Letter to The Editor - Recognising that, they should bow to the clear majority

To The Australian        The UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove may be right ("Boris brushes off opponent's opening salvo", 12/6) that a hard Brexit approach by Boris Johnson (or whoever wins the leadership of the Conservative Party) will be defeated by a vote of no confidence in the Parliament. He should have added that such a vote would be unethical. While it may be that a majority of MPs in the House of Commons are Remainers, they were not elected to Parliament purely on the Brexit issue, but on many others. Recognising that, they should bow to the clear majority for Leave in the 2016 referendum. To do otherwise will continue the corruption of democracy that is happening in the UK.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - The PM also needs to back the country away from unnecessary and potentially harmful referendums

To The Australian        Maurice Newman sagely notes that Scott Morrison must "pursue a course more consistent with traditional Liberal Party values" ("Political elites face the wrath", 10/6). He and his colleagues also need a carefully thought out strategy to gradually shift the cultural atmosphere of Australia more to the conservative and traditional side. That is no mean challenge. Newman touches on many of the policies needed: rejection of the "human-induced global warming" scam; protection of Australia's national sovereignty and political independence from the selfish ambitions of elites favouring global governance; and firm protection of our borders with a realistic immigration policy. The PM also needs to back the country away from unnecessary and potentially harmful referendums on a republic and constitutional indigenous recognition.  Most importantly of all, he needs to display humility and graciousness in admitting that he has been wrong to express support for the latter of these two anti-traditional campaigns.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Farm Attacks By Paul Walker

     From Amerika.org, Brett Stevens:

“The Left tries to keep a lid on this by claiming that, statistically, there are not many farm attacks. However, they are counting all farmers and not white farmers in that statistic; if you adjust only for white farmers, and specifically white farmers who are likely to get robbed because they live in racially-mixed areas, you can see that this is a crime wave encouraged by the South African state.”


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China Draws a Line in the Water By James Reed

     China war is inevitable since China claims Taiwan and the South China Sea. I say let China have it, it is not worth World War III over, but, the US will fight them, so hell, this is how it is going to end. I intend to enjoy whatever alcohol my pension will allow me to purchase and consume:

“China's defense minister warned Sunday that its military will "resolutely take action" to defend Beijing's claims over self-ruled Taiwan and disputed South China Sea waters. Speaking at an annual security conference in Singapore, Gen. Wei Fenghe did not direct the threat at the U.S. but loaded his address with criticism of activities by Washington, including support for Taiwan and leading so-called "freedom of navigation" operations in the strategic waterways that China virtually claims as its own. Wei said the People's Liberation Army would not "yield a single inch of the country's sacred land." China's ruling Communist Party maintains that Taiwan is part of China, and has used increasingly aggressive rhetoric toward the democratic island, which split from the mainland amid a civil war 70 years ago. It opposes Taiwan's independence and formally says it seeks a "peaceful reunification" while refusing to rule out the use of force if necessary to achieve that goal. "The PLA has no intention to cause anybody trouble but it is not afraid to face up to troubles. Should anybody risk crossing the bottom line, the PLA will resolutely take action and defeat all enemies," Wei said. Relations between Beijing and Taipei have deteriorated since Taiwan elected a pro-independence president, Tsai Ing-wen, in 2016. China has since increased diplomatic pressure, cut off its contacts with the island's government and discouraged travel there by Chinese tourists.

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Is the Individual Obsolete? Wish I could Read the Article! By James Reed

     Ah! Journalism with no money! How to do it with less money than the average high school student, those I used to teach? The Washington Post has an article “Is the Individual Obsolete?’ by George Wills, which looks like something we should response to, but it is behind a paywall. How can we guess what it says, having no money to access any material? Well, think like a post-apocalyptic survivor. What can be salvaged from the wreck of the internet, which by the way, a large chunk of the Google part went offline a few days ago, like space junk, for some reason that I have not yet found:

“You can all relax now. The near-unprecedented outage that seemingly affected all of Google's services for a brief time on Friday is over. The event began at approximately 4:37pm Pacific Time and lasted between one and five minutes, according to the Google Apps Dashboard. All of the Google Apps services reported being back online by 4:48pm. The incident apparently blacked out every service Mountain View has to offer simultaneously, from Google Search to Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and beyond. Big deal, right? Everyone has technical difficulties every once in a while. It goes with the territory. But then, not everyone is Google. According to web analytics firm GoSquared, worldwide internet traffic dipped by a stunning 40 per centduring the brief minutes that the Chocolate Factory's services were offline.”

