By Uncle Len the Eternally Disadvantaged

     Yo, white bleeding heart hypocritical liberal BSers, wherever you are, Uncle Len is calling you out, big time, as my personal trainer at the gym says. Actually I don’t go to a gym, or have a PT, but, if I was a liberal, with a liberal job, I would go and feel… guilty.  You see, not to over-intellectualise things, but too much comfort and civilisation breeds abominations (I looked the word up), like this: 

     Now the same is going on here in this land as part of modern academia, and I know because I believe James Reed, who has a higher IQ than even me (about 89). So, I am calling out the hypocrites, now! Give up your jobs to the disadvantaged like me, who scores many pc points from being mentally ill etc., even if white (when washed). I would make an excellent teacher of Women’s Studies, knowing vast amounts about the topic, having met a woman once at the shopping centre, who said that I smelt disgusting.

Letter to The Editor - The fact that Aboriginals lived here for tens of thousands of years does not bestow special rights on any Australian living today

To THE AUSTRALIAN          If Mark McKenna really wants some truth-telling about Australia (‘Whitefella dreaming’, 17/3), here are a few truths that he ignores or depreciates. There has been no ‘colonial imposition’ of a sequential view of history upon an indigenous Dreaming. European awareness, as exemplified, for example, by Saint Juliana of Norwich, has always included a recognition of the timeless as well as the temporal. Australians of European ancestry in fact know and appreciate a great deal about Aboriginal culture; and the Dreaming is, and will be, continually celebrated as part of the culture and civilization of modern Australia.

     This does not mean that the tail should now wag the dog. The fact that Aboriginals lived here for tens of thousands of years does not bestow special rights on any Australian living today, no matter what his ethnic ancestry may be. As for the ‘bedrock of our nation’s identity’, that remains British, as our language, public institutions and majority culture demonstrate beyond doubt. Mc Kenna’s recipe of recognition and republicanism means division, not unity, in a nation that is currently harmonious under Her Majesty’s benign rule.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The Fall of the Austrian Oak: The Bad Oil on Climate Change By John Steele

     Probably being the only person here who has seriously weight trained and been in the culture of body building and power lifting, I used to admire Arnie Schwarzenegger. But now, look what he is up to: 

     No need to go into detail here; the accusation is that oil companies are committing murder! Well, does Arnie still drive that big Hummer? Why, he has a whole car yard of cars, all fuelled by… you guessed it…oil companies. Talk about hypocrisy, but that’s the Left/Greens for you, never personally consistent. Here is a link showing Arnie’s cars:

Modernity is Killing Us By David Williamson

     Here is an interesting article dealing with the vexed question of why the birth rates of the Nordic peoples (people of Northern European descent) are crashing, everywhere:

“Europe is a dying continent. I say this not as a criticism, but rather as a statement of fact. In Europe, an acute failure to produce the next generation has created a looming demographic crisis. According to research by both the CIA and the U.N., every single member of the European Union has a birthrate significantly below the replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman. In the CIA World Factbook, Germany had a birthrate of 1.36 children per woman in 2007, and Spain and Italy had birthrates of 1.29. At such low levels of fertility, within 100 years, those three nations would have populations 80 percent lower than they are today. And Germany, Italy and Spain are far from alone: Every single industrialized country in Europe has a birthrate below 1.9 children per woman.

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The Peak of Christian Persecution and Genocide is…Now! By Chris Knight

     Have a guess; when was peak Christian persecution and genocide? The era of ancient Rome? Think again: 

“The persecution and genocide of Christians across the world is worse today “than at any time in history,” and Western governments are failing to stop it, a report from a Catholic organization said. The study by Aid to the Church in Need said the treatment of Christians has worsened substantially in the past two years compared with the two years prior, and has grown more violent than any other period in modern times. “Not only are Christians more persecuted than any other faith group, but ever-increasing numbers are experiencing the very worst forms of persecution,” the report said. The report examined the plight of Christians in China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Turkey over the period lasting from 2015 until 2017. The research showed that in that time, Christians suffered crimes against humanity, and some were hanged or crucified. The report found that Saudi Arabia was the only country where the situation for Christians did not get worse, and that was only because the situation couldn’t get any worse than it already was.”

