Who Benefits from the Fall of Europe? By Paul Walker

     A good test of finding out who is attempting to destroy you is to ask: who benefits? This issue was recently addressed by Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky who had some insights to share:

“Western nations need the current conflict with Russia to consolidate the region in the face of the migrant crisis and looming collapse of the European Union, the leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party has said. “The European Union is falling apart. How can they prevent this without an external threat? They need some fear factor,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky wrote in his Telegram messenger on Tuesday.

“They are no longer afraid of the Islamic world, there are millions of refugees from Arab nations and Africa living in Europe anyway. China is too far. Russia is all that they are left with,” he explained. “Besides, the USA benefits from this whole situation. If Europe remains unstable, funds from the whole world would pour into the United States. A similar effect was recorded in the time of World War II, which was mostly waged on European territory,” the Russian politician noted.

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No Race For Us, We are, After All the BBC By Mrs Vera West

     The BBC cannot bring itself to even mention race, when this may to any degree reflect badly on non-whites. A grooming gang who raped young children and put them to work as prostitutes are described as “Oxford men” Ah, those Oxford educated lads, from the boating club, doing what they can to make Britain great again:

     Fortunately, not all so are gutless in their covering of this wartime-like abuse of innocence:

On the Limits of Evolution By Chris Knight

     At Easter, the philosophically inclined among us like to think about the foundations of the Faith. One of the challenges from the secular materialists, and I think probably the greatest intellectual challenge, comes from the materialist theory of evolution. Here is a good article by someone who is a professional thinker, good old Fred, someone who questions everything. Here he sets his sights upon the so-called “theory” of evolution, and shows that even in its own terms, it is very far from solving its own problems, such as the origin of life and intermediate forms:

“evolution seemed more a metaphysics or ideology than a science. The sciences, as I knew them, gave clear answers. Evolution involved intense faith in fuzzy principles. You demonstrated chemistry, but believed evolution. If you have ever debated a Marxist, or a serious liberal or conservative, or a feminist or Christian, you will have noticed that, although they can be exceedingly bright and well informed, they display a maddening evasiveness. You never get a straight answer if it is one they do not want to give. Crucial premises are not firmly established. Fundamental assertions do not tie to observable reality. Invariably the Marxist (or evolutionist) assumes that a detailed knowledge of economic conditions in the reign of Nicholas II substitutes for being able to answer simple questions, such as why Marxism has never worked.

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Hypersonics By James Reed

     Russia and China are both busy in their build up to World War IV, or will be V by now, if we count the Cold War, and War on Terrorism? The battlefields will see hypersonic weapons which are apparently unstoppable:

“During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last week, Gen. John Hyten, the head of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), suggested current ballistic missile defense systems employed by America are unable to stop such weapons, known as hypersonic, which refers to missiles that can fly more than five times the speed of sound. To prevent a hypersonic missile strike, the U.S. would have to rely on nuclear deterrence, or the threat of a retaliatory U.S. strike, reports The Hill. Gen. Hyten told lawmakers: We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a [hypersonic] weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat.…

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Time for a Woman President: Ann Coulter By Mrs Vera West

     While JFK and Clinton were sex maniacs in the White House, Trump is being roasted by the desperate Dumocrats for having an encounter with a porno actress. Yes, we know he did, but that is just what powerful men with heaps of money, and time on their hands, do for entertainment. And, he has never pretended to be a Christian. It is all disgusting, but politics and big business is disgusting too, and that sort of stuff goes on while we speak. Just look at Hollywood, and that is by the Left:

     Nevertheless, it may be time for a female president, and I have long admired firebrand journalist/lawyer, Ann Coulter. She is stronger than the Trump that went into the election, she has written best-selling books about all the issues that concern us, and she is far smarter than Trump. There will be no porno scandals with her. Also, she will not back down. She constantly destroys liberals in debates. Yes, Ann Coulter for president 2020. And, here is her latest lashing out at Trump:

YouTube Goes Down the Tubes By Brian Simpson

     It is getting hard to keep up with all the censorship the IT giants are imposing. Now, YouTube has moved right away from gun issues and is banning prepping videos, of all things:

“The latest censorship insult from YouTube has just arrived: YouTube has just issued a strike and banned a Natural News video entitled, “Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How To Course Episode 12.” The video, which you can see at this link (or watch below), teaches people how to survive a pandemic outbreak when antibiotics are useless and vaccines don’t even exist. The discussion in this particular video centered around “remaining calm” during a pandemic outbreak that causes many people to panic. According to YouTube, teaching people how to survive a pandemic and remain calm “violates our guidelines” and gets banned. This is what YouTube has now become: a technology overlord that interferes with lifesaving information by banning some of the most helpful channels that contribute to saving lives in outbreaks, natural disasters and other emergencies. YouTube literally wants its viewers to die rather than view a Health Ranger video containing lifesaving information.”