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The Critique of Work: It is Overrated Uncle Len, the Lazy

     Once upon a time, when I was first recruited to write for this distinguished site, beating a long dogs’ line of contenders in a most gruelling interview, I used to complain about unemployment and dispossession. Back then I was Len the Unemployed Cleaner. But, over time something changed, mainly from the magic of being on Centrelink and dumpster diving to survive in my friends’ shed: I gave up on work, and indeed on life itself! Yes, I have never had a girlfriend, or a house, or a car; nothing in fact. Zero.  Look, some guy has written books about this which are best-sellers in the local bookshop so not caring any more must be the way to go to make a few bucks:

     What was I going to say? I got so excited that I lost my terrain of thought, which is rather easy for someone like me. Wait, I have found it now! I pounce upon the little thought like a cat upon a mouse before it scuttles down the Orwellian memory hole:

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The Harms of Feminism By Mrs Vera West Old School English Mistress

  Can it be that the harms of feminism are being recognised by those who should have known better, but were seduced by ideology? Can such social miracles occur? Perhaps.

“When it comes to the problems millennials face, we're just not getting it. As I mentioned in my last post about the debt millennials have incurred, their predicament isn't their fault. It's their parents' fault. It is baby boomers who led millennials astray. "We suffered from the educational debt phenomenon because when we couldn’t find jobs, a lot of us went to college. Or we got graduate degrees. Our boomer parents encouraged us to fund a lot of that with debt, on the premise that it would eventually pay off in the job market. But that was clearly wrong, and we’re paying the price for it," writes Wall Street Journal columnist Joseph Sternberg in this interview about his new book, The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials' Economic Future. That is unquestionably true, but it's not enough. Too few are willing to discuss the social narrative Boomers promoted that resulted in the economic troubles millennials now face. As Simon Sinek explains in this wildly successful video about millennials in the workplace, there are four pillars that landed millennials in the boat they're in: parenting, technology, impatience, and environment.

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Letter to The Editor - Rudd apology for the alleged "stolen generations" was based on a misleading report

To The Age    If Scott Morrison is to become "a prime minister of real consequence" who "rises to the challenges of his time" ("Will Morrison take his moment?", 8/6), then, as regards constitutional indigenous recognition, he will do the opposite of what Peter Hartcher advocates: he will not have a bar of it. He will know that the Rudd apology for the alleged "stolen generations" was based on a misleading report (Bringing them home) and did not and does not have the approval of huge numbers of Australians. He will know that efforts to close or lessen "the gap" can be carried out perfectly well without any unjust and dangerous tampering with our Constitution. Nor will he be foxed by sob stories about a "lack of reconciliation".   It will require great courage from the PM to block this nefarious campaign. Let us hope, for the sake of our national welfare, that he has it.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave 

Your Choice in HealthCare

Dear ………,

     As many of you may be aware the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has commenced a public consultation on new guidelines for ‘complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments’. There is a concern that if adopted, a two-tiered system may arise that threatens Integrative Medicine (IM) and unreasonably targets practitioners. The Medical Board of Australia have made assurances that their measures are to root out unsafe practices and are not intended to target Integrative Medicine. In any case, the IM community are coming together to challenge the adoption of these guidelines as there will be worrisome implications if passed.

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Local Communists Support Mother Communist China, Naturally By Chris Knight

     Walking around my old university in Melbourne, having returned from the US) with some difficulty now because of arthritis in the knees, I saw the latest batch of anti-racist globalist posters by the ever-eager global communists, people doing maybe one course so they have plenty of time to paint banners. Good for them. One of the latest posters protests about the rival of anti-Chinese racism, defined now way beyond immigration but to include even saying that there is too much Chinese influence in Australia. This is interesting because the past narrative has always been that the powerful country was the one who was imperialistic. That however does not cut any ice with the ultra-Left who by definition always define white people as the only possible racists. Hence, ethno-racial conflict between other groups is a product of white racism. The concern right throughout South East Asian about the rise of China is therefore discounted, which simply shows that it is the ultra-Leftist worldview that is no more than an ideological justification for coming Chinese hegemony and imperialism, to use their own cherished concepts:

“Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan blasted China in a speech to national security leaders in Singapore on Saturday. In his first major speech on the international stage, Shanahan denounced China's efforts to steal technology from other nations and militarize man-made outposts in the South China Sea as a "toolkit of coercion." He didn't name China in early parts of his speech to the Shangri-La Dialogue, a national security conference, but made his target clear by referencing Beijing's campaign to put advanced weapons systems on disputed islands in the region. "Perhaps the greatest long-term threat to the vital interests of states across this region comes from actors who seek to undermine, rather than uphold, the rules-based international order," Shanahan said. "If these trends in these behaviors continue, artificial features in the global commons could become tollbooths. Sovereignty could become the purview of the powerful," he added. A senior Chinese military official hit back, accusing the U.S. of "harming regional peace and stability." "He (Shanahan) has been expressing inaccurate views and repeating old tunes about the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea," Shao Yuanming, a senior official of the People's Liberation Army, told reporters after Shanahan's speech. Shanahan's comments come amid rising tensions between the U.S. and China. The Trump administration has been waging a trade war with Beijing, imposed sanctions on the tech giant Huawei and agreed to sell weapons to Taiwan, a sovereign island that mainland China claims as its own territory.”

