The Meaning of “Hate Speech” by Tom North

Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun, October 1, 2016) points out that “hate speech” is taking a mutated meaning. A Perth woman seeing people posting “anti-marriage equality” stickers on a sign that she was standing in front of said: “Does anyone by chance know who is responsible for this hatred? I’d love to speak to them.” Yes, it was a rhetorical question. This is a common point of view of the “Yes” approach.

The sign said “Keep Marriage Man and Woman.” This sentiment, held by the vast majority of the human race throughout time, has now been regarded by proponents of the “new morality” as hate speech. But there is no point arguing with them: call it “late for dinner,” it will be opposed. “Hate” is fast losing any emotional impact it once had.


This article was written by Jeremy Lee who passed away a few years ago.  

If the idea of a Police State was announced in advance, it would never happen! The people would resist, find leaders, rise up and stop it. But, of course, the loss of personal freedom never happens in one moment of time, but gradually, inch by inch, never moving fast enough to cause too much opposition, taking a backward step now and then, in order to take two forward steps later.

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George Soros’ Agenda by Paul Walker

Uber-globalist, Jewish billionaire investor George Soros has pledge $US 500 million in investments to assist refugees and migrants through his Open Society Foundations, a network of causes supporting globalist agendas. The main thrust of the new programme will be to assist migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, not to help them back to their homelands of course, but to settle in Europe (“the new normal”).

Along with this 51 corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, have collectively pledged $US 650 million for the same lucky folk. Again, the aim is resettlement and “integration”, not to deal with the problem which led to a majority of young men of military age who could have fought tyranny, fleeing with their mobile phones and “V” for victory signs to Europe for their safety.

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Section 18C: The Defender’s Song Remains the Same by Andrew Joyce

The great section 18C “non-debate” has ended. Malcolm Turnbull has said that he has more important things to do – no doubt working with his mate Obama to get in the TPP before either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are elected president, because they both oppose the TPP.
Yes, the leader of the Liberals is too busy to defend what should be the fundamental liberal value, freedom of speech. Instead, energies must be devoted to be “freedom” of corporations – which are by definition collectivist entities – to be able to override all of the hard fought freedoms of the people through the globalist TPP.

The section 18 C non-debate closed with the multicult lobby having the final say, because, this is after all, their legislation. Free speech is not an absolute, they said, citing the example that one cannot falsely shout “fire” in a cinema. Nobody said it was and neither should be the multicult right not to be offended, especially since almost anything can offend somebody and the bar is at tripping level.

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The Unanswered Scream: Poland and Abortion by Mrs Vera West

This is a story that I have put off covering for some time because it upset me so: “Poland Considers Banning Abortion after Baby Born Alive Dies Screaming for an Hour,” at
The baby in Poland was born after two botched abortion attempts and was left by hospital personnel to scream for an hour before dying. No anaesthetics or care was given to the baby. A polish reporter who broke the story said:

“The scream of this child was so traumatic for the personnel that they declared that they will never forget it.” The incident, thankfully, is now fuelling an abortion debate in Poland, a Catholic country where 70 percent of people are pro-life.

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The White Guilt Complex and How to End It by Paul Walker

British journalist and writer, Melanie Phillips (“Spoilt White Protesters Ease Western Guilt by Piling on Hypocrisy,” The Australian, September 21, 2016, p. 10) has made some insightful comments about the politically correct culture of anti-racism and white guilt. While she gives examples, the most concerning examples are all around us.

Across all Australian universities in courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, there is now an unquestioned culture of white guilt. Whites are responsible for all the evils of the past and present; coloured peoples are eternal victims. “Limousine liberals,” or at least Volvo liberals, proclaim to trembling students about “white privilege.”

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Get Ready Oz for A Bit of Home-Grown Terrorism! by Michael Ferguson

First we were warned about “Generation Jihad Threat Looms” (The Australian, September 21, 2016, p. 1) – the return of dozens of “Australian children from Islamic State-controlled Syria and Iraq.” That problems is how to “reintegrate a generation of battle-scarred children back into community life.” Many of these children were taken by their parents to the war zones, the parents being fighters. There are thought to be 110 Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq and they will pose a threat to Australia upon return. More on that, later.

Now, here is the twist: Many of the children are not Australian citizens, but if it was shown that their parents, mainly fathers, were Australian, Australia would be likely to take them even without parents. Some of these children are the product of Australian men who raped local women, such as the Yazidis, who ISIS hoped to destroy because of its “blonde bloodline.” On the racial genocide aspects of this see: “ISIS Wants to Impregnate Yazidi Women and Smash Our Blond Bloodline”: Fears Grow for the 300 Women Kidnapped from Sinjar,” Daily Mail Australia, August 14 2014. Apparently Australia has a legal and moral obligation to raise these children. Got that?

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The “Deep State,” Globalisation and Autarky by James Reed

Almost all of us freedom movement folk, especially those in the US, have a world view model where the super-elite of the capitalist hyper-class secure their power through a one-world government, or through the rule of corporations. What has been called the “Deep State” – the ultimate rulers – are those committed to centralised one-world power structures.

