October, 2022
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The Covid Vaxxes and the Menstrual Cycle By Mrs Vera West
Bioengineering Pandemics By Brian Simpson
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The European Turmoil By Richard Miller (London)
Bill Gates Says Civil War is A Coming By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Reality Check on Putin as a Dissent Right Nationalist By James Reed
The US Did the Nord Stream Job! By James Reed
Another Day, Another Potential Nuclear War By James Reed
More Coronavirus Bat Studies … What Could Possibly Go Wrong! By Chris Knight (Florida)
Can Putin be Dealt with as School-Yard Bullies Once Were? By James Reed
Globalist Mind Control; It’s No Conspiracy By James Reed
Is the Long-Anticipated Economic Collapse Now Unfolding? By James Reed
The Suppression of Medical Dissent … What There Is By Brian Simpson
Digital Families in the Great Reset New World Order By Mrs Vera West
The Covid Jab Disaster By Brian Simpson
The Coming Medical Dictatorship By James Reed