Hope for Gen Z Boys After All! By Mrs Vera West

Well, maybe there is hope for the future generations, all other things like mass immigration and global nuclear war aside. At present, even within freedom movement circles, a critique of feminism, is something only the brave will conduct, and then is best only done by the few women, usually traditional Christians, who are not in the system that has been geared towards "girl power." From the education system, from kindy to university, to business and law, the gender agenda has made its mark upon civilisation. At a grass roots level, if one examines social media, even a tame source like YouTube, one can find a growing male anger at the attack upon traditional manhood which has occurred by the dominance of the Left in culture. There are female critics of feminism as well, such as Pearl Davis, who are saying much the same, perhaps even more radical than the blokes. Even finding a girlfriend has become a mine field for young men, particularly Gen Z; Pearl sees the task of finding a decent wife today for young men almost impossible.

Thus, it is no wonder that these young men are slowly turning against feminism, and indeed the entire women's lib thing, as detailed here:



All I can say, is what has taken it so long? Just as with the race issues, this is an unnatural philosophy which has been imposed upon the West by the globalist elite, first to atomise social relationships and create consumers at an individual rather than family level. Second, all the feminist and liberation agendas, such as abortion up until birth, sexual promiscuity and the undermining of marriage through no-fault divorce, fit perfectly into the program of the Great White Replacement, to extinguish Whites in the longer term from a crash in births. Only thing is that the program works too well, and advances in East Asia, where women have fully embraced work over family, is leading, even in the case of China and South Korea, to a crash in the birth rates worse than in the West.

All of these problems, which constitute real existential threats, have an origin in feminism and globalist, Leftist anti-traditional philosophies. Combatting this is extremely difficult, as things have been let go for over half a century. It is as if one had let one's garden go for decades, and then came back to it wanting to grow potatoes, only to find a jungle of weeds. The entire garden may need to be put under rotary hoe. Ah, fond memories of dad's old Gem rotary hoe, with its iconic orange paint job! 



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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