100 Trillion Asians? Go Harvey Go! By Tom North

     How many Asians and non-Whites do the globalist elites want in Australia? Some may say, an infinite number, but that is silly because the universe itself may not be infinite:
https://phys.org/news/2015-03-universe-finite-infinite.html. One could go on forever citing references about this one.

     Perhaps a more realistic measure is a googleplex number of Asians, which is a 1 followed by 100 zeros (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_large_numbers), more diversity than all of the atomic particles in the known universe! That too, creates a logical problem, since migrants are usually made of matter, but the immigration obsessed elite will ignore physical realities, since they do so now.

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All the Fun of the Decline: 4-foot Swords and Collapsing Multicult Narratives By Peter West

     Oh, it’s almost like writing in the free-wheeling style for a trendy magazine, maybe like Taki, but here I go stitching together bits and pieces to make a media meal. Why, the Beatles on Abby Road did it (“junk…just bits of songs thrown together”: John Lennon), and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me, as I am not a millionaire socialist. But, I will just need to get a trendy Alt Right haircut, short on the sides long at the top. Only problem here is baldness, and old age.

     First cab off the rank is a Muslim who said that rape was worse at the beginning, but got better: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2017/08/italy-muslim-cultural-mediator-says-rape-is-worse-only-at-the-beginning. I suppose it is not unlike mass immigration; well, no, actually, the exact opposite. As you would imagine, the White Western feminists, eternal defenders of women’s rights (i.e. themselves and pay levels), said nothing as usual, since ethno-race trumps feminism, and agendas must never be put in conflict even if they are logically incompatible.

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The Death of Hollywood? Yiiipppeeee! By James Reed

     It may be too soon to hope, but a recent article says that not only is Hollywood out of ideas, but its profits are in free fall, even with the Chinese market, where the communists take 75 cents out of every dollar, which just rubs salt into a deep wound: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/09/02/worst-box-office-in-25-years-hollywoods-problems-are-permanent-deep/:

“The ideological conformity within Hollywood is not only destroying the greatness that comes from artistic tension, is not only shelving great stories, it is alienating and insulting half the customers.
Moreover, going to the movies today is not just an expensive risk when it comes to the quality of the product, but the theaters themselves are terrible at policing the talkers and texters who ruin the experience.
Going to the movies used to be a form of escape from the tyranny of everyday life. No more. Around 80% of movies disappoint, the rudeness of others aggravates, and the hyper-politicization of too much of the product and its pitchmen (the actors) drains your ability to remain spellbound.
Hollywood failed to listen to the canary in the coalmine that was the home video business. That pillar collapsed some ten years ago. Instead of looking inwards, instead of realizing that the quality of the product was such that no one wanted to experience it again at home, the studios blamed piracy, video games, and television.
Sorry, no.
The only problem is that your industry sucks and that it keeps getting suckier.”

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Trump Has Always Been Under “House Arrest” By Charles Taylor

     Red/White/bluers of the “muh prezzie” faith, apparently still believe in Donald Trump, even though he has done nothing to build the wall, which should have been up by now, but is always delayed because of lack of money and caving into traitorous globalist Republicans:

     Trump has never been sincere about the wall, and it was just a lie to get elected. I had some doubts at the time that this was all too good to be true, but unlike most Alt Right types, my support of Trump was because of the greater evil of Hillary Clinton. Ending that threat was Trump’s main achievement, and as long as he does not do any more globalist mischief, there is time to get an alternative to him for the 2020 election. But, as some are saying, it may be too late for conventional politics now.

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The Pope’s Great Psychology Adventure By Peter Ewer

     Hey buddy, can you lend me a dime? What’s a dime? Never mind, did you hear this one?
“Pope Francis once underwent psychoanalysis with a Jewish analyst, according to a new book-length interview of the pontiff conducted by a French academic.
Francis said that he saw the psychoanalyst weekly for about six months when he was 42 years old.

