The Illusion of the Internet By James Reed

     I remember with fondness the good old days of paper, books and leaflets. Then all one had to fear was a postal strike, which was rare, as Aussie Post is pretty good getting the mail through, a modern version of the pony express. But that was long ago, and now everything is going on-line. Learn to code before walking is the philosophy today. However, some who embraced the on-line world are having second thoughts:

“Domain registrars promised that I could “own” my little corner of the web with a domain name, and now my domains can be seized by a faceless bureaucracy. Google told me to create the best content I could to be ranked highly in their search engine, but then they manipulated their algorithms to lift dull corporate propaganda above my own. Twitter promised that I could share any thought that came to mind, and after I spent years doing so, they changed their mind and will now ban me if I make fun of an obese feminist. YouTube said I could upload engaging videos that viewers love, and even make money doing so, but then they demonetized most of my videos, put others in “limited state,” and banned me from live streaming for three months … Disqus offered me a service to allow the community at Return Of Kings to discuss what was on their mind, but they banned the site because they didn’t want us to discuss certain things. Amazon said I could publish books on their platform and even make a living as a writer, but then they banned the paperbook and ebook editions of nine of my books with no explanation why. Paypal said it would be easy to add payment processing to my site, and then later showed how easy it is to ban me for political reasons. …

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Revising the Racism of the Establishment By Peter Ewer

     The establishment, “racist”? Yes, believe it, for by Occam’s razor, choose the simplest hypothesis that explains all of the data, this one comes out as the most plausible. After all, we have the example of the Asian journalist, Sarah Jeong, who said over-the-top racist things about Whites, yet did not lose her job at The New York Times and there are daily examples like this:

“The intellectual dishonesty of the social justice Left’s “racism” manifests itself in other ways. The reconceptualization doesn’t mean that the old, widely understood sense of the word is simply banished. Rather, it lingers, allowing social justice activists to pretend that they are merely opposed to bigotry and prejudice, like all people of good will, rather than in the vanguard of a movement to effect a radical transformation, one likely to draw fierce opposition if advocated forthrightly. “The social justice left’s entire modus operandi,” writes Claire Lehmann of the online journal Quillette, “is to implement extreme positions using the language of moderate positions.”

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Chinese Globalism on Steroids By James Reed

     Forgive me! This China article has been sitting in my “silly pile,” and I have not been silly or drunk enough to write on it. But, having tipped a near reservoir of cheap red wine down my throat, to drown my sorrows, now I am ready:

“China has outlined its plan to connect the world by high-speed rail, including an underwater link to the US running a total 13,000km. The ‘China to Russia plus the United States’ line proposed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering would start in the north east of China, travel up through Siberia, across the Bering Strait to Alaska and down through Canada before reaching the contiguous US, The Beijing Times reports. Other planned lines - construction of which has reportedly began in China - are a link to London via Paris, Berlin and Moscow, along with a second route to Europe following the silk road to reach as far as Germany via Iran and Turkey. The international legs of the lines are currently under negotiation, the state ran paper said.”

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The Real Cost of Immigration By Richard Miller

     Slowly, facts about the true cost of the European White replacement immigration program are coming to light:

“A leaked unpublished document from Sweden’s Justice Ministry has revealed that the costs of mass migration are far higher than figures currently expressed by the government. The document comes after the new coalition government agreed to relax the rules for chain migration, or “family reunification”, which will likely lead to a larger influx of migrants than previously estimated. Following the announcement of the policy, the Swedish Migration Board sent the report to the Justice Ministry which calculated the added costs in the millions. Despite the reports, Swedish Social Democrat Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has referred to prior, much less costly, figures throughout the week, Expressen reports. The previous report, compiled in Septemeber of last year, estimated that chain migration would cost Swedish taxpayers  910 million Swedish kronor (£76.15 million) from 2019 to 2021. The new estimate sees that number increase to 1.365 billion Swedish kronor (£114.2 million) over the same period.”

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Will China Finally Sink Under the Waves of Debt? By Peter Ewer

     While James Reed is hoping that China may continue on the best of the West, I for one, have my doubts, and I pretty much have doubts about everything. For one thing, at long last, China is running head-first into a great wall of debt:

“China's debt has been a key factor to its economic success in riding out the GFC, due to a large government stimulus injected into its economy. However, the financial boost has mostly led to China having one of the highest corporate debts in the world, only second to the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. The past year has been a tumultuous one for the Chinese market: it was hit by an economic downturn, and for the first time in two years, exports unexpectedly plunged to its lowest point, all of this against the backdrop of an ongoing trade dispute and punishing tariffs by the US. Beijing made moves to solve its issues by slashing central bank reserves earlier this month — the fifth time within a year — freeing up $US116 billion ($161.3 billion) to stimulate more economic growth. But forecasted figures by a number of global financial institutions are not looking too positive for the global superpower, and adding to the debt fears is an opaqueness and inability for analysts to completely obtain information and understand the full extent or impact of the potential looming problem.”