An interesting different point of view has been given by Charles Hugh Smith who says that the capitalist superclass is becoming aware of the critical instabilities of globalisation and are preparing for a radical philosophical jumping of ship to autarky and self-sufficiency, because they are coming to accept that financialised globalisation leads to perpetual instability and unending cycles of boom and bust:
The argument of Charles Smith is that there is a great U-turn, but I have yet to see evidence of the elite making it. Charles Smith is of course right in arguing that self-sufficiency is the only true stable state, but the elites appear incapable of recognising this and all evidence indicates that they are still committed to the globalist dream. I doubt very much if they are capable of change and are much more likely

Grim Times for Australia’s Deplorables by Paul Walker

A tremendous article by Maurice Newman (“Road to Tyranny is Paved with Leftie Assumptions,” The Australian, September 27, 2016, p. 14), deserves mention before it disappears down the memory hole.
The primarily Left Media, he says, does not publicise that in the July election almost 600,000 voters gave their first preference to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. These are the Australian version of the “deplorables,” the term used by Hillary Clinton to dismiss the white dispossessed “uneducated.”

And Newman says that the chattering class must vilify these Australians with no debate “lest too many of us waver on the virtues of bigger government, central planning, more bloated bureaucracies, higher taxes, unaffordable welfare, a “carbon-free” economy, more regulations, open borders, gender-free and values-free schools and same-sex marriage: the sort of agenda that finds favour at the UN.”

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Tomislav Sunic: Intellectual Terrorism against Free Speech

Ed. note: Apropos the University of Chicago’s Orwellian stance on free speech, Dr. Sunic, based on his experience growing up in Yugoslavia, ties the war on free speech to communism. Originally published in Pravda, February 9, 2002.

The modern thought police is hard to spot, as it often seeks cover under soothing words such as “democracy” and “human rights.” While each member state of the European Union likes to show off the beauties of its constitutional paragraph, seldom does it attempt to talk about the ambiguities of its criminal code. Last year, in June and November, the European Commission held poorly publicized meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg whose historical importance regarding the future of free speech could overshadow the recent launching of the new euro currency.

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Some Thoughts on the Terms of Reference for a Royal Commission into the Financial Sector by Ken Grundy

Our organisation is fortunate to have many economically and financially literate people, active in social credit. Thus, we should begin work on a submission to be made to the royal commission into the Financial system, if this ever sees the light of day. At present, Turnbull opposes it, but the Labor party is championing the idea. Back in August Shorten sent a letter to Turnbull outlining some of the terms of reference, or issues, which would need to be examined. These include:

1.    The extent of illegal and unethical practices within Australian financial services.
2.    Do Australian financial services adequately meet their duty of care to customers?
3.    How does the ethical, cultural standards and business practices of Australian financial services impact on the behaviour and practices of these institutions?
4.    Is Australia’s regulatory framework adequate to police illegal and unethical behaviour in the Australian financial services institutions?
5.    How does Australian experience in all of the above compare or contrast to international experience?
6.    Any other relevant issues.

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Will Obama Destroy the Internet? by Tom North

In his last days, Emperor Obama is searching for legacy acts.  One of his most dangerous is to transfer internet domain control from American supervision to an international body.  Former UN ambassador, John Bolton has been expressing alarm about this, saying that it will finish off the internet:, September 22, 2016. He has said:
“But because it’s entirely a U.S. government proposition with the U.S. peole involved, the Internet has been free and open. If, as the Administration wants to do, it’s transferred to an international body, I will predict right here: within 10 years it will come under the control of the United Nations, and the Internet as we know it will end because there are governments around the world that are already doing everything they can to prevent a free and open Internet in their countries, and it will extend to ours in due course.”

Obama presses the self-destruct button on October 1, 2016.
This is part of Obama’s quest for global governance, which Hillary Clinton hopes to continue.

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Space Wars by Brian Simpson

Roll over Star Wars Episode VIII, a rogue space war could come first. A September 2016 Chatham House report by David Livingstone and Patricia Lewis, Space, the Final Frontier for Cybersecurity? (at, has warned that the world’s critical infrastructure is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which could lead to a “global catastrophe.”

Most of the critical business and military infrastructure depends on satellites, which are open to cyber-attack. Communication networks can be attacked through jamming, spoofing and hacking, targets being control systems or ground infrastructure including satellite control centres. These attacks may come from hostile militaries, terrorists, or even criminal organisations.

