There Must be No White Choirs, or White Anything, Even Snow By James Reed

     White genocide is passive, and best done slowly like boiling the proverbial frog in water. Take choirs for example, which will be disassembled if they are too white, which nowadays means having any whites at all:

Well, it was not possible to cut and paste from those nationalist guys, so we go to the Left: “In a break with centuries of tradition, Sheffield cathedral is to stand down its choir in order to make a “completely fresh start” with a new team of choristers that reflects and engages with an increasingly diverse city. A statement published on the cathedral’s website on Wednesday said “significant change” was needed. The cathedral’s governing body, the Chapter, had decided on “a new model for Anglican choral life here, with a renewed ambition for engagement and inclusion”, it added. Although the cathedral’s music department had been the subject of a review, the closure of the choir was unexpected and is likely to infuriate traditionalists in the Church of England and classical music circles. Apart from a handful of adult singers, the current choir is drawn largely from schools in the Sheffield area (including private schools) and mainly performs music from the Anglican choral tradition. Peter Bradley, the cathedral’s dean, said: “The city is changing pretty quickly and we feel cathedral music needs to have a wider reach. We want to be more ambitious, and that means engaging with a wider group of children and reaching parts of the city we haven’t reached before.” In future, there may be more than one choir drawn from larger numbers of children and university students, he said. The population of Sheffield and the surrounding area is growing, getting younger and becoming more diverse, and in recent years, the cathedral had welcomed refugees and supported people living on the streets, Bradley said.

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Toxic Leftism By James Reed

     Here is yet another example of toxic Leftism:

“Jeanne Hedgepeth, a Palatine High School, Illinois, social studies teacher, has been fired over one of her social media posts after the Township High School District 211 board members voted 5-2 to terminate her employment. “I am about facts, truth-seeking and love,” Hedgepeth wrote in the Facebook post that led to her termination. “I will speak on any topic I choose because I live in a free country. I find the term ‘white privilege’ as racist as the ‘N’ word. You have not walked in my shoes either so do not make assumptions about me and my so called privilege. You think America is racist? Then you’ve been hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Travel the world and go see that every nation has racism and some more than others but few make efforts such as we do to mitigate or eliminate it.” She also recommended the work of economist Thomas Sowell, political commentator and activist Candace Owens, and author and radio host Larry Elder. Additionally, Hedgepeth argued that there is a “deeper problem than racism.” She finished by recommending that the black community should stop believing “Democrats, mainstream media and intellectuals in ivory towers.”

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Not a Race Problem but a Police Problem By Chris Knight

     This video is worth looking at because it shows two ultra-white cops arresting a white woman for being nude on a public beach, only she has on a thong bikini. Of course, I do not approve, but the point is that the cops were super-eager to make an arrest. There is a comment by some guy who comes along, films it, and maybe has some legal background, who shows how ignorant the cops are. In the end they have to consult a printout to try and work out the law, even though they have already assaulted and false imprisoned said bikini girl. The problem is that cops basically do the easy revenue raising stuff, and soft questionable targets, rather than the hard yard of tackling real crime. This bikini event should not have happened. Instead, these cops should have ben following up crimes in the area. All this while US cops are standing by letting antifa burn, destroy and murder America.

     All of the so-called racism events are really about faulty police work. It is a pity that the ideologically-based Marxism attack directed things to the race dead end, when police reform, not defunding is what is needed. Defunded police will be even worse than what we have now, as only the worst police will remain in a job. Good work, Marxist ferals … but, that was your plan!

High IQ People Talk about the Coming Collapse … Be Concerned By Peter West

     The link below is to a video featuring Fred Markert of The, who is an expert in the rise and fall of civilisations. The short of the long is that the West is now spiralling into collapse. Markert was a former communist, but now a Christian and he argues that only a return to Christian living can save us, because Western civilisation is terminally sick e.g. abortion, the gender agenda, loss of freedom etc. That’s right, not by economics, but by a spiritual revolt against the decency of the modernists.