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The Breakup of America Etc. By Chris Knight

     All of this reporting on political correctness sure gives one a big thirst, which is why I now have a jug of lemon-flavoured water with me while I drag my feet through the great desert on the internet. Item:

“Democrats are transforming into the party of the diverse, educated, cosmopolitan class. Meanwhile, the Republican Party attracts all who reject this multi-culti bugman ethos. A line has been drawn between the traditional family and the childless urbanite, whose values and interests are diametrically opposed. On one side is the heartland voter who values cohesive community, security, and individual responsibility, and relishes hard work and overcoming challenges. He feels a connection to his hometown and his people, and he exists to create a better future for his children. On the other side is the urban-dwelling voter who is hyper-focused on deracinated popular culture, atomized individualism, indulgent hedonism, getting rich, and avoidance of conflict and controversy. He feels no allegiance to his community; he exists solely to consume.”

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Travels in Cultural Nihilism By James Reed

     It is hard to find academics willing to have a hit at the tyrannical system, since they are soon removed. Yet, UK academic Stephen Leonard, in Travels in Cultural Nihilism, (Arktos, 2017), seems to have done a good job of slaughtering sacred cows, bolding proclaiming that multiculturalism is a failure. I don’t have the book, but there is a good review of it at another site, whose writers are richer than me, so they will not mind the poor borrowing from the richer poor:

“In ‘Psychological Angst’ Leonard attempts to understand why Western populations remain silent as their access to free speech becomes increasingly restricted. He attributes this silence, in part, to the growth of ‘groupthink,’ a “psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.” In the context of groupthink, which is increasingly underpinned by hate speech legislation, “the power of peer pressure is such that any dissent is socially unacceptable, and would lead to alienation.”

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How Immigration Enriches Nations to Death By Peter West

     Gasp! Immigration does not merely enrich a culture and a people, it changes them forever, as the example of Germany shows:

“The speed with which the German population is shrinking seems to be even too much for the statisticians of Destatis, the official German bureau of statistics, who posit that by 2060, with a zero level of net immigration, the German population will have declined to 60,2 million. However, our research team has found out that this number is far too optimistic: in 40 years Germany will have a population of 52,6 million people, a considerable 34% drop from the current 81 million inhabitants, and by the end of the century the native German population, the indigenous people without a migration background, will have shrunk even further and be approaching 21,6 million. The explanation that Destatis has mailed us is tantamount to admitting that their projections are unrealistic, admitting that their projections are unrealistic.

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The Abortion Queen By Mrs Vera West

     This item made me think about the Abba song, Dancing Queen (1976), which was a sweet song for its time:

     That was nice, wasn’t it. Such sweet Nordic girls. But, now we fast forward to the world of today, and today’s “entertainment”:

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Ha, Ha, Hollywood By Chris Knight

     Hollywood “stars” have been out in force, leading marches and gun banning protests. But, this may not go on forever if present box office trends continue:

“Hollywood is suffering one of the worst domestic March downturns in its recent history, according to the latest comScore box office figures. By Sunday, the month’s total box office intake was approximately $722.5 million, a 27 percent fall compared to the same period last year, with releases such as Pacific Rim Uprising and Tomb Raider failing to bring in audiences relative to their large budgets. The month’s figures have also been significantly boosted by carryover revenue from February’s Black Panther, which has generated in $200 million this month alone and since become the highest grossing superhero film in history. Nevertheless, the revenue makes grim viewing for the industry compared with 2017, wherein the same period the industry grossed $997.3 million and $1.2 billion through the entire month, driven by successes such as Beauty and the Beast, Logan, and The Boss Baby, the Hollywood Reporter notes.”

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Trump has Killed America By Charles Taylor

     Most traditionalist Americans voted for Trump realising it was the last chance to democratically solve the problem of America’s decline. Trump has been a spectacular failure, which is not surprising given his background as a 1 percenter. The future, as Ann Coulter says, is grim:

“New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the United States will, “in one generation,” become South Africa after President Trump signed off on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill that does not include a single provision from the president’s 70-point list of pro-American immigration reforms. In an interview with Fox News Radio’s Tom Shillue, Coulter slammed Trump, saying he has “betrayed” his base of supporters by signing the omnibus without it including any border wall funding, increasing the “Catch and Release” program, and not adding any new deportation agents to help deport illegal aliens living in the interior of the country. “I can’t imagine how it could be any worse,” Coulter said. “There’s zero funding for the wall, and in fact, he’s prevented from putting up even one little inch from those prototypes. No, all he can do is build a little pedestrian fence. Nothing that he’s been looking at. None of the prototypes, totally banned.”

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Here Come the Zombies! By Brian Simpson

     Wow, just, wow, urban decay is proceeding very fast. People are now basically acting like insects, or consuming insect spray:

“One of the newest and deadliest drugs is also one of the cheapest.  Dubbed “KD” or “Katie” or “Zombie”, the drug turns users into strange crazed zombies reminiscent of the effect of the bath salts drug. This drug may contain different ingredients, but the common denominator is always bug spray.  According to Natural News, the users take marijuana, banana leaves, tobacco, or spice and lace it with a bug spray, most often Raid. This concoction is then smoked, giving users a 45-minute high that leaves them virtually unconscious and crazed zombies. While some people choose to make their own drugs, other users simply buy it for around $20 a bag on the black market. Irrespective of where they get it, however, it is incredibly addictive and can be absolutely lethal. In recent weeks, the use of bug spray enhanced drugs has risen dramatically. Since the cost of this drug is so low, expectations that its popularity will fizzle out are also low.