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Will We Need a Chook Raffle for NSW Liberals? by Michael Ferguson

Friday night in the 1960s, in the pub that my old man went to for the purpose of tipping down pints after a hard day’s yakka, there was usually a chook raffle. That was generally 'after' the Salvation Army, with a sweet little girl and old guy went into the pub selling a magazine called, I think, The War Cry. As a kid I was illegally in the pub, but in those days women were not allowed in the front bar, as moral protection from drunk men, who may swear.
I wondered how the sweet girl was allowed to circulate in the dangerous waters of drunks each Friday, and still exit the pub in one piece. I never wondered why I, a tender aged kid, was there. In a way, I was much like the NSW Liberal Party.
Like that, life has many mysteries, such as the NSW Liberals having to forego almost $ 600,000 in public funding because political donations equal to that amount were found by the NSW Electoral commission to be unlawful: How long has all of this been going on? What else is happening?

You can, if interested, read about who tried to get what and failed at the URL reference cited. All of the facts are not that important. What is important is that the Electoral Commission seems to be now doing its job in subjecting donations to scrutiny, which is excellent.

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In an Age of Political Correctness Tyranny Expect Fear by Ian Wilson LL.B.

There has been criticism of the printer of Dr David van Gend’s book, Stealing from a Child : The Injustice of “Marriage Equality” not proceeding with the printing of the book for the publisher because the book opposed same-sex marriage. This is apparently the first time in Australia that a printing firm has refused to print a book on political grounds:  It follows on the heels of a Sydney hotel cancelling the booking made by some Christian groups opposing same sex marriage after there were threats made to hotel staff. At the present time we cannot say that it was gay activists who did this, as a matter of law, because there is not strict legal proof, but most journalists criticising this do anyway.

Brendon O’Neil, “Straight-Out Hate in Politics of Identity,The Weekend Australian, September 24-25, 2016, p. 19, sums up accurately the new identity politics which LGBTIism is a part of:

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The Globalist Elite are Not Unbeatable by James Reed

There is a minority view among fundamentalist Christian actionists, mainly held in the United States, that the global elite are Satanic, literally, and thus have supernatural powers from the dark side. The only way of defeating them, is ultimately through the Second Coming where God (some Catholics say Mary), crushes the serpent’s head. In the meantime, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

All that may well be so – nobody cares to invite me to any meetings of the illuminati, so I don’t know what goes on deep in the underground tunnels where these dark creatures meet.
However, in many respects, one level of the global elite, as represented by Hillary Clinton, seem to be not supernatural, but human, all too human. Clinton’s health, for example, can no longer be swept away as a right wing conspiracy concern, after she collapsed in New York over two weeks ago at a ceremony of the 15th anniversary of the twin towers collapsing. Hillary’s collapse was mysterious, due they said to overheating and pneumonia. Yes, overheating on a rather pleasant 70-degree F day. And she was then taken to her daughter’s apartment rather than a hospital, well, because everyone had been through this before, and Clinton had medical support on standby, ready for her inevitable collapse.
I like to think that this is a living metaphor for the System as a whole.

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Letter to the Editor

Despite David McCarthy's claim to the contrary ('Keep tight leash on dogs of hate in marriage debate', 26/9) the controversy over same-sex unions definitely does involve freedom of speech.

He is right to call for mutual respect in public discussions, but wrong to depend on the concept of equality. It is the principle of equity ('fair shares') that should properly be involved and this requires consideration of the rights of children and their welfare.

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Letter to the Editor

Greg Craven's judgement is awry ('Fear, loathing, lost mojos', 26/9) when he describes HRH Prince Charles as 'eccentric'. No one has ever served as long as Prince of Wales and no one in that role has done more for the public good.

He has wisely promoted religious unity, beauty in architecture and the protection of ecological systems (as especially documented in his book 'Harmony').

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The Meme War by Chris Knight

Here in Australia critical writing among conservatives is not big on satire and a sense of the absurd; in a word, the use of memes, imagines and genes of ideas which express in one condensed package a powerful political message.
However, Alt Right literature in Europe and the United States does this, using characters such as Pepe the frog to deconstruct and disarm opponents. Hillary Clinton noted this meme war in her Alt Right speech. Pepe and other symbols introduces a sense of iconoclastic fun into an otherwise dry-as-dust, deadly serious debate. It is young person’s radical politics. It is the sort of material that a social media savvy generation loves.

This is not our way, and we should not try to use such techniques because, well, we are all just too old. Nevertheless, good luck to the younger generation in getting these ideas out. It would be good to see memes about fraudulent banking, the corrupt financial system, and the social credit answers as well.

The Real Failure of Obama by Charles Taylor

As reported at, Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan has slammed President Obama’s legacy, saying that he failed inner city blacks.
Here is what he said:

“But I just want to tell you, Mr. President, you’re from Chicago, and so am I. I go out in the streets with the people. I visited the worst neighbourhoods. I talked to the gangs. And while I was out there talking to them, they said ‘You know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come. Could you get him to come and look after us?’  There’s your legacy, Mr. President. It’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mr. President. And If you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy ’cause the white people that you served so well, they’ll preserve your legacy. The hell they will. But you didn’t earn your legacy with us. We put you there. You fought for the rights of gay people. You fought for the rights of this people and that people. You fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets! That’s where your legacy is. Now you failed to do what should have been done.”

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