What’s in the Masks? Anything Masked? By Brian Simpson

I often wondered, when eating my Covid mask, usually with spices, whether this was a good thing to do. What actually is in the mask, especially after use? Are masks suitable for human consumption? Now we know: don’t eat them!


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Super-Duper, Free Circulating Lipid Nanoparticles! By Brian Simpson

Who would have thought that 12 months ago, the population would be shooting up on a vaccine that delivered free circulating lipid nanoparticles! That must be good, mustn’t it, it sounds just so high tech and biotechnologically sophisticated? Don’t all good super-heroes have free floating nanoparticles inside them, making them super-duper?

I mean to say, with 12 months, even though vaccines usually take years to iron out the bugs, wouldn’t any harms have been discovered? Surely it is all going to be alright, and the vast numbers of the human race will not die out, as in the movie, I Am Legend (2007). OK, if we become zombies, that may not be so bad, since many people are half-zombie now! It could well be the manifest destiny of mankind, a devolution.

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Biden Thinks Putin is Trump (All Enemies Look Alike)! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Just imagine if Trump confused say Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Say, there is not much difference, is there, both being monsters?


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Kiss Australia Day Goodbye; then Kiss Australia Goodbye! By James Reed

The writing is on the wall for the end of Australia Day, seen as basically racist by our New Class, like everything else. One by one the local elites will do what we see being done in the United States, which is why we need to carefully watch what is happening there and Europe, because it is coming here. In the end, the entire country is deconstructed. But, ultimate conquest by China, which is where this will all go, will then put it all in a new orbit. A homogeneous new society could be created for the 22nd century, with none of the racist Anglo-institutions at all, and no Europeans either, in the long term. Oh, the local Left will also be gone. Human societies, like nature, abhor a vacuum, and if one social order is torn down, as in the United States, another will arise and take its place, as we see with the rise, and soon global dominance, of communist China. The fun and games had by our New Class academics, paid for out of the public purse would not be tolerated for a second in China. Given the way we are plunging down, perhaps this is the inevitable result of the wisdom of natural selection, selecting us out?


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The Panic Pandemic; The Contagion of Fear By Brian Simpson

Dr Mercola has argued in the material below that the main harm done by Covid, within the present tyrannical political structure, is to create a culture of fear. Unlike global warming, which if real (not so I believe) is something of a more distant “threat,” disease is immediate and personal. Like the Black Death of the Middle Ages, the Grim Reaper could in principle strike at any door, totally unannounced. Diseases are a silent enemy, and this creates its great leverage as a weapon of political power, even if it is all imaginary. As documented below, psychological warfare is now part of the new normal in politics, taking the West into a more sophisticated and sinister area like the former USSR and Maoist China under the Cultural Revolution. But, potentially worse.


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The Wall Street Drive to Create Neo-Feudalism By James Reed

I have assembled relevant material to bring Aussies up to speed on the incredible drive by the financial elites of Wall Street to buy up American homes. The quest is to make people renters. This, by definition, is a return to feudalism, but with all the worst elements of modern global capitalism, which has in turn, like an evil virus, also absorbed the worst elements of communism as well, to create a living hell at the end of days, neo-Feudalism. I suppose endings are seldom pleasant, and the ending of the West will be traumatic, miserable, pitiful. Those with eyes wide open, see it unfolding now. We all report it, daily at this blog, doing our Cassandra best to issue warnings.


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Why America is Now Worse that Even Communist North Korea! By James Reed

A North Korean refugee to America, attended a top-level US university, and found that rather than teaching her how to think, the Leftists engaged in brainwashing and propaganda worse than what she had experienced in North Korea!

I have been covering this scene for almost two decades now, and must agree with her. This is why there cannot be partial reform of the universities, but that they must be closed down, and higher education radically re-structured around vocational and technological training schools, with the Arts and Humanities totally eliminated from public finance. Let Bill Gates and Georgey Soros pay for them. Law, for example, can be done in Law/Bar Societies, and medicine and nursing, around hospitals, giving from day one, hands-on training.

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The Torture and Human Rights Abuses of the January 6 Peaceful Protesters By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There needs to be a march of 70 million plus people, everyone who voted for Trump, to make a lawful, peaceful protest about the torture and human rights abuses of the January 6 peaceful protesters. A general strike would also be good. But, my faith in people’s resistance to pure evil is at an all-time low; never have we required heroes, but we live in a time of cowardice and weakness, produced by the relative consumer affluence and decadence that has overcome the manly virtues of the past. That Trump has said nothing about this, needs to be called out at every occasion. He is the very symbol of boomer decadence and treason. 