     It’s unclear why the pope specified the analyst’s religion. The full English-language text of the anecdote is not yet available.
Francis went to see the psychoanalyst “to clarify certain things,” he said. Francis said that analyst was “a very good person who helped me very much.”
     Ok, back to the footie. Meat pies with dead horse really go down well in the cold.

Anti-White Racists Trip Over Their Own DNA Bootlaces By Brian Simpson

     One of the things TV talk show hosts like to do on mainstream media is to get some poor White “supremacist” kind of guy, and make him look stupid. It has been done since the 1960s, and usually the victim walks into the trap and, unprepared for the totally unfair attack, is eaten alive. Of course, there is a mandatory hostile audience assembled, for what does one expect in a racial war?

     The recent attacks on White nationalists have involved getting the victim to submit to a DNA test, then reporting on the findings, which, of course, will reveal, a large percentage of “African” genes, defined as genes commonly associated with African descent. If not, they choose someone else.  Here are some articles where a White nationalist is presumably “discredited” because his genetic ancestry is 86 percent European and 14 percent sub-Saharan African:

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Women’s Rights to Dismembered Abortions By Mrs Vera West

     According to this news site, perhaps the best for what is happening in the US and coming our way:
a Texas judge has temporarily blocked a Texas law that banned second trimester dismemberment abortions in which unborn babies are “torn limb from limb” and then extracted from the uterus.

     U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel held that Planned Parenthood and the other plaintiffs satisfied a requirement for the temporary injunction showing that “threatened injury to the Plaintiffs outweighs any damage that the temporary restraining order might cause the State.” The plaintiffs maintained that the new law blocked women’s access to abortions, which is the big feminist issue, next to “equal pay” and affirmative action all round.

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How to Defeat the Same Sex Marriage Agenda: Multicultural Australia to the Rescue By Mrs Vera West

     We all know, as conservatives that a successful “Yes” vote in the coming plebiscite will involve as yet unknown erosions of freedoms, especially religious freedoms: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/inquirer/yes-side-in-marriage-debate-ignores-the-implications-for-freedoms/news-story/b119dbc7f7cad9f773f7f8ac7eef926d.

     Once same sex marriage is in, a fanatical politically correct Labor will push things to the next level, with a LGBTI taxpayer funded watch dog, like the present system for racial thought control, which will view any debate as hate speech. Laws will be changed to make race hate encompass LGBTI issues. Then, they will move to the next level, and the level after that, and on and on, until traditionalists are crushed under the boot. It reminds me of the scene from the old Spider-Man 1 movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAfxBXAQCZM.

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Letter to The Reverend

Rev Peter Sandeman
CEO Anglicare
     Your article in the Advertiser today, in support of Same Sex Marriage is another disappointing contribution from the sources we expect to be promoting the virtues of traditional marriage which is so definitely described in the Bible.
You must be a product of the very clever and subtle brainwashing that has been evident over the last thirty or more years.  Just think back to your parent’s time and try to imagine church leaders advocating SSM being welcomed in the community  -  even where the clergy would assist with the ceremonies!
Why should the church reverse its policy?  Will it soon be acceptable or even good to steal?

     You mention our multi-cultural society and how it has resulted in the need for change.  If such a policy requires a Christian based society to change its fundamentals; then it is a pity our political and spiritual leaders did not forsee the problem and resist multi-culturalism.  We have been so weak in defending our Christian culture that the ‘multicults’ have used the opportunity, wherever there was a chink in our armour, to inject contrary ideas.

