A Failure of Intellectual Nerve By James Reed

I am not surprised. According to Retraction Watch, “Elsevier Journal to Retract 2012 Paper widely Derided as Racist”:


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Do All Blue-Eyed Humans Have a Single Common Ancestor? By Brian Simpson

This story goes that once upon a time in a land, far, far away, everybody had brown eyes, but a genetic mutation affecting the OCA2 gene resulted in the creation of a “switch” on a gene adjacent to the OCA2 gene, reducing the production of P protein, and the level of melanin in the iris, making brown eyes blue, so to speak: H. Eiberg (et al.), “Blue Eye Color in Humans May be Caused by a Perfectly Associated Founder Mutation in a Regulatory Element Located within the HERC2 Gene Inhibiting OCA2 Expression,” Human Genetics, vol. 123 (2), 2008: 177.

          The argument is that the variation in eye colour from brown to green is due to the quantity of melanin in the iris. Allegedly people with blue eyes have only a small variation in melanin levels. “From this we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor. They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in their DNA,” according to Eiberg.

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The World’s Oldest Calendar By Brian Simpson

Archaeology has been, since the post-World War II period, biased against seeing the Northern European people in pre-history as having made any significant scientific advances at all. They were savages compared to the enlightened south. But that bigotry was always a problem, given that Stonehenge was constructed as an astronomical observatory, and the massive megaliths were moved about 180 miles from the origin site to where the stones are today. Without modern machinery this was a great feat of primitive engineering and man power, so much so that popular books like Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods? (1968), hypothesised that it was the work of an extra-terrestrial civilisation! Why such an advanced civilisation would bother moving rocks, rather than introduce the people to high tech, is a mystery.

          This story dates back a few years, but is worth repeating. The world’s oldest calendar was found in a field at Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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The Multiculturalism of Snow By Brian Simpson

Cleaning out my race/archaeology files, I came across this little gem that literally had fallen through the cracks, from the now defunct little journal Renewal, June 2018, p. 7. We have been told how limited the English language is, with a classic example being that allegedly the Eskimo languages have an unusually large number of words describing snow, perhaps 100. This alleged fact was used by the cultural Marxist anthropologist Franz Boas in his anti-white agenda, to deflate especially Nordic achievements, and allegedly show that the Inuit were vastly smarter than Northern Europeans. So, just roll over and die accepting the Great Replacement by mass migration. The snow claim is frequently made by others with the same agenda.

          However, the article notes, this is not so: “Researchers at the university of Glasgow have been compiling a list of words in the Lowland Scottish dialect of English for a new publication to be called Historical Thesaurus of Scots. So far they have garnered 421 terms relating to ‘snow’ and the list is growing. These include ‘spitters,’ small drops of wind-driven snow; ‘findriken,’ a light snow shower, and ‘snow-ghoist,’ an apparition seen in the snow.

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The Great Reset By James Reed

The next big thing by the tyrannical elites to continue their relentless attack upon us, is the Great Reset, like the Great Replacement, but perhaps more comprehensive. The elites even refer to it with capital letters, so they must be serious. The great reset is a new social contract based upon technocracy, where every facet of your life will be under technocratic control. The Covid-19 lockdowns was a test run for this. The following extract from a brilliant article by Dr Mercola joins all of the dots and gives us a vision of the total surveillance society that the elites have planned for us.


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The Lewontin Fallacy in Medicine By Brian Simpson

The politically correct woke nonsense to be discussed here, is pre-Covid-19, dating back to 2019, which as we will see is somewhat ironic, given emerging evidence of a racial link to Covid-19 susceptibility. Anyway, a major US medical conference heard biologists and anthropologists proclaim that that race is not a legitimate medical category, since, in short, races do not exist as discrete entities (what does?), and even so must be social constructions because, well, White racism, racial prejudice and all that jazz, as general health warnings, such as to African Americans over heart disease, may fuel racial prejudice, and one thing leads to another in an infinite chain of racist causation, with  cops shooting people for trying to murder them with a knife, and members of the tribe burning and looting cities, as seen in Philadelphia late October 2020. It happens because, “orange man bad.”


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Is Red Hair Now a Disease? By Brian Simpson

I have had this Nordic racial article to do for some time now, but with all the excitement of the coming collapse of the West, China war, the rise of communist totalitarianism, medical fascism, and probably other things which slip my disc, I did not get to it until now. Disclaimer; I have red hair, well, now mainly grey, but I am a defender of gingers until the end.

          The claim I am going after is that red hair may have a genetic connection to melanoma and Parkinson’s disease. Well, just imagine if the claim was made about African American hair, or even the black hair of the Chinese. Whoooooa! But, red heads, they won’t bite back. Think again, buddy.

