October, 2021
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Two Johnson & Johnson Officials Unload on Kiddy Vaxxing By Chris Knight (Florida)
Australia, the Eternal Penal Colony By James Reed
We, the People, Don’t Trust Biden on Covid By Chris Knight (Florida)
If the Covid Vaccines “Work,” Define “Works” By Chris Knight (Florida)
China’s “Nazi-Style” Experiments By James Reed
At Last Some Good News from the NSW Police? By Bruce Bennett (Sydney Inmate)
Sweden’s Explosive Diversity By Richard Miller (London)
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Secession Calls Grow By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Queen Ann Advices US to Brush Up on Our Voodoo! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
YouTube Blocks Anti-Vax Content! By James Reed
Myth Busting Food Ideologies By Mrs Vera West
Light Relief By Chris Knight (Florida)