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Thought Police on the March By James Reed

     Wow, a chain article, linked in theme with my brother writers. Yes, we are moving into a state of techno-feudalism, where the elites rule through control of resources, in this case information. The latest in censorship is that boobtube, sorry, YouTube, is going to fact check controversial videos with that king of authorities, Wikipedia! Yes, Wikipedia, a site which university students are not permitted to quote because of its lack of authority: 

“Now, YouTube CEO Wojcicki believes that video content creators who dare mention “conspiracy” topics such as mercury in vaccines, chemtrails or the globalist depopulation agenda must be “corrected” with Wikipedia propaganda. The thought police are hard at work at YouTube, banning or censoring all the videos they don’t want you to see. The new Wikipedia “corrections” will begin appearing on YouTube videos in the next two weeks, Wojcicki said in a SXSW speech. Notice her doublespeak as she explains how this is going to work: “When there are videos that are focused around something that’s a conspiracy — and we’re using a list of well-known internet conspiracies from Wikipedia — then we will show a companion unit of information from Wikipedia showing that here is information about the event…”

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Don’t be Racist! Bring in the Refugees… White South Africans! By David Williamson

     We have been concerned at this site for the plight of white South Africans, who now face losing their farms without compensation, and will likely be genocided, to the delight of the Western Left. We have suggested that Vlad the lad Putin take them in, but here is a surprise indeed: they may come to Australia:

“White South African farmers “deserve special attention” from Australia due to the “horrific circumstances” of land seizures and violence, Peter Dutton has said. The home affairs minister told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday his department was examining a range of methods to fast-track their path to Australia on humanitarian or other visa programs. South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is pursuing legal changes to allow appropriation of farm lands without compensation for redistribution to black South Africans. The policy has led to reports, including in the Australian media, that white farmers are being murdered at a rate of more than one per week. “If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it’s a horrific circumstance they face,” Dutton said.

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If You are Not Racist, Then You are Racist! By Chris Knight

     Basically, if you are white, then anything you say, even politely breaking wind, is “racist”: “An official University of California list of racist “microaggressions” asserts that saying “I’m not racist” is racist. The university guide defines microaggressions as, “everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”

     Examples listed on the university’s official website include telling someone, “you speak English very well,” telling an Asian person that they are good at math and insisting that “America is a melting pot”. Using the phrase, “I’m not racist, I have several black friends” is also listed as an example of “racism”. Radio host Dennis Prager highlighted some other examples, which include saying, “There is only one race, the human race,” and also remarking, “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” Thinking that, “America is the land of opportunity” is also racist, according to the guide.” 

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The Corruption of the Young By Charles Taylor

     US young people are being manipulated by the chattering and acting classes in leading protests against guns, and of course, Donald Trump, following the Florida shooting, which as we have documented in previous articles, has elements of a false flag, or at least, a manipulated event. At no point do these young puppies protest against big Pharma drugs, or the oppressive school system which are all factors leading to school shootings. The authorities who held back and let the death toll mount, whether by plan of sheer cowardice, do not get targeted by these eager beavers. Only guns. So, they too need to be politically fought. My guess is that once their 15 minutes of attention in the media fades, as it must, for the media needs to move onto new news in the next endless cycle of madness, they will fall away and go back to doing whatever nonsense teenagers today do.

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Cannibalised Humanism By Chris Knight

     Ah! The subtle desire for the headline, to have one’s name out there in lights for one’s 15 minutes of fame. What will peole do? What will people say? Richard Dawkins, first known for the ultra-Darwinist idea of the selfish gene (we are just machines for our genes), and later for his savage attacks on Christianity, now is saying that “meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

“Commenting on an article from the UK’s Independent newspaper, which touts the benefits of lab-grown “clean meat,” Dawkins tweeted earlier this month that perhaps something similar could be done with human flesh, which would assist western culture in shedding yet another irrational remnant of its Judeo-Christian roots. …Dawkins said that eating lab-grown human meat would provide an “interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus ‘yuck reaction’ absolutism,” which keeps people from doing things just because they seem morally repugnant.”

