How Humanity Ends? By Brian Simpson

     Remember Hen Kissinger? How could we forget him? Well, he’s back, writing for The Atlantic, about the dangers of the AI revolution, and the article is a good one:

“What would be the impact on history of self-learning machines—machines that acquired knowledge by processes particular to themselves, and applied that knowledge to ends for which there may be no category of human understanding? Would these machines learn to communicate with one another? How would choices be made among emerging options? Was it possible that human history might go the way of the Incas, faced with a Spanish culture incomprehensible and even awe-inspiring to them? Were we at the edge of a new phase of human history?” Kissinger goes on to note the expected benefits of AI in numerous fields, such as medicine, but is deeply concerned about possible areas of failure, ranging from rogue AI that seeks to destroy humanity, to AI that makes human explanations somewhat redundant:

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A Crazy diet From Self-Help Guru Jordan Peterson

     Here is Jordan Peterson promoting the alleged benefits of a “carnivore” diet, eating nothing but meat:

     Such a diet may lead to weight loss in the very short term, due to the radical reduction in carbohydrates such as sugars, but there are longer term dangers. For one thing, the body needs vitamins and minerals that meat does not have, as well as fibre for gut and bowel health. So, while Dr Peterson has many good things to say in opposing political correctness and feminism, the diet material needs to be understood as just his opinion. A balanced philosophy, and life, requires a balanced diet.

Barking Dogs Drive Women and Uncle Len Crazy By Uncle Len, Nerves on a Wire

     Uncle Len has not been sleeping as well as he should. First, the cold; so cold in the tool shed which I live in that even the cockroaches are rugging up. I have seen the smarter ones lighting little fires to keep warm on the cold cement shed floor. Then there are the barking dogs; legions of them that roam the vast urban wastelands of Adelaide searching for anything, or anyone to eat. One dare not venture out of doors when the wild beasts roam. Just ask …  this poor woman:

“A woman who says her mental health is deteriorating as a result of barking dogs near her home believes urgent change is needed to stop people being driven crazy. For four years Jane in Adelaide’s inner south-east has been trying to cope with barking from two neighbouring properties, including a little “shrill” dog just metres from the interior of her home. “I think she’s got separation anxiety,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide Mornings program. “She could go from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at night, barking most of that time.” Jane recorded evidence of the dog barking relentlessly for nearly an hour-and-a-half from a backyard while its owners were out on Australia Day in 2015. The dog is excited and does not appear to be barking at anything in particular.”

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Damned if You do; Damned if You Don’t By Mrs Vera West

     We all know by now that eating our greens is good for you, but is it? Can there be too much of a good thing, or better yet, can something which is generally healthy have very unhealthy side-effects?

“For a lot of people who watch their diet, leafy greens are a staple at every meal. Indeed, these are packed with essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly, but these also contain what’s known as an anti-nutrient, or compounds that disrupt the absorption of these nutrients. One of the most famous anti-nutrients is alcohol, which is known to slow down the conversion of macronutrients, as well as zinc and certain B-vitamins. Most leafy greens, on the other hand, contain oxalate (also known as oxalic acid), a naturally occurring anti-nutrient. In particular, these bind to minerals and create compounds such as calcium oxalate and iron oxalate, which the body eliminates in the stool or urine instead of using it. While normally found in plants, the body can also produce oxalates. Vitamin C, in particular, becomes oxalate after being metabolized. If the body doesn’t flush out oxalates, these can build up in the muscles, brain, and even the urinary system. Once this happens, oxalates turn into crystals and cause tissue damage and inflammation. just two cups of spinach, a staple ingredient in some green smoothies, could have as much as 15 grams of oxalates – already considered a potentially life-threatening amount.

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Breaking Free of Negativity and Drama By James Reed

     Mrs Vera West thought that a highly negative person like me could benefit from reading, Doreen Virtue, Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, (Hay House, 2015). I felt that I simply had to have a Captain Cook at a book by a woman with the name “Virtue.” I found the book helpful, although it will be difficult for a cranky old sod like me to change his ways. But, stranger things have happened. You should read the book, but in a nutshell, she shows that the body becomes addicted to drama and negativity. Amazingly enough, even the wiring of the brain, the neural circuits change. Misery becomes needed as much as that morning drink of coffee. This is bad, and to change it, one needs to do a few things. Diet needs to be put under control, so that foods that release all of the bad chemicals such as histamines are minimised. You guessed it, there goes alcohol and junk food.

