The Diminishing Returns of Technology By Brian Simpson

     I am not really interested in the moon landing conspiracy stuff, since I am impressed by the fact that lasers can be shot at the moon to hit some object there that reflects them back, presumably, unless the moon object was put there by extra-terrestrials. Anyway, who cares? Man is not going to the moon on a daily basis, so technology seems to have fizzled out:

“If progress is inevitable, why don’t we have hotels on the moon? For some, it is easier to believe that the moon landing was fake than to accept that technological innovation has just stopped. The Hiatus in Progress
But wait, don’t we have smartphones now, the internet, and all sorts of cool gadgets and apps that didn’t exist 50 years ago? True, the fields of electronics and telecommunications have seen enormous advances, but these few hotspots of innovation cloak the fact that, in almost all other areas, technological development has ceased. Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel documented this decline in his book Zero to One, in which he describes several surprising facts:

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A Problem for the Anti-White Racist Squad By Chris Knight

     The Trump “racist” Tweet controversy continues. However, there are uncomfortable truths out there that the US Left cannot come to grips with. If immigration restriction is racist, what then about Mexico imposing immigration restriction on the rest of South America? If the majority of Mexicans say that illegal migrants should be deported, is it possible that these Brown people are racist, or is racism a racist concept only applied to Whites, which is self-referentially inconsistent?

How is Our Local “Antifa” Types Doing? By Peter West

     Antifa in the US is up to all sorts of violent things, as we have described in various posts. Antifa, does not have an official definition, but in general it depicts radical Left groups who take to the streets in protests and action, mostly young people, and despite publicity to the contrary, generally white and from middle class backgrounds:

     Australia may not be far behind in radical Left action, and here are some allegations, about which I make no assertions, being frail, weak, and generally a coward:

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Fear Our AI Overlords By Brian Simpson

     In an age of madness, this is to be expected; Elon Musk, the guy who has cars that sometimes ignite:

     He is working on a project to merge human brains with AI. Whooaha, who gave him permission to do this? Why is this sort of research being permitted? Will the brains catch on fire too? Wait, it is science and technology, and thus part of the official religion of the West, or at least the  insane capitalism-impregnated West, and thus  beyond criticism:

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In Praise of Man Spreading By John Steele

     This story covers a fair bit of other people’s territory, Vera with feminism/gender and Jimmy old son, with the universities. But, mainly, it is about emasculating men, so that has got me going for it. Men like, and need, because of their anatomy, to sit with their legs open. Crossing legs like sissies just will not do, because it hurts real big men, men like me, men of steel:

“A university student has won a national award for designing a chair that stops men from manspreading. Laila Laurel, 23, created the piece of furniture to stop men from widening their legs and encroaching on other people's personal space. Two bits of wood are cleverly positioned on the seat to physically stop whoever is sitting down from moving their legs apart. The word 'manspreading' was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015 following an online campaign against the practice since 2013. The dictionary definition is the 'practice of a man sitting on public transport with his legs wide apart, taking up more space than he needs and preventing other people from sitting down'. Ms Laurel, who graduates in 3D Design and Craft from the University of Brighton later this month, has been commended for her innovative creation. She won an award for emerging talent in the design industry called the Belmond Award, which calls for imaginative and cleverly presented ideas. Speaking about her inspiration, Ms Laurel said: 'It came from my own experiences of men infringing on my space in public.

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Will Tommy Robinson Die? By Richard Miller

     Who would have predicted this? Tommy Robinson, who has led protests against the paedophilic rape gangs of the UK, will be put in a gaol that will bring him in close contact with people who will kill him. Wouldn’t it have been more merciful for the establishment, who want the great replacement, to have simply executed him themselves? No, too easy, not brutal enough. Anarcho-tyranny rules the waves!