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On the Road to Communism By Paul Walker

     This is a peep at what is in line for us in the future, as our economy implodes; Venezuela shows the way in communist control as bank accounts are frozen, allegedly to stop terrorism. Here are some comments on this by J. G. Martinez, straight from the lion’s den:

“Controlling a society is not an easy task. It is about controlling food production means, limiting the mobility of people, denying access to everything, allowing basic human rights to be violated by the uniformed corps (very important because these groups have weaponry), and allowing irregular gangs take over resources that, otherwise, they would never be able to have control of. Therefore, they NEED desperately to make people knee, and one of the ways they can do it, is via the control of the circulating money. This is nothing new. The original Rothschild said once “give me the control of the currency of a country, and I wouldn´t mind who governs it”. Or something like that. That is exactly what this mafia has done. They’re now freezing bank accounts within Venezuela. To do so, the criminal gang in power has reinforced their strategy.  They are freezing bank accounts inside Venezuela, in our national currency, if they detect someone is using the account from another country. My own bank accounts, with over 15 years of history, included. This is against the right to use the private and personal property, guaranteed in our Constitution.

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A Generation of Sociopaths By James Reed

     With all the things going on, it is natural to sit back and ponder; how did it happen, on whose watch did all of this occur? One natural strata of people to blame is my generation of baby boomers, and in his book, A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America, (Hachette, New York, 2017), author Bruce Gibney does just that. In fact, he argues that the baby boomer generation are technically sociopaths, having the clinical symptoms of this psychological disorder, such as extreme narcissism.

     The lack of empathy, prudence and genuine altruism among boomers does stand out. However, what we have also seen is that later generations also have the same sociopathological trait seeing themselves as unique precious snowflakes; not all, but it is something which is very common.

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The Typical Austalian Diet is a Health Threat! By Mrs Vera West

     A recent article at Natural News, argued the the typical American diet is a disease threat, and even a short exposure to a high sugar, high saturated fat, low vitamin diet can cause numerous health problems. The same could be said for the fast food diets that Australians are eating:

“In fact, the Western diet is so bad that studies have shown that even a short amount of exposure to it can raise your chances of cardiometabolic disorders like heart disease and diabetes. In a study that was funded by the American Heart Association, female rats were fed the equivalent of a typical American diet, and those mice showed common symptoms of diabetes like high blood pressure and blood vessel damage, even after a short time, when compared to a control group. In addition, these rats had four times more fat in their abdominal area than those in the control group, despite some of them not appearing to be obese. This indicates that the negative effects of this way of eating might set in long before traditional disease markers become obvious. In a human clinical study, participants who ate hamburgers quickly experienced pathological changes in blood vessels, including oxidative stress, inflammation, and vasoconstriction. Interestingly, the mere act of adding avocado to the burger canceled these effects out in a different group. It’s easy to see how giving one’s diet a complete overhaul could have a significant positive impact on their overall health.”

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Princess Diana 2.0: Meagan Markle is Bringing the Joy of Diversity to the Royal Family! By Peter West

     I was excited, almost as much as any monarchist was, by the announcement that a Black American film star, Meagan Markle, who had played fantastic dramatic roles of “penetrating depth,” truly fit for a Royal (reader discretion advised, perhaps older men with heart conditions should not go to the links below), was to marry into the Royal family. Although she was advancing in her reproductive years (elderly primigravida)), the gods of fertility have smiled upon her, and she will bring forth child any time from  April 1.

And, despite people writing nasty things about Meg, we are seeing that this was an excellent choice, almost as good as the much loved Diana Spencer, which was another fairy tale princess who added colour to the otherwise starchy Royals:

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It is Immigration Mr Popey that Makes Us Crazy By Peter West

     Each week the anti-West commo Pope does ever more to excel in anti-Western sentiment, hoping like a good Pope to get a pat on his head from the globalist elites. Thus, he has headed down south to promote  mass immigrations holidays to America:

“Pope Francis decried the fear of migrants Thursday during his visit to Panama, seemingly advocating for the migrant caravans that flooded the southern U.S. border. Francis made the comments during his visit to preside over World Youth Day in Panama amid the fomenting of more migrant caravans in Central America. The pontiff urged church leaders to advocate for hospitality and acceptance of migrants in the countries to which they try to gain entrance, which in past months have been Mexico and the U.S. “The Church, by virtue of her universality, can provide the fraternal hospitality and acceptance that can enable the communities of origin and of destination to dialogue and to help overcome fears and suspicions,” Francis said, according to The Wall Street Journal. Francis also told reporters during his flight to Panama that fear over migrants was “making us crazy.”