     Life needs to be de-stressed. Do you really need that job which is slowly, or even rapidly killing you? Develop a sense of self-worth. Be optimistic. Detox from dramas and post-traumatic triggers. Live mindfully, not dreading the future. Use essential oils. Meditate. Have a massage. Pray to God regularly. Gently exercise; yoga, not yoghurt. Connect with friends and family and have meaningful relationships. Am I crying yet? These are all good things to do. But, in my line of work, bad news comes in every time I look at the computer. They really do want to kill us. So, living in the trenches, I will undertake to whistle while I work, and look on the bright side of life:

Why the Education System Destroys Creativity By James Reed

     The following  is a great discussion about the way schools kill creativity by Sir Ken Robinson:

     There is nothing spectacularly new here that the few remaining traditionalist teachers would not recognise, but the presentation is done in a most entertaining way. For example, he says that the way the education system is arranged, with its epistemological biases, indicates that the aim seems to be to produce university professors. He says that these people live in their heads and see their bodies merely as a form of transportation for their heads! They are alienated in a most fundamental way. Haven’t I been saying that for years? The short of the long is that the education system needs to serve human ecology, holistically educating children to allow natural creativity to flourish, be this in art, dance or mathematics. Yes, what a long way our schools have gone from this, having become politically correct indoctrination centres, and not even being at the base level criticised by Robinson.

Cancer Causing More Cancer By Mrs Vera West

     There has been some thought-provoking material published at the Natural site about the ill-effects of chemotherapy on cancer treatment, that this does not get to the root of the cancer problem, but in the case of breast cancer, and maybe other cancers, may spread it:

“A new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine earlier this month proved what we have been saying for decades; conventional cancer treatments cause more cancer. A team of scientists at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine has found compelling evidence that chemotherapy is only a short-term solution. Eventually, the drugs will make you sick again, pushing patients towards a second round of expensive treatments. Clever money generating trick: Instead of helping patients to get rid of the disease, they temporarily put it on hold so they can take the dollars twice. The New York scientists explained that while shrinking the tumors, chemotherapy simultaneously opens new doorways for tumors to spread into the blood system, triggering more aggressive tumors which often result in death. The researchers believe toxic chemo drugs switch on repair mechanisms in the body that allow tumors to grow back faster. Furthermore, Dr. George Karagiannis, lead author of the study, and his team found that two common chemo drugs increased the number of “doorways” on blood vessels which allowed cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. The team also discovered that chemotherapy increased the number of cancer cells circulating the body and lungs of mice.”

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Doctor Can You Hear Me? By Mrs Vera West

Do doctors Care? Do they even listen? Apparently not.

“A team of researchers from the University of Florida, Gainesville, recently carried out a study that investigated the clinical encounters between physicians and patients. They assessed consultations between 112 patients and their doctors at appointments that took place between 2008 and 2015. The visits were videotaped in different clinics throughout the country. The researchers were looking out for whether doctors gave patients a chance to set the agenda for the visit – for example, by asking questions like, “What can I do for you?” or “Tell me what brings you in today.” They also noted that when patients were interrupted while speaking. Doctors let just a little over a third (36 percent) of patients set the agenda. Unfortunately, two thirds of these patients were interrupted pretty quickly – just 11 seconds after they started speaking, on average. Those who weren’t interrupted, however, finished speaking after around six seconds, so it’s reasonable to expect that they may have been interrupted as well had they continued speaking for much longer.”

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There Goes …Memory …By Mrs Vera West

     Thank God I am too old to use one of those Satanic things the young things are always pounding away on; computer phone or something like that, I don’t know. I just ring up from home, or use coins in a pay phone if I can find one. I do not want the demonic waves, with their occult quantum mechanical powers, to superposition my neurons:

“WASHINGTON D.C. : Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents, according to a new study. The rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) goes along with an increase in exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in our daily life. The most relevant exposure source to the brain is the use of a mobile phone close to the head.”

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The Magic of Breast Milk By Mrs Vera West

     Human breast milk has been known for some time to massively aid in the cognitive development of babies. Less well known are the anti-cancer properties of breast milk:

“Professor Catharina Svanborg has been paving the road to capitalizing on breast milk’s cancer-fighting abilities out of her lab at Lund University in Sweden. Specifically, the professor has been working on a way to bind a breast milk protein known as alpha-lactalbumin to oleic acid, a fatty acid found in olive oil, nuts and seeds. The cancer-killing combination she’s dubbed HAMLET (an acronym for human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells) has shown great success in laboratory applications, shrinking brain, bladder and colon tumors with ease. Tests involving animal and human cancer cell lines have shown that HAMLET is effective against at least 40 types of cancer.”

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Drowned Videos, Resurfacing from the Memory Hole By Mrs Vera West

     For all our anti-vax friends, you will be pleased to know that lots of formerly banned anti-vaccination material is being uploaded to REAL video. This presents suppressed evidence about ill-health and side effects from vaccinations. Readers should therefore check out these sites:

     As the mainstream goes full censorship, rather than to stand their ground and debate, alternative information sources in the health area are more important than ever. In fact, intellectual suppression first occurred in the health field given the vast fortunes of money tied up in it, so alternative avenues of information are not as isolated as we see in other political areas.

