Letter to The Editor - We monarchists insist that a sacred monarchy is always superior

To The Age        Amanda Vanstone reasonably argues ("Shorten's republic road map will only set us back", 26/11) that Australians should seek to find a new unity and also a head of state that is completely our own. She uses these proposals to justify the republican cause; but in themselves they do not do that. Nowhere in her article is there any attempt to show that a republic would be better for us than a monarchy. Phrases like "a nation that has come of age" are mere rhetoric. We monarchists insist that a sacred monarchy is always superior in principle to any kind of republic; it has an accordance with truth, a dignity and an inspirational power that Australians will be wise to retain in one form or another.   Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

What! Hillary Clinton Wants Europe to Cut Immigration! (What’s the Catch?) By Richard Miller

     At the moment the chattering class has their frilly knickers in a knot (gender neutral frill of course, no sexism please), because a Latino media commentator, Anna Paulina, said in response to a question about the continual media presence of Hillary Clinton, that she was like “herpes”! Wow, did that stir up the pop, I mean pot, comparing the old girl to a lingering sexually transmitted disease. Sure, we Christians don’t talk crude like that, but remember, we are an absolute minority now, and thus we have to react to what happens in the establish, even if that means, as journalists, rolling in the manure.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=77&v=JN1Q9eR9USY   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=67&v=S7mphCbYAsg

     It seems Ana is a rare American, who although Latino, supports Trump, is pro-gun and wants to stop the South American invasion of North America. And, she is a soldier, and extremely pretty. Gasp! The Left has almost choked on this package and are moving fast to shut her down. Ann Coulter, a beauty with brains herself, once wrote something that no man would dare to write today, that many of the Leftist women are obese and unattractive physically and that this may impact upon their politics. Yes, I think that is cruel, but who am I to tell a woman what to say?  I really don’t know, but respect their opinion to state such shamefully  shaming things, because, following the US Democrats, women must always be believed.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ann-coulter-without-fat-girls-there-would-be-no-protests/

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Victory! Down Goes The UN Migration Pact! By James Reed

     One good thing is that the UN Pact on Migration looks like it is coming unstuck, and at least is over for us for the time, but no doubt the elites will try it again under a new name, a bit down the track, when they think no-one is watching.  https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/11/22/world-follows-trumps-lead-nations-abandon-legal-framework-building-un-migration-pact/

“More nations are joining the exodus from the United Nations’ (UN) controversial compact on mass migration, with legal experts now standing up to raise concerns about the drafting of the document and what legal implications signing it might have for countries party to the pact. President Donald Trump was the first to pull out of the UN pact on migration in December 2017, a move which prompted howls of disapproval from both the mainstream media and globalist leaders. Yet several nations from all over the world have outright withdrawn from the compact since initially ratifying it in July, or have signalled their intent to do so, as states gain confidence in opposing fashionable but dangerous deals that are not in their own interests. In comments that cut across the grain of the usual business and practice of the United Nations, President Trump said at the body’s New York headquarters in September: “Migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens. “Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again.”

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Beware, the Sentinelese! By Brian Simpson

     Did you hear about the guy who wanted to convert one of the last “primitive’ tribe on earth, but got killed by arrows? Obviously he had a good heart, but had not thought it through first. No, this was not in the Amazon jungle, but on an island off India, and the tribe is known as the Sentinelese, who live in the North Sentinel Island, India's remote cluster of Andaman and Nicobar. The Indian government forbids outsiders from going to the island. These people pretty much hate outsiders, and have thrown spears and fired arrows at “invaders.”     https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-46286215   https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/what-we-know-about-sentinelese-hostile-tribe-that-killed-an-american-1951270