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Food Shortages in China By John Steele

There are reports of a looming food shortage in China. Not to worry, for colonial outposts like Australia really don’t have much use for food, and hell, we have an obesity epidemic, so going without could be seen, from a cultural Marxist perspective, as golly good for our souls, if not hearts.


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The Rigging of the Covid-19 Trials? By Mrs Vera West

We have not heard much about the magical Covid-19 vaccine, largely because of the difficulties of getting it to work. Here is Dr Mercola informing us of the messy politics behind the trials. Disclaimer, I am just reporting not offering medical or health advice!


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Why Go with a Senile Presidential Candidate? By Chris Knight

Recently Joe Biden has continued to have senile moments, forgetting Trump’s name and calling him “George,” presumably thinking of George Bush, as well as the Freudian slip, of saying that the Democrats are running the “most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Well, at least he said something true!


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Obama Loves Antifa By Charles Taylor

It is predictable. The so-called respectable face of the US Left, like Obama, are whitewashing, or is it now blackwashing (?), the deeds of antifa, and BLM, redefining them as civil rights heroes. If these monster win, as was done in Russia in 1917, and with crusty old Chairman Mao, all of history will be rewritten. Forget about your pet financial hobby; we are not going to be breathing, Pol Pot style.


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Will America, With Joe Biden, Get its First Chinese Communist President? By Charles Taylor

The revelations of evil associated with the Biden family are coming fast now. Each day there is another shocker. Today, it looks like the family has worked with a communist spy chief. Say, isn’t that a threat to the national interest? Not really since the aim of the Left now is for total Chinese communist world domination, and if Biden wins, we could have this in months. People out there in the green leafy suburbs need to take note, the commo tsunami is fast approaching.


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After the US Election: Social Chaos By Chris Knight

By way of summary, having spent days watching videos and reading articles, too much work to reproduce, but the essence is clear that Trump is likely to win on election night, but the Democrats will steal the election by both a voting scam coup, and mass violence the likes of which the West has never seen, which for all effective purposes will be a civil war. A good summary of this has been given by Michelle Malkin:


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The British Child Grooming Rape Saga Continues By Mrs Vera West

How pathological has modern Britain become, when, after cover-ups by the police, who are ever-ready to bash Covid-1984 lockdowns, finally have a report into the grooming and mass rapes of over one million white children, only to have the report hosed down because of fears of racism. All this anti-white extremism by the system is going to do is to push normie people further to the far Right.


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Hunting Hunter Biden’s Paedophilic Laptop By Chris Knight

There are a continuous series of more horrific revelations about the Hunter Biden laptop, which are not getting any discussion in the legacy media, surprise, surprise. Material supporting this is given below, but I have also heard a video claiming that Joe Biden, while vice president, knew about these sordid details and covered it up, or did nothing, even though Biden was responsible for tens of thousands of men being imprisoned. We will hope to see if this is confirmed or not. And why is none of this being denied? Well, they certainly were not fooling calling old Joe, the VICE president!


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The Great Feminist Hotel By Mrs Vera West


          For us, it sounds like something that one would find in hell … a feminist hotel, full of all the symbols of cultural Marxism:

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UK Police to Smash Christmas and Recalcitrant Grannies. By Richard Miller

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner says officers will enter homes and separate households if necessary, if the rule of 6 is broken. That means that the police will break into homes and grab granny, smashing her face into the Christmas turkey, then dragging her off for medieval torture and execution. No, wait, it is not quite at that level, even though police breaking windows and dragging people over broken glass is getting close.


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New Fun Times Coviddy-2 Hoarding By John Steele

While Melbourne is still in lockdown, in the US they are getting ready for another round of Covid-madness. People are buying up big all matter of guns and ammo by the truck load, preparing for civil war, but now there is the hoarding for yet another virus run, like Chicken Run, but not fun. Will the civil war have to be cancelled, or postponed because of the plague to end all plagues, the virus that gives, and keeps on giving? Don’t know.


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Biden Money Laundering By Chris Knight

The Hunter Biden lap top continues to deliver what should be totally destructive impact upon Joe Biden each day, given our death by association world. Of course, the mainstream media are not covering this, but that may not matter much, with the internet becoming a rich source to replace the legacy media, even with Big Tech censorship. The truth will out.


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Just be Glad You are Not in China! By Mrs Vera West

China is not even bothering with Covid-19 clinical trials, but is just jabbing away. After all, if you die there, you die, and if there are injuries, well that is simply bad luck. Talk about, no worries, she’ll be right, mate!


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