More Proof of US Voting Fraud! By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

This analysis from Zerohedge, shows that there are further statistical irregularities in the voting, this time, a signal of fraud being the improbable violation of the “vote down the ticket” rule, where most voters, being dumbos, support both the presidential and Senate candidates. This rule has been massively violated with the Biden vote, indicating fraud:

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Gregory Hood is Optimistic in Our Dismal Black Pill Dregs of Defeat; Who is Right? By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

While we have taken a black pill negative view of the obvious Trump defeat by electoral fraud, there are appearing cheer-us-up articles by conservatives and nationalists, saying that the view taken by us is unwarranted. So, in the sake of objectivity, here is Gregory Hood putting his case. He may be right, and we wrong; only time will tell.

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“It’s Not Who Votes that Counts. It’s Who Counts the Votes.” By James Reed

The title of this article is taken from a quote from USSR communist Stalin. It is profound, since nobody knew totalitarianism better than him, and he saw that this does not need a communist framework to work. The two party system is just as totalitarian, giving people no real choice, and I think it was the late Australian scientist, Sir Mark Oliphant who spoke of our elected dictatorship: “In Australia we no longer have a democracy, we have an elected dictatorship. We elect a political party one day every three years and the rest of the time, it dictates to us.”

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How Common are Beautiful Interracial Relationships and Marriage? By Brian Simpson

Being laid up from surgery to repair a shattered knee from a sporting accident at school, where taking a soccer class, I foolishly tried to out-match the leading African Australian student, and ended up doing my knee in, I have watched some TV and Netflicks when I can’t do any more articles. I was impressed by the level of interracial pairings in TV shows and advertising, not in any way saying that this is a bad thing, no sir, three bags full sir. But the bias was to portray Nordic white women and Black guys. There was no other real pairs matched, such as Black women and Asian men, or Asian women and Black men, maybe the odd effeminate White dude with a hot Black woman, which seemed really odd. Why would such a woman go for this loser?  So why do you think all this is, does it represent reality? I did not know, and soon forgot about it.

Anyway, TV bored and disgusted me for various other reasons, so I got back to writing articles for blog, what else can I do as an invalid? My wife dropped the next pile of photocopies to go through, on the bed next to the bed pan. I then came across some interesting material on interracialism:

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For the Left, Truth is Toxic By James Reed

With the greatest electoral fraud in human history now unfolding, it is time for philosophical reflection by those of us not in America, because we are safe for a time, to speculate, until the fall of America unleashes, China threat, but I digress. Nick Cohen had something interesting to say about the left’s attitude to truth: “someone once said (it may have been me) that while the left looks for traitors the right looks for converts. Only in Britain’s centre ground, however, are converts treated as traitors.”

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Transgender, Multicultural Vikings? Refuting Pseudoscience Parts I, II, and III By Brian Simpson Part II: Multicultural Vikings?

As pointed out by Robert Hampton, in his article, “Multicultural Vikings”:


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The Greatest Electoral Fraud in History: Time Now for Accelerationism! By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

We were getting ready to crack open a bottle on non-alcoholic bubbly on election night, as it looked like President Trump was heading for a massive electoral victory. Then before our very eyes, the election began to be stolen, as voting fraud began in a frenzy. Several states stopped counting, even though they were previously on track to soon finish up tallying the votes. Then these states flipped from Trump to Biden, with two states, Wisconsin and Michigan that were called for Trump, now going to Biden. There was a reported 200,000, now revised down to 184,000 votes, suddenly found in Michigan, just materialising out of, well, guess where? And the miraculous thing about this is that 100 percent of these votes were for Biden! That’s right, not even one Trump vote! This is so improbable, that fraud is the only explanation. The probability of not one Trump vote, in a knife edge election is virtually zero, equivalent to a team of monkeys banging on keyboards, producing the plays of Shakespeare. You see there is about a .5 or 1/2 probability of either a Trump or a Biden vote. Over 184,000 statistical trials, the probability of zero Trump votes is 1/2184,000 which would not occur randomly in the entire history of the universe. There are estimated to be 1082  atoms in the observable universe, so that gives an idea of the smallness of the probability estimate for the “no Trump vote” scenario. Big mistake there, don’t mess with mathematical probability.,10%2082%20atoms%20in%20the%20known%2C%20observable%20universe.

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Coronavirus Mutation in Danish Mink By Richard Miller

Just in case this news item did not reach you Aussies, looks like the coronavirus is on the march:

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A Genetic Map of the British Isles By Brian Simpson

This study goes back to 2015, the “People of the British Isles Study”: S. Leslie (et al.), “The Fine-Scale Genetic Structure of the British Population,” Nature, vol. 519, 2015, carried out by University College London, and the Murdoch Children’ Research Institute. The study found that the British people are still basically living in the same tribes that they were in the 7th century. Prior to the mass migrations of the 20th century, there were distinct groups of genetically similar individuals, geographically close together.

DNA samples were taken from over 2,039 UK people, and compared to the DNA of over 6,000 present day Europeans. It was found that genetically similar individuals were still inhabiting the same regions that their ancestors inhabited at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasions, indicating a remarkable genetic stability over the last 1,400 years. People in central and southern England had a significant DNA contribution from the Anglo-Saxons, but because of the genetic similarities between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, it was not possible to separate the Viking genetic contribution.

