February, 2023
Ministry of Lies Cancels Roald Dahl; Shakespeare et al. Next By James Reed
Resisting Central Bank Digital Currencies By James Reed
German Scientists Call for an End to Covid Vaxxes By Richard Miller (London)
The German Press Discussing Covid Vax Trial Fraud! By Richard Miller (London)
Organic Chemistry Suddenly is Important By Chris Knight (Florida)
A Doctor Treating Hundreds of Covid Vax Injured, Speaks Out! By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Coming Existential Threat By James Reed
Communist China’s Military Balloon Program By James Reed
Miscarriage and Fertility Rates: Threats By Mrs Vera West
Massive Miscarriage Rates Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trials By Mrs Vera West
The Cult of the Left By James Reed
Shooting Down Party Balloons! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Mainstream Media Only Now Reporting on Health Risks of Ohio Train Disaster By Chris Knight (Florida)
The “Indigenous Land Acknowledgment” Ritual By James Reed
The Harvard Gun Study By John Steele
The World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and Global Enslavement By Chris Knight (Florida)
There is Not Enough Metal for the Fantasy Renewable Anti-Fossil Fuel Economy By James Reed
Foetal Deaths, Infant Deaths and the Jab By Mrs Vera West
Googling with Our Brains By Brian Simpson
Zelensky Does Not Care about Starting World War III By Richard Miller (London)