1.    “They live on an island 50 km west of Port Blair. Their numbers are believed to be less than 150 and as low as 40.2.    It is said they have made little to no advancement in the over 60,000 years and still live very primitive lives, surviving mainly on fish and coconuts.3.    They are very vulnerable to germs since they have not had contact with the outside world. Even a common flu virus carried by a visitor could wipe out the entire tribe.4.    Since the 1960s, there have been a handful of efforts to reach out to the tribe but all have largely failed. They have repeatedly, aggressively made it clear that they want to be isolated.5.    The only man believed to have succeeded in establishing friendly contact with the tribe was an Indian anthropologist Triloknath Pandit in 1991.6.    In the 1981, a cargo ship MV Primrose grounded on the reef surrounding North Sentinel Island. The crew were rescued after a week by an Indian helicopter. The wreckage of the ship is still visible in satellite images.7.    In 2006, the tribe killed two fishermen who strayed on to the island. They even rejected outside help after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, throwing spears and arrows at a rescue helicopter that flew above.8.    The Indian government has had strict laws that ensure that they are isolated. These laws prohibited anyone from making any unauthorised contact with these isolated aboriginals.9.    But in a major step earlier this year, the Indian government excluded this island and 28 others in the Union Territory from the Restricted Area Permit or RAP regime till December 31, 2022, news agency Press Trust of India reported. The lifting of RAP means foreigners can go to the island without permission from the government, PTI reported.”

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Told You So: North Korea Keeps its Nukes By James Reed

     Aaaaah … I thought it was too good to be true, and that we would escape nuclear annihilation too easily. North Korea is going to keep its nukes, and who says then the little guy who is dictator will not eat some rich food and suddenly get the urge to splurge:  http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/ww3-alert-north-korea-will-be-keeping-their-nukes-despite-promises-to-denuclearize_11192018

“North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has decided to keep the nation’s nuclear weapons, despite promises to the Trump administration that he would begin denuclearization. It appears that a nuclear war threat is still lingering and could be the topic of discussion when president Donald Trump meets Kim early next year. According to The Daily Star UK, sources inside the Communist state have reportedly revealed its leader Kim Jong-un has no plans to surrender his nuclear weapons despite talks of denuclearization with Trump. Jiro Ishimaru of Asia Press International, revealed insiders have said Kim has been assuring his citizens he won’t allow North Korea to be vulnerable. “Even after Kim met with [U.S. President Donald] Trump, progress on a peace treaty has been slow,” said Jiro. “So Kim must feel the need to assure people domestically that he has no intention to let go of nuclear weapons.” Talks between the US and North Korea have not gone as smoothly as expected since Trump and Kim had their historic and landmark meeting in Singapore in July. Although the two leaders have agreed to a second summit in the US early next year, the schedule and agenda have yet to be set in stone. A high-level meeting to iron out details that was scheduled to have taken place on November 8 was canceled the day before without explanation. But it’s a safe bet that the US will be adding North Korea’s nukes to the discussion.

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The Menace of Our Immigration Policy: Andrew Bolt By James Reed

     Andrew Bolt has been in full powered action in critiquing Australia’s immigration policy, which he sees as a threat to public safety.

“Take the news of this past fortnight, which has derailed Labor’s re-election campaign and exposed our immigration program as a menace. Worst, a Muslim terrorist killed a man in Bourke St. The killer, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, came from Somalia. Three Muslims were arrested for an alleged terrorist plot. Their families came from Turkey. Three more Muslims were convicted of planning a mass terrorist attack in Federation Square. Their families came from Lebanon, yet another Muslim country. But this month, Victorians also heard of yet more pack-attacks by people whose families came here from Africa, most as refugees from Sudan. Those pack-attacks included the bashing of a St Kilda chef and a fast-food worker; a riot at Koo Wee Rup; violent robberies in Dandenong, Pakenham and Springvale; and a mass brawl with police in St Kilda. Apologists lie when they say this level of ethnic violence is no different from that of other migrant groups which have since settled in. In fact, Sudanese Australians are an astonishing 57 times more likely than other Victorians to commit an aggravated burglary, says the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency, and about half the Australians jailed for terrorism are from families from just one country: Lebanon. I’ve argued before that our immigration and refugee programs have gone from great to a menace, not least because five Australians have died in terrorist attacks by Muslim refugees. Add the congestion, the growth of ethnic ghettos and the fact that nearly 1 million Australians have no or little English, and it’s clear we have bitten off much more than we can chew.”https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-public-needs-to-hear-the-truth-on-terror-threat/news-story/ea2fa7cec4343dd45d7f9ac611ccf23e?login=1

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God is Gender Neutral! Archbishop of Canterbury By James Reed

     Is God male, or female? In a metaphysical sense the question is somewhat limited, since a Being of infinite extent, creator of the universe, and eternal, really transcends human categories. But, humans need some foothold of understanding because the idea of infinity is just so mind-blowing. However, those arguing for the gender neutrality of the Creator, are not doing metaphysics, but have a political axe to grind, right into the heart of Christianity:   https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/11/22/archbishop-of-canterbury-declares-god-gender-neutral/

“Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said that God is “not male nor female,” after female bishops demanded the Church of England stop referring to God solely as “he.” … Professor of Christian history Diarmaid MacCulloch backed Archbishop Welby’s statement, telling The Times that the reason God has been perceived as male is due to “patriarchal assumptions” of early Christian societies of Greece and Rome.”