“People who have seen this interview are raving about its impact on their lives, and some have personally texted me and told me they almost couldn’t watch the last half because it was “too scary,” but after they watched all the way through, they understood the importance of the discussion. If you watch just one video this week, make it this one. It’s a can’t-miss, high-IQ discussion about why America has already passed the tipping point and is headed for a cultural, financial and moral collapse from which no nation in history has recovered. It’s more than just America, too: This discussion warns about the collapse of all of Western civilization. When a nation begins to maim its children in the name of LGBT progressivism, for example, it’s one of the last signs that collapse is imminent. And America is already there. If this nation doesn’t immediately denounce child mutilations, child murder (abortion), child rape (pedophilia, widely practiced by Democrats) and other heinous sins such as using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, we will not exist much longer.”

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Rich Women and Black Lives By Mrs Vera West

     What do the rich do with their money, besides use it to make more money, and life miserable for us? Why, if you are the world’s richest woman you support the most woke politically correct causes around. Like Jeff Bezos ex-wife, for example.

“It's the ultimate feminist story. Your ridiculously wealthy husband cheats on you, you divorce him, become insanely rich, and give the money away to racial supremacists. Here's McKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, with the inevitable Medium post about how much money she's giving to BLM. But first, a lecture. “Opportunities that flowed from the mere chance of skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or zip code may have yielded resources that can be powerful levers for change... I began work to complete my pledge with the belief that my life had yielded two assets that could be of particular value to others: the money these systems helped deliver to me...” Lady, the money was delivered to you because you married an investment guy who went on to found a dot com monster that consumed the retail sector, destroying numerous small businesses. And you're using the money to fund lefty racists, instead of, say, the many businesses that went under to make you that money. But, in all fairness, Bezos left McKenzie for Lauren Sanchez, a "person of color" in the current formula. So, McKenzie already traded in her position to that of a person of color. Now she's giving away a ton of money to a bunch of racist hate groups, including the Movement for Black Lives, an anti-semitic BLM group that supports BDS.

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The Racism of Mathematics? By Brian Simpson

     As a high school maths teacher, I have long speculated about how the woke politically correct would get their talons into my abstract discipline. Now I know:

“Is mathematics next on the chopping block to be deconstructed as a form of "Western imperialism"? A young woman describing herself as a teacher, Ph.D. student, and "social justice change agent," recently gained notoriety for tweeting, "The idea of 2+2 equaling 4 is cultural," a product of "western imperialism/colonialism." Yes, even mathematics, held up as the most objective and neutral of disciplines, is being reshaped by critical theory, which claims that all ideas are social constructions by groups using their power to advance their own interests. This is not just the inflammatory language of young social justice warriors.  Alan Bishop, who teaches at Cambridge University, wrote an article titled "Western Mathematics: The Secret Weapon of Cultural Imperialism," in which he deplores "the process of cultural invasion in colonised countries by western mathematics." In Educational Studies in Mathematics, two math educators at Georgia State University write, "Dominant mathematics is a system established as right and True by the White men who have historically controlled and constructed the game."  The authors call for "critical mathematics" to expose "the power dynamic between the oppressor — White, male mathematicians — and the oppressed — the marginalized Other." Rochelle Gutiérrez, an education professor at the University of Illinois, writes that "mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.  Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as the mathematical community is generally viewed as White."  Gutiérrez charges that algebra and geometry perpetuate white privilege because the textbook version of math history is Eurocentric: "[c]urricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans."

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Ho, Ho, the Hard Sciences have Got to Go! By Brian Simpson

     I haver been covering the attack being made on Western science by the woke politically correct Left and ethnics, who are obviously seeking to deconstruct the society itself. Jordan Peterson has also recognised this, that soon it will be open season on the hard sciences as well … no, it is already happening.