“Tommy Robinson has reportedly been transferred to Belmarsh prison, a maximum security facility in south London once described in Britain’s mainstream media as “a jihadi training camp”. Tommy Robinson was re-sentenced to nine months in prison this week for non-violent contempt of court offences — after an earlier ten-month sentence passed within hours of his initial arrest was quashed — of which he should have to serve around two-and-a-half months before becoming eligible for automatic release on licence. In 2016, a former Muslim inmate of Belmarsh told the London Evening Standard that “There were so many would-be jihadists in there I felt like an intruder at a jihadi training camp.” Terrorists were said to be “very popular and had enormous influence… treated like celebrities by the other inmates,” and non-Muslims accused of insulting Islam at risk of having their cells broken into and being subject to serious assaults. The whistleblower said he “watched how prison officers seemingly took no action, leaving new inmates like myself with the impression that the real people in charge were not the warders, but a terrifying group of radical Islamists known as ‘the Brothers’ or ‘the Akhi’, which is Arabic for brother. ” The previous year, it was reported that Belmarsh was one of several prisons where radical Muslims were said to be forcing non-Muslims to either convert to Islam or pay a so-called “jizya” — a tax levied on non-Muslims in Islamic states under sharia law. Speaking to BlazeTV ahead of his sentencing, Robinson said: “I genuinely, hand on heart, I believe I’ll be killed in this prison sentence.”

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The Nuclear Attack Upon the USA by the USA! By James Reed

     Readers may find this interesting, and even thought I am a hardcore conspiracy theorist, I did not know much about this incident until seeing the below eye-opening video about the  B-36 bomber nuclear accident, Albuquerque, 1957. This story is only now being covered in the media after recently released papers:

“Newly released government documents reveal that a 42,000-pound hydrogen bomb, one of the most powerful ever made, accidentally fell from a bomber near Albuquerque 29 years ago, a newspaper said today. Non-nuclear explosives, which are used to trigger armed nuclear devices, detonated in the unarmed Mark 17 bomb when it hit the ground 4 1/2 miles south of Kirtland Air Force Base’s control tower, the Albuquerque Journal reported. The newspaper said it obtained the documents through the Freedom of Information Act. No one was injured when the bomb hit an uninhabited area owned by the University of New Mexico, creating a crater about 12 feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, the newspaper said. The documents said minor radioactive contamination was detected in the crater. “It is possibly the most powerful bomb we ever made,” said Stan Norris, a research associate with the Natural Resources Defense Council and a specialist on nuclear weapons. The government documents did not show the exact explosive yield of the bomb, but Norris said most researchers believe that it was more than 10 megatons. A megaton is the equivalent of 1 million tons, or 1,000 kilotons, of TNT. Norris said the largest nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal today has a yield of about 9 megatons. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II had a yield of about 16 kilotons.

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Google and Treason By Brian Simpson

     Consider Presidents Trump’s latest revelation, that Google may have committed treason:

Donald J. Trump

“Billionaire Tech Investor Peter Thiel believes Google should be investigated for treason. He accuses Google of working with the Chinese Government.” @foxandfriends A great and brilliant guy who knows this subject better than anyone! The Trump Administration will take a look!

9:16 PM - Jul 16, 2019

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Porn Causes Global Warming, So Ban Porn! By Mrs Vera West

     Porn is evil because of its ill effects upon both men and women, but there is another angle to this which has amusingly, recently emerged; porn as a climate threat! Now that one really throws the cat among the Left-wing pigeons, since the Left love both porn and champion climate change as a new religion, so what gives when these dark titans clash?

“A new study brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dirty movie’, as online porn has been found to be responsible for 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. The Shift Project’s ‘Climate crisis: The unsustainable use of online video’ report found that a third of all videos viewed online are porn, and that watching online adult entertainment emits just under 100 million tons of CO2 emissions. The emissions generated in 2018 were of the same “magnitude as that of the residential sector in France,” the report found. Online videos generated 60 percent of the world’s data flows in 2018, which doesn’t include Skype videos or ‘camgirls’ live videos, and creates 300 million tons of CO2 emissions a year. Video streaming services like Netflix account for a third of online videos, and created the same amount of emissions as the entire Chilean economy. The report warns that emissions will continue to grow along with our increased viewing of online content and suggests limitations are put in place, such as not autoplaying videos and not using the highest possible resolution.”

