Taliban Loves Americans So Much that They do not Want to Let the Remainders Go! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

American hostages of the Taliban? Beijingo Biden’s answer will be to simply cave into Taliban demands and give them as much money and weapons as they want.  Life is so much easier when one lives as a traitor.


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No Economy for You, the Unclean, the Unvaccinated! By James Reed

Looks like my earlier article on how the New World order will be rolled in, is unfortunately turning out to be true. Just consider what Chairman Dan has said, a man who never minces words.


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Satanists and Abortion By Mrs Vera West

The US left are turning to the Satanists to get support for universal abortion, that is, abortion right up until possible birth, or infanticide, just the way they like it. It really shows the Left’s true colours, and what they ultimately are – Satanic! Remember, birds of a (dark) feather stick together.


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More Coming Joys from Diversity By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Afghan refugees promise to deliver diversity, a gift from the gods, in spades, set to enrich the West even more than the last gifts from the last failed war.


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Long Vaccine Dangers By Brian Simpson

Long Covid is being advanced as something of an argument against reliance on natural immunity over vaccines. However, even if long Covid, as discussed in a previous blog post, is a problem, with effects such as brain fog and aches, the long-term adverse effects from the vaccines is definitely a concern, as detailed at length by Dr Mercola.


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Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Great Reset to the Covid New World Order By James Reed

In a nutshell, this is how I see it going. The crash of the economies, at least the economies of normies, not Big Tech and Big Everything else, along with crippling food prices, then shortages, if not starvation, will lead to the instalment of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBCD), to replace paper money. This will be controlled by the totalitarian governments, and in turn controlled by the rulers of the New World Order, the ones above the 1 percenters, whoever they are, we never see or hear about them. They rule from the shadows. Anyway, this CBCD system will be rolled in with the same frantic necessity as all the Covid freak-out stuff, and the people will be craving for it, after much suffering. Not all, but the vast majority.


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Vaccines as a New Purity Test By James Reed

This article follows right on from the last line of Brian’s one on the ambulance guys, and the claim that the medic-police state is here now. Dr Mercola does not exactly describe it that way, but gives evidence along the same lines. I still have all of the old New World Order books from the League, and while all good and prophetic, what we have now has gone beyond some of those dire predictions, and the medic-fascists are just getting started. What we have seen in Sydney is a warm-up. Wait until the next bug is released!


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Ambulance Paramedics Fight Back! By Brian Simpson

This has the system worried; Victorian ambulance paramedics are declining the Covid-19 jab. Now it is expected that crazy old Right Wing fringe dwelling billy goats like yours truly might do that sort of thing, but this strata of society is sophisticated, with medical training, widely defined. So, what do they know that I don’t? Please explain the explanation, please!


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Do as We Tell You; Not as We do, as We Rule! By James Reed

There is one rule for the rulers, and that is, that they make the rules. We, the peasants, are to be treated as one would clay, to be moulded, or as dust on the floor, to be swept away, after first being stomped on.


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Gang Rapes in Germany By Richard Miller (London)

Here is an update on the splendour of diversity, its enrichment, how, as the CCP put it in another context of its promotion of social credit, it allows everyone to roam freely “under heaven.”


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Is a Chinese Style “Social Credit’ in Australia? By James Reed

We here at Alor.org object to the Chinese government using the expression “social credit,” and I have sent my protest, telling the CCP that the great Major Douglas was there first. So, expect results. But in the meantime, we have the reality that a form of totalitarian control has crept over Australia. The below discussion gives an excellent overview, but it is seen most clearly with the Covid control society, which Australia has adopted; even the CCP has remarked that Australia has gone beyond even them! Freedom lovers, we are in deep trouble. But long ago, I told you this was coming, but no-one listens to uncle Jimmy.


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The Curse of Face Masks By Peter West

Wearing face masks is the new normal. Depending upon what state of the totalitarian republic of terror Australia you are in, one could get either a warning, or be near beaten to death, then drawn and quartered in the public square, to the cheers of a mob of crazed mask-wearing fanatics, your fellows, with eyes on stalks. No, I exaggerate in a literary flourish; it is not that bad yet, for the hypothetical/metaphorical mRNA mutation causing eyes to grow on stalks has not yet occurred!  But seriously, masks pose health and environmental risks.


