Letter to The Editor - He who sups with the Devil must have a long spoon

To The Australian         Your editorial "Pragmatism needed on Brexit" (18/3) is ill-advised. What is needed on Brexit is honesty. Mrs May's proposed deal for leaving the EU has been widely criticised as a "false Brexit" that would not in fact give back to the British people their sovereignty unfettered. The UK would continue to be tied to the nefarious EU justice system which plainly tramples on the principle of free speech and is incompatible with traditional British liberties at law. The gradual absorption of Britain into the EU would continue. Brexiteers considering giving support to Mrs May's deal should remember the old adage: "He who sups with the Devil must have a long spoon." They should also heed the many warnings against compromise with tyranny given by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the European peoples' "Shakespeare of the Twentieth Century".
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

Dear Sir,
Australia has been a nation of migrants since Governor Phillip arrived.  My ancestors were among them. 

Early migrants came predominately from England, Scotland and Ireland and this pattern continued until after WW2 when many new settlors came from Eastern and Western Europe.  In all cases, these people shared a common heritage  -  they were Europeans from countries practising democracy with Christian roots.

The minor differences in foods, clothing styles and accents were soon overcome.

In our more recent history, both Labor and Coalition Governments have deliberately accepted people with very different values to traditional Australia and they have ignored public opinion in the process.  Repeated calls for a poll on immigration have been declined by all major party politicians.

Multiculturalism was the pleasant sounding catch-phrase but reality around the world could not quote one example of its success in the long term.

The horror of Christchurch cannot be condoned.  Such actions will never fix what is wrong.  Our problem is not with the migrants here because they arrived within the rules.  The problem is the rules!

“Stopping the Boats” was appropriate but the jumbo-jet loads still arrived, largely without notice.

Let us rebuild Australia.  It is not too late to halt immigration and conduct a stringent programme for recent migrants to adopt the Australian values and traditions which presumably attracted them to come here.

Yours etc
  Ken Grundy

China Shows that Diversity is Not Necessary By James Reed

     China is surging ahead of the West, which should be impossible given the globocomo ideology that diversity is a super-strength. Why, the more ethno-racially diverse a society becomes, the higher its general IQ and technological sophistication! But China, a relatively homogeneous society compared to the West, where diversity and identity politics transcends all things, is crushing the West:

“Chinese scientists are said to be building a new 'artificial sun' in a quest to find cheap, near-limitless and renewable energy. The cutting-edge device is expected to hit temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius, or more than six times hotter than the core of our closest star, according to a project leader. Set to be complete this year, the new equipment is designed to replicate the nuclear fusion processes that naturally occurs in the sun; and the artificial course is expected to turn hydrogen into cost-effective green energy. The machine, called HL-2M Tokamak, is being constructed at the Southwestern Institute of Physics, which is affiliated to the China National Nuclear Corporation. The news was announced by the institute's deputy dean on Sunday in Beijing during a major political meeting in China. China already built an 'artificial sun' last year, called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). During an experiment last November, the temperature of the ions in EAST reached a key milestone of 100 million degrees Celsius, more than six times than that of the core of the sun which peaks at around 15 million degrees Celsius."

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The Grey T-Shirted Globalist, Backed by Guns and a Wall By Bruce Bennett

     Zucky has been a critic of  the US wall, supports mass immigration to the West, and is anti-gun and supports every Pc thing you can name. Ok, is he personally consistent. Practising what he preaches? No, he has his own walled fortress backed by a small army of guards, dripping with guns:

“Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reported to be building a panic bunker next to his home in Palo Alto, California after a series of recent security upgrades. Zuckerberg bought four surrounding houses to his $7 million mansion and has started the process of tearing one down in order to make way for security additions detailed in a recently submitted plan to the Palo Alto planning department. According to the plans, Zuckerberg’s panic bunker is described as having “white brick walls, dark steel doors and windows, dark gray siding and louvers where they occur above the roof line, and a dark gray standing seam metal roof,” giving the impression of a steel fortress for the Facebook CEO to hide in if necessary.”

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Trump the Traitor Turns on His, Once, Core Supporter Queen Ann By Chris Knight

     Clearly Trump has no intention of winning the 2020 election, and there is probably a big story going on behind the scenes that we little people will never get to know. Was Trump a conspiracy from the very beginning, or just an accident? I think that he was an accident since the elites wanted Hillary, but having got Trump they moved to neutralise him, which was not difficult since he was a globalist anyway, with this anti-Soros speeches being written by Bannon, whom Trump got rid of once elected. Trump never believed a word of it, and it was just pure cynicism and exploitation on his part. His son-in-law then moved to give the globalist directions that Trump mechanically follows, making the Rump  puppet president.

     Proof, if proof is needed, is how President Donald Duck now turns on Ann Coulter who previously wrote  a book in support of the orange haired “idiot”.