“I have watched the universities of the Western world devour themselves in a myriad of fatal errors over the last two decades, and take little pleasure in observing the inevitable unfold. It is a failing of human reason, with all its limitations, ego, and pretensions, to serve as Cassandra; to derive a certain satisfaction in watching the ship whose demise was foretold breach its hull on rocks hidden from all other observers. The self-righteous pleasure of “I told you so,” is, however, of little comfort when the icy water wends its way around ankle, knee and thigh, threatening to swamp everything still retaining its incalculable and unlikely value, even if it simultaneously makes short shrift of the ignorance and willful blindness that is frequently part and parcel of the death of something once great. … … other recent events drive these points home. A highly cited professor of physics, who I cannot name, at a university I cannot name either (suffice it to say that the former has garnered 100+ publications and 7000+ citations in a highly technical field) had his standard Canadian Federal grant application rejected because he had failed to sufficiently detail his plans to ensure diversity, inclusivity and equity (DIE) practices while conducting his scientific inquiry. It is now standard practice for university hiring boards to insist that their faculty job applicants submit a DIE plan with their curriculum vitae — a terribly dangerous occurrence of its own. I believe that the fundamental reason such plans are required, particularly of those who practice in the so-called “hard” STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is so that those who could not hope to assess the quality of research endeavours in those specialties as a consequence of their own inability or ignorance, can be made into judges by enforcing the adoption of standards of attitude and behaviour that have nothing to do with the fields in question.

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Amplifying Black Voices? What? Not Loud Enough Already? By Chris Knight

     First McDonalds (US):

“McDonald’s has changed its Twitter display name to “Amplifying Black Voices,” adding a profile banner that lists Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd as victims of “racism” and “systemic oppression.” The brand’s Twitter banner reads: Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Alton Sterling. Botham Jean. Atatiana Jefferson. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. He was one of us. She was one of us. They were all one of us. We seem them in our customers. We see them in our crew members. We see them in our franchisees. And this is why the entire McDonald’s family grieves. It’s why we stand for them and any other victims of systemic oppression and violence. Today with stand with Black communities across America. Which is why we’re donating to the National Urban League and the NAACP. We do not tolerate inequity, injustice, or racism. “Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us,” the international corporation relayed in a video created by Imara Jones, a fellow of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.”

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Universities are a Sick Joke, and Parody of Themselves By James Reed

     Summit News has some over-the-top articles showing how stupid the universities have become, and associated Leftism, a sewer flowing from them. The one I will report on is the students wanting to have admin fire a professor who opposed slavery. Just imagine if he supported it, perhaps to raise a rude finger to them!

“Students are petitioning to have a professor at Loyola University New Orleans fired over his opinions on slavery, even though he vehemently opposes it. Economics professor Walter Block says his opposes slavery because he is a libertarian, but that reasoning isn’t good enough for some students, who wish to see the professor removed because he doesn’t have exactly the same opinions as they do. A petition, signed by over 600 students, alleges that Block has ‘racist and sexist beliefs’. The petition claims that Block “has publicly stated that he believes slavery to be wrong because it goes against Libertarianism, not because it is morally wrong.” “If Loyola is really wanting to remove racism, they should remove racists from teaching,” it adds. “While it is important to have professors with different views and opinions and beliefs, racist and sexist beliefs should not be a part of this,” it continues, adding “It is harmful to any non-men and any Black people to be taught that slavery isn’t morally wrong, to be taught that women don’t deserve to be paid and treated equally.” The students also claim that Block has “ableist” opinions, in that he discriminates against people with disabilities. It claims that Block once told a student that he thinks the “Americans with Disabilities Act was a terrible law”.

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Why We (US) Lost the Vietnam War By John Steele

     I often wondered why the militarily-superior US lost the Vietnam War. At a gut level I always felt that it was due to the spirit of the times, of the 1960s revolt against the West, which is in the final stages today. This article, which I found, does a good job elaborating on this theme:

“The hidden war:
Our army that now remains in Vietnam is in a state approaching collapse, with individual units avoiding or having refused combat, murdering their officers and noncommissioned officers, drug-ridden, and dispirited where not near-mutinous. Conditions among American forces in Vietnam that have only been exceeded in this century by…the collapse of the Tsarist armies in 1916 and 1917.

