Hollywood’s The Hunt is about Killing People Like You and Me, But it is Not Race Hate! By Chris Knight

     You have to smirk at the sheer cheek, insolence, audacity … there is no English word summing it up, but other languages have it … of Hollywood, which right at the moment going full moral high ground about shooting, guns hate, all that stuff. It has in its bowels a movie about elites hunting down and killing for sport, deplorables, Trump supporters; The Hunt. Here is what I know about it:

“A new thriller by Universal Studios called “The Hunt” has been met with fury in the wake of two politically motivated mass shootings. The horrifying plot features liberal “elites” who go to a resort called The Manor where they are able to hunt down and brutally murder a dozen “deplorables.”

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Trump the Democrat President By Charles Taylor

     Present American politics is fascinating because it exposes the deep underbelly of hyper-corruption that is the modern state. People, the ordinary sheeple, believe a stated reality, that all sheep are like them. But, many sheep are simply wolves, who circle round and periodically feed off of the masses. Thus, the narrative goes that Trump is some sort of nationalist, who is striving to control border invasions, and create jobs for Americans. But the reality is that he has done more for a foreign country than America, not to say that this is bad in itself, and that place is not Russia, as the progressives say.  Then he tweets about having the largest legal immigration intake of all time:

"We want to allow millions of people to come in . . . We have to have legal immigration, not illegal immigration." 1:03 AM - Aug 8, 2019

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Training in the New Sport of Sheep Squatting! Time for Aussie Men to Get as Tough as the Siberians! By John Steele

     It seems that the noble art of sheep squatting is taken very seriously in Siberia, and has been practiced for 1,000 years. Recently, Swiss archaeologist Dr Gino Caspari, 32, won the southern Siberian sheep squatting contest, achieving 104 squats with a live sheep on his back.

     Now, this seems to me to be an even better sport for Australia and New Zealand, for we are sheep obsessed too. And, I do not think it would be hard to break the squat done by Dr Caspari. Even at my age, I can knock out 1,000 body weight deep squats, and with a barbell, did 100 kgs in one set, 100 reps., about a week ago, before being admitted to hospital. So, I will eat that record, and younger guys will be light years ahead, perhaps not even needing to go to hospital afterwards.

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Ethno-Masochism Unlimited By Paul Walker

     When you are a precious snowflake with wealth security, it is possible to climb to the high moral ground, and virtue signal. Oh, I hate my white privilege. How many academics have said this in lecture theatres across the West, including Australia today, then travelled home to comfort and security? All of them!

“Hollywood Actress Rosanna Arquette is apologizing for being born white, saying she’s ashamed of the privilege she believes her skin brings. “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame,” the Pulp Fiction actor said on Wednesday. It’s not clear exactly why the award-winning actress, whose net worth is estimated at about $9 million, announced her shame for being white. But the Crashing star is certainly no stranger to outrageous statements.”

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Ann Coulter Demolishes the Latest Left Narrative By Chris Knight

     Here is a great article by the ever-brilliant beauty and brains, Ann Coulter, demolishing all the bs made by the new class about the present shooting debate. It is worth reading before it disappears in the cesspool of the internet:

“There were two horrifying mass shootings recently, but our media are fixated on only one — the one in El Paso, Texas — because the shooter, Patrick Crusius, issued a “manifesto” that contained some of the same arguments made by Trump about illegal immigration. Crusius began: “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” Wait a second! Didn’t Trump use the word “invasion” to describe our wide-open border? Why, that makes him a co-conspirator in the white supremacist’s slaughter! Of course, if we believe the part of Crusius’ manifesto that talks about an “invasion,” I don’t know why we’re required to disbelieve the part where he says his ideas have nothing to do with Trump — or the part where he denies being a “white supremacist.” But those are the rules. A white supremacist, who committed mass murder in El Paso, made arguments that “echoed” those made by President Trump — and pay no attention to the avowed socialist and Elizabeth Warren-supporter who committed a mass shooting in Dayton later that day. The hunt is on to find anyone who has ever used the I-word about illegal immigration.