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Law Out of Control By Charles Taylor

     This story illustrates a point which I have been making for years in America, perhaps unpalatable to rosy cheeked, glazed eyed conservatives, that the globalist cultural Marxist left has taken over the ruling institutions of Western society, including law. Thus a judge that we have not heard of, over-rules an executive order of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, which was to block the illegal migrant invaders from seeking asylum:  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-court/us-judge-blocks-trump-asylum-restrictions-idUSKCN1NO1E6

     But, it gets worse, as a Federal judge has ruled that laws against female genital mutilation are unconstitutional!!! The Founding Fathers would be speechless; I am almost speechless:  https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2018/11/20/female-genital-mutilation-michigan/1991712002/   https://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2018/11/20/conservatives-slam-judge-for-blocking-genital-mutilation-charges/

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Darker Meditations By James Reed

     A riddle, based on a meme that I was sent. What is the difference between an ordinary thief and a political thief? The ordinary thief steals your possessions, your wallet, credit cards etc. But the political thief steals your future. And the political thief is chosen by you, as you dig your own grave. That is called, for want of a better word, “democracy.”

Openly Corrupt By Chris Knight

     The thing that I don’t miss about America is the open corruption, unlike here in Oz, where there is a little attempt to cover things up. In the following, all Australian readers need to know is that Schumer is a Senator, and a politically correct one at that:

“What does it take to friend a U.S. senator? If you’re Facebook, all you need is about $50,000 in donations – and a cushy job for the politician’s daughter. Facebook employees, including some at the top of its corporate pyramid, have helped fill Schumer’s campaign coffers – and he’s returned the favor by carrying water for the social media giant in Congress, according to a recent report. And Alison Schumer, the senator’s youngest of two daughters, works as a Facebook product marketing manager – which pays an average of $160,000, according to Glassdoor.com. “It sure looks hinky,” political strategist Susan Del Percio told The Post. “This is an industry that’s been trying for years to fend off heavy government regulation by actively cultivating relationships with senators and House members.”

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Letter to The Editor - European Court of Justice would still have a role and Britain

To The Australian        Jacquelin Magnay explores at length the possibility (she admits that it is not a certainty) that a no-deal Brexit would have grim results for many Britons ("Merkel works to shore up May deal", 24-25/11), but ignores the reality that the loss of Brexit and further absorption into the EU would have far grimmer results for the UK in the medium and long term. The situation is summed up in her admission that Mrs May's pseudo-Brexit deal means that "the European Court of Justice would still have a role and Britain would not be completely independent." For the British to reassert the importance of intellectual freedom as a fundamental of a democratic order, they must throw off the yoke of incipient tyranny masquerading as political correctness for which the EU soviet-like justice system is now notorious. What appears to be most important at this critical stage is for the Leave majority to find the right person to lead the nation "through the Red Sea". Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

No, You Can’t Associate with BaahArnie and the Other Spanish Sheep! By James Reed

     Civil liberty folk are rightly concerned that the Andrew government anti-association laws have passed the Lower House, and are unfortunately not heading to the outhouse, where they belong, but directly into law:  https://www.hrlc.org.au/news/2018/9/6/dangerous-anti-association-laws-pass-lower-house?fbclid=IwAR1qHhchHYPxAMEq3a635FTOzKKAHz91hshwKG7wMTQ379icKzfTvg1b0I8

“The laws will give police excessive powers to issue ‘anti-association notices’, telling people – including children as young as 14 – who they can and can’t be friends with or spend time with. Human rights advocates, lawyers and community workers all say that these laws are an attack on our democratic rights and neither politicians nor police officers should have a role in deciding who people can and can’t be friends with. Ruth Barson, a director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the laws are senseless, dangerous and a sign that Premier Andrews is pandering to Matthew Guy’s toxic law and order agenda. "We should all be free to decide who we spend our time with and who we want to be friends with. Every single Victorian should be worried about these laws because they're excessive and ripe for abuse. Such laws belong in a police state – not the connected, harmonious community that we all want Victoria to be," said Ms Barson. The new anti-association laws are fundamentally different to existing laws in the following key ways: 