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Fantastic News for Transgender Weight Lifting! By Mrs Vera West

     I have been paying attention to the fantastic gains and in-roads that transgender athletes, especially in weightlifting have made in women’s sports. Records once held by so-called “women” continue to fall, and who could not clap their hands with excitement at this, for the end of cis-women’s sport is close at hand:

“The transgender conquest of women’s sports continued over the weekend as a New Zealand weightlifter took home multiple gold medals at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa. Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals and a silver in the three heavyweight categories, for women weighing more than 87 kilograms, or 192 pounds, finishing first in the snatch-lift and combined categories and second in the clean-and-jerk. The 41-year-old weightlifter was born as Gavin Hubbard and reportedly transitioned while in the mid-30s. According to Caldron Pool, a Christian website that reported the outcome, the woman in second place was Samoa’s Feagaiga Stowers, who won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games last year after Hubbard withdrew with an injured elbow.”

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Face it, Sydney is Lost By Bruce Bennett

     I lived in Sydney for about 8 years, working in real estate. Travel, the sheer amount of traffic made me ill, I mean really ill in terms of hypertension, going around to properties all day, and drinking alcohol at night. I earnt good money selling the place off to overseas buyers, but eventually I saw the error of my ways, left the evil industry, left Sydney, and went down the coast. Maybe others will do so too, before Sydney simply collapses:

“Sydney's planners suffer from a 'total lack of sense' and seem 'permanently asleep at the wheel' as the city goes through a massive population boom, Mark Latham has warned. In an exclusive interview, the newly elected New South Wales One Nation leader has given a scathing diagnosis of the biggest problem with Australia's largest city. The powerful crossbencher, 58, still lives in Sydney's south-west near Camden with his wife and children and commutes to work by train. But Mr Latham described the area as 'population boom town' and painted a vivid picture of schools and local services already under immense strain. That comes even as the Government plans to build a new city the size of Adelaide on Sydney's outskirts - without setting aside land for a single public hospital. 'I got involved with politics because of bad planning where I grew up ... and fifty years later you're having the same problems,' Mr Latham said. 'You have to wonder, are these people permanently asleep at the wheel? Because these are obvious, obvious problems that come from bad planning.' 

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Confessions about a Race War by Charles Taylor

     Here is the left, in their own characteristic style telling us that there is a race war, but it is the fault of conservatives, and Donald Trump. Well, so what? At least now they are noting that there is such a war, and wasn’t all that simply a flight of the imagination of conspiracy theorist a few years ago?

“So instead they took another route: they went after the white vote even harder. In Donald Trump they found a candidate who wasn’t afraid to appeal to racist sentiment loudly and bluntly, something that simply hadn’t occurred to other Republicans. They never thought they could get away with something like this in the 21st century, and normally they would have been right: it would have lost them as many votes among educated whites as it won them among working-class whites. But after eight years of a black president in the White House, racial tensions were ratcheted up just enough that Trump could get away with it. Only by a hair, and only with plenty of other help, but he did get away with it, losing 10 points of support among college-educated whites but gaining 14 points among working-class whites. The entire Republican Party is now all-in on this strategy. They mostly stay quiet themselves and let Trump himself do the dirty work, but that’s enough. Nobody talks anymore about reaching out to the black community with a spirit of caring or any other spirit. Nor is there anything the rest of us can do about this. Republicans believe that wrecking the fabric of the country is their only hope of staying in power, and they’re right. If working-class whites abandon them even a little bit, they’re toast. So all we can do is try to crush them. What other options are there? Reactionary American whites, as always, won’t give up their power unless it’s taken from them by either a literal or figurative war. Liberals need to be as Lincolnesque as possible in this endeavor—we don’t have to win the votes of unrepentent bigots, just the fretful fence-sitters—but we also need to be Lincolnesque in our commitment to winning America’s latest race war.”