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Oh No! Now They are Destroying Once Green and Beautiful Ireland By Bruce Bennett

     Being Irish from my dear long departed mother’s side, the thought of the green and beautiful land of Ireland being worked over by the globalist death cult, is like a kick to the stomach. But, it is happening, and Ireland is set to “ban cars,” which is a bit different from the usual banning of guns, knives, rocks, sticks, free thought, and embrace the sheer magic of mass Third World immigration, as one headline has put it:

“Drivers will be forced off the roads in Ireland and the population packed into “higher density” cities under a long-awaited climate plan which will ‘revolutionise’ people’s lifestyle and behaviours, according to local media. “Nudge” policies such as huge tax hikes, as well as bans and red tape outlined in the plan, will pave the way to a “vibrant” Ireland of zero carbon emissions by 2050 according to the government, which last year committed to boost the country’s 4.7 million-strong population by a further million with mass migration. In order to avert a “climate apocalypse”, the government plans to force people “out of private cars because they are the biggest offenders for emissions”, according to transport minister Shane Ross whose proposals — which include banning fossil fuel vehicles from towns and cities nationwide — are posed to cripple ordinary motorists, local media reports. Launching the plan in Dublin, leader Leo Varadkar outlined his vision for an Ireland of ‘higher density’ cities consisting of populations whose lifestyles and behaviours have been totally transformed by ‘carrot and stick’ policies outlined in the climate plan. “Our approach will be to nudge people and businesses to change behaviour and adapt new technologies through incentives, disincentives, regulations and information,” the globalist prime minister said. “We are going to change how electricity is produced and consumed, how our homes and workplaces are heated; the way we travel; the types of vehicles we purchase; and how food is produced.”

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Gay People Kissing? Hungarian Hostility By Mrs Vera West

     This is utterly shocking:

“Coca-Cola has featured same-sex couples kissing in commercials over bottles of the major soft drink in Hungary. And politicians and conservative activists are furious. The ads have been splashed on billboards as well as the company’s Hungarian Facebook page. They show couples sharing a cold drink for the “Love is Love” campaign accompanied with slogans such as “Zero Sugar, Zero Prejudice”. A politician from the ruling Fidesz party as well as conservative media outlets have called for the drink maker to be boycotted.”

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Is White Racism Responsible for Pre-Contact South American Hyper-Violence? By Brian Simpson

     The Left have established the narrative that Whites are responsible for violence seen in non-Western countries because … well… racism …colonialism. Yes, but what about violence that occurred in non-white societies before contact with the demonic whites, assuming that the laws of causality and the arrow of time still hold in a politically correct universe.? There is a problem for their narrative:

“A hieroglyphic inscription found in an ancient Maya city now reveals kingdoms making up this civilization waged extraordinarily destructive warfare much earlier than previously thought, a new study finds. These findings may shed light on what may or may not have brought about the end of the Maya empire, researchers said. The ancient Maya civilization encompassed an area twice the size of Germany, occupying what is now southern Mexico and northern Central America. At the height of the Maya empire, known as the Classic period, which stretched from about A.D. 250 to at least 900, perhaps as many as 25 million people lived in the region, potentially rivaling the population density of medieval Europe An escalation of violence may have also played a role in the Maya downfall. Previous research suggested that during the Classic period, warfare among the ancient Maya was mostly ritualized and limited in scope, with strict rules of engagement centered on procuring elite captives for tribute and ransom and minimal involvement of noncombatants.

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Fear Mass Immigration, Not climate Change By James Reed

     Europeans are not concerned much abut climate change, whatever that means but mass immigration is an existential threat, well, maybe that is exaggerating, but, still a threat:

“While climate change is growing in the public consciousness, migration is still the major issue for more EU citizens, according to the results of the European Commission's biannual Eurobarometer public opinion survey. Migration remains the top concern across the European Union, according to an EU public opinion poll, although the importance of climate change is growing. Thirty-four percent of respondents in the new Eurobarometer survey view immigration as the most pressing problem, down six percentage points from last year. However, the issue topped the list of issues in 21 member states, with Malta, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia and the Netherlands having the highest proportion of respondents ranking it most problematic. For the first time, climate change jumped to the second most important concern, with 22% of respondents mentioning it, according to the biannual poll conducted by the European Commission."

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Is mathematics Racist? Sure? Now Ban It! By Brian Simpson

     I once read a book by David Bloor, Knowledge and Social Imagery (1991), which I found in deconstructed state at a garage sale:

     This was an early work in the strong program of the sociology of knowledge arguing for a social constructionist view of mathematics. Well, that book seems mild by the wild west standards of today:

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Happy Shopping Experience: The War on Cash By James Reed

     Here is a personal entry into the coming war on cash, which I have discussed in another article; this is the sort of things that occur on the ground.

