October, 2022
The Creeping Covid Surveillance Society By Chris Knight (Florida)
No-one is Safe! By Brian Simpson
The Insane Push for Unreliable Renewable Energy, as Electricity Costs Set to Sky Rocket by 50 Percent! By James Reed
The Supreme Intellectual Achievement of Western Mathematics By Brian Simpson
The Climate Change Elites are Set to Double-Down: Be Aware! By James Reed
The Attempted Murder of Paul Pelosi: Odd Things By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Halloween is Satanic! By Pastor Pete
Is there a Covid Vax Angle to the South Korea Halloween Horror? By Richard Miller (London)
The Cancellation of Cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough By Brian Simpson
The Mysterious Deaths on Dead Mountain By James Reed
The Covid Empire Strikes Back! By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Slippery Slope to Nuclear War By James Reed
“How many more children are we going to put at risk for a shot they don’t need for a virus that no longer exists.” By Mrs Vera West
Creeping Nuclear War By James Reed
The Harms to School Students from the Covid Lockdowns By Mrs Vera West
US Senate Report says Covid Most Likely from Lab Leak By Chris Knight (Florida)
British Parliament Says No Evidence Anyone has Died from Covid Vaxxes! By Richard Miller (London)
Now its Climate Change Reparations: World Economic Forum By James Reed
Just Stop, “Just Stop Oil,” Shock Troops for the Globalists By James Reed
Cats and Dogs also to be Sacrificed to the Globalist Demons of Climate Change By James Reed