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Hillary Clinton Wants Eternal Abortions By Mrs Vera West

     Iconic mega-feminist Hillary Clinton, who still wants to be president when Trump is arrested and locked in a cage with starving rats, wants New York State to legalise abortions up until birth:

“On Sunday, she announced plans to help New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo push a radical pro-abortion bill in his state. “I’ll be joining Gov. Cuomo as he lays out his plan to codify Roe v. Wade and pass the Reproductive Health Act,” Clinton wrote on Twitter. “There’s no time to wait.” Cuomo made no secret of his plans to ram the pro-abortion bill through the state legislature. He said he wants to see it pass within 30 days. Pro-abortion lawmakers in New York have been trying to pass the radical pro-abortion Reproductive Health Act for years. Already one of the most pro-abortion states in America, New York would be made even more pro-abortion if the legislation passes. The bill would allow abortions on viable, late-term unborn babies for any “health” reason and would keep abortion on demand legal in the state if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. The Times Union reports the bill would end a decades-old law that would criminalize late-term abortions if Roe is overturned and replace it with new language allowing abortion on demand. State Sen. Liz Krueger, D-Manhattan, is the sponsor. “It would proclaim abortion as a fundamental right and impose an extreme abortion agenda on all New Yorkers,” according to New York State Right to Life.”

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The Shame of Being White By Chris Knight

     This is where the culture of white guilt leads; white children so hating themselves that they sue their parents, meaning that white people have not right to exist:

“St-Louis, MO | A 17-year-old is undertaking one of the most controversial lawsuits of the history of the country as he is suing his own biological parents for being born white. Anthony Dwight, 17, claims he has suffered his whole life from the shame of being born white. “When I was a kid, I’d spend hours in the shower trying to wash off the white off my skin, but it would never go away,” he recalls painfully. “Isn’t there enough white people on this planet already? Haven’t we inflicted enough suffering, racism and oppression in this world?” he asked reporters.

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On Teachers By James Reed

     The site, usually has some good quotable paragraphs about the plight of the West, a perennial theme for us. Here is one about the present degeneracy known as teaching:

“And who are today’s teachers? They’re the outcasts, the losers, the socially inept afterthoughts that were never good enough during their own educational experience and are out for revenge against the world that left them behind. They’ve been corrupted by a college system that has been compromised by communist ideologues and subversive donors, pampered by the advanced degrees their ancestors could never afford, and enslaved by a perverse pantheon of modern media voices. They lack the ability to think critically, but are unable to recognize it, and thus will force toxic progressivism on their students. Affirmative action programs will see many children learning from cultures that are not their own, leading to further confusion.

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The Censorship Adventures of Microsoft By Brian Simpson

     The latest internet censorship news is that the elites are moving on from shutting down discussion of race/immigration, to shutting down corporate critique, through use of software that does all of the censoring, passively:

“Microsoft has just unveiled its plans to partner up with NewsGuard, a “startup” company bent on censoring the world wide web, disguised as an app that helps users weed out “fake news.” Now, instead of being an app that users can choose to download, Microsoft will be incorporating the technology as an integrated feature of their mobile web browser, Edge. If you use your cellphone to surf the web, Edge might not be the best choice — unless you enjoy being spoon-fed leftist propaganda by a neocon corporation that is tied to Monsanto. As if the blatant censorship of conservatives across social media wasn’t bad enough, Microsoft and NewsGuard are now conspiring to suppress all kinds of information, ranging from conservative news organizations to scientific literature exposing the dangers of GMOs. As sources report, the censorship software NewsGuard will soon be a key element of Microsoft’s mobile web browser, Edge. Instead of having to download an app, users will simply have to click a button to enable the rating system. The system is described as a “green-red rating signal if a website is trying to get it right or instead has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”

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Letter to the Editor - Only a very small number of Australians have nothing but indigenous DNA

