February, 2017
TPP – The Madness of Unfree Trade By James Reed
Harvesting Bodies in France by Brian Simpson
The Assault on Christianity by Paul Walker
Fake News about the Crowds at Trump’s Inauguration by Charles Taylor
Would The Nukes Even Work? by Brian Simpson
A Stand is Needed Against Returning Jihadists by Bruce Bennett
The United Nations Must Come A-Tumblin’ Down by Michael Ferguson
… And the Communist Pope Needs Criticism Too by Peter West
Physics: It Too Is Politically Correct by Brian Simpson
How Will the “Only Anglos are Racists” Elites Deal with this One? by Michael Ferguson
Planet Africa: Coming Soon by Michael Ferguson
The Rise of the Machines by Brain Simpson
Nordicide: The Planned Destruction of the Descendants of the Vikings by Peter West
Stand Tall. Fight Hard.
The Queen. 65 Years on the Throne!
Remarkable Anniversaries for a Remarkable Lady
Letter to The Editor
Letter to The Editor
End Climate Propaganda
Politically Correct Culture is “Muzzling” Free Speech (Whoever Would Have Thought That?) by Ian Wilson LL.B.