February, 2023
After Babel: Truth-Seeking Academic Launches New Venture By James Reed
Covid-19 Vaccine-Induced Cancer By Brian Simpson
Australian Regulators Concealed Fatal Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis from the Public By Mrs Vera West
Yes, We Have No Bananas … and Little Green Men! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Gigadeath from AI? By Brian Simpson
China Given a Free Pass by Communist World Health Organization By James Reed
The Great Psyop: Balloongate By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Failure of Masks By Mrs Vera West
Covid vs the Spanish Flu By Brian Simpson
Does Project Blue Beam Ride Again? By James Reed
Is Bird Flu the Next Big Thing? By Brian Simpson
Upgrading to Humanware 2.0 By Brian Simpson
Statement on Covid Vax Safety by Surgeon General for the State of Florida By Chris Knight (Florida)
Questions for a Covid Commission By Chris Knight (Florida)
Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price On the Woke “Voice” By James Reed
What Weaknesses Does Our Adversary, China, Have? By James Reed
Apology, Not Accepted! By Brian Simpson
The Hypothesis of Systematic Extermination By Chris Knight (Florida)
Leading French Historian: World War III has Begun By James Reed
A Terrible Equation: Clintons + Rockefeller = Digital Cash By James Reed