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Letter to The Editor - True spirituality, no matter what the land or people concerned, does not demand attachment to earthly goods

To The Age        There is a different and truer way to view the national sovereignty of Australia (vested in the Australian Crown) than that of Jacob Saulwick ("A true voice on torn land rights", 15/3). This begins with the affirmation that the 1825 British Crown claim of sovereignty over what is now the Northern Territory proved successful in history and still stands valid for today's Australian Crown, partly on the grounds that the Aboriginal tribes failed to defend their territory successfully and partly owing to the lapse of time, which extinguishes former sovereignties after a reasonable number of years. The High Court Mabo decision can properly be seen as an unjustified act of legal adventurism, as was pointed out by competent authorities at the time. Subsequent decisions by that court flowing from that decision can be seen, logically, as invalid also. The decisions were manifestly against the interests of Australians as a whole. That has become glaringly clear by the latest High Court decision, whereby huge amounts of taxpayers' money are to be handed out to persons and groups whose claim to Aboriginality are suspect and whose right to be recipients of such moneys can be shown to not exist.

     In this situation the Australian Government should pass appropriate legislation to bring to an end this fraudulent milking of the moneys of the great majority of Australians. This does not look likely to happen, partly because popular opinion has been manipulated by ongoing propaganda published by the mainstream media and not contested by the major political parties, and partly (one surmises) because of secret pressure behind the scenes by a well-financed elite that operates in an international context (also using the UNO for its purposes). It is only within this overall context that Aboriginal claims of a spiritual kind, concerning attachment to the land, should be assessed. True spirituality, no matter what the land or people concerned, does not demand attachment to earthly goods. Rather it recommends the opposite.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Who are the people who hold power and what are their aims?

To The Australian        Paul Kelly's invocation of the dubious term "zeitgeist" to account for Australia's political confusion ("Culture shift points to political change", 16-17/3) enables him to provide a quasi-mystical description of symptoms while avoiding identification of the disease, something which is vital before recovery is possible. He needed to ask the simple question: "Who are the people who hold power and what are their aims?" The answers are (1) individuals and groups with international connections and possessed of super-wealth, and (2) extension of their own power and influence. It is difficult to uncloak them, because public discussion of their activities is made almost impossible by their hold over the mainstream media. Meanwhile the "progressives", as Kelly terms them, are their dupes. Cory Bernardi and other conservatives are right that the nation, as well as the Coalition, needs a return to traditional understanding; but where he and many others err is in thinking that "the old religion" will suffice and that they can mount a renaissance without naming and challenging the real power-holders.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

When it All Falls Apart By John Steele

     If I was more of an entrepreneur instead of an introspective survivalist, I would have had my own YouTube show dealing with survivalist topics from primitive survival right up to what concerns us now, system collapse, and its aftermath. Anyway, there is an enormous interest in primitive technologies, such as making one’s own stone and wood tools, building primitive shelters and the like, as discussed here:

     One of the gurus of this movement is Australia’s own John Plant (three cheers!), but there are plenty of US folk who have been working on this since the 1960s, in the “back to nature/land movement,” but no matter. Here are some informative videos on this response to a time of impending doom:

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Sue the So-and So’s! By Ian Wilson

     Big Media seemed fixated at the time to viciously attack a group of white students, who stood by while an American Indian beat a drum in their faces. Doing nothing at all, was taken to be the height of “racism.” Well, let us see if $ 250,00,000 changes anything:

“In a clip of an interview set to air on Sunday’s 10 p.m. ET broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” L. Lin Wood, the lawyer for Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, said CNN was likely to be hit with a massive lawsuit worth more than $250 million over alleged “vicious” and “direct attacks” in the near future. “CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post,” Wood said. “And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes. It’s broadcast into their homes. They really went after Nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that was attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites, yelling racist slurs at the Black Hebrew Israelites — totally false, saying things like Nicholas was part of a group that was threatening the Black Hebrew Israelites, that they thought there was going to be a lynching. Now you’ve seen the tape. If you took the time to look at what was said that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was as I said to other the only adult in the room.”

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Politically Correct Feminist Neuroscience By Mrs Vera West

     A top female neuroscientist has proclaimed that the brains of men and women are the same!

“I’m an international researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience, based at the Aston Brain Centre at Aston University in Birmingham. My work involves using brain imaging techniques to investigate individual differences in the brain, in particular to understand conditions such as autism and dyslexia. But I’ve also been interested in the fascination scientists have long held in identifying differences between male and female brains. While theories may have come and gone for over two centuries, until recently the basic message has been consistent: there are ‘essential’ differences between men’s and women’s brains, and these will determine their different capacities and places in society. Well, I believe this approach does everyone a disfavour, especially women and girls. It’s surely no coincidence that scientists, who historically were mostly men, favoured theories that supported male superiority. In the 18th and 19th century, it was generally accepted that women were socially, intellectually and emotionally lacking and their inferior brains were at the heart of any explanation as to why they were lower down the scale. Brain size was an early focus and a finding that, on average, women’s brains were five ounces lighter than men’s was eagerly seized upon as proof.