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Letter to The Editor - Watering down the distinction between legal and illegal migration

To The Australian        Travers McLeod does not acknowledge the deep concerns some of us have about the Global Compact on Migration ("Step up? We've stepped aside by failing to sign migration pact", 23/11). Australia has joined the responsible lead of the USA, Hungary and Austria in checking a UNO plan that would threaten our sovereignty and our ability to make our own decisions about who enters Australia and why. There are dangers that the pact might create new rights and entitlements for would-be immigrants, watering down the distinction between legal and illegal migration and causing a huge resettlement of people such as already threatens the stability of several European nations. The pact appears to be another strategy by those seeking to establish a one-world government - a global tyranny from which there would be no place of refuge anywhere on earth.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Brexit is powered by a British idealism

To The Age        Waleed Aly describes Brexit as a "near-farcical saga" ("Wearing flag as a cape won't cut it", 23/11), but in reality it is more of a great national tragedy. It may be true that there is currently a fatal disconnect between the will of the people (clearly expressed in the 2016 referendum and upheld by the majority of Conservatives) and the majority of MPs in the UK Parliament (effectively representing powerful interests bitterly opposed to Leave). That does not mean that Brexit is "a form of fantasy" that "Britain could take charge of its own destiny." It means that globalist interests are determined to ride roughshod over the democratic interests of peoples. Brexit is powered by a British idealism that seeks to maintain the British way of life in the British Isles: Christianity, monarchy, intellectual freedom, the rule of law, a shared culture and tradition, respect for history. Nationalist politics will not die because, basically, it defends quality of life.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

UN One World Government by 2030? By James Reed

     Things are moving along nicely for the New World Order, as they, Thanos-like, crushing all resistance in their path to create a communist world dictatorship, under the guise of “saving the environment,” “muh human rights” and other pc/bs nonsense:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/the-united-nations-wants-a-one-world-government-in-less-than-twelve-years?utm_content=buffere90ef&fbclid=IwAR0AE7zduyo2Fqk58EtNUx3sW9lgyvZ3U-CctcLf5Y312InSFmYPTaupF4M   https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/10/the_un_wants_to_be_our_world_government_by_2030.html

“In 2015, seventy years after their original rights-based document, the UN took a giant step towards the global government that was only hinted at in their first organizing document.  They issued a document entitled Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  This document has 91 numbered sections of the UN’s program for world government.  The UDHR is only referenced once in the entire document in Article 19.  Unlike the original “mother document” that was under 1900 words, this document is 14,883 words. The 91 items are addressing issues under the five headings of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.  Additionally, the document provides 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve life on the planet.

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     YES, THIS IS HOW MOST CRAZY PEOPLE WRITE, ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS. HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED THAT? WELL, UNIVERSITIES  SURE HAVE:  https://www.theorganicprepper.com/frighten-university-students-all-caps/   https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1046977/university-lecturers-not-to-use-cap-letters-student-failure

“Staff at Leeds Trinity's school of journalism have also been told to "write in a helpful, warm tone, avoiding officious language and negative instructions". Some blasted the move as "more academic mollycoddling" of the snowflake generation. An "enhancing student understanding, engagement and achievement" memo lists dos and don'ts - with "do" and "don't" among words frowned upon. Generally, avoid using capital letters for emphasis and "the overuse of 'do', and, especially, 'DON'T'."

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Mexicans Against Migrants: Libtard Heads Explode! By Chris Knight

     We see the same Camp of the Saints pattern right across the West; migrants charge the borders, and Leftoid social justice warriors defend them on the grounds of “muh racism,” “otherwise White supremacy.” Ok, we know all of that. But, what do these  morons say when it is not White people, but Brown people protesting against invading illegals? How do their one-dimensional brains cope? Answer; they immediately switch off much like extremist cult members, “when prophecy fails”:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_Prophecy_Fails    https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/11/18/mexican-protesters-in-tijuana-march-to-kick-out-migrant-caravan/