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Farmer Bill, the Face of the Globalist Monopolisation of Farmland By James Reed

Bill Gates is now the largest private owner of Farmland in the US. You can be sure that he has never gone out and swung a hoe, hog-tied a calf, or picked fruit. With all the business with vaccines, why is he plunging into farming? And, as covered in other articles, this is not the only area where the globalist elites are going on a rampage; they are buying up homes as well, almost entire suburbs.


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Why People Hate the American Police By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There is not a police race problem, there is a police problem, at least in the US. Here is one of many stories to illustrate their cowboy, if not thug attitudes. Sure, we need them, but cops that are sane and respectful of human rights. If BLM had focused upon the bad egg police instead of going on an anti-white rampage, a lot more people would support them. Blacks are not the only ones to be apprehensive with armed, trigger-happy cops approach them, of any colour. Who has not been baited by tail-gating cops looking for easy revenue to collect? Covid, across the West, showed that the police were quite willing to engage in brutality to strike fear into the population. Here is another institution that has been corrupted. It needs drastic reform.


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Who’s Afraid of the AR 15? Leftists! By John Steele

Brandon Smith at Alt-market.us, gives a good outline of why it is the Left who are afraid of the black rifle, the AR 15. Most gun deaths are by pistols in the US, not rifles at all. The Left fear the AR 15, and other semi auto rifles as conservatives have them, which makes a bit of a problem for communist patterns of genocide. Much easier to polish off conservatives who have no guns!


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Brett Stevens on White Genocide By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is a take on the theme of white genocide by Brett Stevens, who runs a controversial but highly interesting blog, Amerika.org, charting the philosophical and real decline of the West. There is always something provocative there.


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Black People Can’t be Racist, Even Against Asians! By Charles Taylor (Florida)


The BLM ideology is that Black people cannot be racist, due to what I think Bertrand Russell once called the superior moral virtue of the oppressed. Thus while it is an open secret that it is primarily Blacks who are committing crimes against Asian Americans, contrary to all evidence, this is said by the mainstream media to be due to white supremacists. This narrative is run even though video footage and photographs contradict the words, in the same presentation!  It is the post-truth world, not done by Trump and conservatives, but by the Left. Sensitive readers be advised that there is censored bad language ahead.

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Biden’s Climate Change Fanaticism By James Reed

Biden has proclaimed that climate change is the greatest threat to US security, which is oddly inconsistent with the shrill claim that white supremacists are endangering life on the planet, or even the universe. But I suppose he has to play to different audiences as the issues come up. In any case, the military representatives qualified what he said, saying that Russia and China were also problems, so all is well, everyone has their pet crisis to keep them happy.


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Why is Everything You Touch, Dripping with Liberalism? By James Reed

The material below delves into complexities of ordinal (order) and cardinal (numbering utility) to explain why liberals are ruling politics and the institutions. The simple explanation is that liberals and the Left care more about politics, and put in more effort to change and dominate, which is what we see in all the major social changes. The conservatives simply do not put in as much effort. And if you don’t fight you lose, as the old saying goes.


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Covid Vaccines, Alzheimer’s Prostate Cancer, and other Horrors By Brian Simpson

Even I found this item surprising, that there may be a link between Covid vaccines and Alzheimer’s disease, but there is a published report on this, in the journal Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, conveniently summarised below. But if those are right that the vaccines are going to kill off most people, and I am neither affirming or denying it, it will not matter much will it? After this, the prostate connect, a shorter term worry.


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US Cities are Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools By Chris Knight (Florida)

I may have been one of the first to describe US cities as resembling post-apocalyptic cesspools, but I am not the last. This post from the Economic Collapse blog.com, gives an adequate overview of the rot that we are seeing. It is truly depressing to see a once great nation, die and rot away. It is even worse to be in it, being white and becoming prey, as in places like Baltimore.


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The Ever-Conspiring FBI By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The cat is certainly getting out of the proverbial bag, as reports getting into the mainstream media are indicating that the FBI was involved in organising the January 6 Capitol Building breach. As well, they are likely to have been involved in the kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor, Gretchin Whitmer. Whose side are these guys on? Clearly, as some have argued before, the FBI is an organisation that needs to be closed down, as it is ceasing to be a law enforcement entity.


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Biden May be Dumb as Well as Senile! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Apparently Biden gave Putin a list of key American infrastructure that he is not to hack. Wow, as if that would do anything! And, Russia would know what is key US infrastructure better than Biden. But, really, if Russia was undertaking cyber-attacks, why would being given a mere list and a stern warning mean anything at all?  Biden is an embarrassment.


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Now it is Politically Incorrect for White Women to Report Rape! By Mrs Vera West

Yes, the crazy wokeness has come down to this, that it is now a case of white privilege when white women report rape, at least by minorities. Presumably it is still ok for white women to report rapes by white men, who are even more despised by the New Class than white women. The debate gets complicated, as those pushing this thesis are attacking old school feminists who see women as victims. So, in the politically correct great chain of being, race must be over sex.


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