September, 2018
The Reality of the South African Crisis By Peter Ewer
The Revolutionary Violence of the Left By James Reed
The Case Against the Anti-Pope Deepens By Peter West
Self-Undermining Pluralism By James Reed
The Reality of the Chinese Economy By James Reed
How Google Cheats; Algorithms from Hell By Brian Simpson
Oops … First the Russians, then the Chinese By Charles Taylor
French Emperor Macron the Manly Vows to Destroy Nationalism with his Globalist Sword By Richard Miller
Making the Universities into Abortion Centres! By James Reed
Multiculturalism is Really about the Host Population Assimilating to the Migrants, then Disappearing Down History’s Plughole By Bruce Bennett
Gun-Grabbing in South Africa By Peter Ewer
George Soros and the Global Elites May Live Forever Now! By Uncle Len, the Eternally Ageing
Space Grease By Brian Simpson
A Report in My Inbox By Colleen H.
Obama Did It! By William Mack
John McCain’s Funeral By Charles Taylor
Terrorism, Australian Style By Peter West
There is Only One Party, and That’s the Party Party! By Michael Ferguson
Trump Tweets; South Africa Trembles By Michael Ferguson
Senator Feinstein and the Law By Ian Wilson LL.B