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More on Sex Egalitarianism By Mrs Vera West

     If the gender/sex egalitarianism idea as true, then why the need to smash any academic opposing it?

“The European particle physics research centre Cern has cut ties with the scientist who said that women were less able at physics than men. Cern has decided not to extend Professor Alessandro Strumia’s status of guest professor. The decision follows an investigation into comments, first reported by BBC News, made by Prof Strumia at a Cern workshop on gender equality. Prof Strumia told BBC News that he stood by his remarks. "Some people hated hearing about higher male variance: this idea comes from Darwin, like other offensive ideas that got observational support," he told BBC News. "Science is not about being offended when facts challenge ideas held as sacred". He added that he believed that he had not been fairly treated. "For months, Cern kept 'investigating' if my 30-minute talk might have violated Cern rules [requiring an] 'obligation to exercise reserve and tact in expressing personal opinions and communication to the public'," Prof Strumia said. "In such a case, they would have opened some procedure, where I would have been able [to defend] myself. This never happened." Last September, Professor Strumia stated that “physics was invented and built by men, it's not by invitation" at a presentation at the Cern the workshop.

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Welcome to Australia’s Recession; Don’t Expect Immigration to be Reduced By James Reed

     Yep, Australia is now in recession, so when this happens the elites like to really fry us, and turn up the immigration throttle to full power:

“Australia has fallen into what is known as a “per capita recession.”  That means the country is relying solely on population growth to propel its economy.  All this is happening as Nigeria follows the same path to becoming Venezuela. The dollar dropped sharply to a two-month low of $0.70 by midday as economists slashed their predictions for official interest rates to reach a record low of 1 percent by September, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. The per capita recession is raising questions about the government’s management of the economy ahead of the federal elections. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly said economic growth will be weaker under Labor, but the final two results of this term of government show the Coalition will lead Australia back to the polls struggling to lift a slowing economy.  Many economic experts believe that this next global recession will allow the public to open their eyes about the reality of government and central banks: that they work together to enslave the masses while lining politicians’ pockets with money stolen from the slaves (general population.) On top of this potential nightmare scenario is the fact that governments around the world comprising the largest economies have nearly all become debtor nations that are one economic calamity away from global collapse. As noted by Robert Gore at The Burning Platform blog, France’s Yellow Vest protesters may have inadvertently hit upon a way to bring about the collapse of the fiat money and debt system that is sustaining the very governments which increasingly suppress the people they are supposed to serve. -JD Heyes, Natural News

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Letter to The Editor - One wonders how many of the student protesters fully understand the perceived problem of climate change

     On a recent radio “Kids Quiz” a lad, probably in late primary school,  was asked “What is a quarter of 100”?  He had some difficulty and the radio host attempted to help by saying, “50 is half of a hundred, so what would 25 be”?  Still the lad was unable to answer even though he possessed other knowledge. Thinking of the student protest over climate change and the fact that water vapour makes up the vast amount of greenhouse gas and further, that carbon dioxide contributes a very minor 1 or 2 percent of greenhouse gas, one wonders how many of the student protesters fully understand the perceived problem. For those who understand the small proportion of carbon dioxide in greenhouse gas, I wonder whether they would still be concerned when they know every human and animal expels carbon dioxide with every breath which leaves a miniscule amount of carbon dioxide attributable to industrial emissions. I hope most students use their maths to gain a deeper understanding.
  Ken Grundy, Naracoorte, SA

Letter to The Editor - It will take great nerve now to keep Australia on a truly democratic path

To The Age         It may well be that now "the prospect of a delayed, even cancelled Brexit" has become the likely result of the immense struggle going on over the constitutional future of the UK ("Parliament says 'bollocks' to May's Brexit bid", 14/3); but there has been little discussion out here of the profound effect on our own national psyche of what looks like a successful sabotage by a political elite of the 52% popular decision in the 2016 referendum in favour of departure from the EU. Australians generally have hitherto looked up to "the mother country" as a bastion of liberty standing as an encouragement to our own attempt to build a nation of similar ideals here. Suddenly we see it as just another more-or-less corrupt oligarchy among the masses around the world. It will take great nerve now to keep Australia on a truly democratic path.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Brexit could easily have been designed and implemented by now