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Seismic Shifts in the Overton Window By Peter Ewer

     The so-called Overton window, named after Professor Window of course, is the term used by those who speak of such things to describe that ideas tolerated in public discourse, also known as the window of discourse. The new class elites and their masters, the Dark Lords of Mordor, have been shifting that window to the Left at almost light speed in recent times, so that really anything the elites do not want can be condemned, and then later banned by the law makers. Here, for your viewing interest on these dark damp apocalyptic Melbournian winters (winter has come, Game of Throners), is a video dealing with this by some guy I like:

     It ends no doubt with the end of us. An interesting article:

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WHO? Transgender No Disorder By Mrs Vera West

     Many will be pleased about the news that the World Health Organization no longer classifies transgenderism as a mental or behavioural disorder, clearly showing that everything is a social construction, including medicine, the biggest social construction of them all:

“Transgender health issues will no longer be classified as mental and behavioural disorders under big changes to the World Health Organization's global manual of diagnoses. The newly-approved version instead places issues of gender incongruence under a chapter on sexual health. A World Health Organization expert said it now understands transgender is "not actually a mental health condition". Human Rights Watch says the change will have a "liberating effect worldwide".

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Untested Rape Kits By Chris Knight

     A quarter of a million untested rape kits exist in the US, that when DNA is matched to crime data bases could solve, well a quarter of a million rapes.

“Megan’s devastated parents were stunned to learn the Sheriff’s department in her college town closed her rape case without sending her rape kit to a crime lab for DNA analysis. We also learned Megan’s case is not unique. Hundreds of thousands of victims nationwide never had their rape kits analyzed. In our nationwide investigation, we discovered many states have tremendous rape kit backlogs and no statewide tracking system. The vast majority don’t even demand the testing of rape kits at all. Testing rape kits could close many other crimes, as well. Something as simple as entering known DNA into the national database could help solve more than two million crimes that have unidentified DNA.”

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Cast Iron Proof of False News from the Elites and Open Discrimination Against Whites By John Steele

     Got you! Here is old Obama openly lying about US gun laws to members of his congregation. It does not matter that he lies, because they will believe anything the system tells them to believe.  Talk about post truth!

“After collecting a sweet $600,000 for a single speech in Colombia, former President Barack Obama took to the stage at the São Paulo Expo in Brazil, where he lied to the audience about US gun laws. "Some of you may be aware our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon any time," said Obama - to which the audience erupted in applause, seemingly over Americans' access to guns. This is of course false, as not "anybody" can buy a gun "any time." Federal law restricts the purchase of a handgun through a licensed dealer to those who are 18 or older (18 in most states for long guns), while convicted felons can't legally own firearms at all. After the audience died down, Obama continued: "...without much if any regulation, they can buy it over the Internet, they can buy machine guns." And while guns can be purchased over the internet, Obama lied again when he claimed that there's 'little regulation' to buy online - when in fact a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder must be involved in interstate sales, and that people can buy "machine guns."

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The Mind of the Invaders By Charles Taylor

     This one is worth a careful read. Trump says that he will impose tariffs on Mexico until they do they right thing about their borders. Mexico tells the US that the US only exists to be invaded, something that would be grounds for war in a world with some sanity, a direct challenge to national sovereignty:

“Poor people have a right to migrate to the United States, and migrants should not be stopped by force, according to a letter from Mexico’s president to U.S. President Donald Trump. President López Obrador’s May 30 letter, provided by the Wall Street Journal, claimed a migrant’s “right for justice,” saying: President Trump. Social problems are not resolved by taxes or coercive measures. How do you transform the country of fraternity for the world’s migrants into a ghetto, a closed space, where migrants are stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and the right for justice is canceled to those who tirelessly seek to live free of misery? The letter also suggested that poor Mexicans have a right to migrate into the United States: “It is worth remembering that, within a short period of time, Mexicans will not need to migrate into the United States and that migration will become optional, not compulsory.”

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Even Self-Help-Gurus are Copping It! By Mrs Vera West The Angry Granny

     The latest one to fall is self-help guru Tony Robbins, from accusations of the usual stuff the rich and powerful get up to everyday:

“Simon & Schuster will no longer publish a book coauthored by Tony Robbins and a famous financial adviser that was slated for release this July. BuzzFeed News revealed earlier this month that Robbins has berated victims of rape and domestic violence, while former staffers and fans have accused him of groping audience members, exposing himself to women assistants, and sexually harassing fans. BuzzFeed News also reported that Tony Robbins was filmed repeatedly using racial slurs. The allegations are from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Simon & Schuster removed the forthcoming book, The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom, from its website, a cached version of the site shows, after BuzzFeed News published its first report on May 17. Robbins’ lawyers said in a statement that the book had simply been “postponed” and the publisher had not cut ties with Robbins. “To state or suggest otherwise is absolutely false,” it said. But a source at Simon & Schuster said: “We are not proceeding with publication of The Path.