To The Age        Teela Reid, who has Wiradjuri and Wailwan ancestry, refers to "a First Nations Voice" ("Heart in search of a voice", 26/1), but can such a thing really exist or be brought into being at this stage of our history? It is not clear that the tribes which lived here before the 18th Century can be accurately described as "First Nations" and, in any case, they no longer exist - so how can they have a voice today? The great majority of Australians who identify as indigenous have some non-indigenous blood. Only a very small number of Australians have nothing but indigenous DNA. Thus very few of those who put themselves forward as indigenous spokespeople or leaders truly have the unadulterated representative status that they claim. Therefore, their agitation for "constitutional recognition", including the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and for a changed date for Australia Day, is morally built on sand.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to the Editor - Their agitation for "constitutional recognition" and a changed date for Australia Day is morally built on sand

To The Australian        Gerard Henderson rightly notes that "the division between indigenous and other Australians is not quite what it seems" ("This nation of immigrants rightly cherishes its rich past", 26-27/1). There are important implications in this, which he does not draw out, but which need to be, so that ordinary Australians (the great majority of us) are not taken for a ride by confidence tricksters. The fact that most Australians "who identify as indigenous" have some non-indigenous blood, and that only "a very small number of Australians have only indigenous DNA", means that almost all those who currently present themselves as "indigenous leaders" of our so-called "First Peoples" are really laying claim to a representative status that they do not and cannot possess. In a nutshell, this means that their agitation for "constitutional recognition" and a changed date for Australia Day is morally built on sand.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Green Energy Vandals By Viv Forbes

     For decades now we have watched green energy dreamers destroy Australia’s backbone industries. Their incessant attacks on hydro-carbon energy have vandalised our electricity grid, damaged heavy industry, bloated power costs and made blackouts inevitable. The last coal-fired power station built in Eastern Australia, the small Kogan Creek generator in Queensland, is now 12 years old. We should be building new coal-fired power stations on established coalfields near existing transmission lines. However Green worshippers prefer to scar the hills with wind towers, plaster the flatlands with solar panels, and waste money on spider-webs of new roads, transmission towers and power lines. Then when it becomes obvious that this ramshackle system will not produce reliable energy, they waste even more money on humungous lithium batteries, energy-wasting hydro pumped-storage, thumping diesel engines and “load shedding” (pc language for “power rationing”). Parroting tired and discredited climate alarm theories, they oppose any expansion of coal exploration, mining or power generation. They also impede gas exploration, timber-getting and fishing, and continually attack the grazing industries. No industry has escaped their lethal green shackles.  Who will rid us of these yokes?

Beware the Yellow Vests, Green Shirts and Steel-Capped Boots By Viv Forbes

     For decades now we have watched Green-ants destroy Australia’s backbone industries. Their incessant attacks on hydro-carbon energy have vandalised our electricity grid, destroyed heavy industry, inflated power costs and made blackouts inevitable. The last coal-fired power station built in Eastern Australia, the small Kogan Creek generator in Queensland, is now 12 years old. It is urgent that we build new coal-fired power on established coalfields with nearby transmission lines.

     However, Green dreamers posing as power engineers, their media lapdogs and spineless MP’s support scarring the hills with wind towers, plastering the flatlands with solar panels, and wasting billions on spider-webs of new roads, transmission towers and power lines. Then when it becomes obvious that this ramshackle system will not produce reliable energy, they waste even more money on humungous lithium batteries, energy-wasting pumped storage, thumping diesel engines and power rationing (PC shorthand for rolling blackouts).

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Sue Them All! Let Them Fall! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Suing people and organisations generally has a bad rap, I think undeserved in many ways, because often, suing is the only answer. For example, the vilification of the Covington student Nicholas Sandmann, was unrelenting, and he was savagely attacked even before full video evidence was looked at.

     Thus, the bishop raced to condemn the students, allegedly based on pressure, rising on his high moral horse to say, “this behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person. The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.” Yes, all that for simply smiling at a person who was loudly banging a drum in one’s face. But, then there was an apology: “The apology came after Sandmann’s family hired lawyer L. Lin Wood, who according to the Washington Post, “often [seeks] eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press.” Maybe the good bishop will have something to worry about in the future, after he has been put through the wringer of court.

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Radiation Tsunamis! The War of the Waves By James Reed

     While the West obediently follows the script of racial suicide, Russia has been busy creating weapons of hyper-mass destruction just in case the West does not suicide quickly enough. The latest uses the power of the sea to destroy coastal cities. The question though, is if this is used on America, or even us, will migrants still be coming to bring diversity to a new underwater world, like in the failed movie, Waterworld ?

“A former advisor to President Trump has admitted that there are genuine concerns over Russia’s shock plan to use a “doomsday device” that would create a 300-ft radiation tsunami wave - powerful enough to wipe out major US cities. Former State Department senior adviser Christian Whiton said that hearing the plans would make any security official “have concerns”. He admitted that such a blast would create a “wave - and a highly irradiated one”.

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