Microwave Radiation and the Heart By Mrs Vera West

     Ok, we have all heard that microwave radiation is set to turn us all into super-heroes (e.g. The Fantastic Four), no, kill our brain cells, or whatever, but what does it do to our hearts? I had not thought about that one until now:

“The video (below) shows Warren Woodward, a specialist in smart meter microwave transmission power, connected to an EKG monitor while lying near an Elster smart meter. The Elster is connected to a high frequency analyzer, which measures microwave frequencies. As the HFA alternates between readings of 00.1 and 00.2, the EKG laptop monitor display – which shows the electrical activity of Woodward’s heart – indicates a regular, symmetrical pattern. When the meter momentarily spikes to 139.3, there is a corresponding – and drastic – alteration in Woodward’s EKG pattern. According to Dr. Gilberto Leon, a holistic medicine doctor in Chandler, AZ, the symmetrical pattern represents the characteristic waves of normal heart rhythm. The sudden irregularity, which he describes as a “massive” change in the pattern, occurs at a time when Woodward’s heart should be resting. Over time, this type of reaction makes the heart work too hard, causing fatigued cardiac function, Leon says. And, the process is symptomless and “silent” – especially in healthy people, who may not feel the disruption. Describing the bombardment of microwave frequencies as “an unnatural sequence of events that we’re not programmed to respond to,” Leon confirms that frequencies from smart meters have an effect on myocardial function.”

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Everybody is Depressed (Except Me and My Monkey) By Mrs Vera West

     Speak to many peole today, and they will say that they are sad. Speak to our writers and they will go to the next level of spiritual discontentment in the face of a cultural dissolution. But, what about clinical depression? Interestingly enough, the following article makes the case that  depression is being over-diagnosed, and we have Big Pharma to thank for this:

“Doctors are over diagnosing depression because they rely on a ‘basic’ questionnaire designed by a drugs company that also manufactures antidepressants, campaigners have warned. GPs use a nine-question Patient Health Questionnaire, developed through funding from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, to diagnose people with the illness. But critics told theTelegraph that the questionnaire, which has been used by GPs for 20 years, sets the ‘bar too low’ for depression. They say doctors do not have the time to conduct proper psychiatric interviews and are over reliant on the questionnaire, meaning patients whose symptoms may be the result of unusually stressful episodes in their lives are being labelled clinically depressed. Critics have warned that a similar tool used for detecting anxiety which was also developed by Pfizer-funded research, also sets the bar for diagnosis too low. Pfizer, which is based in the US, manufactures of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs for depression and anxiety in the UK, such as Venlafaxine and Sertraline. Dr James Davies, researcher at the University of Roehampton and co-founder of the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry, told the Telegraph: ‘GPs are very busy and they often don’t have time to do a full interview.”

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My Health Record? No, it is also the Police and ATO’s Health Record! By Mrs Vera West

     Don’t you just love it when the Deep State tells you that they are doing something to help you, but the obvious technocratic control implications are conveniently ignored? Consider My Health record. What could possibility be wrong with streamlining everything in the name of IT efficiency. What could go wrong?

     How embarrassing, I hit a paywall, so I cannot paste in the information. To make it stranger, the link I was given let me in first, so I read that the police and ATO could access the records, and that some IT firm was worried about hacking. As soon as I went to cut ‘n’ paste the material, the page just froze up, and Word crashed. Then I went to the Taskmaster function to get off the frozen program, and coming back in the link did not work!    The lesson here is that I do not trust the IT society. Sure, we use computers, but these things create as many problems as they solve, and give more to the elites than they give to us. I do not want to trust my health records being put in a central data base, given all of the health hacking attacks occurring, the most recent being in Singapore.

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Nordicide: Repopulating Sweden By Peter West

     In a nutshell, of all the people the elites would like to eliminate via policies that amount to passive ethnic cleansing, the Nordic sub-race as defined by Madison Grant tops the list:

     Is that just conspiracy thinking? Well, consider Sweden as a test case:

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Rattling the Shingles By Mrs Vera West

     If you are old like me, you may have been cursed with shingles, caused by the chicken pox virus still living in your central nervous system. Yes, but there may be more to the story:

“Now, research published in the Annals of Clinical Pathology claims that the CDC and the Los Angeles Department of Health Services actually colluded to bury research showing a link between its Universal Varicella Vaccination Program and the national rise in shingles cases. Author Gary S. Goldman is a former research analyst for the Los Angeles Department of Health, and he monitored the introduction of the chicken pox vaccine. He says that by 2000, he was hearing a lot of anecdotal accounts from school nurses about an inexplicable rise in shingles cases among students. He found that the vaccine was not only accelerating the recurrence of shingles among children who had naturally gotten chicken pox, but it was also boosting the chances of adults getting shingles. Goldman says the CDC stopped him from making his data public. He listed 23 actions they took to try to downplay his findings, including attributing them to incorrect subgroups, statistically disguising them, manipulating their own data, printing selective studies, and pressuring the editors of journals into delaying the publication of his work. He recounts how they masked the upsetting trend by averaging the vaccine’s effectiveness over several years instead of listing it year by year, and he says they also tried to discredit him.”