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Saving South African Whites By David Williamson

     White South Africans are facing genocide. They should have seen it coming, but like everybody, hoped against hope that something would come up. But, farm murders continue in the thousands and now the black government has legislated to take white farms away without compensation. The suggestion has been made that Donald Trump take in the White refugees, even though liberals want to see them die as part of their white pathology: 

     It would be far better for the White South Africans to leave with nothing, destroy their farms, and appeal to Putin for a new homeland in Russia, where under the Russian nuclear shield, a new ethnostate could be created. South Africa would, of course, flourish, as Hollywood tells us, so they won’t starve. Perhaps these dispossessed Whites will learn that playing rugby is not all that matters. And, maybe we too, will learn form their plight, but I will not hold my breath.

Homer Would be Shocked By Peter West

     Yes, everyone and everything in Western civilisation was black according to the present regime of political correctness: 

“BBC One’s splashy new eight-parter created by The Night Manager’s David Farr approaches this ancient story with something of a modern sensibility. And so it is that the character of Achilles, last embodied on screen by a lank-haired Brad Pitt in 2004’s Troy, will this time be played by British-Ghanaian actor David Gyasi. (Not to mention many other black roles in the series, including Hakeem Kae-Kazim as the god Zeus.) It’s a casting move that – with thudding, tedious predictability – has been met with opposition by a small, stubbornly vocal section of the internet. “Homer in the Iliad repeatedly describes Achilles as ‘blonde’ and ‘golden-haired’,” whined one definite non-racist. “Mad PC decision,” tweeted another. “Would anyone be mad if I made movie [sic] about US history, and actor playing Obama would be white?” chipped in one more. “#Netflix so you’re going to black wash troy fall of city the new show. zeus, achilles wasn’t black and more. as a Greek I am disgusted,” said one, in the interests of asserting Greek identity more than diminishing black actors, of course.”

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Sedition Unlimited By Charles Taylor

     I am not surprised… 

“The House Intelligence Committee is shutting down its contentious investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the top Republican leading the probe announced on Monday. The committee will interview no more witnesses and Republicans are in the process of preparing their final report, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) told reporters. A draft of that roughly 150-page report will be delivered to committee Democrats for review on Tuesday.  The draft document asserts that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, the most politically charged question examined by the committee. It will also contradict an official U.S. intelligence community assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin showed a “preference” for Donald Trump during the race — another assertion that Trump has disputed. “We found no evidence of collusion,” Conaway said Monday. “We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment in taking meetings — but only Tom Clancy could take this series of inadvertent contacts, meetings, whatever, and weave that into some sort of a spy thriller that could go out there.”

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London Calling: Political Correctness Unlimited By Richard Miller

     With London fast becoming a rape war zone, we have the bitter irony of the Muslim mayor warning about hate speech, while young white British children are harvested:

“Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned major technology companies such as Facebook and Twitter to do more on the issue of “hate speech,” or face fines and greater regulation. Talking to the BBC ahead of the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology festival in Austin, Texas, Khan said that companies must be “chivvied and cajoled to take action.” “We have evolving economies, which means we should have evolving regulations,” he said. “For too long politicians and policymakers have allowed this revolution to take place around us and we’ve had our heads in the sand.” He went on to reference German hate speech laws, put in place by Angela Merkel in response to growing resentment at her open-door migration policy, with companies now facing fines up to 50 million euros.”

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Trump has Been Trumped on Guns By John Steele

     In supporting Californian-style gun confiscation, without respecting due process, Trump has slid into bed with the Dumocrat gun banners, and spat in the face of his most loyal NRA supporters: 

     The deplorables need to be fielding a new champion to be taking over where Trump failed, which is everywhere, because this is the last stand. There can be for the West no further attempt of a “democratic” solutions to problems after this because identity politics has become too deep, and we will be forced to become tribalists, or perish. Sorry, tough times.