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Letter to The Editor - Pandora’s Boxes Should Not Be Opened

     Catholic clergy who are defending traditional marriage are not, as Michelle Goldsmith implies (31/8), thereby making ‘unhelpfully inhumane pronouncements’. They are seeking to protect children, to safeguard society and to preserve a fundamental institution that has stood the test of time. Dianne Young is also mistaken (31/8) in applying the term ‘dresses’ to robes worn in many cultures around the world. In our culture ‘dresses’ at once connotes attire worn by girls and women.
     One senses that defenders of same-sex marriage are becoming a little desperate when such silly remarks are offered. The aggressive hysteria emanating from other ‘yes’ partisans strengthens this suspicion and is in line with the worrying ugliness of ‘Mardi Gras’ parades held in recent years. Tradition tells that evil genies are best kept in bottles and that Pandora’s boxes should not be opened. This may well apply to the marriage debate.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - A Bridge Too Far

     The marriage debate is getting ugly, as Bill Shorten and others predicted it would, but the ugliness seems to be largely coming from fanatical ‘yes’ advocates. Vilification of defenders of traditional marriage appears to be widespread and intense (‘Pastors threatened after false claim’, 31/8) and corporate and professional bodies are misusing their status to the detriment of dissenting members (‘Law dean demands retreat on Yes vote’, 31/8).
     The unattractive nature of ‘Mardi Gras’ marches in recent years was a forewarning of this sort of behaviour. One is reminded of ancient advice about keeping evil genies bottled up and not opening Pandora’s boxes. The biblical saying ‘by their fruit shall ye know them’ is also relevant. If the plebiscite goes ahead, let us hope there will be sufficient Australians who see that ‘same sex marriage’ is a bridge too far.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Breaking News! North Korean Missiles Targeted On Uncle Len’s Shed! By Uncle Len, Who is Very Afraid

     North Korea has fired a missile over Japan, and as you can imagine the usually polite Japanese are pretty upset about this. “We are normally polite, but we think that the North Koreans are very rude firing their ICBM waste over our side of the fence,” the Japanese Prime Minister, Bruce Lee, said. Or, words to that effect. And that may not be his name. It could be Malcolm Shinzo Abe Turnbull. Whatever –  I know their frustrations, having flung missiles of rubbish over my long-suffering neighbour’s fence: “Uncle Len, I am normally polite, but I find it very rude of you  to fire your waste over our side of the fence,” my neighbour said, before ringing the police, after throwing a rock at me, which hit me on the head. It did not hurt. (Why?)

     Well, the “police” are set to come, with “Asian war”: The Australian, august 30, 2017, p. 1. Yippeeeeee! Whatever has taken you New World Order guys so long to get to the next great killing? Not having experienced the salty, sweet taste of mass blood money for so long must be hard when you are a globalist vampire. (Don’t worry, I am not getting political, I saw someone use this metaphor on an internet site and just thought that I would hurl it into the pot for extra nutrients.)

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Feminism Going Over the Top, Literally By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a good article about feminism’s anti-biology ideology, that sex/gender differences don’t exist, except for those which feminism finds politically useful to admit: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/.

     On a practical level, here in Australia we have women having to complete only FOUR pushups as a component of their physical for the Australian army, as part of a campaign to double the number of female troops. This is clear discrimination, and an open admission that females have, in general less upper-body strength than males. The same madness of physical dumbing down is occurring in the fire brigade, where the need to carry people from burning buildings could endanger lives: 

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Time for Cucked Men to Grow Up By Mrs Vera West

     As my research and writing focus is on feminism and related issues, I read neo-masculinity sites like Matt Forney and Roosh v.  There are some very good articles, some bad ones, but most, well, it’s just another day on the internet. On the more “intellectual” sites we sometimes find articles on the “women problem,’ with this example from Émile Durand: https://www.counter-currents.com/2017/07/faustian-civilization-and-the-new-patriarchy/

     The message is that women need to give white men a break from the female version of the cultural wars so that the process of civilisation-building can go on. Otherwise, well, things will fall apart.

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Michael Moore: A Living Symbol of the Leftist Mind By Charles Taylor

     Socialist film maker Michael Moore has said that he is looking forward to the day when Whites are a minority in America: https://www.fastcompany.com/40459122/michael-moore-says-trump-is-on-track-to-win-again-in-2020. He seems to think, if that is the word, that when Whites are a minority in America, the Democrats will be eternally in power and will establish a socialist paradise, or something along those lines.

