Our Universities are Chinese By James Reed

     It is hard to believe that Australia back in the White Australia days, actually had universities and did not rely upon foreign fee paying students, who now all become migrants, to exist. It is beyond the comprehension of our deracinated cucked elites to even conceive of anything beyond “surrender Australia.” National self-reliance is not only impossible, but is a contradiction in terms for them. All that exists is the racial Other, unless, of course, we are pursuing White guilt.

     Apparently one out of every six dollars used to run  what were once “our” universities comes from Chinese students: The Australian, June 21, 2017, p. 30. Even putting aside nationalist and racialist concerns, conventional thinkers might see a problem here in having such a reliance upon a single country. For example, although Australian elites have very much a rock groupie response to economic powers, times and fortunes change. Those at the top have nowhere else to go but down. Too bad when unsustainable debt causes the china to break:

     China’s total debt, the sum of corporate and household, is now almost 300 percent of GDP, compared to Japan (229 percent of GDP) and the USA (104.17 percent):

“Many economic scenarios about China are concerned with the bursting of the debt bubble. Since more than half of China’s debt is owned by SOEs and private property developers, as the economy slows and housing prices fall, many of these loans will prove unpayable. Banks report that bad loans are just 1 percent of their assets and their auditors insist that the banks are not lying, but investors price banks’ shares as if the true level is closer to 10 percent. With the failing of SEOs and property as collateral, many provinces will not be able to sustain their debt. The whole system implodes.”

     When the Chinese system does implode, most “Australian: universities will also be washed away. This will be a truly grand thing, something I cannot wait to see.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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