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Remember: Turmeric By Mrs Vera West

     The health benefits of turmeric continue to grow, so much so that there is a website now devoted to this:
As example, relevant to our readership which has a lot of folk almost as senior as me, turmeric can aid in saving your memory:

“Researchers from the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) have now shown that curcumin supplementation can boost memory performance after looking at 40 people between the ages of 50 and 90 with normal brains and mild memory complaints. The participants were randomly assigned to a placebo group or a control that took 90 milligrams a day of curcumin twice a day over the course of year and a half. Researchers measured everyone’s curcumin levels in their blood at the trial’s inception and conclusion. They also gave the subjects cognitive tests before the study, upon its completion, and every six months throughout its duration. After analyzing the data, they found that those who took daily curcumin had a 30 percent improvement in memory tests. Moreover, PET scans of their brains showed they had improved signaling in the areas responsible for emotional functions and memory, the hypothalamus and the amygdala. They also noted mild improvements in their mood and significant attention span improvements. These benefits weren’t seen among those in the placebo group.”

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The Paradox of Arthritis By Mrs Vera West

     If you suffer from arthritis, like me, and are really feeling it this global cooling winter, then the natural instinct is to wrap up in cotton wool, and reduce exercise. That is a mistake, as this article explains:

“A team of researchers noticed that astronauts who spent a lot of time in space had an increased risk of osteoarthritis. Interestingly, in space there is no gravity and therefore no strain on their joints. The researchers placed meniscus cells in a bioreactor built by NASA that simulated space conditions. After just three weeks, they observed genetic changes in the cells that normally occur when arthritis begins to take hold. From this, they concluded that microgravity caused genes responsible for healthy meniscus tissue to switch off while simultaneously causing genes that led to the breakdown of this tissue to switch on. The harmful effects of microgravity on weight-bearing joints might result from the fact that they are precisely engineered to withstand tension and large biomechanical forces. When this tension and force in the form of body weight is removed in space, the joints cannot perform the functions for which they exist, thus triggering their degradation.”

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China and Star Wars Tech By john Steele

     While the West worries about transgender toilets, the Chinese military seem to have moved beyond a bullet-fired rifle to technology right out of Star Wars:

“If you tick off the Chinese government, they just might send soldiers armed with “non-lethal” laser-powered rifles that will set you to fire to correct your behavior.   According to South China Morning Post, the new high-tech weapon is dubbed the ZKZM-500 and the “laser assault rifle” has similar dimensions to that of the AK-47. The weapon allegedly weighs about 3 kilograms (6.6lbs) with a “caliber of 15 millimeters” and it is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that allow for 1,000 “zaps” that last 2 seconds long each. From 800 meters (about half a mile) away or less, the rifle can burn through a target’s clothes and skin and, if their clothes are flammable, set them on fire, according to reporting done by The South China Morning Post. ZKZM-500 is reportedly now ready for mass production and to be used by China’s military and police only (not a big surprise there since we all know that the slaves don’t get any form of protection against the ruling class). But maker ZKZM Laser hasn’t found a licensed partner yet. So it may be some time still before the Chinese police and military start setting those who irritate them by living freely on fire.”

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Plastic Oceans? Bring it On! By Uncle Len, the Plastic Spastic

     I just love plastic, and collect all sorts of plastic objects, such as broken toys, pieces of random junk, and of course bottles, which I sell to keep this vast journalistic operation afloat. Now I have been told by the UN, personally, of all people, that soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, probably because of my white privilege:

“Plastic has been highlighted as one of the biggest environmental threats facing the world by the UN in a call to action issued to mark World Environment Day. While emphasising the success of many international efforts to tackle plastic waste, the organisation described how the “scourge of plastic” has reached every corner of the Earth. In a report billed as the most comprehensive yet to examine global government strategies against the “scourge”, UN experts called for concerted action to “beat plastic pollution”. Levies and bans – of the kind already being rolled out for some plastic products in the UK – were found to be among the most effective strategies for dealing with the problem. Presenting case studies from more than 60 countries, the UN analysis explored the different strategies being implemented and suggested measures that policymakers can take to curb the problem.”

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