming Caravans: Invasion USA By Charles Taylor

     The US is facing a “caravan,” or mob of illegal migrants from central America who intend to invade the US and be given the red carpet treatment by bleeding hear liberals: 

     Trump is aware of this, and basically intends to do nothing, but make big man talk and pass the buck. You would think that he is as powerless as you or me:

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Trump the Traitor By Charles Taylor

     It is good that American conservatives are at last starting to unload on Trump, since he has failed to built the wall, and will not, and has wound back on every electoral promise.

     Other countries, like China and Israel, take their border security very seriously, and rightly so:

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Maybe Some Guts from Low Energy Trump By Charles Taylor

     If you do not fight, them it is certain that you will lose. In a rare show of grunt, Trump said that the US would resist the caravan of illegal central American migrants who had been organised to invade the US, so that bleeding heart libtards could fall all over them and give them keys to the city, in fact, everything. Trump toyed with putting the army along the border, which is something proud nations like China, Russia and Israel have no problems doing, and which they are right in doing. He also threaten Mexico with money retaliations via NAFTA if it did not do the right thing. And bingo, the caravan is stopped. It happened so quickly that the article written yesterday by yours truly hasn’t even been published here yet. If you don’t fight, you lose. 

The Deep State Exposed By Chris Knight

     It looks like at least some Americans are waking up to all the mischief that the Deep State gets up to, and they are angry:

     Wow, I looked at this site about an hour ago, and now a kind message from whoever it is that controls the internet, tells me that the post has been removed. So, I waited some time, and bingo, the site was magically back up. Thus, hobbits we need to move quickly now and cut ‘n’ paste the essence before it is lost forever:

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The British Nerve Gas False Flag By Peter Ewer

     The narrative behind the alleged Russian nerve gas attack in Britain last month seems to be falling apart, with new revelations from a Russian relative of the two Russian agents poisoned in the attack:

“A 45-year-old Russian accountant and relative of the two Russians poisoned in a nerve agent attack in Britain last month said in an interview late Thursday that she was “scared” for them, calling the British authorities untrustworthy and casting doubt on their version of events. In the interview in Yaroslavl, Russia, where she lives with her husband and her two children, the accountant, Viktoria Skripal, who has been thrust into an escalating confrontation between Russia and the West, also said that she doubted that Britain would grant her a visa that would allow her to see her relatives. The relatives, Sergei V. Skripal, a former Russian spy, and his daughter, Yulia, have been hospitalized in Salisbury, England, since the attack on March 4.

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This Sorrowful Police State By Charles Taylor

     American politics needs to be studied by us all because it is revealing in the most candid way of the machinations of the Deep State, and the elites who rule over us. President Trump is significant, because, even though he is ultimately doing the Deep State’s bidding, he is a symbol of resistance, so, while the elites use him, they also abuse him, as they take him down, to teach the deplorables a lesson, that they are to be slaves until genocided.
The latest storm is the raiding by the FBI of his lawyer’s office, claiming to be investigating the lawyer, but also on the lookout for anything incriminating on the Trump/Stormy Daniels affair.

     Well, as immoral as it may be to us, there is nothing illegal about Trump having sex with a porno queen. Look what Bill Clinton got up to! Never mind, it will do to cover the US getting ready to provoke war with Russia over the latest chemical attack false flag: which the US says they have no evidence for, but will act on anyway. Trump is very much a hostage president. Can he get a message to the outside world that he is being held captive and fed mind control drugs? Nah, he was controlled from the beginning, and who know what dirt the Deep State has on him.