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Tearing Down the Intellectual Culture of the West By James Reed

     This madness, and anti-Westernism come once more from the land of the unfree, but it could easily be Australia, for nothing prevents the same thing happening on Australian university campuses:

“A 22-year old female University of Utah student reported her business professor to campus administrators for, among other things, assigning too many historical texts written by influential male economists of the past.
“I understand the importance of studying the work of those before us and the importance of context,” wrote the student in a complaint to the university’s bias reporting system, where she labeled the professor’s transgressions “derogatory,” “degrading,” and “intimidating,” thereby causing a “hostile learning environment.” The report also accused the professor of frequent sexist language, but the bulk of the complaint centered on his assigned readings for the business course. “I believe it to no longer be necessary when teaching the foundations of our country’s economic system and those who helped build [its] ideals to be presented in conjunction with their sexist beliefs that have already planted their roots within our global and local communities,” the student stated in her complaint, filed in December 2018 and recently obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request. The complaint was among 27 bias reports lodged at the public university in the Fall 2018 semester, according to the results of the request. The documents provided by the University of Utah redact all personal identifying information.

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The New Black, Feminist, 007 By James Reed

     White people can’t have anything of tradition can they in the New World Order? Even the tradition of James Bond 0007, is now being replaced by a Black woman. It is all part of the deracination trend that movie land is into, but it has been going on for decades, arguably at least since High Noon (1952), a Western that got away with the lead character being a fornicator, and having an interracial affair.

“Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the next 007 should be a woman, or black. Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she will be both – thanks to the intervention of feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. In what's been called a 'popcorn-dropping moment', British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond's licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK. However, traditionalists can relax: she's not the new Bond, but a new character who takes over his secret agent number after he leaves MI6. The story begins with Bond retired in Jamaica. But spymaster M – played by Ralph Fiennes – calls him back in desperation to tackle a new global crisis. A movie insider said: 'There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says 'Come in 007', and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman. 'It's a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he's been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman. 'Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don't work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed. Well, certainly not at the beginning.' The source added that the phrase 'Bond girls' is now forbidden, saying: 'We were all told that from now on they are to be addressed as 'Bond women'.' Waller-Bridge, who wrote the BBC comedy Fleabag and the female-led thriller Killing Eve, was recruited to ensure the 57-year-old franchise moved with the times. She said: 'There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Bond is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women.”

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Trump, the Ultimate Chump By Charles Taylor

     President Trump is the very definition of a cuck puppet president, a low intellect fool, used as a tool by the real powers to be of the Deep State and beyond. Thus, he breaks every electoral promise made to traditional America who put him in place, then follows to the letter everything a globalist like Jared whispers in his senile shell-like ear. Harsh, but how else to explain “his” insane decisions, such as now selling arms to Taiwan! Of all things, China sees Taiwan as part of itself, and the case for this is overwhelming, it is like you Aussies saying that Tasmania is part of Australia, only much stronger:

     No sane country should stand in the way of China and Taiwan reuniting in my opinion, and certainly it is not worth a nuclear war over it, as China has said that economic production and business will be as usual. China has already gone on a war footing because of the arms sale’s proposal, the dopiest, and most inflammatory of Trump’s long list of blunders.

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Antifa (?) Armed Terrorism Now? By Chris Knight

     It is not clear whether this guy who was attacking a US immigration prison, was Antifa or not, because Antifa is a loose category of groups fighting for globalist pc values, so take your pick on the categorisation:

“A 69-year-old man armed with a rifle threw incendiary devices at an immigration jail in Washington state early Saturday morning, then was found dead after four police officers arrived and opened fire, authorities said.
The Tacoma Police Department said the officers responded about 4 a.m. to the privately run Tacoma Northwest Detention Center, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security detention facility that holds migrants pending deportation proceedings. The detention center has also held immigration-seeking parents separated from their children under President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy, an effort meant to deter illegal immigration.
The shooting took place about six hours after a peaceful rally in front of the detention center, police spokesman Loretta Cool said. On Saturday night, the Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office identified the man as Willem Van Spronsen of Vashon Island, the Tacoma News-Tribune and the Seattle Times reported. Police said Van Spronsen caused a vehicle to catch fire and that he attempted to ignite a large propane tank and set buildings on fire. Police said that besides the rifle, he had a satchel and flares. Police said officers called out to Van Spronsen, and shots were fired. Cool said all four officers fired their weapons, but she didn't have specific details of what took place. She said the officers weren't wearing body cameras, but the area is covered by surveillance cameras from the detention center. She said she didn't know if the man fired at the officers.”