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The Abortion Production Line By Charles Taylor (Florida)

While writing this I am listening to the bitter sweet music of Canon in D by Pachelbel. Reflecting, I think it is time for God to end the human story, no joke. We have reached peak evil. Even so-called friends, family and allies betray one. No good deed goes unpunished; no good work appreciated. Then we have this:


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Medical Mania on Climate Change By James Reed

A trend that began before Covid was the politically correct activism of the medical profession, especially of academic medicine. This was seen with climate change, then it went a bit quiet while they jumped on the Covid band wagon. Now it is back, joining hands. The order is to radically transform society quite along socialist lines. It must be opposed, or we are doomed.


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A Lack of Balance By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The January 6 peaceful protesters are still being held in complete violation of their human rights, complete with torture. Yet we have this, someone fires on cops, and it is just self-defence … which is could be, despite the optics. Whether the self-defence claim is right or wrong does not concern me, it is the question of balance, given that the January 6 protesters were invited by the authorities into the Capitol Building, and nobody used any weapons, although one cop cold-bloodedly executed Ashli Babbitt. Looking at America’s decline today, I am sorry that I fought in Afghanistan that is sure. The battle now is against enemies both foreign and domestic who rule us.


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The Issue of Long Covid By Brian Simpson

I have a friend who has a little critical faculty left, but if he sees something on the sacred ABC, he is immediately under a spell, and must believe. Maybe he believes everything on TV, I don’t know, there are various levels of stupidity. His latest fear is “long Covid,” and he thinks that this is the best argument for a vaccination. Is it? First let’s hear what it is, then examine the phenomenon.


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Why the Left Hates “The Lord of the Rings” By James Reed

The Lord of the Rings is a perennially relevant tale of old school good versus evil. It has clear moral boundaries. It has true heroes who are prepared to fight for righteousness. There are no transgender characters. Is there any reason at all for the Left to like anything about The Lord of the Rings?


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Tumbling into the Non-White Future By Chris Knight (Florida)

With the white population of America sliding down the slippery slope to minority status, it is somewhat depressing to see the results of a recent Pew Research Canter survey indicating that six-in-ten white American see the declining demographic of their ethno-racial group as neither good nor bad. As the article below from Occidental Observer.net points out, these whites believe that their position, and indeed security in society is not going to change. But the events of 2020 with the BLM riots, and in 2021, the declaration of “war” made by the Beijing Biden regime against American whites, indicate that the future is going to be more like South Africa for these dumb whites who care more about consumer comfort and satisfaction of interests and wants, rather than anything beyond their selves. In the future don’t care, will be forced to care.


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Doing a Job on the Vikings By Brian Simpson

Ever since white nationalists used Viking metaphors, the system has been in over-drive to deconstruct the Vikings. As I covered in an Alor.org paper in December 2020 (use the wonderful Alor.org search engine) we have seen things like transgender Vikings, Muslim Vikings, and anything to legitimated mass migration into Scandinavia, as their part of the Great Replacement.

Now comes the claim that being a Viking was a job description, not a matter of being a Norseman, or heredity. The genetic study of Viking-style graves has allegedly revealed that there were Vikings in the Orkney islands, Estonia, and other places, who had no Scandinavian DNA. There was even found a Saami skeleton. However, it is admitted that various people were so impressed by the Scandinavian Vikings that they took up Viking ways, and this is what is found in the graves. It is even possible that Vikings, as basically pirates, may have taken in various non-Nordic individuals who impressed them, just like organised crime gangs do today, while maintaining an elite ethno-racial core. So what? It does not show that Vikings were all Africans, or Muslims,  which I suppose is that the woke want.

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Welcome to the De Facto Vaccine Passport: It’s Here! By James Reed

Without a legal challenge, which will probably never come because it takes an eternity for lawyers on our side to get their act to together, let alone act, business has moved to have the de facto vaccine passport. Not only businesses, but churches too are caught up in the social madness. To save readers hours surfing the net, here is all the misery in one article:


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