The Ugly Briton By Chris Knight

     We may know the sins of Winnie the pooh Churchill from David Irving’s work on World War II, but Churchill was up to evil long before that:,9171,2031992,00.html 

“In 1943, some 3 million brown-skinned subjects of the Raj died in the Bengal famine, one of history’s worst. Mukerjee delves into official documents and oral accounts of survivors to paint a horrifying portrait of how Churchill, as part of the Western war effort, ordered the diversion of food from starving Indians to already well-supplied British soldiers and stockpiles in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, including Greece and Yugoslavia. And he did so with a churlishness that cannot be excused on grounds of policy: Churchill’s only response to a telegram from the government in Delhi about people perishing in the famine was to ask why Gandhi hadn’t died yet. British imperialism had long justified itself with the pretense that it was conducted for the benefit of the governed. Churchill’s conduct in the summer and fall of 1943 gave the lie to this myth. “I hate Indians,” he told the Secretary of State for India, Leopold Amery.

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There Goes the Super By Peter Ewer

     Remember when Donald Trump was elected president of the USA and Mal Turnbull was told the news via his trusty mobile phone? His head sunk, in an “oh poo” moment. Now they are all buddies and Mal intends to use a fair chunk of Australia’s $2.53 trillion superannuation to give to Trump so that the Donald can fix America’s infrastructure, which is rated by engineers at the D or fail level: 

“Australian politicians have pointed to their own success in selling or leasing public assets to finance new construction without incurring new debt -- a concept known as asset recycling. Joe Hockey, now Australia’s ambassador to the US, was a key champion of the initiative when he was federal treasurer and has been pivotal in promoting it in Washington.  “There’s no doubt when it comes to infrastructure and better rollout of infrastructure, Australia has some examples that may be of use to the United States,” Hockey said on Wednesday. Fund managers in Turnbull’s delegation of 22 business leaders will continue the push at the National Governors Association meeting this weekend.

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The No-Hope Pope By Peter West

     Clearly, Italians have had enough of mass immigration and all its discontents, as the recent elections have shown: 

     The globalist, commo Pope is well aware of young people turning against the cult of immigration, and he has lashed out at those opposing the swamping of Europe:

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The End of Democracy By Charles Taylor

     All of us who spend our days looking for the sign of the times in the news cycle, can feel it coming, the end of politics, primarily brought on by the creation of multiracial, multicultural societies by non-democratic mass immigration. That, of course is not the only issue, for there is economics, the elephant in the room. Over all, these civilisational crises have led to peole losing faith in the political process, which is very reasonable when the entire system is rotten to the core. Here are some statistics from America, which is leading the West into the sunset: 

     Almost 40 percent of people in the sample said that they have lost faith in the democratic process, whatever that means. I expect the same would hold true for Australia. Democracies do not last very long as Plato observed over 2,500 years ago, as he watched Athenian democracy tear itself apart. 

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Another Boring Diatribe on the Conservative Crisis By James Reed

     The Australian, which I can now only afford to buy on the weekend (March 10-11, 2018), had a number of articles dealing with the conservative crisis. Who are the conservatives that this paper loves so much? John Howard is one, who is still campaigning that there should be “no alteration or weakening” of Australia’s gun laws. The concern is that pump action shotguns and semi auto rifles may be used under special circumstances in rural operations. Wow, what a cucked low T society Australia is.

     It is impossible to believe that the ANZACs came from such an emasculated place. It does not take long to destroy a civilisation, and maybe it will not take too long to destroy the regime that “con-servativism” has produced. Australian conservatives are generally mass immigration, pro-globalism and one cycle in political correctness behind the Left. I hope that it dies, soon. It is an interesting question : who is the most dangerous, con-servatives, as defined, or the all-out Left?