October, 2019
Hey Donny Boy, They Really Do Want to Kill You! By Charles Taylor
Google Quantum Computer Conquers the World By Brian Simpson
A Climate Change Temper Tantrum By James Reed
Making Babies, Hungarian Style By Richard Miller
Migration Brings Untold Riches! By Richard Miller
The Social Construction of Migrant Age By Richard Miller
The Great Replacement and White Genocide? Are These Just Right Wing Conspiracies? By Richard Miller
Drag Queen Story Hour Coming to a Library Near You, and Why Not? By Mrs Versa West
Trump Must be Impeached because He Hates Socialism By Charles Taylor
African Slave Traders; Go Figure By Charles Taylor
Green Zombie Marxism By James Reed
The Church of England and Pointy Knives? By Richard Miller
Porn Emergency! By Mrs Vera West
The Attack of the 5 G Drones By Brian Simpson
Wind Turbine Pollution! Take That Green Saint Greta Thunberg! By James Reed
Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Reality? How Could That Not be Good? By Brian Simpson
Update on Sweden’s Death Throes By Richard Miler
Ha! Has! Getting it Wrong, Wrong, Wrong On Ocean Warming By James Reed
The 2020 US Elections and the White Apocalypse By Charles Taylor (in Florida)
Imprisonment for Insulting the EU! By Richard Miller