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The Eyes Have It! By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a great article on something we take for granted until it is under threat: our eyesight! The point made is that eye health is intrinsically linked to a healthy diet, and much eye disease can be controlled by getting one’s diet under control as soon as possible, like, now.

“Dr. Chris Knobbe, an ophthalmologist, has written an excellent book — Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration — which, like the title suggests, tells you how to address the most common cause of legal blindness in the United States. One of his heroes is Weston A. Price, the dentist who wrote the classic book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. I did not know this when I read Knobbe’s book, but it is very clear to me that Knobbe is the 21st century equivalent of Dr. Price. The difference is that Price focused on the teeth and general physical degenerative diseases, like arthritis and cancer, whereas Knobbe is concentrated on his specialty, the eyes. But their findings are nearly identical: Industrially processed food is the root of most chronic disease. The first chapter is available free of charge on, where you can also order the book. Knobbe says, “Ultimately … the next step I want to do is to … physically go out into the world and evaluate … the few niches around the world that are still consuming ancestral diets and analyze their macular degeneration,” he says. Still, without venturing into foreign lands, Knobbe has amassed a wealth of knowledge by sifting through the published research, and what he’s found is shocking. Physicians are taught that macular degeneration is an inevitable consequence of aging and genetics, primarily, and has always existed. This, it turns out, is an absolute untruth.

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The Temple of Babylon By Charles Taylor

     Wow, who thought that Pizzagate was just a conspiracy? I did. But the Epstein paedophilia controversy is breaking wide open, like a Californian earthquake! There is so much on the net that it is hard to organise all of the concentrated evil. For those who came in late, Epstein is a convicted paedophile who ran a sex island, where the rich and powerful went to have sex with underaged girls. He had a well-oiled system going, with a recruitment officer who has a story to tell herself with her past and connections. As well, on the island is a weird structure that you can look at on the YouTube reference below via a drone, which some are speculating is some sort of temple to pure evil, something out of a horror movie.  It is certainly not like any religious building we normally see. There is also a secret steel safe that staff were never allow to be around. Guess what might have been in that! Well, guess after reading some of this lot:

     The theory emerging is that Epstein may have got his money from blackmail, and this was of filming rich and powerful fools having deviant sex with underaged girls, and maybe boys. Just to show that this is not a product of my imagination, I now quote from a mainstream media source:

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Brett Stevens on the Civilizational Death Cult of Radical Individualism By James Reed

     Yes, I know that collectivism, a la communism is evil, but can we go too far in the opposite direction, and deny the obvious social nature of humans, documented in anthropology? After all, the individual is a product of culture and upbringing, and did not create language himself as a baby. People are born into traditions, and have a racial and ethnic background.  Sure, identity politics has taken this to extremes, but it does not follow that extreme individualism, as seen in neo-liberalism is therefore correct. Anglo-Saxon culture has embraced this deracinated, de-cultured liberal view of the world, and consequently the Anglo-world has fallen to those who work as tribal teams as documented here by Eric Kaufmann in The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America (2004), and Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of white Minorities (2016). Yes, we cannot even document our own demise, we have become so deracinated by White pathology.

     Brett Stevens, who is a leading dissent Right critic of diversity, has this to say:

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Get Back, Get Back to Where You Once Belonged By Charles Taylor

     Theme song from the Beatles, Get Back (1969):

     While Hillary Clinton has been openly inciting migrant to violate immigration laws, “Clinton joins other Left-wing groups and Democratic lawmakers in advising illegal immigrants how to avoid arrest and what to do if approached by ICE agents. Hillary even posted instructions on her Twitter account in Spanish.”

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