To The Australian        The credibility of Britain as a democracy is in tatters, but not because "Mrs May's proposed deal deserved better than a death knell in the Commons" ("Crunch time for Brexit havoc", 14/3). It is because an unscrupulous political elite has worked ever since the referendum result to frustrate the decision to leave the EU. Mrs May's deal has long been fully exposed as bogus; and now the "Remain" majority in Parliament are set to make a "no deal" exit impossible. Everyone knows that during the last two years a genuine Brexit could easily have been designed and implemented by now. The betrayal of Britain bids fair to see, before too long, the end of free speech, common law protections of personal liberty and the glory of the monarchy. Alas, poor Britain: "unhappy is the land that has no heroes."
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Pollies Not Running: The Real Reason By James Reed

     Have you noticed a lot of politicians are retiring at the moment? I have not but an email was sent to me, then I noticed. The anonymous email gave a good reason for why the rats are leaving the sinking ship of Oz:

“The real reason behind 60 Elected MPs not seeking re-election! Sixty elected members of the federal government have now reported they have made the decision not to run in the upcoming next election! It's a very high number compared to previous elections. Some of them tell us that it's for family reasons, others for their desire to serve their fellow citizens in other fields and many other great stories to make us cry for them. Besides all the tear jerking that politicians have been giving about retiring here is something else to consider. In 2015 a change in the pension for MP's ensures that the age of full retirement for an MP having served at least 6 years, will no longer be 55 years but 65 years. Thus any MP not yet 65 and who wants to benefit from the present pension scheme need only not run in the next election and thus will draw for 10 years longer a government pension of over $100,000/year.

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Captain Not So Marvellous By Mrs Vera West

     My grandson went to see the new Captain Marvel movie featuring a feminist Social Justice Warrior superhero, and he went because he had a free ticket. He left after about half way through, because it was “just garbage.” Others think so too:

“The backlash against Captain Marvel has reached a boiling point ahead of Friday's premiere, after star Brie Larson slammed the number of white male movie critics reviewing her films - while others have taken issue with the feminist marketing campaign behind Marvel's "big feminist movie." The ensuing flood of complaints against both Larson and Marvel Studios resulted in a 28% drop in box office projections, while popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes made site-wide changes, removing their "Want To See" feature from the website. Larson's "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW) supporters have branded the backlash as a classic case of misogyny; men who simply can't stand a strong female lead in a superhero movie - however this analysis falls short in light of the overwhelming popularity of Hollywood productions such as the Resident Evil, Alien and Kick Ass franchises, not to mention the Hunger Games, the Fifth Element - and of course, badass heroine Sarah Connor from the Terminator series.” They pushed the social Justice warrior stuff with Black Panther, and got that through using guilt, now they are moving on the feminist gender front:

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Anti-Racists Working Their Way Down the List By Bruce Bennett

     There are Alt Right, supposedly, websites overjoyed at the recent Amazon censorship of numerous nationalist books. These people will in turn be knocked off too, because now even Dr Seuss is being regarded as “racist”:

“But a study published this month claims Dr. Seuss’s work is racist, and it joins a growing chorus of voices deeming the iconic author problematic. The study is titled “The Cat Is Out of the Bag: Orientalism, Anti-Blackness and White Supremacy in Dr. Seuss’s Children’s Books.” It is co-authored by Katie Ishizuka of the The Conscious Kid Library and Ramón Stephens, a PhD student in education at the University of California, San Diego. They describe themselves as “critical race scholar-activists.” The two interpreted the late author’s works as “dehumanizing and degrading” to “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and people from other marginalized groups (including Jewish people and Muslims),” largely because non-white characters were illustrated in stereotypical fashions, they argued.

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Sanctuaries for Guns, an Endangered Species By John Steele

     Ok if they want to have sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, then and even more endangered species, guns, needs many too:

“At least 20 county sheriffs in Washington state – more than half of the state’s total – are now publicly refusing to police new gun laws. Several county governments have also passed local resolutions officially opposing enforcement of the laws. The moves may pose a significant threat to Washington’s ambitious agenda on firearms reform, and some activists say it is beginning to resemble a full-scale “constitutionalist” revolt against gun control. A growing number of sheriffs, almost all in rural counties, have publicly stated that they will not, or believe they cannot, enforce the provisions of I1639, a ballot measure passed by popular vote last November which aims to restrict access to and use of assault weapons. Their positions – outlined in written statements, local media reports, and Facebook posts – occupy varying points on a spectrum of resistance.

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Amazon to Ban Every Book Ever Written! (Maybe Books Not Even Written Yet!) By Charles Taylor

     I have been following the Amazon book banning frenzy, which has involved banning white nationalist books from various places. This has been met with a “so what” from the site referenced below which says that it is Alt Right, but I don’t see much right about its celebration of any sort of book banning:

     Apparently, nothing to worry about here, of course until Big Tech knocks their works off, and shuts down their site. That would be too bad, because one does not have to agree with everything at a site to see merit.
And it is not just the radicals who are being culled, for they have gone for antivaxxers’ stuff and now science books that they don’t like, as Mike Adams, apparently has said:

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