     The great tragedies of modern urban life is the loss of the corner stores where one related to the shop keeper, baker and butcher. These were destroyed by the Big supermarkets, coming in the 1960s. My father, who had a deli for one time, hated these multinationals with a passion. So, do I. End of disclosure.

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Sweden Rape… Eh… No… Feminist Trade Policy By Richard Miller

     Another look at the absolute absurdity that is Sweden, which by some miracle still exists. So, on the one hand we have feminist trade policies:

“Sweden plans to introduce a 'feminist trade policy' to ensure that female manufacturers, entrepreneurs and consumers benefit equally from trade policy. "Trade policy today benefits men more than women. Therefore, the government is now investing in a feminist trade policy that will contribute to the economic development of women and men to an equal extent," International Trade Minister Ann Linde wrote in an article published in Aftonbladet on Friday. She pointed to "inexplicable gender-coded differences in customs duties", which mean that products aimed at women typically have higher duties than those made for men. The feminist trade policy would also include a focus on gender equality in standardization issues, for example in vehicle safety. Linde states that women are 47 percent more likely than men to be injured in car accidents because safety standards are created based on male bodies. Another of the policy's aims is to simplify EU-wide trade in the service sector, which employs more women than men, in order to create more jobs and export opportunities, Sweden is well known for its feminist foreign policy, which was first launched when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's centre-left government came to power in 2014 and includes international aid for reproductive health and promotion of women's rights globally.”

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Letter to The Editor - We should not fight fanaticism with a new anti-intellectual repression

To The Age        No, I don't like the sound of "a de-Nazification campaign" or the idea of banning public display of the swastika ("No more swastikas: ban these symbols of hate", 12/8). The various examples of a "swastika epidemic" cited by Dvir Abramovich are regrettable, but hardly amount to evidence of "an unprecedented surge in anti-Semitism in our nation that is frightening in its intensity." Some of the acts may have been committed by hooligans and social pests, rather than political fanatics; and Australia is temperamentally impervious to Nazism. More seriously, a legal ban would symbolise a total rejection of Nazism. It would link up with the current de facto censorship of revisionist historians. We should not fight fanaticism with a new anti-intellectual repression. Allowing free discussion of tyrannous regimes does not mean support for the wrongdoings of those regimes; but it does respect the humanity of all concerned.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

The Governor General Forgets What His Role Is! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     The ever-relevant and hard-hitting, Andrew Bolt is spot on with this one, as usual:

“I’ve been out of the country just two days. Did I miss the memo to tear up the important convention that our (unelected) Governor-General keep out of politics?: Governor-General David Hurley says Australia must move quickly to secure constitutional recognition of Australia’s first peoples through a referendum. Stay in your lane, GG. It is not your role to play politics. You are the constituional umpire, not a player. It is certainly not your role to take a partisan stand on such a very divisive political issue, and risk trashing your ability to perform your key function - as the ultimate impartial umpire in the event of a constitutional crisis. (By the way, I suspect you'll find most Australians are against you on constitutional recognition.) Will the Prime Minister have the will to advise the Governor-General to keep his nose out of this?”

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Are You Ready for Infanticide? By Mrs Vera West

     This seems to be the goal of the NSW government, which is desperately trying to catch up to parts of the UYS in terms of radical abortionism:

“What is the point of electing a Liberal government if all it does is implement a Labor-Greens agenda? This is the question all conservative voters in NSW should be asking today as the Berejiklian government plans to ram through parliament one of the most radical abortion bills on the planet. Not only does the bill allow unborn babies to be aborted right up until the moment of birth, but it forces any doctor with a conscientious objection to refer the patient to a doctor who will carry out the abortion. It’s astonishing that such a dangerously illiberal law would be backed by a Liberal government. If it becomes law, as it probably will since it’s supported by the Premier and Opposition Leader, the government will have betrayed the people who voted for it just four months ago. As furious Liberal backbencher Kevin Connolly points out, the first most MPs knew about this bill was when Health Minister Brad Hazzard appeared at a press conference on Saturday alongside left-wing independent Alex Greenwich, the inner-city protégé of Sydney’s worst-ever Lord Mayor, Clover Moore. Hazzard actually is co-sponsoring Greenwich’s terrible bill, with the support of ersatz North Shore Liberal Felicity Wilson, and Upper House LINO (Liberal In Name Only) Trevor Khan.”