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The Endgame of Socialism By James Reed

     On universities here in Melbourne I have noticed many posters going up by old-style commuists, the latest being an anti-Trump pro china one. So, how is socialism doing today, for people like those in Venezuela, which should be another poster child for the “revolution”?

“The Miami Herald has detailed the lives of children forced to live under the harsh realities of socialism. Liliana, at the age of only 16, has become the mother figure for a gang of Venezuelan children and young adults called the Chacao, named after the neighborhood they’ve claimed as their territory. The 15 members, ranging in age from 10 to 23, work together to survive vicious fights for “quality” garbage in crumbling, shortage-plagued, socialist dystopia of Venezuela. Their weapons are knives and sticks and machetes. And their only prize is garbage that contains food scrapes barely good enough to eat.

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Slavery in Britain By Mrs Vera West

     I am continuing the utterly depressing task of recording what could well be the final death of Britain, or at least Western Christian Britain. The League should be interested in this given its history and traditions. For example, if Britain falls what happens to the Australian constitutional monarchy? Consider the phenomenon of the emergence of the new white slavery in Britain:

“The number of children being forced into modern slavery has soared to a record high. New figures reveal that British children account for the largest proportion of reported cases. Statistics released by the National Crime Agency (NCA) show the number of potential victims of slavery has increased by 35 percent to 5,145 since 2016. That is the highest since records began in 2009, but investigators warn that it will continue to rise. The NCA said most victims are being used for sex or as drug mules by “county lines” groups, which use vulnerable children as couriers to transfer drugs from the city to rural areas.

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APRadio first episode by Peter Spencer exposing Government Theft of YOUR LAND

     Harry Palmer introduces the first in a series of interviews with activist and true Australian patriot, Peter Spencer. Today we find out who Peter Spencer is and where he came from. In further episodes we will unravel the web of deceit woven by Australian governments to steal YOUR LAND….. it has gone people … and Peter will explain how this was done and is being carried out today. Peter has been in court for 10 years plus fighting the Goliath out of his own pocket while and army of QC’s and lawyers all paid for by YOU try to destroy him! Peter today still runs the gauntlet of courts armed only with his David slingshot to claim back the BILLIONS government stole from You the People …. Click here to listen

The Sort of Courage Needed in Young People By John Steele

     While the Deep State has moved high school students out into their front lines, backed by Hollywood “stars” ( I call them “jars” being full of….), there was one brave young man who stood on the metaphoric modern Stamford Bridge, and stood his ground against the charging hordes:

“During the March 25 airing of Face the Nation, Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv suggested people looking for something to blame ought to be pointing at the “cowards of Broward County” rather than guns.
Kashuv was referencing the Broward County Sheriff’s Office from which a deputy arrived on scene 90 seconds into the attack and waited outside the building while the gunman spent nearly five more minutes shooting innocents. That deputy, Scot Peterson, can allegedly be seen on surveillance video arriving at building 12 only to remain outside while the sound of gunfire continued on the inside. Sheriff Scott Israel called out Peterson for not going into the building and Peterson resigned rather than face suspension.

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The Way of Bardot By John Steele

     She, in my opinion was once one of the most beautiful women in the world, but in recent times, she has become one of the bravest, constantly speaking out about what she sees as the planned destruction of her beloved France.

“French actress Brigitte Bardot has spoken out against the state of her country, saying that Islamists are “practically everywhere” and that France should not resemble Algeria. Speaking to the French weekly Valeurs Actuelles, Bardot said that France is not what it once was. “I have been brought up in honor, patriotism, love and respect for my country, and when I see what it has become, I feel desperate,” she said. The 83-year-old also said that it is “unacceptable” to see burqas become commonplace in France, and Islamists are “practically everywhere.”

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Cryptocurrency Vs The Money Power By James Reed

     Social credit folk, who have as their day job the task of fighting the money power, know that the task is not an easily one, and that allies along the way may help reach the chosen land. Take cryptocurrencies for example, which have the capacity to weaken the strangle hold which centralised money control now has:

     Stated simply, control money and one controls the world. That is why the power elites of all previous societies have moved to destroy decentralised money, as they needed to control money to control man. When alternatives sprang up like e-gold in 1996, the US government simply bankrupted the founders. Bitcoin, the above article argues, being a totally decentralised system may be able to overcome this problem, of being “taken out.” The author goes into details about the distribution of credit, which I leave to the social credit experts to dissect and no doubt critique. Still, the point remains that a cryptocurrency has the potential to overcome many of the limits that the Deep State imposes upon financial transactions. The creation of new “coins” that operate on a faster system, will surely revolutionise the world.

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Now Whites Must Get on Bended Knee! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     No, this is happening here in Oz, not in the UK or Sweden: nurses are now being forced to announce their “white privilege” when treating indigenous patients:              

     If you don’t believe me, and just don’t see it, look, here is the quote from the source:

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