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Facing the Threat of the Dragon By James Reed

     Good to see academics breaking from the herd, and saying that Australia needs to cuddle up to the US before we get eaten by the dragon:

“Australia must urgently strengthen its partnership with the United States, Japan and other regional partners to resist China’s gradual domination in the Indo-Pacific, a leading researcher has warned. The superpower has become increasingly brazen in its assumption of power throughout the region, according to the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre. The top research institute has outlined a policy framework for Australia and the US ahead of its upcoming ministerial meeting (AUSMIN), claiming the alliance has never had a “more urgent” time to show leadership. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, its island grabbing in the South China Sea, military force in the Taiwan Strait, its annexation of Hong Kong’s legal system and the recent clashes at the border with Indian forces reveal a menacing strategy for regional control, the centre said. “While the United States has been largely distracted during COVID-19 with its own domestic concerns, China has taken advantage of an uncertain regional situation to advance its expansive geopolitical interests in key flashpoints across the Indo-Pacific,” the centre’s director of foreign policy and defence Ashley Townshend told “China already has already taken advantage of the pandemic to prosecute its regional agenda in ways that are not favourable to our interests,” he said. A key recommendation from the research centre is for Australia and its allied powers to increase its spending on infrastructure to make the region less reliant on China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This cash splash has already allowed China to muscle into Cambodia where it now occupies a military base in the country’s south which it has been using to strengthen its territorial claims in the South China Sea.”

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Virgin Mary Comforter of Migrants? More Dope from the Pope! By Peter West

     I expect a crazy little comment from the Pope every two weeks, and he is spot on, true to form:

“Pope Francis has added “Comfort of Migrants” to the litany of traditional titles by which Catholics invoke the Virgin Mary. In a letter dated June 20, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who heads the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, declared that the title of “Comfort of Migrants” would be added to the “Litany of Loreto,” along with two other new Marian titles: Mother of Mercy and Mother of Hope. “The Church which walks along the pathways of history as a pilgrim towards the heavenly Jerusalem and enjoys inseparable communion with Christ her Spouse and Saviour, entrusts herself to her who believed in the word of the Lord,” Cardinal Sarah wrote. “We know from the Gospel that the disciples of Jesus had in fact learned from the very beginning to praise her as ‘blessed amongst women’ and to count on her maternal intercession,” the cardinal said. In his letter, Sarah notes that over the centuries, Christian piety has reserved numerous titles for the Virgin Mary, such as Refuge of Sinners, Comforter of the Afflicted, and Help of Christians. “Even in this present moment, which is marked by feelings of uncertainty and trepidation, devout recourse to her, which is full of affection and trust, is deeply felt by the People of God,” he states. The cardinal concludes his brief missive by announcing that Pope Francis “wishes to provide that in the formulary of the litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called ‘The Litany of Loreto,’ the invocations ‘Mater misericordiæ,’ ‘Mater spei’ and ‘Solacium migrantium’ should be inserted.”

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The Dawn of the White Demographic Apocalypse By Brian Simpson

     With statues of white people coming down, even white abolitionists, the writing is clearly on the wall, as represented in America. The road is that taken by South Africa, and whites across the West will ultimately be in the same position. Examine the articles at this site covering all this madness, then think about what happens a few years down the tracks when whites are minorities, everywhere. Already, for some demographics, this has happened in the US;

“For the generation of Americans not yet old enough to drive, the demographic future has arrived. For the first time, nonwhites and Hispanics were a majority of people under age 16 in 2019, an expected demographic shift that will grow over the coming decades, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday. “We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” said William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.” At the same time, the number of non-Hispanic whites in the U.S. has gotten smaller in the past decade as deaths surpassed births in this aging demographic, according to the Census Bureau population estimates. Since 2010, the number of whites who aren’t Hispanic had dropped by more than 16,600 people. But the decline has been escalating in the past three years, with the number of non-Hispanic whites dropping by more than a half million people from 2016 to 2019, according to the Census Bureau population estimates. In 2019, a little under 40% of the total U.S. population was either nonwhite or Hispanic. Non-Hispanic whites are expected to be a minority of the U.S. population in about 25 years. A natural decrease from the number of deaths exceeding births, plus a slowdown in immigration to the U.S., contributed to the population drop since 2010 for non-Hispanic whites, whose median age of 43.7 last year was by far the highest of any demographic group. If these numbers hold for the 2020 census being conducted right now, it will be the first time since the first decennial census in 1790 that there has been a national decline of whites, Frey said. “It’s aging. Of course, we didn’t have a lot of immigration, that has gone down,” Frey said. “White fertility has gone down.” In fact, the decrease in births among the white population has led to a dip in the number of people under age 18 in the past decade, a drop exacerbated by the fact that the much larger Millennial cohort has aged out of that group, replaced by a smaller Generation Z. Over the past decade, Asians had the biggest growth rate of any demographic group, increasing by almost 30%. Almost two-thirds of that growth was driven by international migration. The Hispanic population grew by 20% since 2010, with almost three-quarters of that growth coming from a natural increase that comes when more people are born than die.

