Covidgate By James Reed

The excitement is being felt by the power elites, that a Covid vaccine is coming which will enable globalism to return to its former destructive self. But, for now, we have the Covid cult:

“Dozens of self-identified Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine volunteers joined a private Facebook group originally dedicated to discussing Moderna investments this year to dish about their experiences. I obtained screenshots that showed volunteers discussing antibody test results they got on their own from commercial labs while the trials are still ongoing. They are trading information on how to get antibody tests, sharing their symptoms and plotting how to drop out of their trials and enroll in new ones if they suspect they didn't get the vaccine.

Among the clinical trial volunteers' gossipy disclosures, many of which threaten the integrity of the blinding procedure in the still-ongoing trials:

  • One woman, K.C., told the Facebook group that her shot during the Pfizer vaccine trial "was covered in a bunch of tape, but the part I could see was dark." A man, T.R., responded by posting a picture of his vial, partially covered in tape with a dark liquid visible. "They made me turn my head, but I got a peek," K.C. told T.R.
  • Another volunteer, J.D.T., said that "someone working at study site" told him "the placebo and the vaccine are different colors."
  • Two participants discussed being able to guess if they got the vaccine based on whether the administrator rushed into the room to inject volunteers. "The vaccine has to remain at a certain temp so once ready, it has to go. Pays to ask a lot of questions," one advised the other.
  • K.D., a woman identifying herself as a pathologist who works "at a private lab" told her fellow volunteers that she tested "negative right before the first dose" during a Moderna clinical trial and negative "two weeks after first dose." She shared information on how to get antibody rapid testing done and offered to do them at her lab in Little Rock.
  • When one volunteer expressed her concern that antibody testing was "kind of 'cheating'" and "against the rules of the study," another argued "My trial site said go for it. There is nothing in the legal documentation that says you cannot."
  • "Screw it," said another volunteer who initially worried about jeopardizing his clinical trial's scientific integrity. "I'm jumping on board and taking an antibody test."

On Twitter, Icahn School of Medicine microbiology professor and clinical trial volunteer Benjamin tenOever boasted that he had "two adverse-free shots and 'sky high' antibody levels after four weeks." He said he paid for the antibody test from a commercial lab facility, presumably not part of the still-ongoing clinical trial. He gloated: "The future is bright. Thank you @Pfizer." Swedish infectious disease physician and European medicines regulator Rebecca Chandler responded bluntly:

"This is ethically concerning."

Indeed. The science on COVID-19 testing and vaccine trials is not "settled." It's unsettling in the extreme.”

Question: are the needles rammed straight into their brains, or is there no need for this?



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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