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A Note From Zuzana Janosova-Den Boer

29th March

In the light of the most recent news I decided to re-post my article and stipulated the quote from Yuri Bezmenov - KGB defector:
" “A person who is demoralized (indoctrinated) is unable to assess true information, the facts tell nothing to him….even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures … even if I take him, by force, to the Soviet Union and show him a concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it … until he will receive a kick in his fat bottom.”
You MUST question/ verify any information received from media and government.

The Coronavirus Scare? – We Now Know What It Was All About
- Trudeau's the most recent attempt to institute an absolute power is NOT COINCIDENCE!
- The fear and panic fed by the majority of our media is NOT COINCIDENCE !
-The encouragement to report your fellow neighbors/friends to police or to a person in authority is NOT COINCIDENCE!

The purpose is to control all aspects of our life - to establish TOTALITARIAN regime.
Stalin would be green with envy.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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