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What Every Fashionable Warlord Needs By Chris Knight

     In CHOP, the new country within America, the warlord dictator now has his own army, sorry police, to keep the remining whites in check.

“The anarcho-communist “autonomous zone” near Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington has reportedly embraced the anarcho-capitalist dream of creating a private vigilante police force to patrol the streets of the commune.
In the autonomous zone, the streets are apparently currently controlled by a hip hop artist-turned-warlord by the name of Raz Simone, who has established an armed private police force that does not hesitate to dole out beatings to communal miscreants. Video footage shows Raz and Co. confronting a man for making unauthorized graffiti on Raz’s turf, which results in the “police” stealing the man’s phone, breaking his glasses, and reportedly repeatedly kicking him in the head. “We are the police of this community here now,” the man is told before the beating.”

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Anti-Racism Can be Racist Too, in the Endless Catch 22 By Brian Simpson

     Whites may hate their pale sin, sorry, skin,  lashing out at themselves with machetes, well only the Left, lashing out at the Right. How crazy are white people always hating themselves? But Asians are more sensible and love their skin whitening creams, because light skin is valued in Asia, go sue them if you like. Taking away these creams away is “racist”:

“Skin whitening products are popular in Asia and the Middle East, where pale skin is considered desirable by many. Johnson & Johnson’s announcement it will withdraw a skin-whitening line, prompted by the current debate about racial inequality, has had a mixed reaction in Asia. Johnson & Johnson has decided to stop selling skin-whitening creams popular in Asia and the Middle East, after such products have come under renewed social pressure in recent weeks amid a global debate about racial inequality. The company will stop selling its Clean & Clear fairness line of products, sold in India, a spokeswoman told Reuters. It was reported earlier this month that it would drop its Neutrogena Fine Fairness line, available in Asia and the Middle East. Reactions to Johnson & Johnson’s decision on social media ranged from the incredulous to the supportive. “Pure racism and sexism towards Asian women. Our rights as [an] ethnic minority are being infringed [upon],” wrote a commenter based in Hong Kong. “Her body her choice,” wrote a social media user on Twitter, while another said: “A disgrace. If people want to buy them, they have a right to do it.”

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Coon cheese? That is Probsably Over the top Now By John Deere

     Well, now we are all spring cleaning in preparation for the end of the West and the white race, things like Coon Cheese, are beyond the pale, as delicious as it is, especially on toast, with tomato and ham. The name, sadly, must go, and go quickly, like yesterday. If there is a move to rename the states, then how could the world’s tastiest cheese escape? Everything must go, in the name of diversity justice.

“A comedian’s call to change the name of iconic Australian cheese brand Coon has ignited fierce debate, but a key historic detail raises doubt about the need for change. Yesterday, funnyman Josh Thomas took to Twitter with an image of the product alongside the caption: “Hey Australia – are we still chill with this?” His call inspired an avalanche of media reports both in Australia and globally, as well as thousands of social media comments from both sides of the fence. Ironically, in the 24 hours since, the creator of hit TV show Please Like Me has been embroiled in his own racism scandal. As of midday on Tuesday, a poll on’s Facebook page about whether or not the name should be changed had received 48,900 votes, with 13 per cent in favour of renaming Coon and 87 per cent opposed. Saputo Dairy Australia, which owns the brand, did not respond to a request for comment. However, on its website it provides “a brief history” of Coon Cheese in Australia, where it explains where the brand name came from. And it’s that historical detail that could prove to be a stumbling block for those who want Coon renamed. Saputo Dairy Australia says Coon was named in recognition of “the work of an American, Edward William Coon, who patented a unique ripening process that was used to manufacture the original Coon cheese”. “The manufacturing of Coon Cheese in Australia commenced in November 1935 and continued through to December 1942, when production ceased because of the war,” it says. “It recommenced in June 1948 at Allansford in the Western District of Victoria, and at Quinalow on the Darling Downs in Queensland. “At that time, it was made in traditional red waxed cloth wrapped (seven pound) ‘Rounds’. ‘Red Coon’, as it was known, became popular for its mature flavour and texture.” Searches of public records, newspaper archives and the patent document filed by Edward William Coon confirm his prominence in the cheese business in the early part of the 20th Century.”