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On Exterminating the Human Race: DARPA By Brian Simpson

     DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects, is now gloating that it has the capacity to engage in genetic warfare, and you know that is not going to be good:

“One of the most dangerous experiments that mankind has ever embarked upon is DARPA’s desire for gene drive technology. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver “Doomsday genes” which can selectively target and exterminate an entire species. According to Sputnik News, and as previously reported by SHTFPlan,  the United States highly-secretive and advanced military research body DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research. While the official aim of this research is said to be fighting harmful insects, like mosquitos which carry Malaria, there are significantly darker implications and speculations surrounding the possible use of such a tool. Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple said a quick Google search would give you enough information to let you know how horrific this kind of technology can be. “…and you’ll find it fascinating just at how unbelievable a weapon this could be, how unintentionally mistakes can be made that can cause irreversible damage…irreparable damage…to the human race. And I mean, FAST!” Joseph said. “A gene drive…if let’s just say there’s a mistake, you could feasibly wipe out the human race in a very very short period of time. It’s an unbelievable tool at the disposal of madmen.”

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Why Not Torture and Finally Assassinate Assange via the Internet? By Richard Miller

     This is just a suggestion for the Dark Lords of Mordor, and no payment of 30 pieces of silver is required, but if it is correct that Julian Assange is already being tortured, and will soon be executed without a trial  - not in any way saying that this is a bad thing, or that you, oh Lords of Darkness do not have the absolute right of life or death over the entire universe that you so wisely rule  - but there is room for improvement, if I may be so bold as to say that, without black helicopters pooping on my car, instead of the obligatory birds.

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is suffering from "intense psychological trauma" in a British prison and should not be extradited to the United Sates to face a "politicized show trial," according to a UN human rights investigator. UN torture expert Nils Melzer visited Assange in a high-security London prison on May 9 along with two medical experts, only to find the journalist under severe stress, agitated, and unable to cope with his complex legal case amid chronic anxiety, according to Reuters. "Our finding was that Mr. Assange shows all the symptoms of a person who has been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time. The psychiatrist who accompanied my mission said that his state of health was critical," he told Reuters in an interview in Geneva, adding "But my understanding is that he has now been hospitalized and that he is not able to stand trial."

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Conservatives Embrace Transgenderism; Where Now But Total Leftism By Mrs Vera West

     Conservatives have lost every battle one cares to name since the 1960s, immigration, abortion, the family, you name it. On most of these issues they have united with the globalist Left, immigration being one example. Always the conservative, especially the American version, goes the way of Big Business, so that they may object to mass immigration of illegals, but welcome mass replacement immigration of legal. Conservatism was intrinsically weak compared to the Left and globalists, and it is inevitable that it would collapse:

“Though transgenderism is a far rarer phenomenon than homosexuality, I think most adults could admit it does seem like a rather persistent aspect of humanity. Most can probably recall a transgender person making at least some minor appearance in their life. If we concede that transgenderism is not going away, and is not something anyone intends to exert effort toward ending, then Americans, especially conservative ones, should reflect on our culture’s honest and fair attitude toward homosexuality and acknowledge that the most sensible path out of the present acrimony will probably require similar compromise. Some degree of cultural ceasefire and consensus seems the only path for both sides to maintain a degree of pride while avoiding a more radical, disruptive societal transformation.

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How Did it Come To This, Germany? By Richard Miller

     Consider this terrible situation:

“I can’t tell Jews to wear the kippah everywhere all the time in Germany,” announced that country’s commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, on Saturday. Depressing advice, but honest: Wearing a yarmulke makes you a target for violent haters, and the country has seen a rise in out-of-nowhere assaults on Jews. Interior Ministry stats show anti-Semitic offenses up by nearly 20%. Klein’s superiors, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, spent days walking back the statement, but they had to admit that Germany has a growing problem — a wrenching development for a nation that has spent decades dealing with its guilt in the Holocaust. Awkwardly for Merkel, the source of the rise in attacks on Jews looks to be the huge wave of Muslim migrants that she allowed in starting in 2015, who carried hate with them from their homelands. Klein’s honesty forced the rest of the government to step up, at least verbally, with Merkel’s spokesman vowing to “ensure that anybody can move around securely with a skullcap in any place of our country.” Pray they make good on that promise.”

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