     Moore’s position is deluded on many levels, as the better argument is that civil war will occur, and is already occurring. Moore’s worldview does not permit taking in facts, such as the largely unreported war between Blacks and Hispanics in many US suburbs. But, I don’t want to discuss ethno-race issues here.

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But, Why Has it Been Left to the Left? By Mrs Vera West

     Reflecting on the LGBTI – have I forgotten any letters – Kevin Donnelly says: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/wear-it-purple-day-and-other-culturalleft-moves-sending-us-puce/news-story/7c3252539f51320173ef3ab78aa38718

“Given the re-emergence of the Safe Schools program, a NSW primary school putting on a Stolen Generations play where children dress as nuns and victimise Aboriginal children, and the Australian Education Union’s campaign to promote the LGBTI Wear it Purple Day, there’s no doubt that the cultural left now dominates our education system.

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The Violent, Insane Antifa By Chris Knight

     The latest street violence in America, at the Berkeley conservative Patriot Prayer Group Protest Against Marxism in America, clearly showed that it is the Left who are the ones seeking a violent overthrow of society, or maybe they just want to destroy for destruction’s sake? There were no so-called “racists” and/or Alt Right at the rally at all, but still the antifa went mad. Here are photos of them having their usual temper tantrums:

     The organiser of the rally is apparently transgender and politically correct, except for being against Marxism:

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Troubles in Transgender Paradise By A Boy Called Sue (Psss…It’s Uncle Len, in Disguise!)

     I have nothing against transgender people – some of my best friends are transgender. It means having blue hair, doesn’t it? There are lots of such ladies in the nursing home I visit, where I get to talk to them, and eat their scrap sandwiches, or is that sandwich scraps? Or, just scraps? I hope that I have got my facts right and are not making a fool of myself. But, then, using comas with precision, how would that be even possible?

     Well, some transgender folk in America have hearts that are not filled with the warmth and love for all humanity that I have:
    Consider transgender reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, who, I was utterly amazed to learn, supports President Donald Trump. See, she is a good person, and all those internet jokes are just sick. Anyway, she said that Trump was “very much behind the LGBT community.” Truly amazing.

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Affirmative Action Failure: Please Explain By Brian Simpson

     We are told that race does not exist, unless you are White, which does not exist, being a social construct, unless you protest, and then you are a “White supremacist’:
Why, Jared Taylor over at American Renaissance, holds that East Asians are superior to Whites (based on a few IQ studies, which we have refuted at this site), as Goad puts it, which makes the magazine a bit useless (it should be defending East Asians and letting inferiors like his kind meet their fate). But, Jared, for all of his infinite qualifications and moderation of his site, gets treated by the System, just like the radicals he desperately tries to differentiate himself from, as a “white supremacist”! Gasp! As Jim Goad would say, in his journalistic street lingo, “that plain sucks.” Yeah, it sure does, Jared.

     Back to reality, turning to the real news site, The New York Times, there is this article: “Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago”: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/08/24/us/affirmative-action.html  Here is the basics of this:

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The End of Italy By Peter West

     Italy has done its fair, or unfair share, of passing migrants onto the once Nordic Northern Europe, especially Germany:
Now, Italy is set to let 200,000 migrants head to the UK. But, Italy has been allowing the migrant flow for some time:
https://www.spectator.co.uk/2015/06/the-invasion-of-italy/, reporting on Italy’s decriminalising illegal immigration, and with its policies of encouraging illegals,  helping to fuel the immigration crisis.

     Italy, though, will face demographic extinction problems of its own, as a study, “How Immigration is Changing Italian Demographics,” http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/20/report-immigration-crisis-causing-unprecedented-shift-in-italys-demographics/ shows:

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