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Does Anyone See a Problem with This? By Bruce Bennett

     To serve and protect. Yes, that is fine. But should the police offer prizes for officers handing out the most fines? Could this have a possible impact upon justice, with people who are innocent, or close to the thin blue line of the law, being wrongly booked to get the numbers?

“SA Police has launched a formal review into the actions of a senior member of the force who offered a gift card as a prize for whichever officer handed out the most fines and cautions during a road safety blitz. Police revealed the incident occurred ahead of a traffic campaign that runs from Monday until Friday. “A SAPOL manager recently directed an email to some staff offering an incentive to the police officer who made the greatest contribution to road safety by way of Traffic Infringement Notice Expiations or Cautions issued as a part of the current traffic operation ‘Operation Fatal Distraction’,” it said in a statement. “The incentive offered was a gift card purchased by the manager from their own funds. Such a practice is not SAPOL policy and is not permitted. “The email instruction has been recalled and SAPOL staff have been advised that the advice in the email is not to be actioned and is contrary to SAPOL’s policy and practices.”

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The Great Toilet of London By Richard Miller

     The breakdown of Western civilisation is going according to the grand plan:

“A City of Westminster Clean Streets sign posted to Twitter reads, “This area is being monitored for street fouling. Anyone urinating or defecating may be subject to arrest.” “Welcome to London. Do not sh** in the street,” tweeted Old Holborn. Public defecation used to be more of a problem in non-European countries, but it seems to have made its way here now. The sight of feces in the streets is becoming a major problem in liberal utopias like San Francisco, and it seems it’s London’s turn for a taste of that brand of progressivism.”

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Antifa Goes to War, With the Blessings of the Deep State By Charles Taylor

     This all happened before the El Paso shooting, but may still be relevant, as Antifa are tooling up, ready for a siege, and all of the good times that flow from that:

“According to information circulating online, Antifa-aligned anarchists and activists are calling for a 10-day “siege” of El Paso, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border to conduct “militancy training” in preparation for “direct action” against — someone. Perhaps even Border Patrol or Customs and Border Protection personnel currently patrolling the border and staffing detention facilities filled with illegal aliens. At least, if the artwork accompanying a flyer announcing the event is any indication. As indy journalist Andy Ngo, who was recently criminally assaulted by Antifa supporters and members during a protest in Portland, Ore., posted on Twitter, the flyers feature images of ICE and Border Patrol agents being shot and killed with bows and arrows, as well as Molotov cocktails, while anarchists firebomb a border wall separating the U.S. and Mexico in order to allow illegals to stream in. “Antifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training tour that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, TX. The promotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed & government property fired bombed. Organizers asking for ‘white comrades’ to pay for others,” Ngo wrote.”

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Letter to The Editor - The real weakness of their ideology lies is in its disdain for the sacred

To The Age        Kristy Campion seems oblivious to the fact that much of the ideology of the Right is based on realism and truth-telling ("What drives right-wing extremists?", 10/8). For example, democracy (as Plato noted) is not always in practice of admirable nature, while egalitarianism is unjust to high achievers and bad for society generally. Moreover, whites are entitled to feel fear that their collective identity and lifestyle is at risk. Nor are right-wing activists wrong to distrust corporations and to resent media censorship and no-platforming tactics used against them. Where the real weakness of their ideology lies is in its disdain for the sacred, its tendency towards authoritarianism and, most of all, its resort to violence. In that sense, deradicalisation is a reasonable response by society, but it must be accompanied by other kinds of social and political reform too.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave 

Letter to The Editor - He is misleading to complain about "the Anglo-Celtic imprint on this nation"

To The Australian        Labor senator Pat Dodson is the latest Aboriginal leader to damage his cause ("Leaders fear loss of 'Anglo imprint'", 10-11/8). Insulting us by claiming erroneously that "Australia has very little to celebrate in its own right" apart from democracy is amazingly foolish. Has Dodson forgotten the heroism of the early explorers, the industry of the pioneers, the Anzac spirit and the proud record of our men and women at war, the dedicated leadership that led to Federation, the planting of churches across the continent, the works of our artists from Elioth Gruner and Norman Lindsay to Wlliam Dargie and John Brack, our literary tradition that runs from Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson to Patrick White and Martin Boyd? He is misleading to complain about "the Anglo-Celtic imprint on this nation". Australia really is an Anglo-Celtic nation. As for his feigned blindness to the reasons for Australians' fear of Aboriginal constitutional recognition, it is as reprehensible as his claim that there has been a longstanding failure of magnanimity towards Aboriginals. The reverse is the truth.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic