Flying Cars? Great Caesar’s Ghost! By Brian Simpson

     We were promised all sorts of wonderous gadgets by the technocrats, and popular science magazines in the 1950s (I have some old issues) celebrated flying cars and things like that. Now it seems that even though we have lost our culture, our race is crashing and burning, we still may be able to drive a flying car to he funeral of Western civilisation.

“That video shows the all-electric BlackFly VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) ultralight aircraft in full flight, with actual human pilots. (Unlike many other promotional videos for ‘flying cars’ that show them operating as uncrewed drones). The BlackFly is built by OPENER Inc. in the US, and recent press releases from them announce that it has just qualified as an ultralight aircraft for use in the US. Designed as a ‘single-seat Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV)’, OPENER Inc. state that the BlackFly “… is simple to master and requires no formal licensing (in USA) or special skills to operate safely.” At 1.55m long and 1.6m wide and a take-off run of 1m, it can take off from almost anywhere. As well as being able to fly, the “car” also has full freshwater amphibious capabilities. But it is principally designed to operate from small grassy areas and travel distances of up to 40km at speeds up to 100km/h on an 8kWh battery. With the optional 12kWh battery, these figures increase to a 64km range at up to 130kmh. Recharge time for a 20-80 per cent charge of the 12kWh battery (using their fast-charge system) is just 25 minutes. Surprisingly, the energy consumption per km is quoted as being equivalent to a road-going EV.”

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Curse Less and Dam More By Viv Forbes, with help from friends

     Water conservation peaked in Australia in 1972 – our last big dam was Wivenhoe in Queensland built 35 years ago. Elsewhere in Australia, water conservation virtually stopped when Don Dunstan halted the building of Chowilla Dam on the Murray in 1970 and Bob Brown’s Greens halted the Franklin Dam in 1983 (and almost every other dam proposal since then). The Darling River water management disaster shows that we now risk desperate water shortages because our population and water needs have more than doubled, and much of our stored water has been sold off or released to “the environment”.

     However, we regularly see floods of water being shed by the Great Dividing Range, most of it ending up in the Pacific Ocean, while somewhere to the west of that watershed is in severe drought. Then, under what should be called “The Flannery Plan for Water Conservation”, after letting flood waters run into the sea, they build squillion-dollar desalination plants to get water back from the sea. Our ancestors had the prudence and the will to build great assets like the Tasmanian and Snowy hydro schemes, Lake Argyle, Fairbairn Dam and the Perth to Kalgoorlie water pipeline? What are we building for our children?

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Weird Signals from Deep, Dark Space By Brian Simpson

     Is it possible that somewhere, anywhere in the universe, intelligent life exists? Intelligent life has not been discovered yet on Earth, so the hope is that somewhere out there, there may be something, or someone, who thinks:

“Our universe is teeming with invisible light. Beyond the visible spectrum, space is a colorful mess of radio signals and microwaves fired off by flaring "suns," collapsing stars, crackling magnetic fields, roiling dust clouds and seething black holes. Then, there's the light nobody understands — mysterious, ultrastrong sparks of energy zipping billions of light-years across the universe from unknown origins, for unknown reasons. Puzzling pulses like these are sometimes called fast radio bursts (FRBs), because they may last just a few milliseconds. On the morning of July 25, one such burst of mysterious energy whizzed past a new array of radio telescopes nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, registering one of the rarest radio frequencies ever detected. According to a statement released in The Astronomer's Telegram (a bulletin board of astronomical observations posted by accredited scientists), the mystery signal — named FRB 180725A after the year, month and day it was detected — transmitted in frequencies as low as 580 megahertz, nearly 200 MHz lower than any other FRBs ever detected.

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China Shows that Diversity is Not Necessary By James Reed

     China is surging ahead of the West, which should be impossible given the globocomo ideology that diversity is a super-strength. Why, the more ethno-racially diverse a society becomes, the higher its general IQ and technological sophistication! But China, a relatively homogeneous society compared to the West, where diversity and identity politics transcends all things, is crushing the West:

“Chinese scientists are said to be building a new 'artificial sun' in a quest to find cheap, near-limitless and renewable energy. The cutting-edge device is expected to hit temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius, or more than six times hotter than the core of our closest star, according to a project leader. Set to be complete this year, the new equipment is designed to replicate the nuclear fusion processes that naturally occurs in the sun; and the artificial course is expected to turn hydrogen into cost-effective green energy. The machine, called HL-2M Tokamak, is being constructed at the Southwestern Institute of Physics, which is affiliated to the China National Nuclear Corporation. The news was announced by the institute's deputy dean on Sunday in Beijing during a major political meeting in China. China already built an 'artificial sun' last year, called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). During an experiment last November, the temperature of the ions in EAST reached a key milestone of 100 million degrees Celsius, more than six times than that of the core of the sun which peaks at around 15 million degrees Celsius."

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Climate Change Protests and De-Civilisation By James Reed

     The kiddies took time off from school to protest about the impending apocalypse from climate change. But, I meant to say, with all the work by sociologists saying that something like race does not exist, and we can see it in front of us as we walk fearfully down the street, who says that climate even exists, beyond being a socio-theoretic construction? (Thanks to Mrs West for this week’s theme.) How then can there be real climate change in our sociology-based world? Surely nothing is real to start off with beyond “SOCIETY,” globocommo’s equivalent of God in this postmodern cesspool. Anyway, another angle on all of this has been given in extracts from an amazing, “tremendous” (as Eric Butler would have said), article on the climate protests:

‘Climate action’ is brutal austerity
The following release is from an article by Jeremy Beck, printed in the 20 February 2019 Australian Alert Service.
School children who plan to skip class again for “climate action” on 15 March likely think they’re part of a grassroots movement to save the environment. They are actually endorsing brutal forms of economic austerity and de-industrialisation under a green cover. The global propaganda network pushing this agenda, financed by many of the world’s billionaires, is the same City of London/Wall Street oligarchy which told us privatised electricity markets would introduce competition and lower prices. Now we’re told more “renewables” will help stop climate change. The big-business-funded Grattan Institute in its latest 54-page report, “Keep calm and carry on”, insists Australia should keep expanding “renewables”, and Australia’s establishment media has promoted its erroneous conclusions. Meanwhile global emissions of so-called greenhouse gases continue to rise, while China’s coal production in 2018 reached 3.55 billion tonnes, rising 5.2 per cent year on year.

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When it All Falls Apart By John Steele

     If I was more of an entrepreneur instead of an introspective survivalist, I would have had my own YouTube show dealing with survivalist topics from primitive survival right up to what concerns us now, system collapse, and its aftermath. Anyway, there is an enormous interest in primitive technologies, such as making one’s own stone and wood tools, building primitive shelters and the like, as discussed here:

     One of the gurus of this movement is Australia’s own John Plant (three cheers!), but there are plenty of US folk who have been working on this since the 1960s, in the “back to nature/land movement,” but no matter. Here are some informative videos on this response to a time of impending doom:

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Are Insects Doomed? By Brian Simpson

     Insects may be doomed:

“A new research paper has come to the startling conclusion that without changes to the way we produce our food, “insects as a whole will go down the path of extinction in a few decades.” The review published in the journal Biological Conservation looked at 73 studies that measured the prevalence of insects, mostly in North America and Europe. They calculated that populations are declining at an average rate of 2.5 per cent annually.
Examples of the studies included are a 27-year-long study in Germany that found a 76 per cent decline in flying insect biomass and a 36-year-long study in Puerto Rican rainforests that found losses of 98 per cent of ground-foraging and 78 per cent of canopy-dwelling arthropods. Study co-author Francisco Sanchez-Bayo, an ecologist at the University of Sydney in Australia, told CTV News Channel on Monday that we could lose insects “all at the same time.”

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Cosmic Radiation and Climate By Brian Simpson

     I know that the mere mention of climate change will make many of us, such as James Reed froth at the mouth, and throw fits on the floor. But relax James old buddy, this is a piece on cosmic radiation, and we all love that, including you:

“Our planet has experienced varying degrees of warmth and cold climates, including the extremes. The exact answers as to why Earth undergoes these changes has yet to be discovered, but some researchers from the Technical University of Denmark(DTU) may have found one of the reasons. According to the DTU study led by Dr. Henrik Svensmark, and published in the Nature Communications journal, particles from space affects the climate on Earth. Researchers found that cosmic rays containing highly charged particles from stars that have exploded (supernovae) affects the Earth’s atmosphere by triggering a creation of seeds in our atmosphere that forms clouds around them. These particles are also thrown out by our own sun, but particles from exploding stars light years away can still reach us. In the past, the Medieval Warm Period from 1000 A.D. was 1-2 C warmer than the early 20th century. The Little Ice Age of 1300 to 1900 A.D. was recorded to have had a drop of 0.6 C across northern Europe with glaciers advancing across the Alps in the middle of Europe. Both those periods were consistent with changes in solar activity.

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The Great Generation VS the Green Generation By Viv Forbes

20 March 2019, My grandfather was part of the Great Generation. Toughened by wars and depression they were patriotic nation builders.

     Their monuments are long-term productive assets like the Mount Isa and Broken Hill mines, smelters and refineries, the Wollongong Steelworks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the transcontinental railway, the overland telegraph line, the Yallourn coal mines and Power stations, the Renison and Mt Lyell mines and railways, the Kalgoorlie Goldfields, the Weipa and Gladstone bauxite industries, Pilbara Iron, the Perth-Kalgoorlie pipeline, the Kidman Cattle Empire, the world’s biggest merino flock, QANTAS, the Holden car, the Sunshine Harvester and a network of roads, railways, towns, power lines, ports and airports. They survived floods, droughts, bushfires and plagues of mice, rabbits, locusts and prickly pear to develop an agricultural industry that provides food and fibre for millions of consumers. They welcomed boat-loads of hard working migrants from many countries to farms and factories and celebrated the arrival of “clean coal energy by wire” to every home. They created parks and planted forests for timber and paper.

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Russian Time Machines By Brian Simpson

     While the West is investigating new ways of suppressing thought, the Russians are pushing ever on, now discovering how to reverse time, on a small scale:

“In the new study, published Tuesday (Mar. 12) in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers manipulated the arrow of time using a very tiny quantum computer made of two quantum particles, known as qubits, that performed calculations. At the subatomic scale, where the odd rules of quantum mechanics hold sway, physicists describe the state of systems through a mathematical construct called a wave function. This function is an expression of all the possible states the system could be in — even, in the case of a particle, all the possible locations it could be in — and the probability of the system being in any of those states at any given time. Generally, as time passes, wave functions spread out; a particle's possible location can be farther away if you wait an hour than if you wait 5 minutes. Undoing the spreading of the wave function is like trying to put spilled milk back in the bottle. But that's exactly what the researchers accomplished in this new experiment.

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Life in the Cosmic Shooting Gallery; Ban Meteorites Now! By Brain Simpson

     Guns are of course evil and must be banned, but what about cosmic guns, meteorites which cause all sorts of harm including mass extinctions? No doubt there are space aliens, or just the randomness of nature, hurtling these rocks of death our way. Some are even hitting us, completely undetected until it is too late:

“A huge fireball exploded in the Earth's atmosphere in December, according to Nasa. The blast was the second largest of its kind in 30 years, and the biggest since the fireball over Chelyabinsk in Russia six years ago. But it went largely unnoticed until now because it blew up over the Bering Sea, off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. The space rock exploded with 10 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Lindley Johnson, planetary defence officer at Nasa, told BBC News a fireball this big is only expected about two or three times every 100 years. At about noon local time on 18 December, the asteroid barrelled through the atmosphere at a speed of 32km/s (20 miles per second) , on a steep trajectory of seven degrees. Measuring several metres in size, the space rock exploded 25.6km above the Earth's surface, with an impact energy of 173 kilotons. "That was 40% the energy release of Chelyabinsk, but it was over the Bering Sea so it didn't have the same type of effect or show up in the news," said Kelly Fast, near-Earth objects observations programme manager at Nasa. "That's another thing we have in our defence, there's plenty of water on the planet."

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Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established. by Viv Forbes

27 December 2018
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The Saltbush Club today announced the formation of the “Saltbush Solar Activity Watch” led by Mr David Archibald.

The Executive Director of Saltbush, Mr Viv Forbes, said it was obvious to everyone except school teachers, the ABC, the Greens and the leaders of CSIRO that the sun is the main driver of weather and climate on Earth.

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Naughty Volcanoes! By James Reed

    This is from an email I received, which I an sure is authentic, where Professor Ian Plimer tells us how volcanoes are simply wiping away all the carbon-saving sacrifices made by humans. It is a great argument:

PLIMER: "Okay, here's the bombshell. The recent volcanic eruption in Iceland . Since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you.
Of course, you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it's that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.
I's very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kids "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of abroad, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your 50p light bulbs with £5 light bulbs ..... well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days.
The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in just four days - yes, FOUR DAYS - by that volcano in Indonesia has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud at any one time - EVERY DAY.

I don't really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in all its years on earth.

Yes, folks, Mt. Pinatubo was active for over one year - think about it!!!!
Of course, I shouldn't spoil this 'touchy-feely tree-hugging' moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keeps happening despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud, but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

Just remember that your government tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you, on the basis of the bogus 'human-caused' climate-change scenario.

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Priorities for the Bush by Viv Forbes

The enemies of the bush (resident in green-and-pleasant Brisbane) want to close the Queensland pastoral colleges in droughty Longreach and Emerald. 


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Saltbush Launches an EXIT PARIS Campaign. By Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club

The growing Saltbush Club has announced a national campaign to support Australia’s immediate withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The new group aims to prevent ratification or local enforcement of the Paris targets and taxes.

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Man-Made Wildfires By Viv Forbes

(22/01/2019)      Carbon dioxide must be an almighty gas – it gets blamed for almost every human disaster. Now we have the alarmist Climate Council blaming bushfires on carbon dioxide and global warming. Focussing on the wrong problem is doing more harm than good. It is disappointing to see respected firefighters like Greg Mullins now blaming “climate change” for more and worse bushfires, and now even promoting the misguided Climate Council. We have heat waves, dry spells and bushfires in Australia every year - bushfires were burning all up the coast when Captain Cook sailed by in 1770.  But today we know what causes dangerous fires. It needs deliberate political mismanagement to create disastrous wild-fires which destroy everything - houses, sheds, fences, wildlife and mature trees.

     A good wet season can result in nature building up a dangerously large fuel load. In the past this was usually removed safely by many small fires lit by lightning strikes, aboriginals, graziers or foresters. Today massive fuels loads are too often allowed to accumulate for more than one season in forests, reserves, parks and around suburbs. Then one match or spark on a windy day can produce massive fires. Today’s stupid green policies that discourage and prohibit burning-off, encourage the accumulation of bushfire fuel and exclude grazing animals from large areas of parks and reserves are making uncontrollable wildfires more common.

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Are Chimps Super-Strong? By Brian Simpson

     It is holiday season, and time to take a breathe from exploring the conspiracy to destroy the white race, and focus on more fun things, like chimps. Are they super-strong? Super-cute, but are chimps incredible Hulks? Sure, chimps on a bad day have been known to tear of people’s faces, but …

“Chimpanzees do have stronger muscles than us – but they are not nearly as powerful as many people think. “There’s this idea out there that chimpanzees are superhuman strong,” says Matthew O’Neill at the University of Arizona in Phoenix. Yet his team’s experiments and computer models show that a chimpanzee muscle is only about a third stronger than a human one of the same size. This result matches well with the few tests that have been done, which suggest that when it comes to pulling and jumping, chimps are about 1.5 times as strong as humans relative to their body mass. But because they are lighter than the average person, humans can actually outperform them in absolute terms, say O’Neill. His findings suggest that other apes have similar muscle strength to chimpanzees. “Humans are the odd ones,” he says.”

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China’s Electromagnetic Rail guns By James Reed

     I have been reporting for some months on the frightening military advances made by Russia, but China is competing in the scary stakes, now having almost science fiction weapons, mounted and ready to roll:

“The Type 072II Yuting-class tank landing ship Haiyangshan has set sail for possible testing in the open ocean.  The navy warship is equipped with what appears to be an electromagnetic railgun. According to Science Alert, the weapon mounted on the warship was seen along the Yangtze River at the Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan earlier this year. According to a separate report by Task & Purpose, the latest photos of the test bed ship, which appeared on social media a few days ago, show the ship mounted with the suspected railgun on the vessel as it roams the high seas. China’s futuristic electromagnetic railgun may already be the most powerful cannon to ever roam the high seas and is ahead of schedule. New photos appear to show the railgun perched on the bow of its test ship at sea. Chinese media outlets, such as the state-affiliated Global Times, revealed in March that nearly two months after the first pictures of what was dubbed the “Yangtze River Monster” showed up online, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy is “making notable achievements on advanced weapons, including sea tests of electromagnetic railguns.”

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The Aryan Conquest of Ancient India? By Brian Simpson

     What are now defined as fringe works, described the ancient Aryans, a Nordic sub-race of the white race, as they called themselves, and were described, moving in great waves, conquering country after country, but ultimately fading away, as their people mixed genes with the locals. Look, let’s ask the Indians about this, as reported in an article, “How Genetics is Settling the Aryan Migration Debate”:

“New DNA evidence is solving the most fought-over question in Indian history. And you will be surprised at how sure-footed the answer is, writes Tony Joseph. The thorniest, most fought-over question in Indian history is slowly but surely getting answered: did Indo-European language speakers, who called themselves Aryans, stream into India sometime around 2,000 BC – 1,500 BC when the Indus Valley civilisation came to an end, bringing with them Sanskrit and a distinctive set of cultural practices? Genetic research based on an avalanche of new DNA evidence is making scientists around the world converge on an unambiguous answer: yes, they did. This may come as a surprise to many — and a shock to some — because the dominant narrative in recent years has been that genetics research had thoroughly disproved the Aryan migration theory. This interpretation was always a bit of a stretch as anyone who read the nuanced scientific papers in the original knew. But now it has broken apart altogether under a flood of new data on Y-chromosomes (or chromosomes that are transmitted through the male parental line, from father to son).

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The Racism of Plants! By Brian Simpson

     Take in the 1970s when I was either in high school or university/teacher’s college, there was a popular book entitled, The Secret Life of Plants. I never got to read it, but the theme was that plants were not mere messes of chemicals, but higher life forms. That view, now seems to be getting some support, with the case to be made that plants may favour their own kind, and thus be, what the new regime calls, “racists”:

“For people, and many other animals, family matters. Consider how many jobs go to relatives. Or how an ant will ruthlessly attack intruder ants but rescue injured, closely related nestmates. There are good evolutionary reasons to aid relatives, after all. Now, it seems, family feelings may stir in plants as well. A Canadian biologist planted the seed of the idea more than a decade ago, but many plant biologists regarded it as heretical—plants lack the nervous systems that enable animals to recognize kin, so how can they know their relatives? But with a series of recent findings, the notion that plants really do care for their most genetically close peers—in a quiet, plant-y way—is taking root. Some species constrain how far their roots spread, others change how many flowers they produce, and a few tilt or shift their leaves to minimize shading of neighboring plants, favoring related individuals.

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