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Transhumanism, Anti-Racism and Globalism By Brian Simpson

     Many of the globalists are looking forward to the literal end, or replacement, not just of whites, but ultimately humanity itself, as this article, behind one of their famous pay walls details:

“In a  recent Wall Street Journal essay, “Looking Forward to the End of Humanity”,  Adam Kirsch posits a technological push, impelled by the global coronavirus pandemic, that would abolish death: Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a society that, until recently, had trouble manufacturing enough masks to save doctors’ and nurses’ lives. Yet Covid-19 may turn out to be just the kind of crisis needed to turbocharge efforts to create what its advocates call a “transhuman” future. With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the Transhumanist Declaration, an eight-point program first issued in 1998: “We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering and our confinement to planet Earth.” There is an abundance of well-respected thinkers who believe this is possible, including Google Ventures founder Bill Maris, cited in the article, and Yuval Noah Harari, in his Homo Deus sets the tone early on by declaring: In the twenty-first century, humans are likely to make a serious bid for immortality... Humans always die due to some technical glitch... Nothing metaphysical about it. It is all technical problems.

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Cancelling Yale By James Reed

     Boy, I hate the American ivy league universities even more than the  sandstone ruins that Australia has. Yes, close them down. All built on the foundations of white racism, so move in the bulldozers and purify the land!

“In addition to its reputation as one of the greatest and most exclusive institutions of higher learning on the planet, Yale is well known for its dedicated activist community. For most, it's a phase before they go on to law school and then White & Case or whichever intrinsically evil corporate law behemoth swallows them up. Still, they press on with 'demonstrations' like interrupting football games, blocking traffic and building makeshift occupied protests on the city green, that generally accomplish little more than annoying the rest of the New Haven community, all breathlessly chronicled by the Yale Daily News. It is largely thanks to this community of activists that Yale's connection to the slave trade has been unearthed. Before he laid the foundation for what would become Yale University, Elihu Yale was a successful slave trader. Of course, Yale's direct connection to slavery isn't unique among the Ivies. A Democracy Now article from 7 years ago notes that "...many major U.S. universities — Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Williams and the University of North Carolina, among others — are drenched in the sweat, and sometimes the blood, of Africans brought to the United States as slaves." Given that Ivy League educated "activists" have led the progressive far-left's vindictive reckoning with history (elite American universities have been the most successful petri dish for the ideology that has become the American "progressive" left's obsession with victimization and righting wrongs from centuries ago), it was only a matter of time before the angry mob turned on them, too. And now, a white man who once tweeted that his goal in life is to "burn the American university system to ash for what it’s done to the minds of this generation" - could there be a more noble cause? - has made #CancelYale a reality.”

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No Knee for Marion Le Pen, Kneeling Represents Humiliation Rather than Tolerance. And Nice French Too. By James Reed

     If only I was 60 years younger and French …

Accepting the End of the Traditional University, with Joy By James Reed

     These comments by an ageing academic, made as part of’s fun raiser are spot on:

“As an elderly academic, I have predicted for more than 40 years that the American higher education system would eventually destroy itself in a frenzy of suicidal mayhem, intellectual dishonesty, and downright graft. The Coronavirus has accelerated the decline of higher education and laid bare to all its shallowness, hysteria, and anti-white animus. It gives me no pleasure to see the academe in ruins, but I realize now that nostalgia for the almost irenic setting of my undergraduate days is merely a form of self-delusion. No more lamentations for a past that cannot be reproduced. Like a beloved pet that has become rabid, alma mater must be put down, and the sooner the better. It is inhumane to prolong its agony. I have stopped all contributions to the college from which I graduated. That money now goes to Counter-Currents. I urge all of my readers to do the same. The intellectual depth and quality of the writing in Counter-Currents far exceeds any scholarly journal currently being published. I am proud to be a writer for the website. Counter-Currents is now my university.”

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