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The Metaphysics of the Indo-Europeans By Brian Simpson

As I go through my anthropology file, I am coming across fascinating material which is just as well, as post-US election it is very much the eye of the storm, and there is not much other news. Still, as many get ready to meet their maker, this is an excellent time for reflection.

I have written about the Indo-Europeans, or Aryans as they used to be called prior to World War II. They are one of the three groups who came to comprise, genetically modern Northern Europeans. This issue has been discussed by L. A. Waddell, The Makers of Civilization in Race and History, (1929), and by Roger Pearson, Early Civilisations of the Nordic Peoples, (1965). Waddell saw the Indo-Europeans contributing to the Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian civilisations, something supported more recently by Arthur Kemp, in The Children of Ra (2019):

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Home Maintenance, and Renovation, During the Civil War By John Steele

I saw this amusing piece about what one should do, if American, and later here in Oz, when the urban terrorist come to one’s house, by my favourite martial arts writer, James LaFond. I hope it gets a chuckle. Our councils will definitely not approve most of these measures, but I suppose it is for a time, without rule of law, or local law, maybe only warlord/antifa “law”?

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Hoist with His Own Petard By Chris Knight

I did not expect that post-election in Florida we would face boredom, as the Left await the signal to go berserk. Anyway, with nothing much happening, and the internet still working, I have been going through Charles’ files of articles and notes. He is too busy manically cleaning his guns to write, so here I go.

I saw this quote from Louis T. March, Immigration and the End of Self-Government, (1999). According to former US Congressman Robert Dornan (Republican- CA): “I want to see America stay a nation of immigrants. And if we lose our Northern European stock – your colouring and mine, blue eyes and fair hair – tough.”

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The Finnish Race By Brian Simpson

Continuing our anthropology series during this lull before a massive poetical, sorry, political, storm, I consider this interesting piece on the Finnish race, who have special qualities:

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Transgender, Multicultural Vikings? Refuting Pseudoscience Parts I, II, and III By Brian Simpson Part I


Professor Ricardo Duchesne, in his paper, “Deceptive Use of Scientific Data to Promote Ethnocide of Europeans,” 9 October, 26, 2017):

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Magic Bags of Votes from Santa By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor


The open fraud in the US election is a clear demonstration of the power of the elites, with the media working to cover everything up. We have been given a glimpse of how the West works, looking inside a corrupt machine. Just consider this for example:

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Post-Election Chaos USA: The Great American Coup By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

Things are quite here in Florida, and pretty much the rest of the US, the lull before a massive storm, since even though Trump has claimed victory, everybody knows that with the postal vote fraud, the Democrats have stolen it for Biden, which means President Karma Harris. It is doubtful that the Supreme Court will come to Trump’s aid. He is basically finished, which was totally predictable. Breitbart warned in 2016 that electoral fraud would occur, and Trump did little to save himself from his fate, basking in his huge ego, and doing his best for other nations. The man is fundamentally stupid, but that is how democracy in America ends.


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HIV, Nordics and the Gene CCR5-Delta 32 By Brian Simpson

Going through my race/genetics folder, I came across articles I had kept on the CCR5-Delta 32 gene. Why do this? Well, from my cuttings, CCR5-Delta 32 provides protection against the HIV virus, preventing HIV from entering the cells of the immune system. What is interesting from an ethno-racial perspective, is that the highest levels of this gene are fund in Scandinavia with relatively lower levels in the Mediterranean. The gene is found in Europeans, and is rare, or totally absent in other populations, such as East Asians and Africans.

There are various hypotheses about how this HIV immunity gene arose, such as a response of Europeans to the plague, or that people under ancient Roman rule, somehow lost their immunity, perhaps because the Romans from their travels introduced a disease that the Nordics carrying CCR5-Delta 32 were highly susceptible to.

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Europe, the Birthplace of Mankind, Not Africa! By Brian Simpson

Europe was the birthplace of the human race, not Africa, contrary to the mainstream Out of Africa ideology. This ideology, used to foster one worldism, is challenged by two fossil found in Bulgaria and Greece, dated to 7.2 million years ago. This human ancestor, named, Graecopithecus freybergi, demonstrates that humans were evolving in Europe 200,000 years before the hominids of Africa. These beings lived on an open savannah, and this led to the evolution of bipedalism, to aid in finding food supplies. The dry and hard vegetation, led to Graecopithecus having wide molars with thick enamel.

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In the West’s Darkest Hour: The Victory of Hermann Over the Roman Legions By Brian Simpson

At this time of the West’s darkest hour, where the wind of neglect that was sown, now is reaped as a whirlwind that threatens everything, perhaps it will ease the dark night of the racial soul, to reflect upon victories of the past that were secured against seemingly overwhelming odds.

One of the great victories, against the odds, was that of Arminius (18/17BC - AD 21), also known as Hermann of the Cherusci, who was a chief of the Germanic Cherusci. He  was captured as a youth and rose through the Roman ranks to serve as a commander of the Roman auxiliary forces. He had grown concerned about Rome’s intention to crush the Germanics, and he journeyed to Germanic territory to organise the disputing tribes into a solid fighting force.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury Wants to Abandon the White Jesus! By Peter West and Brian Simpson

During this relatively slow news period, the lull before the storm, while we await civil war in America, with both Trump and Biden claiming victory, we consider pieces that we did not get to in the year, having to keep up with the news, summarise masses of material daily, and get it all down into a concise article, then on to the next one, like a production line. It is what it is. So, here is the story:

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