“Mexican protesters took to the streets on Sunday to protest the growing influx of Central American migrants who have made their way to the border city of Tijuana. In the most recent protest, groups of Tijuana residents want to evict the migrants from a shelter where approximately 2,000 Central Americans are staying. The Tijuana government set up the shelter as the city witnessed a reported buildup of federal and state police forces while the numbers of migrants continue to climb. In two videos shared online by U.S. journalist Emily Green, dozens of protesters, some wearing wrestling masks and bandanas, can be seen marching towards the makeshift shelter.”https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/11/15/watch-mexican-protesters-tell-caravan-migrants-to-go-home/

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Hey China-Loving Leftoids, Please Explain Chinese Homophobia! Gottcha! By Peter Ewer

     Here in Australia we have an institutionalised Asianisation lobby, which has now morphed into a make-Australia-part-of China lobby. There is an economic rationalist Right wing version of this, and a politically correct Left wing form. Different starting points, same destination.  Thus, consider the Left, who embrace, among other things, homosexualism, transgenderism etc. as fundamental to human nature, and human rights. I will not argue, but I want to know; what happens if the master nation, number one, does not agree with your other values? How do you deal with the conflict? Ignore it?  https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/19/china/chinese-erotic-fiction-writer-prison-intl/index.html

“A Chinese novelist has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing and distributing homoerotic novels, provoking widespread debate online over the severity of her sentence. The female writer, surnamed Liu, but more commonly known by her internet pseudonym Tianyi, was arrested in 2017 following the success of her novel "Occupy," according to reports in Chinese state media. The book was described by police in East China's Anhui Province as depicting "obscene sexual behavior between males" set to themes of "violence, abuse and humiliation." Despite being sentenced to 10 years in prison by a court in the city of Wuhu on October 31, Liu's case was brought only recently to nationwide attention after being shared widely online. The popularity of homoerotic fiction, dubbed "boys love," has soared in recent years in China, where a booming cottage industry of self-published authors churn out hundreds of new titles each month. Such is the success of the genre, that several titles have been adapted into film, including last year's popular web series "Guardian." Recently, Chinese internet giant Tencent also looked to capitalize on the trend with the announcement it had acquired two popular titles for adaption online.”

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The Rise of Western Dissidents By Michael Ferguson

     It used to be that the dissents were from the old USSR, some that we may not have even heard of, for simple acts like writing a book that the Party did not like. But, times have changed, and now the West begins to lose freedom, fast. Sure, we have all heard of the tyrannical treatment of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, but closer to home we now have populist dissidents, who are being suppressed, hard, just the way the elites like it:  https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/11/19/bokhari-rise-of-the-western-dissidents/

“Who would have thought that the highest court in Europe, home of the enlightenment, would uphold a case in which a woman was prosecuted for blasphemy against Islam? Who would have thought that Britain, the birthplace of liberalism and the free press, would ban an independent journalist from its shores for satirizing the same religion? Who would have thought that Germany, whose living memory of the totalitarian Stasi is just three decades old, would put its largest opposition party under surveillance? Just a few years ago, all three would sound far-fetched. But cases like these have become common as elites in virtually every western country mount a panicked attempt to contain the rise of populism (the goal, in the words of a Google executive, is to render it a “hiccup”in history’s march towards progress).

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Is the Burning of California Climate Change, or Divine Retribution By Charles Taylor

     The latest lost from the California fires, which still rage, is the complete destruction of the forest town ironically named paradise, which now looks like something out of Dante’s Inferno. Hollywood celebrity homes have been burnt, including:  Mylie Cyrus, Bruce Jenner, Khloé Kardashian and Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom, Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner etc.  https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/a24931056/celebrity-homes-affected-california-fire/

     The intensity of the fire is being blamed on climate change blah, blah. Yet could it be that “divine retribution” is a factor here? Not in terms of a direct Sodom and Gomorrah punishment, but more along the lines that God has turned His back on those who have departed from the ways of righteousness? Last Sunday, my hell and brimstone Black  pastor here in Tallahassee Florida, preached exactly that. He loves Trump and often wears a Make America Great Again hat, and is an NRA member, and owns numerous AR 15 black rifles. It was a bit of a shock at first, but the message sunk in that divine protections against the myriad evils of the world can be withdrawn by those walking the treacherous path of globalist secular humanism. Sure, many innocent people died but the problem is that this is an inevitable flow-on effect.

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